The “What does a bar girl cost?” blueprint

Hello everywhere and everyone.

Today we will talk about how much money you have to give to a bar girl in Thailand so you can put your ding dong inside her dong ding for a 3 minute endorphin ride.

Because lets face it, you’re a big loser and you never get laid back home. When your dick first gets the taste of pussy you can’t hold it for longer than 3 minutes.

You’re a joke and I’m laughing.

In fact, that’s why you’re on this site in the first place because you searched for some despicable search term only a loser would think of because you have no life except watching dwarf porn and jerking off. What a life…

But don’t worry. I’m a loser too. After all I’m the asshole who write all this despicable nonsense. So don’t worry we’re in the same boat… 🙂

I was thinking about making a fancy blueprint graphic in Photoshop for this blog post but then I realized Google can’t read pictures so it would be really bad for the SEO and you would never find this post in Google after you’re done masturbating. I also suck as much in Photoshop as your life so it would probably look like total horse shit.

Anyways. Back to topic.. 🙂

Money is a question I get almost weekly despite that I talk about prices in almost every post on this page that deals with naughty things. I guess people can’t read! These emails usually look like this:

Pattaya Nightlife Girls Price

Joseph. Here is your answer despite that I just made a damn long post about every beer bar in Pattaya with prices and all that good stuff.

I will pull together the perfect grand blueprint for you that you can use whenever you need it… You are free to bring this to the bar to see if you get a good deal or not but that is entirely up to you!

This blueprint will apply for short-time, if you are wondering about long-time see further down.

I will start this blueprint with what I pay a hooker to let me put my ding dong inside her… you get the point here.

What do I pay..?

1500 baht

I pay 1500 baht for short time because I’m such a handsome young gentleman. I have swag. I have a YOLO aurora around me. I’m 185 cm high, I have beautiful Aryan looks, blue eyes and a nose Asian girls can’t resist. I take a shower two times daily, I work out regularly and I dress to impress.

In fact, bar girls pay ME for sex because they want my babies. Fuck yea!

So this blue print start on 1500 baht because that’s the best price you’ll ever get as you can’t beat me. When I roll down Walking Street Pattaya beer glasses drops, people stop working for a moment and glaze in my direction.

Under will follow a long series of variables that can influence the final price for you Joseph.

For every question add or subtract from 1500 baht. A calculator might come in handy.

How hot is the girl?

Very hot: + 1000 baht
The girl next door hot: + 500 baht
Average: 0
40 year old with love handles and strange wounds in the face: – 1000 baht

Does the girl know she’s hot?

Yes: + 500 baht
No: 0

How ugly are you? 

Very ugly: + 500 baht
Average: 0
Very un-ugly: – 500 baht

How big is your beer belly? 

Don’t have: 0 Baht
A football: + 200 baht
A basketball: + 300 baht
A bean bag: + 700 baht

How big is her tits?

Doesn’t influence price.

Where did you find this girl? 

Bangkok: + 1500 baht
Phuket: + 1000 baht
Pattaya: 0
Chiang Mai: – 200 baht

A smaller town or island: – 500 baht
Not in Thailand: Why are you here?

Did the bar girl eat Somtam yet? 

Yes: 0
No: + 50 baht

Do you smell a mixture of beer, foot-sweat, cigarettes and decayed gums? 

Yes: + 500 baht
No: – 200 baht

Are you a stereotypical Indian guy? 

Yes: + 1000 baht
No: 0

Are you black? 

You’re in the wrong country sorry mate (no hate). Pro tip: Go to South America they love big dicks over there.

How much bling are you wearing? 

A lot of bling: +1000 baht
A little bit of bling: + 200 baht
Nothing: +
Typical 50 year old man bar outfit: + 500 baht (because you’re obnoxious)

How much money does the girl think you’ll pay? 

See step above

As you can see. There are many factors that decide the final price of a bar girl. In fact it’s pretty fucking hard to answer.

The “up to you” price tag

Sometimes when you ask a girl for the price she will answer “up to you”. This can mean three things:

  1. She is bored to death, had her daily dose of somtam, her three loser boyfriends who send money from abroad are offline and she like you slightly more than a random person walking past her bar.
  2. She is a degenerate just like you and don’t want to agree on a price in the bar so she can make a scene later in your hotel so you pay her a lot of money. (unlikely)
  3. She’s out of money and doesn’t care pay her whatever you have.

How do you know the difference? I don’t know. Do I look like a mind reader?

If you don’t know what Somtam is you haven’t done your research on Thailand. Google it and shame on you.

Every time you send me a mail asking me the price I get a email in my inbox. I think I’m popular and have swag and all that shit expecting some nice offer from an escort site who want to buy ads on my site but then it’s just another loser who can’t fucking read before he asks.

It’s not easy to be me…

If you’re asking about the price I’ll assume you don’t have much money. You’re much better off signing up for Thai Cupid. There you can find a girl who will touch your weenie for free if you know what a shower is. It’s amazing.

Over and out.

And by the way… For long-time just add on another 1500 baht on the total sum. Easy as that!

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The Ultimate Pattaya Bar Girl Guide Pattaya

You are sitting on the bus from Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya. You are going on your first trip to Pattaya! Congratulations! You are in for a ride!

You are boiling over in excitement and anticipation so you pull up your phone and search for ‘Pattaya bar girls. Then you found this little guide on first page. 😀

I will tell you everything you need to know about Pattaya bar girls and beer bars in Pattaya in under 15 minutes of reading. Well within the bus ride from Bangkok to Pattaya!


Pattaya bar girls explained!

The beer bars in Pattaya are by far the most popular establishment to hang out, drink alcohol, watch people, watch sports, flirt with girls and play games. A beer bar in Pattaya is usually a simple bar with 15 – 20 bar stools, a few sofas and a pool table. Most bars also have some board games like 4 in a row.

In each bar there are working anything from 2 to 20 bar girls, depending on what bar you are in, who will go with customers in exchange of money.

In each bar there is also a mamasan. This women is usually the owner of the bar and have worked as a bar girl herself earlier. The mamasan also function as a leader for all the bar girls in the bar and she take care of accounting and ordering goods to the bar.

Some bars also have girls who only work as waitresses, but this is not the norm, and usually only in the biggest beer bars with lots of staff. In the smaller beer bars all the girls are ‘bar girls’ who will go with costumers.

Okay. So you go inside a beer bar – what can you expect? 

As you sit down a girl, or two, or five. Will come over to you to get your attention. Some will also take your order.

Bar girl in PattayaAt this point you don’t have to be shy. If you saw one girl you liked before you entered the bar just tell the staff that you want to talk with that particular girl. As she sit down with you some kind of conversation will start between you and the girl, but this really depends on how well she talks English.

At one point in the conversation the girl will ask for a lady drink. This drink is slightly more expensive than your own drink as the girl get a cut of the money you spent on the drink. Prices for drinks further down in this article.

If she never ask for lady drink you should offer to buy one as you are using her time. This is just common decency in Thailand when you are dealing with bar girls.

The night is moving on and you really like this girl now. You want to bring her back to you hotel for a night of fun. You tell the girl that you want her to go with you out of the bar. The girl will then tell you how much you have to pay in barfine, and how much she want to go back to the hotel with you.

The barfine you pay in the bar before you leave, and the money for the girl you give in the hotel after you are done either the same day or the next morning.

The girl will give you a hug, and be on her way!

Some bars, like the bars in soi 6. Have their own rooms in second and third floor where you can bring the girl right away for sex. No barfine but usually you have to pay 300 – 400 baht in rent for using their rooms + the price for the girl which is usually 1000 baht in soi 6. Great deal!

Pattaya Nightlife Girls Price

The price for a girl depends on a million factors. How hot is the girl? How ugly are you? Did she eat her daily Somtam yet? Do you have any chemistry? What establishment did you pick her up in? Does she like your nose?

As a general rule: Go-go bars are the most expensive, the beer bars are a little bit cheaper, Soi 6 is even cheaper and the freelancers are the cheapest.

For short-time this is the average girl price in Pattaya:

Go-go Bar: 2500 – 3000 baht.
Beer Bar: 1000 – 2000 baht
Soi 6: 1300 baht
Freelancer: 1000 baht

Under you’ll find a complete guide of all clusters of beer bars in Pattaya with working girls. Unfortunately I can’t tell you where all of them are as it’s just too many of them. I will focus on the big clusters and the beer bar gardens with lots on beer bars in the same spot!

It’s a lot of them!

Pattaya Beer Bars Areas

For the location of all these areas, check the map on the bottom of this article.

Walking Street

Walking street are primarily famous for its go-go bars, but you can also find three big beer bar complexes here with tons of girls in them.

Simon Walking Street 1

Simon Walking Street
Simon Walking Street

As soon as you have entered Walking Street this bar complex can be found 60 meter into Walking Street on the right side. You can’t miss it!

Girls dancingSimon Walking Street is by far the freshest bar complex in Pattaya with awesome decoration, lights, sound system, clean toilets and entertainment.

As you enter the complex you walk down a middle way with 6-7 bars on each side, each bar with 10+ girls. As you walk down the pathway the girls will be screaming obsessively for you to come to sit in THEIR bar. It’s almost an attraction in itself.

Each bar have a few poles in the middle where girls will be dancing, and in the background there is a big flat TV sending sport all day. Can it get better?


Simon Walking Street is the most expensive bar complex in Pattaya, but it’s still much cheaper than the go-go bars all around Walking Street.

Soda: 60 baht
Beer: 120 baht
Lady drink: 150 baht

Barfine: 1000 baht pre-midnight / 900 baht after midnight.

Short-time: 2000 baht
Long-time: 2500 – 4000 baht


Simon Walking Street 2

Simon Walking Street 2
Simon Walking Street 2

Simon Walking Street 2 is another bar complex in Walking Street. You find it on the right side around 300 meter inside Walking Street.

Pretty much the same layout as Simon Walking Street 1, but a lot less crowded. This place is also a little bit more laid back and you’ll find lots of pool tables here.


Simon Walking Street 2 have same prices as Simon Walking Street 1.

Soda: 60 baht
Beer: 120 baht
Lady drink: 150 baht

Barfine: 1000 baht pre-midnight / 900 baht after midnight.

Short-time: 2000 baht
Long-time: 2500 – 4000 baht

Pattaya Beer Garden

Pattaya Beer Garden
Pattaya Beer Garden

Just as you are about to enter Walking Street there is a bar complex on the right side. This is one of Pattaya’s oldest bar complexes, and it shows because they haven’t renovated in a very long time.

Anyways. There are about 15 beer bars in this complex, a few pool tables and a Thai Boxing stage with daily fights.


Pattaya Beer Garden is priced the same as Simon Walking Street even tho it hasn’t been renovated in a very long time. The rent are probably as high here as inside Walking Street.

Soda: 60 baht
Beer: 120 baht
Lady drink: 150 baht

Barfine: 1000 baht pre-midnight / 900 baht after midnight.

Short-time: 2000 baht
Long-time: 2500 – 4000 baht


Soi 6

Soi 6 Pattaya
Soi 6 Pattaya

Soi 6 is a notorious street in Pattaya known for its short-time bars where you can bring the girls upstairs right away for sex. It’s a 200 meter stretch of road with around 60 bars, all with 5 to 20 girls in each bar.

The girls are dressed in all types of funny and sexy costumes. The girls here are the least shy in all of Pattaya and walking through this street is next to impossible as the girls will literally drag you into their bar while they catcall and touch you everywhere.

A normal question to get from the girls here as an introduction is “how big is your dick?”.

This street is my favorite place Pattaya as the prices are still low, the girls are fun and it’s no bullshit. You will only have good times here.


Soi 6 is one of the cheapest places in Pattaya to both drink beer and have sex with bar girls. They also have rooms upstairs where you can bring the girls right away for sex.

Soda: 60 baht
Beer: 120 baht
Lady drink: 150 baht

Barfine: 500 baht

Short-time: 1000 baht (in the bars room or in your hotel. Up to you)
Long-time: 2000 – 3000 baht

Rent of room in bar: 300 – 400 baht

Made in Thailand

Made in Thailand
Made in Thailand

This bar complex is located close to Central Plaza shopping mall on Second Rd. The soi where this street is in have no name or number but they call this area ‘Made in Thailand’.

This area probably have up to 100 beer bars scattered around in the street and in a complex just next to the street.

Most bars have TV’s playing sports and pool tables where you can play with the girls or your friends.


Made in Thailand is much cheaper than the beer bars in Walking Street.

Soda: 50 baht
Beer: 90 baht
Lady drink: 100 baht

Barfine: 500 baht

Short-time: 1000 baht
Long-time: 1500 – 3000 baht

LK Metro

LK Metro
LK Metro

LK Metro was for a long time the poor mans place-to-go for fun in go-go bars. Unfortunately those times are over and today they are just as pricey as the go-go’s in Walking Street.

However, there are lots of beer bars in LK metro with bar girls and endless fun, so it’s absolutely worth to check out.

A nice guest friendly hotel to stay in Soi Diana is Areca Lodge Hotel. I’ve stayed at this hotel several times when I visit Pattaya. This hotel is just 50 meters away from LK Metro.


LK Metro is on the same price scale as Made in Thailand.

Soda: 50 baht
Beer: 90 baht
Lady drink: 100 baht

Barfine: 500 baht

Short-time: 1000 baht
Long-time: 1500 – 3000 baht

Soi 7

Beer bars in Soi 7
Beer bars in Soi 7

Soi 7 is another famous street with tons of beer bars in all shapes and forms. Bar girls, pool tables, board games, music, TV’s playing sports and all the usual fun.

I nice guest friendly hotel to stay at close the the action in Soi 7 is Basaya Beach Hotel & Resort. A nice hotel with big rooms and big outdoor area. Their American breakfast goes for 150 baht and is amazing! You even get extra bacon for free!


Soi 7 is one of the cheapest beer bar complexes in Pattaya.

Soda: 50 baht
Beer: 90 baht
Lady drink: 100 baht

Barfine: 500 baht

Short-time: 1000 baht
Long-time: 1500 – 3000 baht


Beer bars in Soi Diana

Beer bars in Soi Diana
Beer bars in Soi Diana

Soi Diana is a nice little street connecting to Second Rd with a lot of fun stuff going on. Tons of street food, kebab, some nice hotels and a fun go-go bar called Papagayo.

But this street also have a ton of beer bars on the right side when you come from Second Rd, 50 meter further up the street you also find LK Metro that I’ve already mentioned further up in this article.

A nice guest friendly hotel to stay in Soi Diana is Areca Lodge Hotel. I’ve stayed at this hotel several times when I visit Pattaya. A nice and big hotel with nice big rooms and two swimming pools.


Soi Diana is on the same price scale as LK Metro and Made in Thailand.

Soda: 50 baht
Beer: 90 baht
Lady drink: 100 baht

Barfine: 500 baht

Short-time: 1000 baht
Long-time: 1500 – 3000 baht

Good Everything Beer Bar

Good Everything Beer Bar Complex
Good Everything Beer Bar Complex

Just next to Soi 10 on Second Rd there is a bar complex with 30-40 bars under the same roof. The area is called Good Everything Beer Bar. It’s a fun little place to hang out with TV’s, pool tables and lots of girls.

Worth to check out.


This place is average priced just like LK Metro and Soi Diana.

Soda: 50 baht
Beer: 90 baht
Lady drink: 100 baht

Barfine: 500 baht

Short-time: 1000 baht
Long-time: 1500 – 3000 baht


There are also several other places in Pattaya with beer bars, but they are just single bars here and there, maybe 2-3 bars in one cluster. There is nothing special about those bars so I won’t mention all of it in this guide as I don’t see the point.

Bars also open and close all the time, but the big clusters of bars have been the same of decades. 🙂

Map of Beer bars in Pattaya


Cambodia Sex Guide for beginners

This will be a guide to anyone coming to Cambodia to find sex with sexy Cambodian girls. It’s written for people who have no clue how P4P scene in Cambodia works.

This guide will primarily focus on the P4P scene, if you are looking for a real relationship or want to date Cambodian girls in a regular way, check out this guide.

This Cambodian sex guide will cover everything you need to know for your sex holiday to Cambodia.

I will make a rundown of all the different places in Cambodia you can find female company in exchange of money. How it works, what you should pay, what you should watch out for and how you can be prepared so you’ll find the hottest girls out there! 😀

Sounds good?

Lets get started!

Want to get laid for free in Cambodia? Check out this post!

Cambodia Sex Guide


1: Online dating in Cambodia
2: Expressions
3: Establishments
3.1: Beer bars / Hostess bars
.  3.2: Go-go bars
.  3.3: Short-Time bars
3.4: Massage Parlors
.  3.5: Freelancers
.  3.6. KTV
3.7: Brothels / Chicken farms
4: Using tuktuk drivers to find sexy girls
5: Is Cambodia a safe place to have fun with girls?
6: Dealing with the police in Cambodia
7: Drugs
8: Don’t fall in love!
9: Other tips
10: Comparison to Thailand’s P4P scene

Online dating in Cambodia

One great way to find girls for free is to sign up to Asian Dating. There you’ll find hundreds of girls who are looking for foreigners. Click the picture under to read more. Cambodian women are very conservative so hitting them up in real life can be kind of an hassle.

If you sign up to a dating site like Asian Dating you’ll instantly come in contact with hundreds of girls who are single, open minded about sex and want to meet foreigners.

How to find a Cambodian girlfriend online

Where to buy sex in Cambodia? 

There are basically 6 different places you can buy sex in Cambodia. Under I’ll explain how each of them works.

Also. Remember that you can sign up for Asian Dating at any point to get in touch with hundreds of girls who want to meet foreigners. You don’t need to pay for these girls so you can save a lot of money if you go this route above hookers.

Expressions used in this guide

Here are some common expressions and words used in the P4P scene around Cambodia.

Barfine: A fee you have to pay the bar to take the girl out of the bar.
Short-time: Taking a girl short time. Usually one shot back at your hotel or in a short-time hotel.
Long-time: Taking a girl for the entire night, and the following day until she’ll go back to work.

Bombom: Means to have sex
Yamyam: Blowjob
Barang: Cambodia’s version of the word “farang”.
P4P: Pay for pussy
Shot: How many times you can come.



Beer bars / Hostess bars

These places work just the same way as in Thailand. In Sihaunukville they even look exactly the same with open bars in a beer garden with lots of girls hanging out. If you didn’t know better you could mistake it for a beer bar garden in Pattaya.

In Phnom Penh however the bars are closed off so you have to go through a door to get to the bar. However some girls sit outside yelling and trying to get you inside. The bars in Phnom Penh usually have seats outside too if you don’t want to sit inside the bar.

When you sit down in a bar, a girl will usually come over to you asking if she can sit with you. Sometimes they will ask for a lady drink, sometimes they wait until you offer one.

When you have decided that you want to go with a girl, you pay the bar fine and agree on a price for sex.

Dick-tease girls

Some beer bars will employ girls who don’t go with customers. These girls are of course always the youngest and hottest girls in the bar. They are employed to bring in customers, count money and in some cases, drink with customers and hang out just like the other girls in the bar who sell sex.

I’ve been to so many bars here where I sit down with a girl, then after 2-3 hours I say let’s go then she give me the “solly, I don’t go with customers I only do cashier”. A real bummer!

So if you sit down with the hottest girl in the bar always ask her first if she will go with customers so you don’t waste an entire night.

Barfine: 10 – 15 USD
Short-time: 25 – 40 USD
Long-time: 30 – 60 USD

Beer bars / Hostess bars in Phnom Penh
Beer bars / Hostess bars in Sihanoukville

Typical prices in the beer bars

Click for bigger version


Go-go bars

Unfortantly there are no go-go bars in Cambodia yet the way you find them in Thailand and the Philippines. I did see one sign in Sihanoukville saying ‘gogo-bar’ but I didn’t find the place. Maybe it’s out of business? Tell me in the comment section if you know something!


Short-time bars

Short-time bars are very similar to the beer bars, but this kind of bar also have rooms in the upper floors where you can bring the girl right away for sex. You will find a few of these bars in both Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville.

These bars are usually a little bit cheaper than the regular beer bars. There is no barfine and usually a fixed price around 30 dollars.

Short-time bars in Phnom Penh (coming)
Short-time bars in Sihanoukville (coming)


Massage parlors

It’s much harder to find massage parlors in Cambodia that offers extra. They do exist everywhere but they are not up in your face like they are in Thailand. You have to know where they are to find them.

