30 days extension on VISA exception in Bangkok guide

30 days extension on VISA exception in Bangkok

Just had my 30 day VISA exception I got on arrival extended for another 30 days at the immigration office in Bangkok.

This place was a pain in the ass to find, and the information out there on how to get there, and how everything works is simply awful. So here is my take on it.

Location: Google Maps
Price: 1900 baht + 100 baht for 4 passport size pictures downstairs.
Open: 8.30 to 12.00 and 13.00 to 16.40 mon – fri.
Website: Here

People from India only get 7 days extra with this method. Click here for full list over what nationalities can do this.

How to get there

For some reason they have decided to build their new immigration office out in “nowhere” some kilometers southeast of Don Mueang Airport. To get here you have to take the MRT to Chatuchak Park station or the BTS to Mo Chit station.

When you are in the station you want to follow the signs towards Chatuchak Park. When you are out of the station there are four ways to get to the area that you need to go.

Minivan: Ask the minibus drivers what minibus goes to the immigration office. They will understand what you mean.

Free shuttlebus

The minibus will let you off at the entrance of the government area. From here there is still a good kilometer to the building you need to get to. There is a free shuttle bus that comes here every 5 minutes. Just wait for it then go off at building B.

This shuttle bus will take you to the east entrance of building B. When you get inside, go to left, then go all the way until you are almost out of building B again, and the immigration office is on the left side. It’s a small door, in a very big building.

Price: 25 baht for the minivan.

Bus: Bus 66 goes to the same area as the minivan. Don’t know exactly where this bus goes from, but they said it was bus 66. Follow as above when going of at government area.

Price: 8 baht.

Motorbike: When you get out of the station there will be a ton of motorbike taxis waiving you towards them. At least if you look like a question mark like I did.

They will say that they can drive you all the way to the where you need to go. However, I would not go with motorbike as it is quite far, and you have to go out on a highway. I don’t want to drive on a highway on a motorbike without a helmet with a dude that probably can’t even read.

Price: 200 baht


From Mo Chit / Chatuchak Park around 150 baht.
From Sukhumvit Nana / Asok area around 350 baht.

Taxis will take you all the way to the correct entrance at building B, as opposed to bus 66 or minivan.

You want to find this door in building B. You’ll find it all the way south in the building. It’s a quite small door in an otherwise gigantic building. I had expected something more obvious, so I used an eternity to find this place.

Immigration Office Bangkok building B


When you go inside, there will be an information desk where you explain what VISA you want to extend, and they will help you to the correct area inside.

The whole process took around 3 hours. When I got the queue number I understood after 5 minutes that this would take some time, so I went to the food court one floor down to eat some cheap noodles for 35 baht.

What you need to bring to speed up the process: 

  • A pen
  • Passport photos (can get here for 100 baht)
  • Come as early as possible, they open 8.30.
  • Your passport. 😛

They have lunch break from 12.00 to 13.00. If you are waiting in line at that time, you’ll have to sit and wait while they go to eat. So come early. I was there around 09.00 and it was already quite full.


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