5 reasons to not visit Khao San Rd

The last year I’ve been to Khao San Rd five times. That is five times too much.

If you take all the things I mislike about Thailand, Western women, Full Moon party and tourist Thailand. Mix the worst attributes of said things together. You have Khao San Rd. Welcome I guess?

So, here are my reasons why Khao San Rd is total trash.


1: An overload of fat obese women from the West

If you have a fetish for smelly and overweight white women that acts like 8-year-old kids on heroin, this place is perfect for you! If that is not the case, I would stay far far far away.

The white women situation here is absolutely horrendous. It seems like all the fat women in the Western world ends up here at some point in their life. The amount of love handles and tights with stretch marks is terrifying. What are fuck are they eating back home nowadays?  Are they injecting cow-fat for breakfast with needles?

Not only are the women awful looking, but the way they act is completely unheard off. I guess most of the people are from places with heavy regulations on alcohol (most of the Western world). So when they first come to a place where they can do what the hell they want concerning alcohol they can’t handle the freedom.

By the way. I’m not a heavy drinker myself. In fact, I can go out almost sober and have just as fun. When you are sober drunk people just become even more annoying.

If you can walk trough this street at midnight without being pushed by some drunk guy that didn’t notice you. I will give you 100.000 baht.

I just can’t enjoy an environment like that.


2: People are mostly idiots

And that’s why 70% of Bangkok’s taxi population come here at night. They know that this is where the idiots gather at night. Easy pray to make an extra slump of money from.

And if you’re a white man who have traveled halfway across the globe. Why the fuck would you go to a place with the worst fucking women from back home? You see..? They’re idiots! They have done zero research I now they just jumped inside a cab for 850 baht! Distance? 1 km. (Yes I witnessed that conversation)

What type of people visit Khao San Rd? 

Annoying backpackers that “oh my Godz!! this is Asia it’s SO awesome look at me they sell meat on sticks and it’s not in plastic how exotic I haz to put thatz on Instagram very interesting” type of people.

Okay, maybe I’m a little bit negative here now. I have actually met decent people in Khao San Rd. One time an American dude knocked over my beer so it fell of the table. He was decent enough to buy me a new one. He actually bought a beer for my friend too. Good guy right there! But if this was RCA or anywhere else in Bangkok no one would knock over my beer in the first place.


3: It’s crowded and it stinks

Okay. I think I just described all of Bangkok. But for some reason I can handle food odor and dog shit smell better than the sweat stench from fat British women.

In fact, British women have to be some of the worst breed of women on the entire planet. And there is a lot of them at Khao San Rd. Just the way they talk makes me wanna puke in their face.



4: It’s so typical tourist spot

Khao San Rd is just like any other tourist strip in the entire world. You have seen it a million times before. It’s nothing special about it. Why travel all the way to Asia, when you have streets like this in Spain, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands etc.

Enjoy your bugs
Enjoy your bugs

They sell all the regular tourist gems here. Hats, bracelets, stupid souvenirs and cheap booze. The only thing about Khao San Rd that is a little bit unique is the buckets with booze.

But I don’t give a shit about buckets. Why would I poison my body with that shit? You are asking for diarrhea.

There are so many more interesting places to go out in Bangkok with so much more style and class. RCA and Asiatique to mention some. Asiatique is actually really good, and is something you won’t find in every city on this planet.


5: Getting home is a pain in the ass

Khao San Rd is far away from the BTS and MRT. In fact, when you go home its past midnight anyways so the public transport system is closed.

As I mention above, if you are in Khao San Rd, all taxi and tuktuk drivers will assume that you’re an idiot. They will give you ridiculous prices back to your hotel. You will have to plow through a lot of drivers before someone gives you a decent price.

One of the five times I was here a tuktuk driver said he wanted 1500 baht to drive me to Silom Rd. WTF? I’m not blaming the guy for trying by the way, these people struggle to survive and they have my sympathy. But do they really get away with such prices with some of the tourists? If anything, it says a lot about what kind of people who mingles in this street.

I think it will be a long time until I go back to Khao San Rd.

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