There are usually no red lights outside these venues that reveals that more is on the menu. Most of these massage shops only have a small sign outside the shop where it says “massage”. Sometimes it will just be a picture of someone massaging.

Oil Massage: 8 – 12 USD
Traditinal Khmer Massage (similar to Thai massage) : 6 – 10 USD
Happy ending / sex: 10 – 25 USD

Notice that I put happy ending and sex in same price category as they will usually ask for the same price anyways.

Happy ending massage in Phnom Penh (coming)
Happy ending massage in Sihanoukville (coming)
Happy ending massage in Kampot (coming)



There’s A LOT of freelancers both in Phnom Penh and Sihaunukville. Check out the posts under to find out where you find them in different places in Cambodia.

These girls usually ask for 20 USD for short-time, but you can easily get it down to 15 USD if you’re a good talker. Making it some of the cheapest sex in Southeast-Asia. Most of these girls are average looking but sometimes you stumble across a young hottie with great energy.


Always ask to see ID of freelancers in Cambodia if you are in doubt of her age. Some of these girls are very young, even underage. If you bring an underage girl back to your hotel, and the girl is in contact with the police (sting operation) you have a HUGE problem. It does happen so just be really careful.

You don’t want your name and face in the newspaper banging an underage girl. There’s a lot of NGO’s in Cambodia that works with this issue.

Freelancers in Phnom Penh
Freelancers in Sihanoukville



Or Karaoke as it’s also called, is everywhere in Cambodia. These venues can be found in all shapes, sizes and price classes.

It’s basically a place you go to sing songs with girls that you pick beforehand. When you enter a KTV the people who work there will bring out all the girls they have available. You chose how many girl you want to sit with you while you sing.

KTV’s usually don’t have rooms for sex so you have to bring the girl back to your hotel or apartment. The sex is also a private deal between you and the girl so you pay her when you get back to your hotel, not the KTV.

KTV’s is not really a place Europeans go. It’s mostly local Khmer guys and other Asians. Some places will even refuse non-Asian people inside.


Brothels / Chicken farms

Brothels and chicken farms are the cheapest sex you can get in Cambodia. In the chicken farm in Sihaunukville you can get sex for as low as 10$, even 5$ if you are a good talker. These girls won’t be the hottest girls out there, in fact, they’re not girls at all but women in their 30’s, even 40’s selling sex from their own homes.

When that is said. I did see a few really hot girls down in the chicken farm so it’s definitely worth a look.

Brothels are mostly visited by local Khmer men, but foreigners are welcome too. There is a street in Sihaunukville called Blue Mountain with up to 50 girls hanging out in the street waiting for customers.

At Blue mountain I’ve actually seen a lot of hot women, and the sex start at 20 USD. Most girls working there are not Khmer but Vietnamese.

The Chicken farm in Sihanoukville

Brothels in Phnom Penh (coming)
Brothels in Sihanoukville (coming)

Average prices in Cambodia

Drinks in bars

Soft drink: 1$
Beer: 1.5$
Drink: 3-4$
Ladydrink: 3-4$
Big bottle of Jack Daniel: 40$ (20$ in a mart)


Primitive hut in hippie areas: 3-8$
A 3-4 star hotel in a touristy area: 10-20$
Luxury resort in a touristy area: 50$+

Motorbike: 4-8$ per 24 hour.


Local street food: 0.5-1.5$
Western meals: 2-10$

Using tuktuk drivers to find hot girls

Tuk tuk drivers can be a real annoyance in Cambodia as you can’t walk 10 meters without a tuktuk driver asking you if you need a tuktuk. I’ve had tuktuk drivers asking me if I need a tuktuk while I’m driving a tuktuk. It’s ridiculous.

When that is said. They can also be a great way to find hidden brothels around in Cambodia. The problem is that they will usually take you to a shitty brothel with fat and ugly girls first.

So. How do you make a tuktuk driver show you the hidden gems?

You need to befriend a tuktuk driver. Find a tuktuk driver that is trustworthy, a guy who wont rip you off. When I was in Kampot I had a tuktuk driver drive me to a brothel, it turned out to be total shit.

Then I said to him: “Where is the BEST brothel? I want girls who doesn’t look like a ghost from white make-up. I want a nice local Khmer girl. If you show me the BEST place I will pay you a girl too.”

He then called up some friends. They collected some girls outside the city. When I got to this place I had 10 girls that all looked nice and farm fresh. All in their early 20’s.

This place was in a house outside Kampot in a rural area. It’s not possible to find without knowing a local guy.

Is Cambodia a safe place to have fun with girls?

If you use your wits I think Cambodia is perfectly save to have fun with girls. I don’t think Cambodia is any more dangerous than Thailand. I’ve been out in all kinds of neighborhoods in Cambodia and never had any issues. 99% of people you will meet will be very friendly and leave you alone.

What I will say is that if you first get in any situation in Cambodia you are pretty much on your own. The police here is useless and there is no good international hospitals anywhere in Cambodia if you become injured.

If you get a serious illness or injury while you are in Cambodia you should get to Bangkok or Saigon as quickly as you can. Never travel with to Cambodia without an insurance as they will cover a medical evacuation for you if the hospitals in Cambodia can’t help you.

If you go with freelancers normal freelance rules apply as I’ve talked about before:

  • Lock up your valuables.
  • Make the girl shower first and tell her to leave her clothes in the bathroom when you shower.
  • Never drink from a drink that have been opened out of your sigh.
  • Always go short-time.


Cambodia have a very high HIV rate. Wrap up when you have sex with a professional. If you date a regular girl get her tested before you skip the condom and make sure she’s on the pill. It seems like education around STD’s are non-existent in Cambodia because I’ve never been with a hooker who have insisted on using condom. Scary!

Be careful!

Dealing with police in Cambodia

If you spend any amount of time in Cambodia there will come a time where you’ll have to deal with the police. Especially if you want to rent a motorbike to explore for yourself.

The police in Cambodia is ruthless and 100% corrupt.

When I was in Sihanoukville I was stopped on average 3 times a day. But here is the thing, if you know how to act and behave you will get away everytime without paying them a dime.

What do the police want? Well. That’s self explanatory in a place like Cambodia. They want easy cash from clueless tourists. The police here is ruthless and they will make up shit to make you give them money. One day I was out driving with sunglasses on. They stopped me telling me it was illegal to drive with sunglasses. Pure bullshit but it proves my point.

Police stopping clueless tourists
Police stopping clueless tourists

There are mainly three ways the police can cash in quickly on tourists driving a motorbike with the law on their side.

1: Driving without a helmet
2: Driving with lights ON in daytime (in Cambodia that’s illegal).
3: Breaking a traffic rule (driving on red, drive wrong way in a one way street etc).
4: Be busted with drugs.

If you always make sure you don’t break any of these rules the police can’t touch you.

Notice that I didn’t say anything about licence. Why? In Cambodia you can drive anything under 125cc without a licence.

The police will of course lie to you and say you need a licence, but just tell them politely that you know you don’t need it. If they threaten you with sending you to the police station (jail) just say “ok let’s go”.

They are too lazy to bring you to the police station because they just want to make quick money on the spot, and they can’t do it either because you haven’t broken any laws! 🙂

Another thing the police will ask you is how long you’ve been in Cambodia. That’s a good time to tell a little lie and say you’ve been here a couple of months. That way they will give up quicker trying to extort money from you.

And also. Don’t be nervous when you get stopped, that’s a big telling that you haven’t been stopped before. Instead, try to act slightly frustrated telling them you’ve been stopped 2 times today already.

Drugs and the police

As a general rule never travel around with drugs when you are driving a motorbike. At least don’t put it in an obvious place like in the trunk or in you front pocket. The police will ask you “smoke??”, meaning if you have smoked cannabis or if you have it on you.

They might also ask you to empty your pockets and open the trunk in your scooter. But that’s pretty much as far as they will go. I’ve never seen police dogs looking for drugs except in the airports and at the borders.

In Sihaunukville the police have almost daily checkpoints around the city to bust tourists with drugs.

One girl I met had been busted with 50 gram of marijuana when she was driving from Sihaunukville to Otres beach. She was brought to the police station, got her passport taken and was told to come to the station with 1000 dollar or go to jail. Not fun!

Using drugs in Cambodia

Cambodia is the most drug friendly country in Southeast-Asia, but it can also be very drug unfriendly if you are careless or break the unwritten drug laws.

Otres Beach, hot spot for hippies and professional drug users

I would recommend staying away from heavier drugs. Tuktuk drivers will ask you everywhere if you want ice or cocaine. Many tourists have died here snorting cocaine that turned out to be heroin. People who trick people like that should of course be charged with murder, but this is Cambodia so that will never happen.

15 dollars in Kampot

Cannabis is generally safe and you can buy it almost anywhere in Cambodia. When that is said use your brain. Don’t smoke out in the open, especially not outside in less touristy areas. If there is a police officer around the corner and he smells the marijuana you can be sure that he will be looking for you. 🙂

I’ve never seen police in Cambodia at nighttime in tourist areas but I’m sure they are there camouflaged in civilian.

The reason you can smoke in more touristy areas is that the bars and guesthouses pay to police to stay away.

Many bars tolerate that you smoke weed in their bar, especially in the hippie areas. But also hotels and guesthouses. I saw people blazing joints all over Cambodia.

The best place to buy cannabis is in the restaurants that sell happy pizza. You can get a bag as big as your hand for as little as 15$, but expect to pay 20-25$ if you don’t haggle.

Don’t fall in love!

As I always say. If you deal with professionals in Southeast-Asia. Don’t fall in love or try to “save” the girl. We all know how relationships between foreigners and bar girls can go. There are losers all over southeast-Asia jumping from rooftops because they lost everything to a bar girl who played them for all they are worth.

Don’t be that idiot.

If you want to find a girlfriend go the regular way with day game or try to meet them online.

Other tips


Money in Cambodia is confusing. They use two different currencies. A local currency called Riel and US dollars.

Their local currency look all the same and it’s almost impossible to distinguish between them. It’s all in Khmer and there is just in one corner on one side it’s numbered in Latin.

Most places take both currencies but a few places only take Riel.

1 USD = 4000 Cambodian Riel.

ATM Machines

When you take out US dollars in the ATM never take out 100 USD. Most ATM’s will give you a 100 dollar bill if you do that. If you show up anywhere in Cambodia with a 100 dollar bill they will call a family meeting to discuss how they can give you back change. I’ve even had problems with 20 dollar bills some places.

When you take out money in the ATM take out 80 USD. The ATM machine will then give you 4 20 dollar bills instead.

If you are living at a 4 or 5 star resort then you can take out 100 dollars bills and make the hotel change it for you to smaller notes.

I like to change all my dollars to 5 and 10 dollar bills. Makes me feel rich and you’ll never have problems with change. 😀

The 100 dollar bill scam

A clever scam in Cambodia is when you give a vendor a 100 dollar bill. He then tells you that he have to go to another room to find change. A little bit later he will come back telling you that he don’t have change, giving you back your 100 dollar bill.

The problem is that the 100 dollar bill he’s giving you is fake, and not the one you gave him originally.

Never let anyone walk away with big bills out of your sight, if they have to find change, tell them to leave your 100 dollar bill in your sight.

Worn out money

Sometimes people will give you money that is very worn out (usually riel). Don’t accept them as you will have problem using them again. Never accept money that is partly torn apart.

Street kids

All over Cambodia you have street kids who wander around at all times of the clock. I experienced several times kids trying to stick their hands down in my back pockets to look for valuables.

If you are walking around in areas where there are a lot of people you should not put wallets or phones in your pack pockets. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Keep everything in your front pocket or buy a slim fanny pack you can hide under your shirt.

Comparison to Thailand’s P4P scene

If you are coming over to Southeast-Asia for a shorter sex vacation with a big tourist budget I would definitely go to Thailand. Nothing can beat the P4P scene in Thailand with the big sex meccas in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Your choices are literally endless.

In Cambodia the P4P scene is much smaller, but also much cheaper.

However if you are the more adventurous type Cambodia can be a nice little adventure as this country is MUCH wilder than Thailand. It really has a lawless vibe and you will be left alone.

If you are staying in Southeast-Asia for a longer period, like a mini retirement, or you’re moving here permanent the question becomes much more complicated.

In Cambodia you have much easier VISA’s. You can get a business visa on arrival and extend it 1 year – no questions asked. In Thailand you have to do VISA runs every three months and you risk getting denied entry at any time if you do it over longer periods ( +1 year).

The only way to stay in Thailand legally over longer periods is to get a job in a corporation or getting the retirement visa (for people who are 50+ years). I’m 29 so that won’t be possible in another 20 years. 😛

Freelance hookers in Sihanoukville

This will be a quick post because there is not much to tell about freelancers in Sihanoukville. They’re all at one place in town at the same time every day.

Freelancers can be a great way to get a quick release has you don’t have to deal with the regular hassles of dating a ‘real’ women, or even with the hassles or lady drinks and bar fines in Sihanoukville’s beer bars. I totally get it that you don’t want to sit in a bar for hours while the bill just get higher and higher.

Prices for freelance hookers in Sihanoukville

A freelancers will usually ask for anything between 20 and 30 dollars in Sihanoukville, but you can easily talk them down 5 or 10 dollars depending on how good your negotiating skills are.

Where to find freelancers in Sihanoukville? 

They all down by the Ochheuteal Beach promenade after midnight in one of the bars. Usually most bars will close down after midnight as there isn’t enough tourists to feed them all, but a few bars will stay open.

When you come to the promenade just look around until you see a bar that’s full of people. When you get inside the bar you will discover girls in all ages in skimpy mini skirts that leave very little to your imagination. 😀

They’re all hookers and will be dancing and shaking their ass on the dance floor. Some will give you dirty little smiles to make you come over to them.

I’ve met som fun girls down there at the beach so it’s defiantly worth a look. After 2-3 am when most of the beer bar close down for the night there will come a new wave with hookers to the beach looking for a late night flirt.

Map of freelance hookers in Sihanoukville

Freelance hookers in Phnom Penh

There might come a night where you want the company of a lady without going through the hassles of dating, or even the hassles of lady drinks and bar-fines in the beer bars in Phnom Penh.

Getting a freelancer in Phnom Penh is a quick and cheap way to find sex. No barfines, no lady drinks and no dicktease-girls wasting your time and money!

You simply pick up the girl you want, bring her back to your room, bang her and say goodbye. The concept is easy!

The only problem is that the freelance hookers in Phnom Penh is not up in your face, you have to know where they are to find them. Well, that’s what I’m here for. 😀

Prices of freelance hookers in Phnom Penh

Most freelancers in Phnom Penh that’s out on the street will ask for 20 dollars from foreigners but you can easily talk them down to 15 dollars, even 10 dollars. Making it some of the cheapest sex in Southeast-Asia.

The freelancers in the nightclubs will usually start on 30 dollars, but it’s really up to your talking skills how well you get along.

Ok. So where do you find the freelance hookers in Phnom Penh?

Wat Phnom

After 9 pm the area around Wat Phnom roundabout starts to fill up with ladies in skimpy mini skirts. Not all of these ladies is what I would call sexy, but there are some hidden gems around there so it’s definitely possible to find a hot little snapper there for a night of fun!

I was driving around on my motorbike here around midnight and I saw several cute hookers that I would gladly bring back to my room if it wasn’t for the girl I already had on the back of my motorbike who I picked up from Asian Dating.

Street 94

Street 94 is a dark little creepy street between the river promenade and Wat Phnom roundabout.

There’s no street lights there so you’ll have to get really close to the girls to see how they look like. I don’t know why they decided to hang around in the darkest street in the area to sell themselves, seems like a bad business move in my mind. But who am I to judge..? They probably don’t want anyone they know find out that they sell sex. Totally understandable…

Anyways. Around midnight I always saw around 10 – 15 freelance hookers hanging out in street 94. Some girls will just sit around doing nothing while others will catcall you and yell “BOOM BOOM ?!?!”.

The River promenade 

Some girls will be hanging out or siting on the benches between Street 94 and Preah Ket Mealea Hospital on the river promenade. This is a dark and creepy area of town just like street 94 so keep your wits with you. I don’t think getting robbed is very likely but if it were to happen it would be in a place like this.

Okay… So these areas span over a quite big area so you should rent a motorbike so you can drive around there to have a look at the buffet. Most girls will be downright ugly so you’ll have to drive around for a while before you find something worth paying for.

Nightclubs with freelancers

Pontoon nightclub
Pontoon nightclub

There are mainly two nightclubs in Phnom Penh that fills up with freelance hookers after midnight. Those places are:

  • Pontoon Lounge
  • Heart of Darkness

Both places are just next to each other so if one place suck you can quickly jump over the other one. In the weekends both nightclubs have a cover fee on 7 dollars. Kind of overpriced if you ask me but this is the best Phonh Penh can offer of nightclubs so they can probably get away with it.

When the beer bars close at around 2-3 there will be another wave of girls hitting the these clubs.

Map of Freelance Hookers in Phnon Penh

Beer bars in Sihanoukville with working girls

There are mainly three areas in Sihanoukville with beer bars that have hookers who will go with customers.

The name of these places are:

  • Sihanoukville Square
  • Pub Street
  • Victory Hill

Sihanoukville Square and Pub Street are just a stone throw away from each other close by the Golden Lions Roundabout. Victory Hill is on the other side of town near the port where you’ll find the infamous chicken farm.

All three bar areas have quite different atmosphere and vibe. I’m going to write about each district  under so you can get a clearer picture on how everything works.

Sihanoukville Square

Sihanoukville Square
Sihanoukville Square

Also refereed to as ‘the square’ is the biggest bar complex in Sihaunukville. When I was there it had just been expanded with 15 more bars so the total number of bars in this garden is now between 30 and 40 bars.

Each bar have anything between 5 to 15 working girls. So the selection of girls in this beer garden is quite big.

Nightlife in SihanoukvilleMost girls are average looking in their late twenties, but there are also some hidden gems inside there so if you go out early you might get lucky and catch one of them. They usually get picked up quite fast by customers.

Most other blogs say that ‘the square’ have great atmosphere. I disagree.

All bars blast music on volume 11. That’s all fine but the problem is that all the bars plays different music. No matter where you are in the beer complex you’ll hear music from 3-5 different bars. Your ears will get raped when you go inside there. This really kills the vibe for me.

When I went to this place I just looked around for the hottest girl, sat down with her for 5 minutes, then got the fuck out of there. It’s impossible to talk inside there without screaming into other peoples ears.

The vibe is fun there but the music situation really kills the vibe for me personally.

Pub Street

Pub Street
Pub Street

Pub street is a small street just 200m away from ‘the square’ with around 10 bars. This place was dead when I was in Sihanoukville. No music, almost no girls and no fun vibe.

Other websites say that this place is great so maybe I was just unlucky the time I was there?

It’s not far from ‘the square’ so you can just walk over there to have a look if you can’t find any fun in ‘the square’.

Victory Hill

Darling Bar
Darling Bar

Victory Hill is the last bar area with working girls in Sihanoukville. This was actually the place I liked the most. It had a decent selection of girls, even really hot girls. Many of the bars there had really fun vibe too.

When you are in one bar you can’t hear music from 5 other bars which is great!

The only downside with Victory Hill is that it’s on the other side of town from Serendipity beach which is the main tourist area with great beaches, restaurants etc.

The great news is that there are tuktuk driver all over town that will gladly take you there for three dollars.

Victory Hill also had a bar with only ladyboys if you are looking for ladyboys.

The best bar I found in Victory Hill was Darling Bar. Great atmosphere, hot ladies, comfy sofas and great sound system. They did not play on volume 11 so you could talk inside the bar with your lady.


Prices in the beer bars of Sihanoukville

The prices in all three districts are basically the same. Here are a few examples:

Beer: 1$
Drinks: 3$
Ladydrink: 3.5$

Barfine: 10 -15 dollar
Short-time: 30$ to 50$
Long-time: 40$ to 60$

You can try to negotiate the prices, especially in low season. If a girl quote you 40$ you can try this line: “I’ll give you 40 dollars if you do a good job, if not I’ll give you 30$.” That way the girl have more pressure to perform, and if she fail to perform you save 10 buck

Average prices for drinks in the beer bars:

Click for bigger version


Where to find the really hot girls? 

Lets get real here. Where do you find the really hot girls in Sihanoukville? Not the used girls in the beer gardens that are in their late twenties all tattooed up.

