3 health benefits of living in Thailand

3 health benefits of living in Thailand

What’s going on guys? 😀

Just a quick post about some health benefits I’ve had the year I’ve been living here. If you’re experiencing weird symptoms that you can’t explain. Maybe it can have something to do with where you live?

Nothing is impossible. I got rid of some problems when I relocated. Here are some of them. 🙂


1: No stress

Thai people don’t know what stress is. Okay, maybe they do, but they never stress unless it’s something to really stress about. Like hanging under a brigde, then you’re rope start to unravel.

Most Thai people are living the slow-life, and that’s the best fucking way! Why stress so much? What will happen if you don’t stress? Nothing!

Being surrounded by people with a very worry free attitude have for sure affected me a lot the last year. Stuff that would stress me pre-Thailand don’t bother me any more.

I walk slower. I eat slower. I fix my hair slower. I do pretty much everything slower. 😀

I have to laugh every time I see a typical American family down here. Everything have to happen so fast! They want to see everything the first day. If something doesn’t go as planned they will get angry, and if their hotel don’t understand them they will get frustrated. Calm the fuck down!

The eternal stream of thigh Asian pussy coming my way isn’t exactly making me more stressed either. 😀 😀

Less stress means better health.

Hey! You want to sing along with me? 😀


2: Minor weather changes

This is a typical week in Northern Europe:

  • Monday: 27 degrees, sunny, high humidity
  • Tuesday: 10 degrees, cloudy, strong gale, heavy rain
  • Wednesday: 15 degrees, haze, cloudy, no wind
  • Thursday: -30 degrees, crystal clear blue skies, zero humidity
  • Friday: Snow, rain, hail and a thunderstorm fighting with a hurricane

Ok. Maybe I exaggerated slightly here, but you get my point. The weather in back home is a constant battle. As soon as you’ve gotten used to 25 degrees, sun and high humidity. The weather turns around, and now it’s 10 degrees and overcast. So now you’re freezing your balls off, and have to get used to 10 degrees.

In Thailand the temperatures are pretty much the same everyday. There is never a rapid chance. In Bangkok, where I live, the temperatures fluctuates between 25 –  40 degrees celsius over an entire year. Not a big deal.

I never think about temperatures anymore. I don’t feel cold, and I don’t feel hot. I’ve become acclimatized to tropical weather.

And I love the fact that I don’t need clothes for all types of weather. Just throw on a t-shirt and a shorts. And you have clothes for the entire year. 😀


3: Stable daylight cycle

This is probably the most important one. I had really bad insomnia back home. I had big problems maintaining a stable circadian rhythm.

In the summer it was daylight 24/7. Impossible to fall asleep.

In the winter the sun was over the horizon a couple of hours per day. Impossible to feel refreshed. Not to forget the yearly winter depression that made everything worse.

In Thailand the sun goes up around 6 am, and it goes down around 7 pm. All year around.

And I’ve never slept better, and I’ve actually become an early morning bird.

I will usually go to sleep around 10-11 pm, then I’ll wake up to sunrise 6-7am. I’ll get 12 hours with sunlight, then it gets completely dark, and I will pass out.

Did you experience any health improvements when you have been on the move? Let me know in the comment section!

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