9 things I hate about Thailand

Here is some random stuff that really grind my gears down here in Thailand. This post do contain some wildly inappropriate generalizations, but I don’t give a shit honestly. Please don’t take this post too seriously. 🙂

Soo. Here we go…


1: Rude hookers

Stop asking me for lady drinks the moment you approach me. Don’t start our little friendship with ‘can I have a drink pleaaaaseee?”..

What about you start with a fucking “heeloo. Can I sit with you?”. Then you make me happy, act cute and charming and all that stuff for 5 to 10 minutes. Then we can discuss that lady drink. I’m not asking for much here..

This is how it SHOULD be: You make me happy –> I buy you a drink

This is NOT how it should be: I buy you a drink –> I hope that you will be fun

I actually blame this one on stupid farang men. Stop giving the girls a tip just because she’s hot. That’s how you breed spoiled whores who ask for money before she even did anything to make you happy.

Some loser men just give away money, and the girls have figured this out. Yaaay.. Now we have whores that nags for free money. Good fucking job congratulation..


2: Chinese tourists

All you guys can sincerely go to hell. I’ve already written why I hate Chinese tourists, and that post border to hate speech.

Enough said.


3: Traffic jams

I’ve accepted that traffic jams do happen in Thailand, but once in a while I need to rant about it. I need to get out the frustration that have accumulated over time.

This venting usually happens in a random taxi late at night in Bangkok with a random girl/hooker on the tow, and a worried taxi driver in front thinking I am about to start a riot.


4: Hospitals

If you thought the hookers in Soi Cowboy looked at you like a walking ATM machine, wait until you have visited a hospital in Thailand. They will throw an avalanche of meds on you no matter what is wrong with you.

They know that you have travel insurance and don’t give a shit about the costs. Most people will just take whatever the doctor give them and trust that it is the right decision.

I’m no doctor but I’m a big believer that the body can fix itself in most cases. No need to take a ton of meds for every condition. Some meds have serious side effects you know.. Don’t take this shit for fun..

Usually I just go to the doc to exclude serious conditions, but they always try to sell you stuff. Don’t you think the docs down here get a cut from the meds they sell? They probably do…

So.. Do they make their decision with their wallets, or with their knowlegde..? That’s up to you to decide…

I’m so tired of calling my GP doctor back home asking what pills are unnecessary to take after I get out of the hospital (usually 80-90%) of them.

I had stomach pain, ended up with this.


4: Power cuts

This happens once a week on average, and it happens mostly at night, in rainy season, when it’s hot and humid… What sucks about this is that most AC here don’t turn back on when the power comes back, making me wake up in the morning in a lake of sweat combined with a headache from dehydration.

6 months ago the power distribution in my block exploded. I’m not even mad, it’s absolutely incredible..


5: The ticket machines at Sukhumvit metro station

This is probably the most specific complaint on this list, but whatever..

There are 6.3 million people living in Bangkok. A lot of those goes through Sukhumvit station, especially in rush hours.

How many ticket machines are there? 4…….. Yes fucking four………

I’ve no idea how many times I’ve been stuck in that ticket line… Sometimes you have to wait 20 minutes to buy a 25 baht ticket. That doesn’t feel good…


6:  Western women

Is it just me or do Thailand attract the most ugly fat farang females on the planet? Or is it maybe that you see them next to hot Asian women, and they simply pale (literally and metaphorically) in comparison?

I have no idea…

Why the fuck do they even come to Thailand? Spain have nice beaches too, and it’s much closer.


7: Indian tourists

These dirty motherfuckers are everywhere these days. The middle class in India is ricing, and for some reason they have to bring their entire family tree to Thailand.

Most Indians are humorless, have inflated ego’s, lack social antennas and are very rude. Very much like the Chinese guys just a million times more smelly.

One time I was walking around in Sukhumvit Soi 8 and out of nowhere a random Indian guy spat on me while he was passing in his tuktuk. I hope he crashed and died.

15% of my Google hits come from India, but I don’t give a shit. You guys need to hear it, take a fucking shower and get some basic manners…

(My Indian tailor in Sukhumvit Soi 15 is exempted from this generalization).

8: Squat toilets

One of my first memories with these toilets was my second trip to Thailand when I was in Sukhothai. I had eaten something my stomach did not appreciate and I ended up with an anal leakage that went all directions out my asshole.

I became so tired in my thighs that I eventually had to sit down. Luckily there was a plastic bucket there, so I sat on the bucket, praying that it wouldn’t crack.

When I was done there was shit everywhere…

Not my proudest day.

Love them or hate them.

Fun fact: Squat toilets are in fact more healthy for your anus than regular toilets.

9: Security checks on BTS, MRT and malls in Bangkok

If you are looking for a good joke. Watch the security guys working at the check points around in Bangkok.

I always have to open my backpack for these guys, but they never even bother to look inside. They just do a quick peep on the top item with a flashlight that’s not even turned on, but what’s hiding under the top item (like a bomb) they never check.

Not to mention the metal scanner you have to go through, the alarm goes of on every damn person passing it, but they don’t do any further investigation on anyone…

I’m sure I could bring a rocket luncher through these check points and they would not notice.


Is there something you hate about Thailand? Comment in the comment section! 😀

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