The real hot girls in this city work in the casinos. All of them are getting spoiled by old rich Chinese men coming here to spend big money.

If you sit outside a casino at closing time there will be an avalanche of hot girls ready to go home on their pink Honda motorbikes. My rod was swelling up in my jeans while I was sitting outside the casino.

I’ve seen some of the hottest girls ever in Southeast-Asia outside these casinos. They’re all in their early twenties, perfect bodies and pretty faces. It’s absolutely worth a shot to have a look and approach.

These girls probably won’t go with you for money, but if you have some sort of game you can get them for free. Just chat them up outside the casino to get their Line ID. I met some unbelievable hot girls this way.

I’m sure they get tired of endless nights in the casinos listening to old Chinese men’s bable about their businesses back home. Then they meet a young handsome white guy like myself to spice up their daily life. 😀

The Chicken Farm in Sihanoukville

The Chicken farm in Sihanoukville is an infamous stretch of dirt road just north of Sihanoukville next to the harbor.

The first time I was here there was an obese old women yelling ‘BOOM BOOM 5 DOLLAR” while I was driving past her on my motorbike so I knew I was in the right place. I almost fell of my bike she was yelling so loud.

The Chicken Farm is where the local men go to have their share of fun after a long day of work in the heat. However foreigners are welcome too so it can be a fun little adventure to venture down there to have a look at the local menu.

KTV in the Chicken Farm
KTV in the Chicken Farm

There are basically two different venues down there; KTV’s and brothels. They’re all in small shacks next by the unpaved road so don’t expect any luxury. I had my first KTV experience down there and there was cockroaches crawling around on the floor while we was drinking and singing Khmer songs.

Sex goes as low as 5 dollars down there but don’t expect a model. It will be a beaten up HIV infected toothless whore with open sores all over her face. Not my idea of fun! 🙁

That said. There are some young girls down there too that’s really hot, especially in the KTV’s. I was singing songs with a really hot 21 year old girl from Battambang in one of the rooms. Was great fun but nothing came of it. Nevertheless, a fun little experience singing songs in those shacks. 😀

She was in fact really hot so I tried to get her on a three day trip to the island Koh Rong just outside Sihanoukville but she wasn’t down for that. Would love to have her in one of those nice bungalows that’s up in the trees out there. Eating and banging all day. That’s life! 😀

Prices in the Chicken Farm


Sex: 5$ to 15$


Rent room: 5$ to 10$ per hour
Soda: 1$
Jug of beer: 3$

Sex: 5$ to 15$


Is the chicken farm safe to visit? 

I was there several times while I was in Sihanoukville both in daytime and nighttime. There’s not much going on in daytime so you’ll have to come there after sunset. That’s when the girls will be sitting outside on their plastic chairs waiting for customers.

Chicken Farm Standard

There are a lot of drunk local Khmer guys down there but they were not threatening in any way. Most of them didn’t give a shit about me but the ones who did just thought it was fun to see a foreigner.

When that is said this is not the place you want to get in any trouble so keep your wits with you. The place is far outside the main tourist area and it’s dark. No one will help you out there if you get in any trouble. If shit gets real down there it really gets real I think.

If you are going there I would recommend driving yourself so you can get out of there at any time. It’s about 6km from the Golden Lions roundabout and 2km from Victory Hill.

Also, bring a phone with a map in case you get lost. It’s not hard to find but if it’s your first day in Sihanoukville it’s easy to get lost.

I met one lady down there. Well, she was not the brightest bulb in the box. She wanted to start a business in Kampot so she asked me for 10.000 dollars. In return I could have her 19 year old daughter (which was really hot and had great tits). I said GREAT lets meet tomorrow to discuss your idea I’ll pay the dinner.

She said “OK I also want tip 70 dollars”. The lady wanted me to tip her to tell me about her business that I would pay for…

I tried to tell her politely that if she want to start business with someone asking for free money is not a good start. She didn’t get it.

Anyways. That was my little adventure down to the Chicken Farm in Sihanoukville. I’ve read about this place on many forums and seen a couple of videos from it on YouTube so I was really exited to finally visit it myself.

Where is the Chicken Farm? 

The chicken farm is just outside town in the north end next by the harbor and train station. Check map under for location (you have to zoom out on the map to see the location relative to the city).

Phnom Penh Red Light Districts

Just been in the capital of Phnom Penh for two weeks. Oh man did I have a great time!

The nightlife in Phnom Penh is not big, at least not compared to neighboring capitals like Saigon or Bangkok, but you can still have a great time here!

I didn’t spend too much time in the red light districts as I was too busy dating ‘real’ girls, but the area isn’t so big so I believe I’ll be able to give a decent rundown of the main attractions.

Bargirl in Phnom PenhThere is mainly one red light district in Phnom Penh that is targeted towards foreigners. It doesn’t have any name but its located in street 110, street 118, street 130, street 136 and street 144 towards the river promenade. It’s kind of hard to explain exact what streets the bars are in but just check the map under to see the exact location.

The bars look and work very similar to the beer bars in Pattaya and Phuket. You walk inside the bar, pick a girl that you want to chat with, buy her a couple of drinks while having a good time.

Later when you want to bring the girl back to your hotel you agree on a price for sex with the girl, pay the fixed barfine then you leave.

Prices in Phnom Penh Redlight Districts

Beer: 1$
Ladydrink: 3$
Barfine: 10$ – 15$
Short-time: 30$ – 50$
Long-time: 40$ – 60$

You can try to negotiate the shorttime and longtime prices, but the girls seems pretty stubburne on the price they give you.

If a girl quote you 40$ you can try this line: “I’ll give you 40 dollars if you do a good job, if not I’ll give you 30$.” That way the girl have more pressure to perform, and if she fail to perform you save 10 bucks. 🙂

Average prices for drinks in the beer bars:

Click for bigger version

Each bar in the redlight district have between 5 to 15 girls working, or “hostesses” as they also are called.

Some of the bars also have girls who only works as bartenders, meaning you can not barfine them. That’s a shame because those girls tended to be younger and smoooking hot. 🙁

Phnom Penh Red Light Districts

It’s kind of meaningless to give a rating of the bars in this area. They are all the same but with a different name. I also believe that the turnover of girls who start and quit is high so a bar that was good when I was there might suck when you arrive as the girl have stopped working there or started in another bar.

But anyways. I’ll give you the name of three bars that I had a really great time in:

Helicopter Bar, Erotic Bar and Cheerie’s Bar. Just walk around in the district and you’ll find the bars.

Street 104

Street 104 is around 200 meter north of the main red light district (check the green mark on map under). Here you’ll find a 100 meter street filled with beer bars and girls. This street can be a good place because it has much less customers than the main redlight area.

When I was here I had 5 girls over me at all times asking for attention, they were really hungry up there! Great place to go out!

Beer bars outside Pontoon

Outside Pontoon, or on the other side of the street of Golden Soriya Mall you have a handful of beer bars with working girls. When I was there the vibe was quite dead, but might be worth to check out!


There is a ton of KTV’s inside the red light district of Phnom Penh. I tried to get inside many of those but I was refused entrance by the guy sitting outside. I think these places are for the locals only but you might be more lucky than me.

Click here if you don’t know what a KTV is.


The massage parlors inside the red light district is NOT happy ending parlors but just regular massage. I tried all of the massage places I found here and all of them refused to give me a happy ending. 🙁

If you want happy ending massage in Phnom Penh check out this post.

Map of Phnom Penh Red Light District

Video of Phnom Penh Red Light District

Best hotel for mongers

I stayed in two hotels while I was in Phnom Penh.

The best hotel I found that was guest friendly was City Centre Hotel. It’s far enough away from the red light district that you wont hear music and noise at night, but close enough that you can walk to the bars in 1 minute. The location is perfect.

The staff is some of the friendlies staff I’ve ever encountered in Southeast-Asia. I have nothing bad to say about them.

If you book the hotel ask for room 404. It got mirrors all over the room so when you bring the girls back to your room you can do some kinky positions while you look in the mirror. Great fun! 😀

Room 404, City Centre Hotel

Check out the hotel here at Agoda.

How to find a Cambodian girlfriend online

Recently I spent some time in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. A good portion of the week I’ve been trying to hit on Cambodian girls all over the city. I even tried to hit on a girl that sat on the back of her friend’s motorbike while I was driving my own motorbike. Fun stuff!

Except from that fun little episode on the motorbike it’s been a brutal dating experience coming from Bangkok.

The girls in Phnom Penh have given me the worst stone face possible. I’m not sure if they got so shocked by my handsome Aryan looks that they didn’t know how to react or if they fantasized about chopping of my face with a rusty machete.

Either way it’s been a brutal week. I had some luck the last days by giving girls my Line ID on a white paper discretely. Low key seems to be the answer!

Finding a Cambodian girlfriend online

Eventually I had to sign up for Asian Dating to find some local talent. The selection was nowhere near the same as in Bangkok where you have thousands of girls online at any time of the day.

I searched for girls age 20 to 25 in Phnom Penh that had been online the last 24 hours. I got 230 profiles.

Not much to work with when you are used to Bangkok but certainly enough for a couple of weeks.

Asian Dating is currently the biggest dating site for Cambodia.

By the way. Asian Dating is owned by Cupid Media, the same guys who own Thai Cupid. It’s a dating site with girls from all countries in Asia. Cambodia doesn’t have a dedicated dating site yet so Asian Dating is your best option.

Asian Dating is also a good dating site if you are traveling around to many countries in Southeast-Asia. No need to buy several membership for Thai Cupid, Vietnam Cupid etc when you can just buy Asian Dating and get a little bit from each country.

Dating Cambodian women

Cambodian women are very beautiful in my opinion. They have slightly more curves than the Thai / Viet girls, bigger lips and boobs, have a healthy looking round face and very dark skinned.

Some of the Khmer girls can be a little bit rough around the edges, but this is simply because Cambodia is a very poor country.

I love the dark skinned girls. They look so much more wilder and exotic than the light skinned girls who can’t even be out in the sun for 10 minutes with sunblock lvl 9000 because they can get a tan. It’s ridiculous.

Give me a dark skinned girl with smooth skin and nice curves and I would be all over her in no-time..! 😀

It’s just one problem.

The Cambodian girls are very conservative. You can’t just pop into Phnom Penh thinking you will smash a new pussy every night from the malls / markets and hotels. If you have sex with a regular Cambodian girl marriage is expected, at least if her family finds out.

Several of the girls I met had to be home by dark! The only way to have them ‘all night’ is to marry them so they can move in with you instead. Pretty insane if you ask me!

Anyways… There are some open minded girls online on Asian Dating that is up for some ‘unconditional’ love.

Just follow the guide for how to make an online dating profile. It’s written for Thailand but same rules apply in Cambodia.

I saw a lot of older men, some even in their sixties driving around with Cambodian girlfriends that looked like they were 20. So if you’re an old pervert looking for some fresh Asian pussy straight from the farm there are definitely opportunities but you wont get them on a silver plate like you do in Pattaya or Phuket. You have to go looking in person or get lucky on Asian Dating.

One guy a saw in Kampot at one of the restaurants was so old is face was almost falling off, but his Cambodian girlfriend was a 20 year old stunner. I would be all over that girl. Absolutely gorgeous.

Anyways. I will be making more posts about dating in Cambodia as soon as I’ve gotten more notches under my belt. 🙂 I’m in Sihanoukville at the moment and I’m planing to stay here a while.

Stay tuned!

Bangkok Go-Go Reviews: Bada Bing Go-Go

Bada Bing Go-Go in Patpong Soi 2 is probably one of the best go-go bars in Bangkok and defiantly my favorite at the moment.


Beer: 160 baht
Drinks: 180 baht
Lady drinks: 200 baht

Barfine: 800 baht
Short-time: 2000 – 2500 baht
Long-time: Up to you!

Open: 20.00 – 02.00 everyday.

Location: Google maps

Go-Go Dancers: Bada Bing have a great selection of Go-Go dancers. There are 30+ girls here every night that go on rotation on the stage every 20 minutes. The Go-Go girls at Bada Bing Go-Go bar are bubbly and fun girls with a great smile.

The guy who did the recruiting did a great job!

Coyote Dancers: Bada Bing also have a rotation of Coyote dancers in between the Go-Go girls. In my honest opinion they where not any hotter than the Go-Go girls but they were much greater at dancing and they danced synchronously.

Some of these girls are possible to barfine, but the barfine is 2000 minimum.

The music: Bada Bing plays great music all night. They also invested in a great sound system so the loud volume is much more bearable than in many of the other go-go bars who play the same Thai Techno shit every night with shitty speakers on volume 11.

The mamasan and papasan are not rude or pushy for drinks and tips. When you enter the bar they simply show an available seat and let you order your drink at your own pace. This is so great because I feel that happens more and more over at Nana and Soi Cowboy which is more crowded.

Over at Billboard in Nana they would even let me take a piss before I had ordered a drink. I had to bring my drink to their dirty toilet.

I guess when demand goes up you can get away with less service and still make a profit.

Conclusion: If you are looking for great fun with wonderful girls in a great atmosphere you should absolutely check out Bada Bing Go-Go.

The sofas here are big and comfy. They are also slightly hidden so you can have some privacy if you sit with one or more girls.

It’s not the cheapest place in Bangkok to have a drink but you get what you pay for. Something I see less and less in Bangkok unfortunately.

Right next door to Bada Bing there is a short-time hotel with nice big rooms with King-sized bed and shower for 600 baht.

Hottest places to find sex in Bangkok

Bangkok is a mecca for guys looking for sex with young beautiful women. Bangkok turned my dating life on the head several years ago. It’s never going to be the same again.

Whatever thirst you have regarding women, you can trample it with sex in Bangkok.

Besides, Bangkok is the most visited city on the planet so you will find women from literally every corner of the world, not only Thai ladies.

It’s safe to say that Bangkok is the capital of pussy.

Here are top 4 ways to find sex in Bangkok.

Online Dating

With a city of almost 10 million people your choices are practically limitless. Bangkok is really the online dating capital of the world. It’s nothing like back home (US, UK, EU etc) as almost everyone have an account somewhere in Thailand (Tinder, Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly).

The two biggest dating sites with over 1 million member each, Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly, are great ways to find partners to have sex with.

Set up a profile with 10 to 15 smashing photos of yourself and you will drown in attention. If you are white and under 35 expect anything from 5 to 20 requests daily.

Another great thing with online dating is that you can start hitting up women before you travel to Bangkok. That way you have several girls ready for date on arrival.

Click here if you want to learn more about online dating in Thailand.

Day Game

Online dating might be effective, but nothing can beat the rush of hitting up beautiful women in daytime.

Bangkok have several great day game areas. Siam with 5+ shopping malls in walking distance of the sky train station is probably the best spot in town. Thousands of hot ladies ready to be approached everywhere.

Make sure you have Line installed on your phone so you can contact the girls later.

Siam Bangkok

Other great places to hit up girls in Bangkok are Silom and Sukhumvit as most girls here do speak English.

Victory Monument is another great spot if you like girls in school uniforms. Be there around 4.30 pm.

Night game

Bangkok have a myriad of different nightlife avenues that are full of girls every single night.

You have nightclubs such as Route66 and Onyx with mostly regular people going out for fun. Then you have clubs like Levels, Insomnia and Climax that are 90% hookers.

If you for some reason want to hit up white chicks in Bangkok get over to Khao San Rd. Khao San Rd also have many Thai girls, hookers and not, roaming around at night time looking for foreigners.

JJ Green
JJ Green

Red light districts

The four biggest red light districts in Bangkok are Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Huai Khwang.

Nana Plaza
Nana Plaza

Here you will be expected to pay obliviously. Shoring is a possibility, but I don’t see a reason to do that in a city with millions of available girls who don’t expect any money for sex.

Soi Cowboy and Nana are just next to each other, while Patpong and Huai Khwang is a couple of kilometers away from Sukhumvit, the main area for male tourists looking for women. I’ve made a separate post for the different redlight districts in Bangkok.

Prices in 2018

Expect to pay 600 – 1000 baht for bar fine in most gogo-bars. You also have to pay the girl for having sex with you.

Short-time: 2000 – 3000 baht
Long-time: 4000+ baht

A lot of go-go dancers don’t go long-time with customers in Bangkok anymore. The reason is that the demand for girls is so high in Bangkok that most girls who look decent can do several short-times in one night.

Thermae Bar

Thermae Bar Review in Bangkok
Thermae Bar in Bangkok

This is probably the best place to pay for sex in Bangkok at the moment. Check out my review of this place.


Baccara Go-go
Baccara Go-go bar


Baccara is probably the best go-go bar in Bangkok. It’s full of girls every night. It’s not the cheapest venue in Bangkok but if you come here with a regular tourist budget that should not be any problem.

Where is the best area to stay to get laid? 

Most people will tell you that the best place to stay in Bangkok is between Nana and Ekkemai. In the middle of the action.

And yes, those places are awesome if you want to party, hit on girls in nightclubs or go with hookers.

However, if you are in Bangkok to hit on good girls staying in those areas can work against you.

Why? The good girls will think you are a sex tourist.

Huai Khwang district
Huai Khwang district

In addition. I’ve been with Thai girls who simply refuse to walk around with me in the Nana / Asoke area because people might think that she’s a prostitute.

I suggest staying close to Victory Monument as this area is much more calm. You also have a couple of universities close by with thousands of students in school uniforms.

If you have a place to stay close by you can pull a lot of girls in that area, bring them to a restaurant and take them back to your hotel later on.

I used to do that for days. Good times. 😀

Who can get laid in Bangkok? 


While in the Western world women look for the perfect man who only exist in fairy tales, Thai women look for decent men that exist in the real world. Their demands are much more down to earth.

You don’t need to look like Brad Pit or have a fake boosted cocky confidence.

Just be yourself, make sure you are dressed nice and be polite. If you are white and under 35 you will the time of your life in this city. If you over 35 you’ll still have fun, but you have to work for it a little bit more. 🙂

Remember condom

I know so many guys who just simply refuse to use a condom.

That’s so stupid because if you actually manage to contract HIV, you are fucked. Not only can you never fuck without a condom again, but HIV medicine is not free from side effects.

Always practice safe sex with every new partner you have, hooker or not. If you are going to keep a girl around, get her tested for HIV on a clinic. On the red cross clinic close to Silom you only pay 200 baht for a test. You also get the answer the same day.

So. There you have it. My top 4 ways to find sex in Bangkok. Comment in the comment section and tell me what you think. Where is your favorite place to find sex in Bangkok?

Thermae Bar Review Bangkok – Best place to find Thai freelancers?

There is no doubt that Bangkok is the worldwide capital of pussy. This weekend I found my new favorite place in Bangkok to pick up Bangkok freelancers. Places like this is why men from all over the world come to Bangkok each year to get their dose of fun.

Welcome to Thermae Bar in Bangkok!

No loud music, no overpriced drinks, no red lights camouflaging cellulite and impure skin, no barfine, no annoying mamasan telling you that you drink to slow in her bar or annoying girls nagging for ladydrinks.

Thermae Bar is located on Sukhumvit between Nana and Asok between soi 13 and soi 11 (check map on the bottom of this post).

The bar is quite humble with decoration and drinking options in the bar. The bar look like a standard cafe in Europe.  Is there one thing the bar isn’t humble about however it is the daily selection of hot Asian babes ready for fun.

Freelancers at Thermae
Freelancers at Thermae

Thermae Bar Review


Opening hours

Every day: 20.00 – 01.00

Best time to arrive

Right after it opens. The hottest girls usually get picked up fast.

How does it work?

You walk down the stairs to enter the venue. When you get inside the venue you will be greeted by one of the bartenders who tell you to buy a drink in the bar. You have to buy a drink on arrival. The prices in the bar is very friendly. Almost half of a go-go bar in Soi Cowboy.

Bar prices in Thermae Bar Bangkok
Bar prices in Thermae Bar Bangkok

After you have bought your drink the girls will be standing in a circle along the walls in the bars. Walk clockwise inside the bar to have a look at all the girls.

How do I get the girl? 

Freelancer in ThermaeThe girls in this bar will not approach you like they do in gogo bars or beer bars. Some might give you a smile or a wink as you look at them, but that’s it.

When you find a girl who you like you walk up to her and ask her if she’s willing to go with you. These girls do not work for the bar so they have no obligation to go with you. It’s 100% up to the girl.

