4 things I HATE about Thai girls!

jealous Thai girls

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Whenever I talk about Thai girls, it’s always positive. And it’s true. I fucking admire¬†Thai girls¬†and I can’t get enough of them. I think they are the most beautiful women on the planet.

Unfortunately , no one is perfect and that is true for Thai girls too. Here are some stuff that makes my head boil at times! Luckily most of it is easily dealt with if you start early enough in a relationship.


Smart phones

Thai girls are glued to their phones. Actually, all Thai people are. But I believe Thai girls are slightly worse than the Thai boys.

Everywhere you go in Thailand you see Thai girls glued to their phone. If you thought that it was bad over in Europe you haven’t seen anything yet. Trust me.! Go inside a local bus in Bangkok, and 99% of the people inside are just staring at the phone.

The most¬†horrific part of this is that no one is doing anything important or productive either. It’s just mindless social media consuming. Endless streams of cats, food pictures, boob pictures and group photos.¬†Do they never get tired of seeing the same shit over and over again?

This is of course also a problem when you are dating a girl, because when you are with her, she will walk around with her phone glued in her hand and look at it every 5 seconds.

The moment you get inside a restaurant the first thing she will do is to look for the wifi password.

When you are eating, she will take a picture of the food from five different angles before she can start eating, and when she is done eating, she will take a damn picture of that too. Everything is of course going straight on Facebook so everyone in that bus can see food picture nr. 3948 that day.

When you are back in the apartment or your hotel, she will lie in the bed and continue playing with her phone.

I’m serious guys. You have to deal with this shit early in the relationship when you are dating a Thai girl, or it will get out of control.

Make it clear¬†that you wont accept it that she’s using her phone every five seconds. Tell her that when she is with YOU, she has to give her full attention to you. I always say to them they can only use the phone if it is work related. She can play with Facebook when¬†she is alone.

I tell them that in my country it’s rude as fuck to sit and play with your phone if you are out eating with someone. Most girls respect this so it is no problem.



This is another thing that can easily get out of hand if you don’t deal with it early.

I get it. Thailand is sex paradise nr. 1 and the good girls you are dating knows this very well too. They have eyes to just like us. The hookers are on every street corner all over the place and the girls know that as soon as you walk around without her, those hookers will jump on your dick from all directions..

If you fuck a hooker and catch a disease, they will get that disease too. I totally sympathize with their paranoia.

My tips is to¬†deal with this early in the relationship, or it will only get worse. Tell your girl that you are a good guy, and that you don’t go with hookers or flirt with other girls. Tell her that you will not accept constant nagging about other girls.

“Are you seeing other girls?”, “Are you flirting with someone?” “Who are that in that picture?”, “Why were you last active on Facebook 04.40 last night. Are you seeing someone?”, “Why you go to Ayutthaya? I know you have lady there!!”. You get my point..

Tell her that these types of questions are not accepted, and that you wont tolerate it for long.

The good thing about Thai girls is that you can actually talk to them. If you make something crystal clear for them, most of them respect it. But if you let her fuck around with constant nagging and questions, it will get out of control because you let her get away with it.


They are always late

This is just one of those things that you just have to accept. Thailand is a hot place and no one likes to rush over here. Not only that, if you are in bigger cities like Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket there seems to always be a traffic jam somewhere fucking up your day, and in rush hour its hopeless to get anywhere.

Just never wait for your Thai girl at some boring street corner. Optimally you want to wait for her at your hotel, or in a bar where you can take a couple if drinks while you wait.

Just use these numbers as a scale:

1 minute is 5 minutes
5 minutes is 20 minutes
20 minutes is 1 hour
30 minutes is 1 hour
1 hour can be anything

6 pm is anything from 6.30 pm to 8 pm.


They are hygiene freaks

Okay, this one I kind of like. Nothing is worse than a smelly girl that doesn’t take care of her appearance. Like the trolls¬†you’ll find in Europe or the US.

However, Thai girls can be extreme when it comes to hygiene. So many times I was about to¬†have sex with a girl, then she suddenly says “oh my good.. i’m so dirty.. caan nooot. I take shower. Give me 5 minutes naaaaa kaaa”.

Truth is, she is not dirty because she already took three showers that day…

She runs of to the shower. And you remember my last point about Thai girls always being late? If she says 5 minutes you wont see that girl¬†in at least 20 minutes…

Then you have started to do something completely else, and your boner is long gone.

When she gets out of the shower don’t be surprised if she want you to take a shower too. Because¬†you are horny you just take a fast shower in 2 minutes. When you get out of the shower she says something like “oh my good, you so fast. I think you still dirty. but okaay i like yoouuu naaa”.

When you are done having sex, some girls will run back to the shower for another 30 minutes. It’s unreal.

I appreciate girls that take care of their appearance, but some of these Thai girls are maniacs when it comes to showers and hygiene.

Some girls will actually¬†get a full panic attack if just one drop of sweat pops out of their forehead. They will run to the nearest restaurant to pick up some¬†napkins. It’s hilarious to watch the first times, but then you get kind of tired of it.


When all this is said. Thai girls are still my nr.1 and I love them. Their femininity and gentleness is really attractive in my opinion and I just love that they never seem to worry about anything. Their worry free attitude affect me and I become much less stressed about everything.


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