Are you depressed?

Are you depressed?

I know many people who have been depressed throughout my life. I’ve had family, friends, colleagues and girls I’ve been dating telling me that they feel depressed or hopeless. I also get mail regularly from people through Goodbye Boring Life telling me that they feel depressed because of their situation.

It seems like everyone goes through a depression at some point in life. I am no exception.

So in this post I will give you my idea about depression and how you can try to fix it.

In my opinion there are two types of depressions.

The first type is a clinical depression caused by a malfunction in your brain in producing the right chemical balance. Thus a feeling of depression and hopelessness.

The second type is a depression initiated because something is lacking in your life. Maybe your job sucks, maybe you feel lonely, eat unhealthy food or live a boring life with no challenges or stimulation. You do the same routine every day.

If you suspect you are suffering from the first type you should stop reading right now and get to a doctor ASAP as no blog post can fix your situation.

However I think most people suffer from the second type. I also suspect that most people think it’s something wrong with them when in reality it’s their life situation that’s not right.

In the civilized world we live extremely fake lives. Most people eat unhealthy food, do jobs we feel are meaningless, buy shit we don’t need with money we don’t have and date people we don’t like for status and social pressure.

When we are feeling bad we run to the doctor who gladly will give you a magical pill making you numb for a condition that you could easily fix yourself with a lifestyle change.

I think a man needs three things in life to be happy:

  1. He needs to have access to sex
  2. He needs a goal to work towards
  3. He needs a sense of adventure

Before I moved to Thailand two years ago I had none of those things.

My dating life sucked as there simply wasn’t enough quality women around for everyone.

I had a boring job in a corporation that offered no challenges.

And my life was just a never-ending routine. There was no sense of adventure. If I had continued down that road two years ago I would still do the same routine today. Day in and day out until retirement.

It was simply unbearable for me and I became depressed.

Today I have all those things on the list.

I have a rotation of girls in Bangkok ready to please me at any time of the week. I have access to the best nightlife in the entire world for the common man + an online dating world you won’t believe before you try it.

I also have a goal. My goal is to expand my businesses online. If I work hard I can reap more. In the corporate world hard work was met with no bonus or gratefulness whatsoever. What can you expect when you work for someone else? Someone who doesn’t even know who you are?

My adventure is to explore the world, travel to new cities and meet fantastic people. Date beautiful exotic women that will make the girls back home pale in comparison.

How to fix your depression

If you found this post or clicked it when entering my site you are probably a little bit depressed already. So the first thing to do is to acknowledge that you are depressed.

Maybe you are living in a boring gray suburb where nothing ever happens or that the dating scene in your town isn’t in your favor. No matter what it is; as long as you are suffering from the second type of depression I talked about earlier it is 100% fixable. No pills or doctors needed.

Do something today your future self will thank you for.

This is the mantra that I ‘ve started to follow religiously.

Everyday I try to do something that I will thank myself for later. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. It can be something so simple as cleaning up your apartment or to take out the trash.

The point is to get in the routine to do something that your future self will benefit from.

That way you life can only become better.

So far today  I’ve done two things that will benefit my future self.

I wrote this blog post that will stay on this page forever, generating a small amount of traffic that could generate money in the future through my affiliate links.

The second thing I did was a really good act of workout after I woke up.

That gave me the energy and clarity to write this blog post in no-time. Because of that workout act I will feel sharp and fresh the rest of this day.

Sure I could just sit down right now and eat a chocolate for temporary comfort, but I would have a problem later when the money runs out or when I’ve become so fat I start to have health problems.

So start today. 

Do something RIGHT NOW that will benefit your future self.

Go workout, learn a new skill, start on that project that you’ve postponed forever, plan a trip somewhere, improve yourself as a person or just take the trash out of your apartment.

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