Some girls here will only go with Japanese guys. In fact one girl that I really wanted to go with rejected me for that reason. When I asked her why she only go with Japanese men she quickly answered: “small and quick” LOL…

What is the price of a girl? 

It really depends on how much the girl like you and how hot the girl is. Hotter girls will of course be more expensive. A German guy that I talked with in the bar found a really hot 22-year-old snapper. She asked for 2500 baht short-time. He negotiated it down to 2000 baht. That is a pretty good price for Bangkok in 2017.

Another day I took a girl who was really hot for 2500 baht.

If the girl agree to go with you, you can leave the bar immediately. No need to deal with any mamasan or papasan.

Short time hotels nearby? 

If you don’t want to bring the girl back to your hotel or apartment there are several short time hotels nearby. The closest choice is Ruamchitt Plaza hotel. It’s a nice 3 star hotel in the same building that just got renovated. (Thermae is in fact in the basement of Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel).

Some guys just book a room at that hotel on Agoda before they arrive Bangkok. At night they just walk down in the basement to pick up a girl at Thermae.

You can take the back entrance from the bar past the toilets and end up straight at the hotel’s reception. Short time price at this hotel is 600 baht for two hours.

If you want a cheaper option there is a short-time hotel outside Soi Cowboy where it cost 300 baht for one hour.

Can I take the girl for a date or get her Line? 

It really depends on the girl. Some girl just want quick cash and finish as quickly as possible. Most of the girls who come here have normal daytime jobs. This is their secret life at night to make a few extra bucks.

Others girls might be open for hanging out a few hours before you have sex. It really depends on the girl and if she feel she have any chemistry with you.

Some girls are willing to give her Line ID but some are not.

Do Thermae have ladyboys? 

Thermae do not allow ladyboys into the bar. However there is a ton of ladyboys hanging out just outside the bar.

Are the girls hot here?

Freelancers at Thermae
Freelancers at Thermae

The selection of girls here are very varied. It can be up to 100 – 150 girls inside the bar. Tall, short, white skinned, brown-skinned, young, old. You’ll find everything in Thermae. The hottest girls usually get picked up quite fast so if you want a stunner you should meet up 8pm when they open.

The youngest girl I’ve talked with in this bar was 19 years old. Some girls here look really young.

If you see a girl that you like DON’T delay talking with her. Before you know it another guy have picked her up already.

It’s not a lot of mingling in this bar. You approach a girl and one minute later you are out of the door already. There is no games here like in the beer bars or lap dance like in the gogo bars.


This is one of the strangest bars I’ve ever visited. As you enter the bar you have hundred of girls ready for fun. You just walk around until you find a girl you like. Easy as that.

They have no red lights inside the bar so you can actually see how the girl will look at your hotel room. I like that.

The prices here are very decent. Sure you pay the same in a gogo bar for short-time but you don’t have to pay bar fine (700+ baht in most gogo bars in Bangkok), lady drinks and your own drinks.

All in all you can save 1000 – 2000 baht if you go to Thermae instead of a go-go bar. You also get part-time hookers with regular day jobs who haven’t had sex with hundreds of guys like in the go-go bars.

There is no loud music in Thermae so you can actually have a conversation with the girl without yelling into her ear. Great!

This is a bar you should visit regardless if you are a sex tourist or not. It’s really bizarre.


Click here to get the location at Google Map. Thermae is located just on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 15. Easiest way to get here is to take BTS to Asok or MRT to Sukhumvit.

Are you depressed?

I know many people who have been depressed throughout my life. I’ve had family, friends, colleagues and girls I’ve been dating telling me that they feel depressed or hopeless. I also get mail regularly from people through Goodbye Boring Life telling me that they feel depressed because of their situation.

It seems like everyone goes through a depression at some point in life. I am no exception.

So in this post I will give you my idea about depression and how you can try to fix it.

In my opinion there are two types of depressions.

The first type is a clinical depression caused by a malfunction in your brain in producing the right chemical balance. Thus a feeling of depression and hopelessness.

The second type is a depression initiated because something is lacking in your life. Maybe your job sucks, maybe you feel lonely, eat unhealthy food or live a boring life with no challenges or stimulation. You do the same routine every day.

If you suspect you are suffering from the first type you should stop reading right now and get to a doctor ASAP as no blog post can fix your situation.

However I think most people suffer from the second type. I also suspect that most people think it’s something wrong with them when in reality it’s their life situation that’s not right.

In the civilized world we live extremely fake lives. Most people eat unhealthy food, do jobs we feel are meaningless, buy shit we don’t need with money we don’t have and date people we don’t like for status and social pressure.

When we are feeling bad we run to the doctor who gladly will give you a magical pill making you numb for a condition that you could easily fix yourself with a lifestyle change.

I think a man needs three things in life to be happy:

  1. He needs to have access to sex
  2. He needs a goal to work towards
  3. He needs a sense of adventure

Before I moved to Thailand two years ago I had none of those things.

My dating life sucked as there simply wasn’t enough quality women around for everyone.

I had a boring job in a corporation that offered no challenges.

And my life was just a never-ending routine. There was no sense of adventure. If I had continued down that road two years ago I would still do the same routine today. Day in and day out until retirement.

It was simply unbearable for me and I became depressed.

Today I have all those things on the list.

I have a rotation of girls in Bangkok ready to please me at any time of the week. I have access to the best nightlife in the entire world for the common man + an online dating world you won’t believe before you try it.

I also have a goal. My goal is to expand my businesses online. If I work hard I can reap more. In the corporate world hard work was met with no bonus or gratefulness whatsoever. What can you expect when you work for someone else? Someone who doesn’t even know who you are?

My adventure is to explore the world, travel to new cities and meet fantastic people. Date beautiful exotic women that will make the girls back home pale in comparison.

How to fix your depression

If you found this post or clicked it when entering my site you are probably a little bit depressed already. So the first thing to do is to acknowledge that you are depressed.

Maybe you are living in a boring gray suburb where nothing ever happens or that the dating scene in your town isn’t in your favor. No matter what it is; as long as you are suffering from the second type of depression I talked about earlier it is 100% fixable. No pills or doctors needed.

Do something today your future self will thank you for.

This is the mantra that I ‘ve started to follow religiously.

Everyday I try to do something that I will thank myself for later. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. It can be something so simple as cleaning up your apartment or to take out the trash.

The point is to get in the routine to do something that your future self will benefit from.

That way you life can only become better.

So far today  I’ve done two things that will benefit my future self.

I wrote this blog post that will stay on this page forever, generating a small amount of traffic that could generate money in the future through my affiliate links.

The second thing I did was a really good act of workout after I woke up.

That gave me the energy and clarity to write this blog post in no-time. Because of that workout act I will feel sharp and fresh the rest of this day.

Sure I could just sit down right now and eat a chocolate for temporary comfort, but I would have a problem later when the money runs out or when I’ve become so fat I start to have health problems.

So start today. 

Do something RIGHT NOW that will benefit your future self.

Go workout, learn a new skill, start on that project that you’ve postponed forever, plan a trip somewhere, improve yourself as a person or just take the trash out of your apartment.

Sponsored: Services by Escort-Bangkok

If you ever find yourself in Thailand, and you happen to feel lonely, or just horny, then you will probably want to search for some of the numerous girls that offer their services to anyone that is ready to pay the price.

While Thailand is famous for its beautiful girls that are ready to entertain tourists, there are also a lot of stories with not so happy endings, where clients were cheated or robbed. Considering that, one might turn to professional escort agencies that know what they are doing and want to make customers as happy as possible so they would gladly come back. is one of those agencies, and it is a prime example of everything that the professional escort agency should be.

They keep their business at a high level and are extremely confidential with any of the client’s information. They are also very dedicated in making their clients happy as they think that it’s the key to successful business and that is why they have many returning clients.

Their site is well organized and by searching through different types of services that are available, you get the list of all the escorts that provide them, along with pictures and bio of the escorts, so you know exactly what you are going to get for your money.

Speaking of escorts, they seem to have only the hottest Thai girls and ladyboys among their rows.

All of the girls are more than beautiful, they have staggering bodies, and, most important of all, they know how to use them to make their partners extremely satisfied. They are fluent in English so you can take them out and have a conversation if that is the type of evening that you prefer.

The same stands for the ladyboy escorts from this site. These transsexual beauties are a rare sight and are so perfect that they look like real girls in all the aspects, except for the little extra between their legs.

With all that in mind, it is safe to say that is a leading escort agency in Thailand.

My favorite hideaway resort in Phuket: Serenity Resort Residences

I just spent ten days in Phuket. Five of these days I spent in a nice 5 star hideaway luxury resort on the East side of Phuket. This is the silent part of Phuket.

If you expect parties just outside the doorstep this place is defiantly the wrong place to stay. However if you want to relax a few days while enjoying top notch luxury for one third of the price as in Patong or Kata you should at least think about it.

I spend five days here because I suddenly got several translation jobs from the company I work for. I had to get away from the madness of Patong so I could focus and get stuff done. It’s not easy to get stuff done in Patong where there is no much distractions all over the place.

Serenity Resort Residences

Serenity Resort Residences
Serenity Resort Residences

Serenity Resort have several different types of rooms that cater to many types of guests.

  • Serenity Room: 30 m/2. Chic but comfortable rooms which combine a fashionable contemporary design with exotic Thai touches. Modern conveniences including a flat panel TV, DVD player and sound system help you to relax in style.
  • Serenity Suite: Spacious and luxurious, the Serenity Suites offer a mix of garden and sea views with a contemporary interior design. The Serenity Suites are more than a standard hotel room, with a modern style open plan bedroom, which links to a separate living area and European style kitchen with dining room table.
  • Serenity Sea View Suite: The unique Seaview Suite located on the top floor of building B offers a stunning panoramic view of Chalong Bay from its balcony and rooftop lounge. The large balcony features an outdoor dining area and the great view can be enjoyed from the entire apartment by opening up the floor to ceiling sliding glass doors. The rooftop lounge, accessible through an exterior stairway on the balcony, has an even better view over the bay. A dining area, sun loungers, and even a private Jacuzzi, all make the rooftop lounge an unbeatable spot to enjoy the view.

I spent the five days here in the Serenity Suite. This room is really big even for a suite. The price was a comfortable 2500 baht now in the low season. The bed was amazing. I had some really good nights of sleep here to gather energy for my work. I also enjoyed the big sofa and TV later when I had visit.

Here are my pictures of the suite:


One of the days I stayed here I did take a taxi over to Kata beach to one of the beer bars there to pick up a girl that I met on Thai Cupid. This taxi ride take roughly 15 minutes and will set you back 500 baht each way. Taxi prices in Phuket are crazy compared to Bangkok or even Pattaya.

Is the hotel guestfriendly? 


Every evening there are live music down by the pool where you can order food and drinks until midnight. I think the kitchen closes 22.00 tho.

The atmosphere down by the pool is really great with an epic view straight out in the sea.

If you want to book this hotel or have a look at it you can check it out here on Agoda.


Game dynamics in Thailand | Book out now!

Is there a place in the world where you can feel like the rock stars did in the 80’s when they toured the world? A place where you can meet countless of girls in their best age, even if they are half the age as you? A place where girls in their early twenties snap photos of you while giggling and having a great time like you were a celebrity?

A place where beautiful women in their prime age tell you that she want your babies?

A place where girls will gladly invite her friend to your relationship just to keep you around?

I place where girls are still girls, and not some masculine obese creature with an attitude?

If I told you such a place exist. Would you believe me?

What if I told you that such a place is just a few hours away with an airplane? Would you believe me then?

I’m sure you’ve heard stories from your friends or colleagues, but maybe you’ve thought that they were just telling tall tales from a long night out drinking?

Well. I can tell you a place like that exists. It’s a country on the same planet as you called Thailand.

In this book I’ll cover everything you’ll need to know about flirting and dating Thai girls in Thailand. I will walk you through every topic step by step so you are mentally prepared to catch and smash the hottest girls in paradise.

If you are sick of your current situation with girls back home, want to live or travel in Asia to meet and have sex with a lot of hot Asian babes. This book is for you.

I’ll teach you how you build equal and intense attraction with one or as many Thai girls as you’d like. I’ll teach you how to end up in the lover zone, and not the typical provider zone most foreigners in Thailand end up in.

I will give away all my secrets that I’ve accumulated the hard way the last two years.

After reading this book you can live the dream life that I’ve lived the last two years, but without figuring out everything by yourself. Perfect if you are coming over for a shorter period.

Become a Lion in Thailand.

Disclaimer: Some methods discussed in this book might be considered offensive by some people. I will make it clear that I’ve never hurt or pushed a girl to do something that she clearly don’t want to. This book is about creating equal and intense attraction between two human beings. Notice the word equal feminists. Sometimes that might require pulls that from the readers perspective might be perceived as aggressive or pushy, but really isn’t in the context of the situation.

I do not take responsibility for any trouble a reader might end up in by misunderstanding this book.

Use with care!

Chapter 2 in this book will be free for everyone to read here on Goodbye Boring Life. Chapter 1, 3, 4 and 5 will be included in an e-book sold on Amazon for 7.49$.

The reason I’ve put some of the content behind a paywall is because:

  1. I want to make money. DuUUuh…
  2. I’m tired of trolls (people who hate like sex, feminists and other people who get offended by everything. Share my posts all over Facebook just to make a public outrage.) If I put the content in a book on Amazon mass sharing will be much harder as people have to pay me to get offended (wont happen).
  3. Some of the information I’m sharing I don’t want everyone to see as I share some secrets and experiences that are very effective. I know most of you fuckers will never buy this book but go read about some blowjob bar instead because it’s easy.

Under you can see the content of the book as found on Amazon. Every sub-chapter that is available for free is linked under.

Click here to buy the book.


Chapter 1: Game dynamics in Thailand | Intro
………………………… 1.1: Introduction
………………………… 1.2: About me
………………………… 1.3: Landing in Thailand for the first time
………………………… 1.4: The first Thai lady I had
………………………… 1.5: Women will never be the same

Chapter 2: Game dynamics in Thailand | Preparations before you go
………………………… 2.1: Travel alone or with a wing-man?
………………………… 2.2: What kind of travel style should you have?
………………………… 2.3: Prepare your smart phone
………………………… 2.4: Prepare your social media accounts
………………………… 2.5: Pipeline girls
………………………… 2.6: What to bring?
………………………… 2.7: Optimize your look and clothes

Chapter 3: Game dynamics in Thailand | About Thai girls
………………………… 3.1: Crash course in Thai culture
………………………… 3.2: Values of a Thai girl
………………………… 3.3: Why Thai girls are so addictive
………………………… 3.4: What to watch out for
………………………… 3.5: Why do Thai girls date foreigners?

Chapter 4: Game dynamics in Thailand | Online Game, Day Game and Night Game
………………………… 4.1: Logistics
………………………… 4.2: Online game
………………………… 4.3: Day Game
………………………… 4.4: Night Game
………………………… 4.5: Pick up lines in Thai language
………………………….4.6: How to use paid Tinder for free and fake your location
………………………… 4.7: Your first date
………………………… 4.8: Build attraction
………………………… 4.9: Bring her back to your place

Chapter 5: Game dynamics in Thailand | Advanced
………………………… 5.1: Going for the kiss
………………………… 5.2: Shuffling between several girls (Creating a harem)
………………………… 5.3: Keeping track (listmaking)
………………………… 5.4: How to organize a threesome (non-hookers)


Click here to buy the book.

Chapter 1.1: Introduction

First of all. Thank you for purchasing my e-book. 🙂

Every dollar made from this book will go towards exploring exotic countries so I can report back to you.

I hope this book will do you good. 🙂

This book is filled with information, tips and tricks that you’ll need to know to have the highest possible chance to find quality girls in Thailand. It contain all the best techniques and methods I have accumulated over the last two years.

All names in this book are fictional to protect identity. The stories are real.

Read about how a trip to Thailand changed one mans perspective on life and women.

I have learned so much! Now I want you to have the same success as I’ve had!

Why do I make this book?

I think every man need to have his run of fun before he can settle with a women. It’s in our nature to lay down as many women as possible. Yes we live in a modern world today but our instincts that used millions of years to evolve don’t disappear just because we invented language and morality.

A woman produce around 2 million eggs when she is an infant. From the moment she is born she lose 11.000 eggs every month until she become around 40 y/o when she no longer can have babies naturally. Every time a woman becomes impregnated she can’t reproduce in another 15 months.

A man however can unleash an average of 80 to 300 million sperm cells per ejaculation. Within 12 hours he can have another round fully loaded ready to go. If he impregnate a woman he can still impregnate another women 10 minutes later. A man can continue this routine until he die.

Our sperm actually loose quality if we ejaculate too rarely. This means that men over the centuries who had less sex and sex drive got less kids, making the less horny genes die out over time.

It’s not hard to see here that women will be much more selective about who she want to have sex with (the gatekeeper) while the man will be naturally programmed to try anything to lay her down.
Do you see how nature have made it 100% sure that the human race will never die out? They have just made the reproduction routine the best feeling in the world for men making it almost impossible to stop thinking about sex.

I think most men who settle in an early age are doomed to cheat or file a divorce later on in life. The natural urge to lay down a legion of women will only become stronger and stronger. Especially if he finds out about pussy paradises such as Southeast-Asia later in life.

All my friends back home who married in their early twenties are either divorced or have cheated on their wife already.

So why go to conservative countries such as Thailand?

Isn’t it much better to stay home back in Europe where girls are much more ‘liberated’?

No. Not really. The natural dating dynamics in Thailand are much more traditional and true to our real nature than in most of the Western world. In Thailand woman are feminine while the guys are (allowed to be) masculine.

There is a reason why this dynamic has been the norm for centuries in almost every culture all over the world. It’s effective in producing offsprings!

Another problem with the Western World is that sex have become so normal and acceptable that it has lost all the excitement. Banging in Western Europe is as ‘forbidden’ as eating a baguette.
When I was 18 years old there were no secret that the girls down at the local church was the wildest in bed. They had been told all their life that “sex is a big no-no”. Something that should not be done before marriage.

OF COURSE they wanted to fuck! They wanted to fuck more than anyone else because they had been told that they could NOT do it.

Thailand is very much like this, but here you also have the advantage of being an outsider, something new, something exotic, something they have never tried but heard so much rumors and gossip about. Their curiosity is exploding. You will be that one guy. The exception.

In the Western World you also have feminism who have made many women outright hate men. Too many girls have also lost their femininity and become unfuckable because of this movement. I don’t blame the average Western women for this but the fact stays true anyway. They are unfuckable.

In school girls are masculinized and boys are feminized. The natural dating dynamics where men are the masculine part and the women are the feminine part are in many ways destroyed and out of harmony. The natural attraction disappears.

Don’t believe me? Look at the birth rates back in Europe. It’s been record low every year for two decades already. The millennial generation have less sex than earlier generations. In mainstream magazines and newspapers you can read headlines like this:


Chapter 1.2: About me

Tim is a 29 year old guy who left his home country September 2015. Since that time he have been on the road non-stop moving from city to city all over Southeast-Asia.

He have no plans to stop.

Tim has evolved himself from being a relative-shy white guy to a guy who have a very high success rate with the ladies. He has managed this through hard work, systematic experimentation, massive in-field experience and a change in pasture.

Tim was not always so adventurous. In 2012 he went on his first trip to Thailand with his family. This trip changed his life forever. His quite arrogant attitude that he was living in the greatest place on Earth was challenged.

Would he continue to work his 9 to 5 job until he accumulated a small retirement at age 70 when his dick didn’t work anymore? Or would he go out and travel NOW when he was still a good-looking young guy in his best age? Having fun like he had one year earlier on his first but short trip to Thailand?

Truth is that you don’t need that much money to live in Southeast Asia. You can work hard for a year or two, and you have money to stay down here for years while you work on that alternative online income.

Tim promised himself that he would work very hard so he could go out to fulfill all his dreams. He would experience foreign countries, exotic girls, tasteful food and find the most desolate tropical beaches out there!

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller


Chapter 1.3: Landing in Thailand for the first time

I still remember my first trip to Thailand back in 2012. It was around 11 am in the morning when the airplane touched down.

At this time I knew nothing about Thailand as this was a family trip. I just went here because my cousin was going and he invited me. I knew about Pattaya, and I knew that many guys who went to Thailand brought girlfriends back home. At that time I had the normal ignorant mainstream opinion that people who go abroad to find women was primarily losers.

I was so wrong and little did I know that this trip would change my life forever.

