Advertise on Goodbye Boring Life

Advertising on Goodbye Boring Life is easy and effective. You will reach a target group of people, primarily men, who are looking for:

  • Nightlife and girl company
  • Dating adventures
  • Travelling in Southeast Asia
  • New experiences

You could potentially reach a big group of people.

I offer several different types of advertising. Those are:

  • Promo articles
  • Sidebar banners
  • Article banners

Traffic and stats

My traffic is increasing very rapidly at the moment but the last month I’ve had minimum 1000 unique users every day with a total of 80.000 page-views in August 2017. I got amount of that traffic is search term related to the nightlife scene in Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai.

Traffic per week on GBL the last 30 weeks!

You decide yourself where you want to advertise, what posts you want your ads to show in and for how long.

Ad rules

I do not allow any pornographic, gambling or pill ads. Massage services, escorts and social escorts are considered individually.

Ads can be purchased for 1 months, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and one year.

Ads purchased for 6 months or more are subject to discounts.

Ads placement and price

Ads can be put in whatever posts, category and tag. It’s entirely up to you. Lets say you want to have an ad in every post on GBL with the tag ‘nightlife Bangkok’. You will then pay the prices as seen under for all the posts together, not per post!

You can also order ads for one single post, contact for prices as it depends on how much traffic the post have. This deal last for minimum 6 months.

Promo posts

You can also do promo posts on Goodbye Boring Life. It’s hard to estimate how much traffic you will get as it really depends on the type of content and how catchy your title is. Your promo post will also be enrolled in my weekly newsletter with over 3000 emails signed up.


1 promo post: 50 $
3 promo posts spread over three months: 100 $

Every promo post can have up to two do-follow links back to your site / product.


If you want to combine several of my advertising methods contact me for price as discount will be given.

Click here to contact me.