7 items you should bring when traveling to Southeast-Asia.

Stuff to bring when travel

Great! You’ve booked your ticket and you’ve started to count the days until you land in paradise!

I’m happy for you! 😀

It doesn’t matter if you are going to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos or the Philippines. All the items in this list are useful regardless!

Most people who go travel do the mistake of bringing waaaaay too much stuff with them as most of the stuff you’ll need you can buy when you get there.

However, here are some items that you should bring before you set off on your journey. Why? Because when you need them they are not always the most easy to find right away.


Small flashlight

Sure. Most people have flashlight functionality on their phone these days. But these flashlights are usually really bad and wont do in case of a power cut.

When you are traveling in SEA power cuts are common. Sometimes the power can be out for hours if a tree have fallen over the power lines leading to where you stay.

Being able to still see is awesome!

I purchased a Hausbell 7W two years ago and I still have it today.

It work wonders.

It will light up a room without any issue for 2 hours per battery. You can use it outside for walking also.

I have two of these bad boys in my backpack at any point in time. I’ve used them several times when the power cuts.

Power bank

You can buy power banks cheap in Asia. Many of these power banks might be fake or of bad quality. I always suggest buying stuff like this at home or a trusted website like Amazon.com.

I’ve bought several power banks in Thailand while travelling alone. They all failed me. If you are going to buy electronics in countries such as Thailand you should always bring a local who know where to get the real stuff.

A vendor is also much less likely to scam or give you a fake exemplar you if you have a local with you.

A nice wrist watch

I have a weakness for Daniel Wellington watches.

Why? They just look damn good!

They also fit to almost any style. You can use it to casual dressed days and days you wear a suit.

A nice watch is also an excuse for a woman to give you a compliment on your style if she likes you. It’s a good ice breaker.

Several women have complimented my watch, and I’ve gotten laid from it. 😉

Quality headphones

And buy the in-ear types. Those you have to squeeze inside your ears. They protect against noise outside making you play the music at lower volume, which again can save your ears against tinnitus. Some places in SEA are noisy as fuck and you WANT to protect your ears. They will take a toll if you are careless.

I have the Sennheiser CX 5.00G Black In-Ear. They are not the cheapest ones but the sound quality is spot on.

Sennheiser CX 5.00G

If you really want to go crazy you get yourself the Bose headphones with noise cancelling. I had these headphones before. They are a dream on airplanes, trains and buses. They cancel out all annoying noise. Much easier to focus on other things then, like sleeping.

Kindle Paperwhite

When you have found your position in the airplane seat and taken on your headphones. It’s time to pull up your Kindle paperwhite to read your favorite books!

This little device is fantastic. The battery last for over a month and there is no glare if you read out in the sun. If feels like reading a real book.

So why get this? 

It sucks to read books on your phone. It eats up your battery and you can’t use it out in the sunshine. Same with tablets. Laptops are not good either as the battery life is short. It sucks to carry around a laptop just to read books.

Phones, tablets and laptops have terrible glare.

Reading the Kindle paperwhite is a nice break from all the time I spend on my laptop anyways as it doesn’t feel like I’m reading on a LCD screen.

Read at the hotel, read on the beach, read on the airplane. Read everywhere. This is a must-have.

And you know what? You can buy over two million Kindle books for under 2.99$. That makes it worth it alone!

Ear Plugs

Ear plugs that can be bought around in the pharmacies are usually made out of foam. These types are hard to fit and will usually stick out of your ears making you look like an idiot. Most of these foam types comes in the most flashy colors too. That doesn’t help about not looking like an idiot.

I have a ton of these earplugs lying around.

They are made out of silicone and will shape themselves after your ear canal. They wont stick out of your ears and they come in skin color tone so people wont notice them.

Another benefit of these plugs is that they cancel the noise evenly. That makes it much easier to hear what people say in for example nightclubs.

Can also be used on buses and airplanes with crying babies and annoying shit kids who wont shut up.



I also recommend bringing your favorite condoms from back home. Condoms in Asia are smaller from back home and not every brand over here is trustworthy.

If you feel like you never can find a brand that fit you. Why not try the My.Size condoms? First you measure your dick then you order the correct size. They have several different sizes.

If you are travelling to SEA I recommend all the products in this post. I’ve tested all of them and they can make your travels much more comfortable. Nothing of this stuff is heavy so you wont have any trouble carry it around.

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