We breezed through immigration, picked up our luggage and the security dude in the customs just smiled while giving a gentle carefree salute.

Welcome to Thailand! 😀

We went downstairs towards the pink taxis. As we went out of one of the big glass doors at the airport I was hit by a thick wall of intense humid hot air. It felt like reality hit me straight in the face. I was finally here. I could see palm trees everywhere and the sun was shining!

Damn this felt so great! 🙂

The plan was to stay with some friends who had an apartment in Bangkok until the evening as we were going straight to Chiang Mai with the night train. They didn’t live far from the train station.
As we were driving through Bangkok in the pink taxi I noticed just how different everything was in the bustling streets of Bangkok compared to back home.

There were small food vendors on every street corners with a dozen of unique characters eating in each shop. Dogs were walking freely outside while the cats walked on the roof tops looking down on the people. On the roads there were creative vehicles screwed together in the most creative ways with the strangest characters driving them.

It was nothing like the manicured carefully planned public room back home in Europe with strict rules.

Everything was chaos, but I liked it because if was different. It was exotic.

To be honest it felt like the taxi window protecting me from the outside was a TV screen. It didn’t feel real before I opened the taxi door and got hit by the hot humid air a second time.

Chiang Mai – The eye opener

Fast forward 24 hours. Nothing exiting happened in Bangkok or on the train towards Chiang Mai. We were all jet lagged out of this world. I ended up sleeping all the way. The few minutes I was awake on the train I spent looking out of the window, but I could not see anything as it was dark all the time.

We checked in at Imm Hotel just next to where a famous marked in Chiang Mai is located. At this time I was starving as I had not had any decent food since right before landing in Bangkok 24 hours earlier. Luckily there was a McDonald’s right outside the hotel. I was in no mood to test new food at that moment as I just wanted to get rid of that terrible hunger.

Inside McDonald’s I noticed how the girls behind the counter started to smile and hold their hands in front of their mouth as I walked towards them. I noticed that they started to giggle and talk with each other. The girls didn’t look any older than 18 years old, but as Thai girls look very petite they were probably 20-23 years old. I was 24 at the time.

I found them to be very beautiful and attractive. I had always liked petite slim girls with shy smiles, and not the typical sexy girl that you see on the front cover of car magazines. THIS was how girls was supposed to look and behave. THIS turned me on.

It turned out that these girls smiling was merely a appetizer of what to come the next 5 weeks.
The rest of the day was spent exploring amazing temples that there were so many of and testing out new food with strange but exiting smells on every street corner. I’ve never eaten so much food in one day my entire life.

The next 5 days we spent touring the Northern part of Thailand with a tour company. In those five days we visited Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, a border-town called ‘Mae Sai’, The Golden Triangle, Wat Rong Khun, tribal people, a marked in Laos next to the Mekong river and much more.

There was no time to see or date girls as we never stayed in one place for more then a few hours. I think that was good thing because if I had laid down a Thai girl early on, I would never had any time to explore the land as I would be too busy banging.

However, I did notice that girls everywhere I went started to giggle, hide their smiles and some even ran away as I entered the shops they were working in.

Sometimes I would also experience girls asking to take a pictures with me. I even noticed some girls taking pictures of me behind my back. They asked if I had a GF, how long I would stay and if I had Line (chatting app).

What kind of strange world had I landed in? I will not consider myself ugly, but I’m not exactly a model either. I had to pinch myself several times in the arm those five days we toured the Northern Thailand. I couldn’t believe what was going on.

I remember one girl, she could not be any more than 19 years old. Petite, pure, shy and gentle. Almost no make-up but she didn’t need it because she looked naturally pretty. Her friend ran up to me asking if I wanted to go out to eat with her friend. This had never happened back home. Never in my 24 years on this planet. Nothing of the above actually.

I still pinched my arm.


Chapter 1.4: The first Thai lady I had

After we had toured the Northern part of Thailand we were on the way to Sukhothai where my cousin had a friend who was married with a Thai lady. We where staying at a small guesthouse close by their house. This was the first time on this trip I had a room for myself.

When we arrived in Sukhothai I rented a motorbike so I could start to explore this strange land by myself. I wanted to detach from the group I had been traveling with for almost a week. I told my family that I would check out some ruins that I had read about in a travel book, but in reality I was going to find some local girls to flirt with to find out about this strange place I had been a week in already.

Just outside Old Sukhothai I found a big temporary market where they sold food, accessories and cheap plastic items.

“This is it” I told myself!

I parked my motorbike and started to walk inside the market. I was the only foreigner there.
I heard people say “farang”, both young men, old wrinkled ladies and young children when I walked past them. I asked some random guy that looked like he knew a few words of English.

“What does farang mean?”

“That means you” he smiled. “You are the farang. Why are you here sir?” he continued while looking me deep into the eyes. He was sincerely curious.

“I’m just here with family and friends” I answered.

He quickly said “Ohh. They have to be married with Thai to come all the way out here. No tourist ever come here!”

“You are correct” I answered impressed by his swift assumptions.

As I was talking with the wrinkly and toothless old man with a slightly hunched back. I noticed two girls in the background over his left shoulder looking at me. Both girls were petite, one of them, the tallest, had small dimples in her cheeks when she was smiling.

I liked the tallest one the most. Not tall compared European standards, but she was for sure taller than most girls in this town.

She was around 165 – 170 cm. She had a skinny petite figure but still some curves. She had a one cm gap between her thighs clearly visible from her tight jeans. Her nails were long and beautifully manicured. Not in a cheap way and they didn’t look old. Her hair was long with a few stripes here and there. No earrings.

She didn’t have the typically Asian eyes most Thai girls have, but more round eyes that you see on Latino or Pinay girls.

“What are you selling?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing exiting. Just helping my family” the tall one answered after giggling with her friend for at least ten seconds. The conversation with with this girl was done in very broken English as she spoke very little English, but that just made the girl even cuter and more exotic.

“I’m just home in my week off. I study at Chiang Mai university. Top ten in Thailand” she said proudly with a straight back!

I felt an instant attraction to this girl that I had never felt in my life. She was so pure, so gentle and innocent. Like she had never experienced any wrong doing in her life. She was just so happy and carefree in her ways. I could see it in her eyes.

This was one of the first times in my life I had met a really hot girl who didn’t have that bitchy “I’m hot” attitude which was very normal back home. It was such a nice change!

“What are you studying in Chiang Mai?” I asked. “I Just came from there. I was in the temple at the mountain and I went to the night market.

“Oh!! My home town” she said with great empathy.

She quickly continued “I study to become a nurse. When I finish school I want to find job in Bangkok.”

“Oh! Oh many years do you study already?”

“I finish two years already. I have two more left!”.

The market had just opened and the area started to fill up with hungry local people while we continued to talk. I figured it was smart to ask her out before she became too busy with customers buying her goods.

It was now or never!

“What are you doing tonight? Do you want to show my around in Sukhothai?” I asked more nervously than I like to admit.

“That would be fun but I have to take care my sister tonight, but I can meet you tomorrow 2 pm. Is that ok?” she said.

“That’s fine” I said while giving her a big smile.

She blushed and giggled while looking towards her friend. Like she had won a price or something.
I took her Line ID (chatting app popular in Thailand) so I could contact her next day about where we would meet.

That night I didn’t think about anything but her. I didn’t even touch my computer. I could not sleep nor concentrate about anything.

I didn’t have a picture of her, but I could see her in my mind as she was standing right in front of me. Every little detail. Until this day I can remember her from top to toe.
Her smile, her tiny dimples in the cheeks, her perfect posture and that tight little gap between her legs. It was perfection.

I remembered how her ass slightly wobbled up and down while she was laughing with her friend. I fantasized about how that perfect ass would look naked in my room in doggy over my bed. I fantasized how she would look lying on my bed with her legs wide open. How loud would she would moan while I pumped my hard dick inside her wet vagina?

The thoughts made me completely wild. I felt a buzzing butterfly sensation all over my stomach and upper body.

The next day when I woke up the first thing I did was to look at the watch. I wanted to know how much time it was left.

“Ohh, only 9 am?” 4 hours is too long. I will try to sleep one more hour before I go out to eat.

I tried to sleep but it was impossible. My heart was already going in 110 while I pondered if last day was real or not. I felt a good mix of adventurousness, excitement, anxiety and joy.

I checked my phone. Of course it was real! I was Thailand!

At 2.20 pm I met her outside Big C between Old Sukhothai and New Sukhothai. I didn’t know anything about that place so I told her to bring us to somewhere she liked to eat as I eat anything anyways.

She took me to some Japanese restaurant that I don’t remember the name of because the text was in Japanese, but the food was fucking delicious as usual in Thailand.

The minutes went by and before I realized it we were already done eating and on our way out of the mall. Again, just like yesterday I was at a crossroad. I had to ask an important but scary question.

I figured I would just be as direct as possible. Why even try to hide that I like her? My body language had revealed me since yesterday already. This girl was not stupid. I could just as well own it.

“Listen. I really like you. I think you are a funny girl with a big heart. I don’t want you to go home just yet. Do you want to join me back to my room to continue the evening?”

“To do what?” she asked while having a big smirk.

“I don’t know. Lets see what happens. We can watch a movie or just talk.” I said without trying to reveal my inner thoughts too much.

“Okay. I can go with you. I like you too but I have to go home in a few hours. I have to take care my sister”.

I had heard from an expat in Chiang Mai that I met a few days earlier that if a Thai girl join you to a private room with a bed it’s because she like you. You are NOT in her friend zone. He also said if a Thai girl don’t like you she will do you the favor of ignoring you so you don’t have to waste your time.

Guess if this made me excited?? I will admit it. I had a big boner while driving my motorbike from Big C back to my hotel together with her.

Lets just call her Joy from now on (not her real name but a fitting name nevertheless).
(Before I left my room I had made sure that the two chair on the room was full of clothes and items. That way Joy had to sit down on my bed).

As we entered my room she had a look around my room.

“Oh… Your room sooo messy. I have to clean up!!” she said quickly and determined.

“What?? Noo. You don’t need to do that. Everything is clean no worry” I quickly answered. I was not used to women cleaning up my stuff, so this made me surprised and a little bit uncomfortable.

She started to fold together the clothes that I had purposely laid on the two chairs (my plan backfired damn). I tried to tell her one more that she didn’t have to do it, but she didn’t listen to me.
Again, what kind of dream land was this where hot girls entering your hotel room start cleaning up your stuff totally random? Totally unheard of back home.

I decided to sit down on the bed just watching her.

Again, I started to fantasize about how that tight but wobbly ass would look bent over in front of me. I mentally undressed her as she cleaned up my room. Again I felt that tingling butterfly sensation run through my entire body.

I just wanted to start my moves, but I had to do this slow. No need to hurry. If the guy in Chiang Mai was right this was a done deal already even tho I could not believe it right yet.

After she was finished cleaning up my clothes she sat down next to me. My little evil plan was both unnecessary and partly unsuccessful. Whatever worth a shot.. xD

It was time to progress.

While she sat next to me I gently touched the inside of her forarm. She slowly opened her hand to signalize that she wanted my fingers to go towards her hand. This was the first time I touched her skin and I was shocked about how soft it was. I had never touched skin so smooth as this.
Thai Airways was right with their slogan “smooth as silk”. 😀

At this point she probably expected me to kiss her while sitting next to her, but instead I stood up while grabbing her hand.

I tightened the grip around her hand, pulled her of the bed so she had to stand up next to me. She didn’t totally understand what I was doing but that was the point.

“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met. I want to kiss you!” I told her. She started to giggle while turning her head slightly sideways away from me. She was shy. I gently pushed her head towards me again so I could look at her again.

“I like your nose and I like your eyes. I want blue eyes like you” she answered.

I know that if a girl let you touch her hair while she stand next to you, there is a 99.9% chance that she will let you kiss her too.

So I tried.

I slowly took my right hand between her neck and hair, up behind her ear. She didn’t protest or show any signs of skepticism. I went in for the kiss. I slowly pulled her head towards me before I reached in to kiss her.

We started of by slowly kissing lightly on each others lips. I slowly tried to use more tongue, but she pulled away telling me that she didn’t know how to use her tongue.
I said “No worry you just do what you feel is good. Slowly!”

As we where making out next to the bed I started to touch her ass cheeks. They were firm but still soft. Today she was wearing a white dress with small black solid circles. She looked very cute! It fit her perfectly.

I started to slowly play with her shoulder straps that hold her dress up. I pushed them to the side so the straps would gently fall down on her upper arms. I did this to see if she was ready to be undressed.

She didn’t do any resistance so I told her to hold her arms up.

“Let me take of your dress. You will look much better without”. I said jokingly.

She laughed.

I slowly pulled her dress over her hips revealing her tight body. Her skin was smooth as silk, had a slightly tanned tone and was so soft. She was wearing a white lingerine that was almost transparent beneath. The fabric was so thin that I could clearly see her shapes.


Chapter 2.1: Travel alone or with someone?

This is never an easy question. Should you travel alone or should you bring a friend? Both options have good and bad benefits.

So. First let me tell you a couple of things that you should NOT do. Lets start with the easy:

Travel with your white girlfriend

Absolutely no.

If you have a girlfriend, but you are reading at this site, I know already that you have intentions cheating on her. Just admit it. 99% of the keywords to find this website on Google are dirty keywords.

By the way, I’m not judging you, I just want to you to be honest with yourself.

Bringing your girlfriend to Thailand is a stupid idea. It’s like bringing a soft gun to a firearm festival. It wont take long before you start to envy some of the other guy’s around with sexier toys.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it. White dudes walking around hand-in-hand with white fat girlfriends. The dude is peeking all over the place on all the eye candy that is surrounding him while the white fat girlfriend give him ugly stares.

It’s painful to watch. 🙁

Sure, if you have a hot decent girlfriend, go ahead and bring her. But be prepared that she can become jealous of the attention you’ll get from local girls as you do things together.

Travel with a friend not addicted to girls

Again. No.

Why would you travel with a friend who don’t want to do the same as you? Hunt girls.
Lets say you want to hit the clubs to find hot girls, but he want to take the train early next morning to see the temples outside town. You will not get home from that trip as friends anymore.
I have traveled with friends before that had a very different idea of what is fun on a trip. It did not turn out well.

Travel with a friend who are like-minded

Sure! You might do this, but I don’t see the point as you will meet like minded people along the way anyways.

If you decide to go this route it’s very important to agree before you go on what you can do or not do. Like, what happens if you share a hotel room, but one of you got a really hot catch? Should the other person wait outside in the lobby. What is the routine?

I’ve heard guys fighting about this before, so make sure everything is down on ‘paper’.

Fun Story
When I was in Laos I met a Russian dude that I teamed up with. We would go inside the nightclubs, while I dragged a girl out of the bar, he would distract her friends so they didn’t cock-block me. Worked like a charm!

The fear of traveling alone

If you have never traveled alone or if this is your first trip abroad far away to a country so different from your own. I totally get it that you feel scared.

I was too the first time I traveled abroad alone. In fact, I was so scared that I almost turned around in the security at the airport. Embarrassing but true.

Another fear you might have is that people think you are a freak for travelling alone. Maybe people think there is something wrong with you because you are all by yourself. And yes, trust can be harder to gain especially among girls when you travel alone, but I will talk more about that later and how to regain trust when traveling alone.

Fact is; Traveling alone in places such as Thailand is very safe and fun. You will meet other travelers who have same goals and interests as you. The local people in SEA is much more approachable than Western people, so you will have no problem getting friends.

When you travel alone you have total freedom to do whatever you want at whatever time. That’s a lot of freedom. No wonder why you are scared, you have probably never had this much freedom in your entire life!

After you have read this guide you’ll also have a lot of knowledge about game dynamics in Thailand, so you will rarely sleep alone anyways. Huhu. 🙂


Chapter 2.2: Travel Style

What do you mean by travel style?


Several things.

Should you travel slow of fast? Should to travel light or heavy? What kind of accommodation should you book? Should you pre-book or take everything as it comes? What kind of budget should you have?

A lot of this questions are really up to yourself. However I will give you some basic tips on what I prefer before I let you go on your way.

Should you travel slow of fast?

When I used to travel to Thailand as a tourist I always booked three nights in Bangkok on arrival. These three days used to cure my jet-lag, eat a ton of cheap delicious street food and maybe had a few beers at night time if the jet-lag was not to bad.

Everything else after those three days I improvised.

Sure, I always had some vague ideas about where I wanted to go, but I never committed to anything until I actually was about to go there.


What if I booked a hotel at Koh Chang on day 4 in Thailand 3 months in advance, but then I meet a smoking hot girl in Bangkok on day 3 that I want to hang out with more?
Less planning = more possibilities

Sure, you can always book hotels with cancellation cover etc, but these fees usually add up in my experience. Much better to just take everything as it comes.

When I traveled in Thailand as a tourist I usually booked one night in advance or sometimes even the same day.

Should you travel light or heavy?

When I traveled to Thailand as a tourist I usually had a slogan that I said every time I packed my bag;
Just remember passport and credit card. Everything else can be bought.

Thailand is such a cheap country that there is no need to carry along a ton of clothes and stuff. Just carry clothes for three-four of days. Clean the clothes you don’t use in a sink every second day then dry it while you sleep. This routine takes you 10 minutes every day on average so you don’t have to travel around with 20 kg.

If you want to bring cameras, laptop and other equipment is totally up to you.

Budget and accommodation

This also is totally up to you.

I will also add. In my experience (except some high maintenance Thai ladies in Bangkok that you don’t want to be near anyway) Thai girl’s dont care about what budget you are on.
You ability to catch girls ≠ the higher your budget is.


Chapter 2.3: Prepare your smart phone

Coming to Thailand with a shitty phone is no good idea in 2017. You really need a smart phone so you can talk with girls in an effective way. Especially if you travel without a laptop.

Not only do you need a smart phone to talk with the girls. You can also use the smart phone to meet new girls through different apps and websites. More on that later.

You can also use the phone to take notes to keep a record of all the girls you’re dating. When you’re dating several girls each day remembering names can quickly become confusing – and especially foreign Thai names that you are not familiar with.

A smart phone comes in handy as you can save every contact with a picture. That way your phone helps you remember names.

Dont think of your phone as a fasion or show of product, but as a tool!

Apps for your phone

Here are some apps that you should have ready before you travel to Thailand. That way you don’t have to waste time on it in Thailand when the internet speed is not the best.

Google Maps – A no-brainer really. You need this app more than you think. Luckily it’s 100% free so you can just download and install.

Also, Google Maps have a offline function. You can download a region of the world. That way you have all the information in the map in that area so you can use the map without internet.

Google Translate – A no-brainer also. No need to explain further. Google Translate also have an offline function. Make sure to download both English and Thai so you can use them when you have no wifi or 4G.

Line – This is the most popular chatting app in Thailand – even more so than Facebook Messenger – personally I think it’s better as you can keep your anonymity much more. In Line there is no big public profile about you that everyone can see. Girls can’t see who else you are friend with.

XE Currency Calculator – A good app to get current exchange rates between your valuta and Thai baht. Can be smart to take a look at that before you exchange money so you know if you get a good deal or not.

Momondo – To find cheap hotels and plane tickets.

Bitcoin wallet app – I like to use the bitcoin wallet Coinbase, but what you want to use is really up to you.

Why use bitcoin at all? More and more shops, restaurants and even hotels are starting to accept payments with bitcoin. It’s effective, 100% safe and the fees are very low.
I paid a burger in Vang Vieng in bitcoin. The 50 year old lady just pulled up her smart phone with the QR code. I scanned the QR code with the Coinbase app.

Voila! Deal done!

Online Dating

There are only two apps you’ll need for online dating in Thailand.

Tinder – Tinder works great in Bangkok. In smaller cities around Thailand it doesn’t work well. In more touristy places like Phuket and Koh Samui you have to shuffle through so much fat white girls you loose your motivation.

Thai Friendly – A dating site with over 1 million Thai girls. They also have an app you can download in Play Store or Apple Store.

Privacy apps for your smart phone

When you start dating Thai girls they will sooner than later ask to play with your phone. That means to look at your pictures, your messages and everything else they can find of interest.

If you are a player like me that can mean trouble if she find something she doesn’t like. Like the girl you banged last night.

Do not despair. There is an app for everything these days. 🙂

Keepsafe – Keepsafe is a very simple but powerful free app that import pictures and videos into the app. The only way to access the media again is to enter a 6-digit pin code.

