3 reasons I don’t like Thailand’s go-go bars

What’s going on guys? ūüėĬ†

The go-go bars in Thailand can be a real fucking blast! If you are looking for hot girls to drag back to your hotel then go-go bars would be my first choice. Some go-go bars really know what girls to employ so they can make you happy.

That said, nothing is perfect, and there are a few things that really grind my gears about them. Here are three of them.


1: Intrusive staff

This is the absolute worst. Sometimes mamasan will come over demanding me to take a girl..

“You want this girl, that girl, or this one??? You must choose one!”….

No, I don’t have to choose a girl you piece of shit. I’m here to relax and have a great time with my fucking beer. If I don’t want a girl,¬†I don’t want it. There was no sign outside the bar warning me that I had to take a girl, so fuck off.

Nothing is worse in the go-go bars than to have an old 40-year-old rude skunk telling you what to do. If this happens I usually drink up my beer, pay and leave. This is the only way they will change. Don’t accept shitty behavior like that.

In fact, that is the only reason why they behave like that. Some loser farang will give in and pick a girl. And he will probably end up with a shitty girl who asks for a lady drink every 10 seconds. Which brings me to my next point…

Demanding bar girls.. 

Yeah. I get it that you are trying to make money, and I understand that you want to make as much money as possible too. Everyone wants more money.

However, your primary job is to entertain me. Asking for a ladydrink every 10 second is not entertaining, it’s nagging. Therefore, you failed your job and I won’t buy¬†a single drink to you.

I don’t ask my readers for 10 dollars to access this website. I let my readers read first for free, and if they want to support me by buying me a beer (ladydrink hihi), or buy a Thai Cupid membership, that’s fantastic. But I¬†wont beg for it…


2: Music is too loud

Why the fuck do they have to play the music so loud? I¬†literally have to yell people in the ear so they can hear what I’m saying.

I want to vet my girl before I bring her back to the hotel. I want to find out what she’s about, maximizing my odds to pick a girl that will actually give me a good time. A hot girl is not enough for me. I want a hot girl with good attitude if you know what I mean..

The volume in the go-go bars makes this almost impossible. I have to yell people in the ear, and other people have to yell me in the ear. Thai people’s English skills doesn’t exactly make the communication any better either..

I think go-go bars in Thailand only employ DJ’s that are deaf, or they have become deaf after playing too loud music for years. What’s the fucking point?

All I can say is, protect your ears in Thailand. This shit is not healthy.


3: The hottest girls are on the outside

I kind of get this one from a business perspective. Pretty girls at the outside will attract more people inside. Totally get it.

If the girl on the outside has a number-tag on her hip or shoulder, you can usually ask the staff when you get inside for that girl, and they will bring her in.

However, it’s so disappointing when two pretty girls drag you into the bar, and as soon as you sit down they¬†disappear like a fart in the wind. Then you realize there are only skunks on the stage, and you can’t leave because you are waiting for your beer…

If you are even more lucky you will have an obese mamasan over you nagging about drinks and girls.

Never sit down to order before you have taken a good look at the girls on the stage. I usually tell the staff that I have to go to the toilet first. That way they can’t hang over me like a hawk. When I get out of the toilet the staff will most likely leave me alone, giving me time and peace to take a good look at the girls on the stage.

If there are no hot girls I’ll go straight out of the bar¬†and try the next one. ūüôā


There you have it. Three reasons why I don’t like the go-go bars in Thailand. All three reasons can be dealt with if you know what you are doing. So it’s not really that bad, ey? ūüėÄ

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