As soon as you have imported the files from your regular phone album to the Keepsafe album the pictures will disappear from the regular phone album. You can also export pictures from the app back to their original position when you want to upload the pictures to your laptop etc.

You can also take pictures and video directly from the app so you don’t have to spend time importing it later, or worse, forgetting about it on a hot night.

The app is very discreet. If I saw this app on a strangers phone, but I didn’t know what is was. I would think it was something about the phones system settings or something similar. I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

Private Notepad – As I talked about earlier regarding taking notes on the girl. This app lets you take notes on the girls behind a password protected wall. No need to worry about getting busted if you are a big player. The only con about this app is that you can’t put a picture in the note, so you’ll have to remember the girls names. More on this later in chapter 5.

Story telling and memories

Most Thai girls have never traveled abroad before. If you have awesome pictures from a trip, maybe a skiing trip in the alps or when you went to see the pyramids in Egypt. Find 10 – 15 of the best pictures from those trips and put them in an album in you phone.

Many girls would love to travel abroad but they don’t have the money to do it, but they would still love to see your pictures and hear the stories behind them.

Just don’t go totally over the top with this so it sounds like you are just bragging. That is a turn-off for every girl.

Optimally you want to girl to find the pictures herself when she play around with your phone. This should be no issue as you have locked down all your naughty content (if you have any). When you see that she is exited about the pictures you can go close to her while you tell the stories behind them.


Chapter 2.4: Prepare your social media accounts

The main reason you want to prepare your social media accounts is because of Thai jealousy. But also because Thai girls are masters on sneaking around on your profile looking for clues and hints.

‘Fun’ story
When I moved to Thailand in 2015 I realized after some time that girls who worked in receptions sneaked around on my Facebook after I had given them my passport for check-in. I had no idea why they did it but I didn’t like it. I changed all my privacy settings (more on that later) to maximum settings. Within 3 hours 5 different girls had contacted me asking why I had blocked them from seeing my friend list and writing on my wall.

Jealousy in Thailand

Thai jealousy is a broad topic that is outside the scope of this book, but I’ve written a bit about it in ‘chapter 3.3: What to watch out for’.

Here’s the deal. Thai girls are extremely jealous and many girls will put in a lot of effort to find out if you have other girls than her.

Make it as hard as possible for the girl to find out who’s your family and friends. Why? Because if she finds out that you are dating other girl too, there are no limits on what she’ll try to do to fuck up your life. The police in Thailand is not really that helpful either as they usually take the Thai side in a Thai / foreigner settlement. You’re on your own.

These girls can be really vindictive so take precautions.

The best thing you can do is to avoid adding Thai girls you’re dating on Facebook. However, this can sort on problems because the girl would ask why you’re not adding her on Facebook.

‘Do you have something do hide?’ she would ask you with an angry face!

So, here is the next best thing you can do.

Put people in two categories on Facebook. Close friends/acquaintances and ‘everyone else’. Close friends/acquaintances are people who you want to stay in touch with and have public dialog with through your wall and picture comments etc etc. ‘Everyone else’ will be put in the restricted mode who can’t see anything but an empty wall and a profile picture.

To put people in restricted mode you go to their wall. Then you click the “Friends tab” on the right site of their cover photo.

Privacy Settings

Put all the privacy settings on max settings. That means:

  • Only friends can write on your wall (people in restricted mode will be blocked).
  • No one can see who your friends are (important)
  • No one can re-share your posts
  • People who are not friends with you can’t see anything except a name and cover photo.
  • Make yourself unsearchable
  • Make your profile picture “Only me”. Everyone can still see the picture, but no one can comment or like the picture. If some girl have written on your profile picture like: “You’re sooo cute”. Then you forget about that comment and in a few days you meet a new girl again. You’re screwed!


Don’t use your full name in your Facebook profile.

I experienced many times when I checked in at hotels that girls would check me up on Facebook after I gave them my passport for the check-in process. Some even sent me private messages and friend requests. That type of attention might be fun the 3 first times, but after that it just start to be creepy.

You never know what the receptionist is looking for. Maybe she look for other girls you are dating telling them something you did in the hotel, like bringing a girl late at night the night before? It doesn’t even have to be true, maybe she just say it to fuck up your current relationship so she can start to date you instead?

Maybe the receptionist write something on your wall unintentional, making another girl who you are dating jealous?

Both scenarios over happened to me several times. I have changed my family name on Facebook so it doesn’t match with my passport name. Impossible to search me up, and I’m unsearchable also.
Don’t make it harder than it need to be.

Facebook Vigilante Groups

Just like guys write books and create forums on how to get as many girls in bed as possible, girls makes secret groups on Facebook sharing information about foreigners they have dated. Usually this information is just innocent gossip, but in some cases it can be a warning / shootout if some dude have done something bad or he just met a crazy woman.

If you’re running an open Facebook profile while you get targeted by such groups you’re going to have a bad time. This is very unlikely but if it happens you can be hit hard. They will find your best friends, parents, uncles and girlfriend then tell everyone what you’ve done. If they have pictures or massage logs to back it up they will share that too.

If they have your full name they will probably post your name, picture and whatever you did wrong on blogs so when people search your full name on Google, that shit will pop up on first page. Good luck explaining that on your next job interview.

Drama and gossip

When you arrive Thailand just take a good look at what people are doing on their phones. Almost everyone are sneaking around on Facebook to look for gossip and information about who is hanging out with who, who is banging who etc etc.

Keeping a low profile is alpha omega for ‘surviving’ Thailand as a player. Try to keep it to Line. It’s 100% anonymous as people you talk with can only see a small profile where you choose what you want to share. There is no wall and there is no friend list others can see. It work just like how that old program MSN Messenger worked. You don’t use your real name, but a nickname.

I make Thailand sound like a pure death trap now. It’s not. It’s just when you are dating several girls at the same time it’s best to just keep everything clean. You will most likely never have any issues.
The only time you should give a Thai girl your full personals is if you are seriously considering marrying her and start a family. If not, what’s the point?


Chapter 2.5: What is pipelining?

What is pipelining?

“Pipelining” is a practice primarily employed by travelers wanting to meet potential sexual partners in a future destination. Meetings are typically arranged online through social networking and dating sites. The objective is to have potential mates already ‘in the pipeline’ prior to arrival in a certain location, thus vastly increasing the chances of a sexual encounter with a local. The terms ‘Pipelining’ and ‘online game’ can be used interchangeably.”
– Naughty Nomad

As you can see. Pipelining is an extremely powerful technique to use before you go travel as it can increase your odds of banging a local girl dramatically.

I will talk more about online dating and pipelining in chapter 3 of this e-book.

There are basically two big online dating sites out there for Thailand. Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly. They are equal good, but I did a comparison here if you are interested. More on this later in chapter 4.


Chapter 2.6: What to bring?

As I’ve already talked about earlier in this book. I always bring as little as possible. It’s just a pain in the ass dragging around a ton of stuff that you don’t really need. I don’t even bring toiletries. You can buy small handy deodorants, toothbrushes etc on every 7/11 in Thailand for a fraction of the price back home. I use them for a week, then I buy new.

Here’s a few things however that you should bring from home:


Bring your favorite condoms. Bring a lot of them. You will need them. The condoms in Thailand is not always of good quality. If you are outside the biggest tourist areas they might be expired too (Thai men rarely buy condoms) or you might not find a condom that fit.


Stuff like Imodium, painkillers and stomach regulating herbs/medicine that you know work for you. You can of course get all this in Thailand too, it’s just that illness usually happens when you least expect it. It’s nice to have some basics with you at all times.


Chapter 2.7: Optimize your look and clothes

How you look and appear can greatly affect how good game you have with Thai girls. Looking your best will make sure you give the best first impression possible when you meet a new girl. A first impression is hard to change, so make sure that you leave a good one.

How should you look and appear in Thailand?

Clothes and accessories

In my experience a casual look is the most effective style to get compliments from Thai girls. You might also add some accessories like watches, hats and some really nice shoes to spice it up.

Shorts are acceptable but I would prefer full pants like jeans or some other fabric that breath in the heat. Short pants are seen as childish by many Thai people.

I really love the Daniel Wellington brand for watches. Thai girls seem so love this brand too.
I’ve also bought custom made leather shoes in Bangkok. These are the best shoes I’ve hever had and they look totally bad ass. They sat me back almost 8.000 baht. I’ve had them for four years, and they still look new. Perfect shoes for when you hit the night clubs or when you are on the first date.

If you look good you will feel good. If you feel good girls will pick up that vibe.


Grooming is really up to you. Thai girls are quite open minded about different types of grooming styles. Some girls say they don’t like beards, but honestly I think it’s more that it’s unfamiliar for them as Thai men don’t have much facial hair. You are probably the first person she ever dates who have a beard.

Most girls I’ve been with have said to me in the beginning that they don’t like my beard, or that it look weird. After some time they have changed their mind and they can’t stop touching it.
Yes, I have a full grown beard Roosh V style (just chestnut colored).


Thai girls is probably the most hygienic girls in the world. Some girls I’ve dated have shower up to 3-4 times per day. I get it that it’s hot and humid in Thailand, but I think 2 times per day is more than enough.

Most girls have prefered that I shower 1-2 times per day in the beginning. In time you can get away with 1 time per day. Many girls also want to take a shower both before and after sex.


Philippines Sex Guide for beginners

The Philippines are becoming more and more popular destination for men who are looking for easy sex with young hot Asian babes.

This year I’ve been two times to the Philippines and I’ve noticed that many of the guys who frequent the sport bars of the Philippines (similar to the beer bars in Thailand) are the same guys who a few years ago frequented Pattaya, but in their opinion found better pastures.

I can totally understand their point of view. The VISA’s are much easier in the Philippines for Western people and people generally talk very good English. They also have a Christian mindset and not Buddhist which make the Philippines much more like us.

This guide will follow the same setup as my ‘Thailand Sex Guide for beginners’. I will cover every place in the Philippines you can rent a girlfriend or find sex easily.

This post will mainly focus on the P4P scene. If you are not interested in that but rather want to meet a ‘real girl’ I have you covered already.

The Philippines Sex Guide


1: Online dating in The Philippines
2: Expressions
3: Establishments
.  3.1 Bikini bars (gogo-bars)
.  3.2 Sport bars
.  3.3 Karaoke bars
.  3.4 Nightclub freelancers
.  3.5 Street freelancers
.  3.6 Massage parlors
.  3.7 Soapy massage
.  3.8 Escort services
.  3.9 Ladyboys
4: Is the Philippines a safe place to have fun with girls?
5: Always build report with the girl

Intro Sex in the Philippines

I will assume that you have never been in the Philippines. This guide is for anyone who have never been to this amazing country. I will teach you everything you need to know to get a lot of sex all over the Philippines.

If you are looking for cost and budget then check out this guide. Here I tell you how much money you need to bring.

Online Dating in the Philippines

Online dating in the Philippines is a feeding frenzy. I’ve been a member of all of the big dating sites throughout Asia but Filipino Cupid is on another level. If you set up a decent profile with a nice profile picture and a few more fun pictures showing your life you will get anything from 10 to 100 letters a day.

When I was in the Philippines I actually had to take a break from these online sites because it got overwhelming. I would log on just to have 50 unread messages. As I looked through the letters I would get another 15 messages as I turned up in on the “recently logged in” page.

If you want to meet a ton of hot Filipino girls without paying a lot of money to hookers then I suggest signing up to an online dating site. In the Philippines it’s even easier to meet girls online than in Thailand as Pinay girls talk very good English. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Filipino Cupid and Pina Love are the biggest dating sites out there with a total of 4.3 million members.

Why do dating sites work so well in the Philippines?

That’s a good question! Pinay girls work long hours and when they finish work there is not much money for ‘messing around’ after bills and debt is paid. Any girl in the Philippines can sign up at a dating site and come in contact with guys from all over the world, for free, while working.

When I talk with a Pinay girl on a dating sites, and I ask her what she do, she is usually on work while playing with her phone.

How to find Pinay girlfriend online

Expressions used in this guide

Barfine: A fee you have to pay the bar to take the girl out of the bar. In the Philippines this sum usually includes sex with the girl also.
Short-time: Taking a girl short time. Usually one shot back at your hotel or in a short-time hotel.
Long-time: Taking a girl for the entire night, and the following day until she’ll go back to work.

Short-time and Long-time are not used nearly as much as in Thailand.

Fishbowl: A room full of ladies with a glass in between you and the girls. Normally fund at the soapy massage parlors.
Butterfly: A person that have sex with, or mix between many different sex partners.
Mongering: Someone that are doing the activity of finding a hooker to have sex with.
Bar bell: A bell inside the gogo bars and beer bars. If you ring the bell you will buy a drink to the entire bar. Never ring in this bell for fun or if you don’t have the money.
Shot: How many times you can come.

Where to buy sex in the Philippines?


Bikini bars in the Philippines are the most straight forward way to get laid with a hooker. They are very similar to the gogo-bars in Thailand.

You enter the bar, order a drink and watch the girls dance on stage. Usually there are different girls dancing on rotation so when one group have time off dancing you can talk with the girl you are interested in.

The girls will usually wear bikinis both on stage and when they talk with you. Therefor the name ‘bikini bar’.

If you like the girl you have been talking to you can barfine her out of the bar. Unlike Thailand barfine in a bikini bar almost always include sex. You don’t need to pay the girl later on your hotel room like you do in Thailand.

Costs: Usually around 3000 pesos, but there are some bars in Cebu that charge all the way up to 8000 pesos (like Arena and Paris).

Here is video of a typical, but rather big bikini bar in Angeles City.


Sport bars

Sport bars in the Philippines are very similar to the beer bars in Thailand. You enter the bar, there will be music playing and many bars have a pool table or TV’s that show sports.

There will also be many sexy Filipino girls working in the bar making sure that you have a good time. Look at these girls as entertainers.

The big different between the sport bars in the Philippines and Thailand is that you can not bar fine the girl so she can leave the bar. You have to wait for her to finish her shift 2-3 am. It’s very common to take the girls number so you can meet her the next day before her shift. Not as fun as Thailand but it works.


Karaoke bars

These establishments are very similar to the bikini bars. There will be many hot Filipino girls dancing on a stage. You can pick whoever you want to entertain you. In the establishment there are several private karaoke rooms downstairs and/or upstairs where you can bring the girl for a more private meeting.


Nightclub freelancers

Freelancers found around in nightclubs and bars are the most common form of hookers in the Philippines. You will find every type of freelancer in the Philippines. Girls who are full time sex workers to students who just need a little bit extra cash once a month to buy a new phone or something like that.

These girls are not hard to spot in the bars and nightclubs as they will have no issue approaching you first which is very uncommon for a normal Pinay girl to do. Most Filipino girls are very shy so if a girl approach you first it’s a 99% chance she’s a hooker.

Other signs to look for is girls smiling at you or sending a friend over to ask if you want to come over to their place. This can also be just normal people so don’t assume you can buy sex in that situation.

Usually the nightclub freelancers are much hotter than the street freelancers.

A really hot Pinay freelancers can ask for up to 4000 pesos for sex. Never pay that much. What you want to do is to build report with the girl. Find a girl that you have chemistry with. That way you will pay much less for sex, maybe she’ll even go with you for free.

Most of the girls I’ve been with in the Philippines from different nightclubs I’ve paid 1500 to 2500 pesos for.


Street freelancers

Street freelancers are usually not very hot, and many of them might also have STD’s. You find these girls in the streets close to Philippines red light districts. You can also find them in malls around the country. They will usually approach or smile to you so you know what you deal with.

I have been approached by a few girls in the malls in Manila and Cebu. You can see that they are obviously hookers in the way they dress and act. Unfortunately all of them had terrible oral hygiene. For me that is a big turn off.


Happy Ending Massage

Don’t expect the same selection of massage in the Philippines as Thailand. Yes there are massage parlors here and there but most of are doing a ‘clean’ business. Meaning you can only get massage in them.

If you want something more you should ask in the reception before you book an hour. You can also try to ask the girl “can you massage here?” but be discreet about it.

Normal price for a massage in the Philippines are 250 pesos. What you have to pay for the girl for happy ending depends on so many factors.


Pinay escort girls

You already know how escort works as you find them in every major city all over the world. There are many escort services in the Philippines that provide great service.

I haven’t tried an Escort in the Philippines yet, so I can give any concrete advices. Just use your brain before you book. Don’t prepay anything with paypal, look at what people say about the Escort site in forums etc etc.


Ladyboys in the Philippines

Eveywhere you’ll find hookers in the Phillipenes you’ll find ladyboys too. They are becoming more and more popular as foreigners can’t resist them. There are many ways to meet, date and have sex with ladyboys in the Philippines.

I made a separate post about it in this post.

Prices for hookers in the Philippines

The price of a hookers in the Philippines really depends on where you are in the Philippines. Here is a list I found that I think is right on the money. These prices are for the barfine that also include sex.

  • Manila: 4000-6000 Pesos
  • Angeles: 2500-3000 Pesos
  • Subic: 2000-3000 Pesos
  • Cebu: 3000-5000 Pesos
  • Davao: 2500 Pesos

Is the Philippines a safe place to have fun with girls? 

I would say yes. There are some areas in the bigger cities that you should stay away from. These areas are slums with a lot of poor people and petty crime. Just Google what areas to stay away from whenever you travel to a new city in the Philippines. There will always be a blog out there with updated information.

Travelling around in the southern most part of the Philippines (Mindanao) can also be dangerous as muslim fuckheads over there like to kidnap tourists to chop of their heads. I think ISIS has a foothold there too.

How to keep your valuables safe in the hotel? 

Sometimes you hear about guys getting robbet at their room. I have no idea how they manage to get robbed by a little girl, but here are some ideas on how to not get robbed.

  1. Always buy your money, phone and camera in your safe at the room.
  2. If you have biggest stuff like laptops or a DSLR camera. No problem. Make the girl shower first and make her put her clothes in the bathroom when you shower. If she want to steal your stuff she have to run out of the hotel naked. Wont happen.
  3. Don’t become so drunk you pass out in your own hotel room with a stranger.

Age of consent

Age of consent laws in the Philippines are confusing at best. According to Wikipedia the age of consent is 12 years old. However, as I understand it:

12 to 17 years old is BIG TROUBLE if you are a foreigner. Regardless if you paid for it or not. I read stories on forums about guys who date 17 year old Pinay girls, then they get ‘busted’, the girl tell the police that the foreigners paid for the sex. The foreigner then have to pay a big bribe to not go to prison.

What do you do then?

You won’t meet many girls in the big establishments anyways that are under 18 years old. If you are in doubt ask to see her ID.

Always build report with the girl

You will have so much more fun with a girl that you have some chemistry with. Just because you pay for sex doesn’t mean the girl will automatically give you a good time.

Just like every other girl on this planet you need to warm her up. The best way to do that is to build some trust. These girls are taking a risk every time they go with a new customer. She can never know if you are a good guy or an abusive kunt.

Getting to know her, and her to know you is a great way to build chemistry and trust. You will have so much more fun with the girl!

Ask her what her interests are, if she study, if she have a daytime job, what her favorite food are etc etc.

If you don’t have any chemistry with the girl no money can fake it. Move on until you find a girl who you have chemistry with. Personally I rather have sex with a 7 that I have good chemistry with than an 9 acting like a spoiled brat.


In the Philippines it’s even more important to build report than in Thailand. In most establishments you pay up-front for the sex at the same time you pay the barfine. The girl can promise every sexual service in the book back in the bar, when you arrive to your room she can simply say “naah. I have a headache!” while she spread her legs for a quick shag. Not fun.

This is of course a scam, but you will never get your money back in the bar as the bar always believe the girl more than you. You’ll never see that money again.

That’s it for this time! I’ll update this post as I learn more about the Philippines. I really think this country can be the next Thailand if Thailand keep cracking down on on tourists and make the VISA’s harder.

What do you think? Have you been to the Philippines? Tell me in the comment field!

Best Asian Dating Sites 2017

Meeting girls online in Asia – and especially Southeast-Asia – is the most convenient and easy way to meet girls. Especially if you only stay in a city for a few days. Here is a complete list of all the best Asian dating sites.

You can start to hook up with girls before you arrive. That way you can have several girls ready to meet you on arrival.

You also know that the girls on these sites are interesting in meeting foreigners as local men are not on these sites.

I’ve been member on several dating sites the last two years. They have helped me tremendously in finding girls, dates, fun, sex and local guides.

Online dating in Asia is a goldmine.

Best Asian Dating Sites 2017


1: Thailand
2: The Philippines
3: Vietnam
3: Laos
4: Cambodia
5: Malaysia
6: Indonesia
7: East-Asia
.  7: Hong Kong
.  8: Japan
.  9: Korea
.10: China
11: Best dating sites for Asia overall

Cupid Media

Cupid media is the biggest brand out there with dating sites all over the world. Cupid dating sites are 100% legit sites that help you to find million of girls all over Asia (and the rest of the world).

I’ll be talking a lot about Cupid Media sites in this post.

Best Thailand Dating Sites

#1: Thai Friendly

This is my favorite dating site in Thailand. The first reason I like it is because of the fun design.

Another reason I like Thai Friendly so much is that you can actually use it free. You can send 1 message every 10 minute. If you sign up in good time before you go to a place that should be plenty.

Set up a smashing profile. Then you just start asking hot girls for their Line or Skype ID where you can send unlimited messages for free. If you profile look good most girls will give you their ID.

If you want to send more messages it’s only 25$ for membership per month. If you buy for three months you get one month for free.

One negative thing with Thai Friendly is that the website can be buggy and slow at times. Pages load slow and the chat function is always buggy.

You can pay for Thai Friendly membership anonymously with Bit Coin.

Thai Friendly

#2: Thai Cupid

Thai Cupid is the biggest dating site for Thailand with over 1 million members. This is a solid platform with no bugs that give you exactly what you need. A platform to meet a ton of girls.

On both sites you can filter for age, location, weight, interests etc etc. Thai Friendly also let you sort for girls and ladyboys with the same profile and membership.

Another feature you have with all Cupid sites is that you can sort Thai girls by country. So if you are in country x and want to meet Thai girls, you can sign into Thai Cupid and find girls in all over the world.

As a paying member you can also browse in invisible mode.

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Read more: Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly Review Detailed Comparison

Best Philippines Dating Sites

#1: Pina Love

Pina Love is owned by the same people as Thai Friendly. The design is identical it’s just another color theme. I love the design at Pina Love.

Same rule applies as Thai Friendly. You can sign up for free and send one message for free every 10 minutes. Just ask the girls for their Line or Skype ID. Most girls will give it to you if you have a decent profile that leaves a good first impression.

You can filter for age, location, weight, interests etc etc. On Pina Love you can also sort for ladyboys just like Thai Friendly.

You can pay for Pina Love membership anonymously with Bit Coin.

#2: Filipino Cupid

Filipino Cupid is the biggest dating site in the Philippines with over 3.5 million members. I logged in right now and there are 3200 member online as we speak.

The city in the Philippines with the most members online is Cebu. Cebu is a very popular city for online dating.

Read more: Best ladyboy dating sites in the Philippines

Best Vietnam Dating Sites

1#: Vietnam Cupid

The leading dating site in Vietnam with over 800.000 members. As I’m writing this there are 1200 girls online that I can start talking with right away.

You can sort profiles by location, age, weight, height, and see photos of all your matches before before you buy membership or not.

You can make profiles and receive mail for free, if you want to answer the girls you’ll have to buy a membership that start at 30$ per month. If you buy for one year it will only cost you 11$ per month.

If you are a paid member you can also look at girls in invisible mode.

Best Laos and Cambodian Dating Sites

#1: Asian Dating

Laos and Cambodia are one of the few countries in Asia that doesn’t have their own dedicated dating sites yet.

You can sign in to Asian Dating and sort for either Laos and Cambodia.

As I’m writing this there are 200 girls online in Laos and 400 girls online in Cambodia.

You can sort profiles by location, age, weight, height, and see photos of all your matches before before you buy membership.

If you are a paid member you can also look at girls in invisible mode.

Best Malaysian Dating Sites

#1: Malaysian Cupid (NEW)

The leading dating site in Malaysia with over 300.000 members. As I’m writing this there are 400 girls online that I can start talking with right away. This site is quite new so it doesn’t have as many members as other Cupid sites.

You can sort profiles by location, age, weight, height, and see photos of all your matches before before you buy membership or not.

You can make profiles and receive mail for free, if you want to answer the girls you’ll have to buy a membership that start at 30$ per month. If you buy for one year it will only cost you 11$ per month.

If you are a paid member you can also look at girls in invisible mode.

Best Indonesian Dating Sites

#1: Indonesian Cupid

The leading dating site in Malaysia with over 1.000.000 members. As I’m writing this there are 1000 girls online that I can start talking with right away. Most girls sees to be online in Jakarta – great city for dating.

You can sort profiles by location, age, weight, height, and see photos of all your matches before before you buy membership or not.

You can make profiles and receive mail for free, if you want to answer the girls you’ll have to buy a membership that start at 30$ per month. If you buy for one year it will only cost you 11$ per month.

If you are a paid member you can also look at girls in invisible mode.


I’m no expert on girls in East Asia. I have been two times in Hong Kong and one time in Macau. However I have a friend who have lived longer periods in Hong Kong and Tokyo. He have also been a lot to Thailand and the Philippines earlier.

He says that online dating is possible in East-Asia but it’s harder. There are fewer girls online and it’s harder to get their attention. Having a smashing profile that show value and give a good first impression is really important according to my friend.

Best Hong Kong Dating Sites

#1: Hong Kong Cupid

The leading dating site in Hong Kong. As I’m writing this there are 300 girls online that I can start to talk with right away.

You can sort profiles by location, age, weight, height, and see photos of all your matches before before you buy membership or not.

You can make profiles and receive mail for free, if you want to answer the girls you’ll have to buy a membership that start at 30$ per month. If you buy for one year it will only cost you 11$ per month.

If you are a paid member you can also look at girls in invisible mode.

Best Japan Dating Sites

#1: Japan Cupid

The leading dating site in Japan with more than 700.000 member. As I’m writing this there are 350 girls online that I can start to talk with right away.

You can sort profiles by location, age, weight, height, and see photos of all your matches before before you buy membership or not.

You can make profiles and receive mail for free, if you want to answer the girls you’ll have to buy a membership that start at 30$ per month. If you buy for one year it will only cost you 11$ per month.

If you are a paid member you can also look at girls in invisible mode.

Best Korean Dating Sites

#1: Korean Cupid

The leading dating site in Korea with more than 500.000 member. As I’m writing this there are 450 girls online that I can start to talk with right away.

You can sort profiles by location, age, weight, height, and see photos of all your matches before before you buy membership or not.

You can make profiles and receive mail for free, if you want to answer the girls you’ll have to buy a membership that start at 30$ per month. If you buy for one year it will only cost you 11$ per month.

If you are a paid member you can also look at girls in invisible mode.

Best Chinese Dating Sites

#1: China Love Cupid

The leading dating site in China with more than 1.000.000 member. As I’m writing this there are 3500 girls online that I can start to talk with right away.

You can sort profiles by location, age, weight, height, and see photos of all your matches before before you buy membership or not.

You can make profiles and receive mail for free, if you want to answer the girls you’ll have to buy a membership that start at 30$ per month. If you buy for one year it will only cost you 11$ per month.

If you are a paid member you can also look at girls in invisible mode.

Best Dating site for Asia overall

1#: Asian Dating

Asian Dating is an dating site where you can meet girls from many different countries in Asia. Especially the countries that doesn’t have their own Cupid site yet, like Cambodia or Laos.

You can also meet girls here from Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam etc. The selection is not that great so you’re much better off signing up to one of the dedicated dating sites if you are traveling to only one or two countries.

Asian Dating can not sort by cities for each country, so it’s much harder to sort girls and find girls in specific cities. With the dedicated Cupid sites you can sort by province and city.

2#: International Cupid

This site is the same as Asian Dating but for the entire world. I don’t really see the point of this site unless you are going to really travel the world or you want to talk with girls all over the world for fun.

You can sort by country, age, height, weight etc but each country have very few members. I checked for Thailand right now I only found 7000 profiles. 50 of them were online.

Is it safe? 

Yes. All these dating sites are legit sites with real users. It’s not some shady business who promise you ‘hot sex with models’ bla bla. It’s just regular people looking for dates, love, sex, friends and adventure.

As long as you use your head at these sites it is 100% safe. Don’t be stupid and send your credit card information or personal information to someone you have talked with for two days. Should be unnecessary to say but people actually do that!

Dont use your real name as nickname and don’t trust anyone ‘on the first day’.

On some of the sites, especially in Southeast-Asia there will be a few girls who offer sex for money but these people you can just ignore or block if you’re not interested in that.

What country is the easiest to get laid in?

Thailand and the Philippines for sure! You can literally sign up now, put out a profile pic and girls will start to contact you right away. There are so many girls on these sites looking for foreigners it’s crazy. Sure not all the girls who contact you first will be the hottest girls but there are many 6, 7 and 8’s with really fun personalities that are very fun to hang out with.

Personally I would rather go with a 7 with good attitude and personality than a 9 who are spoiled brat and a pain in the ass to be around.

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Read more: How to find a Pinay girlfriend online

Stuff to not do

Some time ago I signed up at Thai Friendly posing as a 22 year old Thai girl. I got permission to use my friend pictures for this social experiment. 90% of the messages I got every day was either a boring hello or dirty talk by average boring profiles.

About 30% of the people who approached my start to talk dirty after 3-10 messages.


It’s a big turn off for every decent girl out there. The only girls you will attract is bad girls who want to steal your stuff or hookers. You won’t get a decent date if you start dirty talk on DAY ONE.

Yes girls want to fuck too but they want to to ‘just happen’. They don’t want to plan it. You have to make excuses all the way to bed.


Living in Bangkok for 900$ a month – What do you get? A breakdown!

I’ve lived in Bangkok more or less permanently since september 2015. Last month (July 2017) I spent most of my time inside Bangkok except a weekend trip to Koh Larn outside Pattaya and a short trip to Ayutthaya where I spent one night. I love the nightlife in Ayutthaya!

Anyways. I July I decided to not spend more than 30.000 baht (roughly 900$) for the entire month. I figured this was a good month to make a budget report as I didn’t live too crazy or too boring.

Here’s how that went!


Right now I’m staying in my friends apartment close to Thailand Cultural Center. His out of Thailand for 4 months so I told him I could stay in the apartment so he don’t lose his deposit (you have to rent for a year to get your depositum back at most places). This apartment actually cost 12000 baht to rent but I get a discount for helping him out.

It’s a studio apartment in a modern condominium right next to the MRT. I can’t put out a picture of his condo, but I found a very similar studio apartment on Google with very similar interior. This might actually be the same condominium.

Same same but different

I like this area of Bangkok as it’s very close to several big nightlife avenues in Bangkok. You have RCA one MRT stop away, Asoke with Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Soi 11 three stops away and Si Lom six stops away.

Not to forget Rot Fai Market next door that have several popular bars that caters to Thai people. I’ve met a ton of Thai ladies at this place. I also bring many of my first dates here as it’s close to my apartment. Rod Fai is a 5 minute walk away from my condo.

If I take the metro one stop the other direction to Huai Kwang (or 10 minute walk) I have access to the Huai Khwang market where you can eat a ton of cheap and delicious Thai food in the local Thai restaurants. This is also where all the soapy massages in Bangkok are located.

Rent: 8000 baht (240$)

So. After I’ve paid rent I have 660$ dollars left to use on everything else. What do you get in Bangkok for 660 dollar a month, or 22 dollar per day?

Lets break it down!


I eat breakfast every morning in my apartment as I’m eating oatmeal mixed with milk. This has always been my morning routine. I don’t see any reason to change it as it’s working fine and is very healthy. A kilo oatmeal cost 50 baht at the supermarket and will last for 2 weeks.

For lunch and dinner I ate in the local Thai restaurants in the week days. In the weekends I spent a little bit more on food as I ate quality Western food, like Bangkoks many delicious burgers!

What does a 100 baht (3$) meal look like in Bangkok at a local Thai restaurant? All the meals under costs between 10 and 100 baht per plate.

For lunch and dinner I spent on average 200 baht per day in the week days and around 600 baht in the weekends.

If you want AC while you eat food every shopping mall in Bangkok have food courts where you get cheap dishes for 50-80 baht! These places are very clean and comfortable.

That’s a total of 8800 baht for all the meals in one month.

I also spent a few thousand baht on fruit, soda, oatmeal, yogurt, gum, toiletries etc etc. So to round up:

Food: 8800 baht
Accessories: 2200 baht


Alcohol, drugs, hookers, ice skating, tickets, shows, midget throwing, massage etc etc.

In July I was out drinking three times. One time in Bangkok, one time in Ayutthaya and one time at Koh Larn. I didn’t go with any hookers this month (actually I did but I didn’t pay for it as we are good friends).

I spent between 1000 to 2000 baht every time I was out so lets just say I spent a total of 4500 baht in July on entertainment.

What do you get for 1500 baht a night?

That really depends on where you go. You can go to Levels in Bangkok and pay 400 baht for a beer.

Or you can stay in a regular bar like you’ll find at Rod Fai Market where you pay 60 baht for a beer and can get a tasty Thai dish for 90 baht while listening to live music. If you go to places like that you can have a lot of fun for 1500 baht.

All the places I was at in July was regular bars that doesn’t charge a premium.

Ice skating at Siam and Rod Fai

I also went ice skating at Siam with a girl I met at Thai Cupid. I paid 500 baht for tickets and renting of blades. Later that week we also went to see the movies where we spent almost 1000 baht on tickets and candy!

Good times good times! 😀

Entertainment: 6000 baht (180 USD)

Hotels and transport

Koh Larn

Transport: 400 baht
Bungalow: 800 baht
Motorbike: 300 baht

Koh Larn trip


Transport: 80 baht
Hotel: 600 baht
Motorbike: 200 baht

The ruins in Ayutthaya

I also spent around 1000 baht in taxies, MRT, BTS etc etc inside Bangkok. But honestly I didn’t travel around so much as I really like the area around Thailand Cultural Center.

Total: 2380 baht (70 USD)


As you can see you can have a lot of fun in Bangkok for only 900$ dollar per month. With that money you can cover all the basic needs, stay in a decent apartment at a good location and have some nights of fun!

It’s not hard to make 900$ per month online. If you own real estate back home you can rent it out for a small profit that will get you a long way in Thailand.

When you are in Bangkok you will meet a ton of like minded people who want to succeed with making money online (and some are already very successful) that you can partner up with or use as mentor.

Every dollar you add after those 900$ can solely be spent on fun like more parties, girls, motorcycles, nicer apartments, travelling etc etc.

By the way. I didn’t include travel insurance and VISA run costs in this guide.

The reason is that travel insurance prices are very different from country to country. You also have a ton of different types that cover very different things.

The same with VISA run costs as you can make them as cheap or expensive as you want. You can go to Laos to do a quick border run while you wait for your new 3 months tourist VISA for Thailand, or you could go on a shopping spree in Singapore with some Thai chick you picked up along the way. It’s really up to you.

I’ve spent anything from 5000 baht to 50.000 baht on VISA runs depending on where I go and how long I stay outside.

Rent: 8000 baht (240$)
Food: 11000 baht (330$)
Entertainment: 6000 baht (180$)
Hotel and Transportation: 3380 baht (100$)

Total: 28380 baht (850$)

I don’t know where you are from, but I’m from Scandinavia. That place is fucking expensive. If I want to live the lifestyle I do down here in SEA for 800$ to 2000$ per month I would have to be a millionaire.

Down here in Asia I spend and consume as much, if not more, than I did back home. Not because I make so much money, but because the money here go so much more further. I would almost be under the poverty line with the money I make online back home, but here I can live very comfortable.

It wouldn’t even be possible to live this lifestyle as there are just to many laws and regulations. I would just sit at home everyday watching boring TV. Forget about renting motorbikes (illegal), chill in a outdoor bar at nighttime (too cold) or bring a hot 20 year old snapper back to your room (also illegal).

Everything back home is designed to lock you down and trap you in debt, contracts and laws.

So there you have it guys. If you can pull off 1000$ – 1500$ per month you can live a very comfortable life down here in Asia with much more freedom!

What’s it like to have sex with a bar girl in Thailand?

Just imagine walking out of a go-go bar with a sexy and feminine lady. Just like the girl above. She is the girl next door type. Early twenties. A big warm smile but a little bit shy.

She is wearing a tight but classy dress that highlights her curves really well. If you had met her in the street you would never think that she was a prostitute but a kindergarten employee.

You met her 1 hour ago in a go-go bar and you know that in 20 minutes you will be back on your hotel room with this hot little thing!

She will be yours for the entire night!

Go-go girl in Nana Plaza, Bangkok
Go-go girl in Nana Plaza, Bangkok

She will not say no. She will not change her mind or give you a hard time. She will not say that she has a headache. You don’t need to buy her flowers or a box of chocolate. You don’t need to play stupid mind games like pretending that you don’t want her.

She will be your temporary but devoted girlfriend for two hours (short-time) or until the next day (longtime). You will give her some money and she’ll be on her way. No obligations. Maybe you even get her Line ID so you can contact her later. Maybe she’ll even bang you for free the next time if she likes you!

You had the most amazing night with a hot feminine girl that you never could get back home in the ‘natural’ way.. You could actually fool yourself thinking that you didn’t have sex with a prostitute at all because she was as devoted as she was.

She even kissed you and used tongue while she had a good time. You held hands when you walked back to your hotel and she never made you feel bad. She was gentle and polite. She folded your clothes in your room and she cleaned up after herself.

If you haven’t been to Thailand yet you probably have a hard time believing what you’re reading right now but this is the reality of renting a girlfriend in Thailand.

It doesn’t matter where you pick them up, but the go-go bars usually have the hottest and youngest girls. However if you are going to Pattaya or Phuket there are plenty of hot girls in the beer bars too.

I wont go in to the process of how you chose a bar girl here as I’ve already covered that in this post.

When you get her back to your room don’t be surprised if she start to clean up your room. When she is done cleaning up your room she’ll jump in the shower. This usually takes forever and you’ll have a boner while you are waiting in anticipation thinking about all the things you will do with this hot little sex toy.

When she is done showering she will usually come out in the white hotel tower. I love hot Asian babes in white towels! 😀

“You shower doaaay” she’ll say quickly.

You jump in the shower and 3 minutes later (10 times faster than the girl) you are done.

I won’t give you to many spoilers but you’ll be in for a night with a lot of treats. I never get used to just how soft skin these girls have. How smooth their lips are and how good they smell! They really are smooth as slik!

Thai girls are truly addictive and there’s no wonder why men from all over the world keep coming back to Thailand for more.

Thai Friendly

How to find the best bar girl in the bar?

When you are choosing your temporary girlfriend it is very important to build report with the girl. Get to know her! These girls are human beings with feelings just like every other girl!

Ask her what her name is. What is her favorite food? How long have she worked in the bar? Fuck around and joke with her. If you do that you’ll set yourself apart from most guys who don’t bother to do anything to make the girl feel comfortable.

But maybe most importantly. You need to ask what the girl perform in bed. Don’t just go with a girl because she’s a 10. You’ll have more fun with a 8 that do what you want in bed, than a 10 who just wait for you to finish.

Having chemistry with the bar girl is very important if you want to have a good time.

If you have any special requests you should ask about that before you go to your room. Most Asian girls don’t do anal for example so if you want that you really need to ask her first. Maybe you even have to ask mamasan as maybe just a few girls in the bar perform it.

Last week I was with a go-go girl in Bangkok from Soi Cowboy. I’ve been with this girl a few times before. We have really good chemistry and always have a good time together. She’s my favorite fuck-toy at the moment. She’s a sex machine. That girl love to fuck!

Last time we fucked she sneaked in to my bathroom while I was showering. She sat down in front of me giving me an unexpected BJ! This girl love to suck!

Stuff like this happens when you have chemistry with a bar girl!

The star of the bar.

You will recognize this girl by all the tip she have in her bikini or bra. She will also be in a very good mood and hyper. She will have 10 guys staring at her at the same time and all the other girls in the bar want to be with her as she get so much attention.

In my experience, don’t go with these girls. Sure they can be fun when you are in the bar with them, but as soon as you barfine the girl she goes from being happy and hyper to a boring tired girl who don’t want to do anything. She just want your money. These girls can be very demanding and devious.

You paid money to have a good time, not dealing with a girls bullshit!

Have you ever been with a bar girl in Thailand or any other country? How was your experience? Tell me in the comment section below. 🙂

How to find a Pinay girlfriend online

There is no secret that Pinay girls are really popular among foreigners all over the world. Every day airplanes land all over the Philippines with guys looking for Pinay girlfriends and love.

What more can you really ask for in a girl? They are sexy, feminine, talk very good English, know how to cook and they have dreamy eyes.

Having a Pinay girlfriend can be very addictive, but that is a topic for another time.

If you want to meet Pinay girls. With that I mean Filipino girls who want to hang out with you without you paying for it, then online dating is your best strategy. Especially if you’re coming over for a shorter vacation.

Dating apps are truly powerful methods to meet a ton of beautiful Pinay girls. Pinay girls are also much better in English than lets say Thai girls. So talking and meeting girls online is really simple.

If you sign up today you can talk with thousands of girls online instantly.

Another fantastic feature of online dating is that you can start to talk with girls before you go. That way you can have many girls ready to meet you on arrival. Your own personal harem.

Filipino Cupid and Pina Love is the biggest dating sites out there for the Philippines with a total of 4.3 million members

In my opinion it doesn’t matter what site you sign up for. They are equal good. However I did a comparison here if you are unsure what is the best dating site for you.

Links under to sign up

Filipino Cupid

Pina Love

Click here

What types of girls are at online dating site? 

I would say that most of the girls you’ll find on Filipino Cupid and Pina Love is just regular girls looking for love and friends. Sure there will always be some gold diggers and hookers looking for easy money but you can just block them.

How easy is it to hook up? 

It’s so easy that if I told you you would not believe it. Here is a screenshot if my Filipino Cupid after I had not been online for 4-5 days. I had over 100 messages waiting in the inbox. That’s nuts!

Filipino Cupid
99+ Messages

Sure. All of those girls was not exactly the hottest out there but it doesn’t really matter. You can just ignore the ugly ones and keep talking with the hot ones who approach you. Also. If you find a hot girl you want to talk with and you have to say hello first there is a 99% change that she will answer you back.

Get her on Line or Facebook, and you can start to have video chats!

By the way. I did a comparison between Pinay girls and Thai girls here if you are interested.

Nightlife and Thai girls in Surat Thani

Surat Thani is a city that you’ll probably never go to. I ended up here as I was going back from Koh Pha Ngan to Bangkok. Then I got a really bad stomach flu on the way back and I got stuck in Surat Thani for a couple of days. (Probably too much alcohol on the Full Moon Party that fucked up my stomach)

The two days I was here I spent checking out local bars and other nightlife avenues. It turned out to be very hard to move around in the city as there are almost never a taxi, motorbike taxi or tuktuk around. Seems like the local people who live here all own their own transportation vehicles.


Surat Thani had several small nice bars that catered to the local people who lived here. Here are the bars that I found.

The Pool bar

A nice bar with a big area full of tables. The bar had live music and a nice atmosphere. Open everyday but the sta said that Fridays and Saturdays was the most popular day to go here.



Happy Ending massage

I found one massage parlor here that offered happy endings and sex. The red lights all over the parlor revealed what kind of business was going on inside there. This place was just behind The Pool Bar.

Massage parlor #1

Massage girls in Surat Thani

I don’t know what this massage parlor was called as all the letters outside was in Thai. I don’t think foreigners come here very often.

Outside the shop there was 4-5 girls, inside the parlor there was a small fish bowl with room for 5-10 girls.


Thai Massage 300 baht
Oil Massage 500 baht
BJ 1000 baht
Short-time 2000 baht

Open until 2am.

Sunday Night Market

Sunday Market

Many cities around in Thailand have Sunday markets where they sell food, clothes and other cheap items. Surat Thani is no difference.

I found a big Sunday market on a gras field just next to my hotel when I was out exploring the city. Check the map for location.

The market starts 5pm and ends 11pm.

Map of nightlife in Surat Thani

Hotels in Surat Thani

How to survive the Full Moon party in Thailand

I just had a group of 6 friends who spent 3 weeks at Koh Pha Ngan to attend the Full Moon party and Half Moon Festival.

Out of those 6 guys only 2 of them got home without any incident. What do I mean by incident?

Diarrhea, passing out, collapsing, crashing a motorbike, getting into a fight, too drunk before midnight and fractured ankle was some of the shit they got themselves into.

Truth is. The Full moon party is a pretty hardcore party. When you arrive at Koh Pha Ngan you are so pumped to get started that you forget to take care of yourself.

My personal experience with the Full moon party:
To be honest I don’t like. I think it’s just out of control. When I heard about this party back in 2011 I was in a bar in Pattaya. I was imagining young hot local girls in jungle outfits dancing to chill tropical house mixed with fire shows and tons of pussy.

Well. That’s not exactly what’s going on.

What going on is 20.000 to 50.000 young backpackers in their early twenties going completely insane with alcohol and drugs. Sadly most of the backpackers are just annoying ignorant snotty kids who are more concerned about the letting the people back home know that they have a great time thought social media, than actually having fun.

Should you go tho?


I think experiencing this party is totally OK. It’s quite unique in that I don’t think there is a bigger beach party anywhere in the world. It’s also a very visual experience as there are so many colors, lights, neon tattoos and crazy people there!

Here are a few tips on how to survive this madness.


You want to stay in the same town has the party itself . This town is called Haad Rin. Why would you want to stay in the same town?

Hill road to get to Haad Rin.

If you don’t get a room in this town the next town is about 3 km away on what can only be described as very dangerous mountain hill roads. I would NOT take a pick-up taxi at night the night Full Moon party is ongoing as there is just too much traffic on this road. It’s not safe and every year many tourists die on this road.

You want a room in Haad Rin, and you should be early out booking it so you make sure it’s not full.

If you try to get a room here the same day as the party by just showing up it will be full everywhere.

Book a room at Agoda a couple of weeks before you arrive. You already know when the party is so there is no excuse. This might save your life.

Another good thing with staying in Haad Rin is that you are close to the action. Just walk out your door, walk for 5 minutes and you’re on the beach already.

Click the banner under to look at hostels and hotels in Haad Rin.

How to get there

If you are coming from Bangkok there are two routes you can take. You can fly to Surat Thani or Koh Samui. Flying to Koh Samui is much more expensive than Surat Thani as Bangkok Airways have monopoly on this route.

Average flight ticket prices 1 way:

Surat Thani: 1500 baht
Koh Samoi: 3500 baht

Getting a round-trip ticket with bus and boat from Surat Thani to Koh Pha Ngan will cost 600 baht. When you arrive at Koh Pha Ngan you have to pay another 100 baht from the ferry to Haad Rin.

If you fly to Koh Samui expect to pay around 300 baht for a round ticket with bus and boat.

The Full Moon Party

The Fullmoon Party

Here are some average prices in Haad Rin when Full Moon party is going on:

Noddles: 60 baht
Thai meal with meat and rice: 100 baht
Western meal: 150 – 500 baht
Banana pancakes: 30 baht
Cheap food sold on the beach: 40–50 baht (don’t eat it)
Buckets: 200–300 baht, depending on what kind of alcohol. They can be up to 400 baht on New Year’s Eve.
Beer: 80–100 baht (30 in a 7-11 store)
Cigarettes: 80 baht
Toilets: 5–10 baht

Buckets – So what the fuck is a bucket? Do you remember when you where kid and you where out playing in the sand box? You would fill a bucket with sand with your shovel and make a castle?

Now. Imagine that bucket filled with Coke, Thai Red Bull and 300ml optional liquor. That’s a bucket in Thailand!

As a general rule, be careful with the buckets. They will get you really fucking wasted really fucking fast. If you start on these buckets before sunset you won’t make it until midnight. I can almost guarantee it. If you take it easy on the alcohol in the early afternoon you’ll make it to the sunrise the next day.

Another problem with the buckets is that they are dirty and many people get diarrhea from them. I’ve seen with my own eyes bucket vendors who pick up old used buckets that have been in the dirty sand, just to put them right back into rotation. No cleaning.

If you really want to play it safe stay to the plastic cups. They are transparent so it’s easy to see if there is sand or other dirt inside them.

Drugs – Be careful. There are cops trying to sell you drugs on the island just to arrest you.

Getting arrested for a small user dose of marihuana, LSD or MDMA is not really a big problem, but it will fuck up your night as you have to join them to the police station where they will threaten with jail unless you pay them some pocket money.

The current bribe for getting caught with a small user dose on Koh Pha Ngan is roughly 1000$ depending on what officer you meet, how his mood is and how good you are at haggling.

The thing is. They don’t want to send you to jail for stupid crimes like this. Sending someone to jail is a lot of paperwork and they make no money by doing it.

Water – Water is your best friend. As a rule I always drink one glas of water between each unit of alcohol. Thailand is a hot place so getting dehydrated is very easy. Getting enough water is vital to keeping up your energy through the night.

Going out in the ocean – Don’t be stupid. Not only do you risk drowning as it’s really hard to swim when you’re drunk, but this beach is everyone’s toilet while the party is going on. The water here is not lukewarm because you are in Thailand, but because 20.000 people pissed in it 10 times during the night.

This water is a perfect place to get som nasty disease or infection that will fuck up your entire vacation. Stay sanitary.

Personal belongings – If you are planning on going hard don’t bring anything except money and copy of your passport. If you think you can take care of your phone while you party you can bring that too. I suggest to buy a passport bag that you but around your neck and have under your shirt. Very hard to loose your shit then.


Insurance – Don’t be stupid and travel to this place without some kind of travel insurance. Hospitals on this island have actually stopped to help tourists who don’t have insurance. You can’t really blame them as they’re private hospitals who are dependent on an income. If people come here every night to get free care they will go out of business.

Local thugs – Some of the local people on Koh Pha Ngan is not happy at all that this party is going on. Most locals tolerate it as it brings in a lot of money to the island but not everyone is happy. A friend of me showed me a Thai Forum with local Thai people talking very badly about the tourists who come to this place to go nuts.

Sometimes you will see local men hanging out in the streets of Haad Rin under the Full Moon party. They usually look very serious while they are just watching people. They are probably targeting drunk tourists to steal from.

Don’t go over to these people and act like a clown. Don’t even look at them. There have been some ugly episodes of murder on Koh Pha Ngan between tourists and local thugs in Haad Rin. There are also several tourists who have vanished on the neighboring island Koh Tao.

So there is a high probability that there is a group of local people in this area who are not happy about foreigners coming to their land.


So. Should you go to the Full Moon party? Fuck yes! Just be a little bit smart and take care of yourself.

It’s possible to party hard and party smart at the same time!

They also play a ton of good music there. Make sure to have Shazam installed on your phone so you can find out what the tunes are named. 🙂

Full Moon Party is probably the biggest beach party in the world and the visual experience can be quite intense.

So even tho I personally don’t like it so much, I defiantly think that you should experience it at least once!

Daytime Highlights | Koh Pha Ngan – Thailand

When you see the name Koh Pha Ngan the first thing you think of is probably Full Moon Party and Half Moon Festival. One great and one not-so-great party that you should experience if you are in the area.

What you might not know is that there is much more to this island than just those two parties. Koh Pha Ngan is a medium sized island in Thailand with many activities to do in the daytime.

Here are some of my favorites.

Explore the island with motorbike

Exploring islands in Thailand with motorbike is one of my favorite activities all over Thailand. Cruising around on those scooter, maybe with a hot Thai chick on your back, is both chill and a pleasant experience. It’s also a nice way to cool down in the sun as the wind will peal of the worst heat.

View from Coco Garden. Koh Samui in the horizon.

There is a ton of things to explore around on the island like beautiful beaches, rivers, waterfalls, local food, local people, temples, piers and whatnot. You will never run out of things to explore.

Sunset from Mae Haad Beach

I really liked the beach up Northwest on the island called Mae Haad Beach. There was a small island just next to the beach where you could walk all the way out on sand banks. You could get some really awesome pictures here.

The sun also go down over the horizon from this beach so if you eat in one of the local restaurant there around 6 pm you can enjoy the sunset while you eat.

There are more than 14 beaches on Koh Pha Ngan ready to be explore. Some of then have no road so you’ll have to walk to the beach from a couple of km away, or take a boat from close by beaches.


I don’t know why but the roads at Koh Pha Ngan are really dusty. Many places there are also gravel and sand in the roads. Be careful when you are driving motorbikes. I met several tourists here with big bruises after crashing on their rented motorbike.

That could end up really expensive if you crash the motorbike.

Three Sixty Bar

Close to Mae Haad Beach up on a hill you find a bar / restaurant called Three Sixty Bar. It can be hard to find but just ask around and the local people will help you. You can order drinks and food here while you enjoy the view down towards Mae Haad Beach.

View from Three Sixty Bar


3 best online dating sites for meeting Pinay ladyboys

The Philippines is starting to be more and more famous for ladyboys. Every week hundreds of men from all over the world fly in to The Philippines to meet and date beautiful ladyboys.

The easiest places to meet ladyboys in The Philippines are Manila, Angeles and Cebu.

If you want to start to talk with ladyboys before you come to Thailand online dating is your best strategy for that. Many dating sites out there will help you come in contact with ladyboys all over Thailand.

Here are the best datings sites to meet and date Pinay ladyboys in The Philippines.


Not only is Pina Love the second largest site for finding girls in The Philippines, but it’s also the largest in The Philippines on finding ladyboys for dates.

When you have signed in at Pina Love you can choose if you want to see regular girls or ladyboys. Pina Love is one of the biggest dating sites for The Philippines and they have very neat and fun design.

Sorting option for ladyboys at Thai Friendly.
Sorting option for ladyboys at Pina Love.

I have nothing negative to say towards Pina Love. They offer great service, great design and have a ton of members. Both regular girls and ladyboys.

Click here to sign up. 

My Ladyboy date

This site is owned by the same guys as ‘My transsexual date’. This dating site only focuses on ladyboys.

On ‘My Ladyboy Date‘ you can meet and date ladyboys from all over the world. However you might not be surprised when I tell you that most of the members are from Thailand and the Philippines.

My Transsexual Date

Very similar to ‘My Ladyboy Date’, but here you can also meet drags, transgenders and ladyboys from all over the world.

Both sites have great design and are very user friendly.

Click here to sign up.

It’s not hard to see that Pina Love win this round as they are superior on design and the amount of members. Pina Love is also free to use as you can send one free message every 10 minute. If you want to send more than that you have to sign up for the premium version

3 best online dating sites for meeting Thai ladyboys

Thailand is well known for having a lot of ladyboys. Every day men fly from all over the planet to meet and date beautiful Thai ladyboys in Thailand.

The easiest places to meet ladyboys in Thailand are Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai. When that is said ladyboys are pretty common in Thailand so you can stumble upon them pretty much everywhere.

If you want to start to talk with ladyboys before you come to Thailand online dating is your best strategy for that. Many dating sites out there will help you come in contact with ladyboys all over Thailand.

Here are the best datings sites to meet and date Thai ladyboys in Thailand.

Thai Friendly

Not only is Thai Friendly the second largest site for finding girls in Thailand, but it’s also the largest in Thailand on finding ladyboys for dates.

When you have signed in at Thai Friendly you can choose if you want to see regular girls or ladyboys. Thai Friendly is one of the biggest dating sites for Thailand and they have very neat and fun design.

Sorting option for ladyboys at Thai Friendly.
Sorting option for ladyboys at Thai Friendly.

I have nothing negative to say towards Thai Friendly. I have used this site to find Thai girls all over Thailand for many years already.

My Ladyboy date

This site is owned by the same guys as ‘My transsexual date’. This dating site however only focuses on ladyboys.

On ‘My Ladyboy Date‘ you can meet and date ladyboys from all over the world. However you might not be surprised when I tell you that most of the members are from Thailand and the Philippines.

My Transsexual Date

Very similar to ‘My Ladyboy Date’, but here you can also meet drags, transgenders and ladyboys from all over the world.

Both sites have great design and are very user friendly.

Click here to sign up.

It’s not hard to see that Thai Friendly win this time as they are superior on design and the amount of members. Thai Friendly is also free to use as you can send one free message every 10 minute. If you want to send more than that you have to sign up for the premium.

Thai Friendly have the best design and highest amount of ladyboys in Thailand!

Daytime Highlights | Phuket – Thailand

CleaPhuket is by far the most developed island in Thailand. It’s not my favorite place in Thailand as I think it’s just to overrun by tourists and businesses. I rather go to more calm places such as Koh Pha Ngan or Koh Chang.

Regardless, Phuket have it’s charm and coming here for a weekend is nothing but fun as you can go nuts in the crazy Phuket nightlife and do a ton of fun daytime activities when the sun is up.

Here are some of my favorites.

Phuket Shooting Range

This place is really expensive, but hell it’s fun! I paid 1000 baht for 10 bullets with a 9mm Glock. In the beginning you will have a really big Thai dude with a lot of muscles right behind you watching every little step you take. If you do any quick movements he will jump you (yes I sneezed).

You can shoot with almost anything you want but the bigger guns are ridiculous expensive. Especially the machine guns and bigger rifles.

I was happy with a Glock!

The Big Biddha

The big Buddha is a gigantic white Buddha on the highest mountain top in Phuket. It’s actually quite impressive how they managed to build that big thing all the way up there.

The mountain have fantastic view also.

There are three ways to get up here. Taxi, bus and a rented motorbike. The road up there is insane and I don’t trust Thai drivers for a second. I rented a motorbike and drove up myself.

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is an area with several beautiful temples in very typical Thai style and decoration.

It’s on the east side of the island so if you are staying in Phuket this place is quite far away.

Very beautiful area and you can also walk up in some of the towers where you have good view of the entire area.

Surfing at Kata Beach

Surfing at Kata Beach

Kata beach on the West side of the island just south of Patong Beach there is a really nice beach that is very popular among surfers.

You can rent a surf board on the beach for 50 baht per hour.

I met many local Thai girls on this beach surfing too. That’s pretty cool.

Explore Phuket by motorbike

Expore Phuket with motorbike

Exploring Phuket by motorbike is really fun. There are several beautiful coastal roads, especially Southwest on the island before and after Kata Beach.

On the east side of the Phuket island you have many smaller beaches with a ton of fishing boats and seafood restaurants.

Renting a motorbike cost as little as 200 baht per day. Make sure the deal is 24 hours, and not just out the day. Some people will try to charge you for two days if you don’t say otherwise and you come back with the motorbike next day but within 24 hours.

Also, make sure you have your international driver licence and copy of passport when you are driving in Phuket. Police checkpoints are regular and they can give you ridiculous fines for driving without proper documents.

This is usually not a problem anywhere in Thailand but in Phuket I’ve heard stories of tourists getting up to 20.000 baht in fines / bribes for driving without a proper licence and helmet. Nasty.

Island hopping

Phuket have a ton of departures every day to different islands. Phi Phi, James Bond Island, Similan Islands, Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai.

Beach on Koh Yao Noi

You can book relative cheap tours to all the islands from pretty much any tour shop in Phuket. Anything from day trips to 3-4 days trip with food and accommodation included.

My favorite island was for sure Koh Yao Noi as you would have an entire beach for yourself here with excellent view towards Ao Phang-Nga National Park.

There where several nice 4 and 5 stars resorts on Koh Yao Noi that was not overrun by tourists like lets say on Phi Phi.


Top 4: Beaches at Koh Larn

There are 4 big beaches at Koh Larn, and a handful of smaller beaches (some of them private). In this post I will cover the 4 biggest beaches.

This island is a perfect day trip from Pattaya and a perfect weekend trip from Bangkok. The island have fantastic beaches and laid back nightlife.

Samae Beach

If you want to see the sunset at the beach you go to either this beach, or to the beach just next to it, Tien Beach. I ate sea food at one of the restaurants here while enjoying the sunset. Very delicious food. 🙂

The beach seems to be mostly populated by Thai and Japanese.

Tien Beach

This was by far my favorite beach. Mostly populated by Western people, I also saw a lot of Russian people. This was the beach with the most ‘room’ for each person, as there was not much people here compared to the other beaches.

The beach was clean.

Tawaen beach

I never bothered to stay on this beach. I drove my motorbike here, I saw all the people, and I left straight away. So much people, boats and tourists here that I just can’t enjoy it. It’s ruined by tourism.

This place was also swarming with Chinese people, and I usually try to avoid them…

Nual Beach

Nual beach is all the way south on the island. This was the least populated beach, and I really liked it. Had some few restaurants and bars where you can get refreshments. However, I had to go back to Bangkok when I was here, so no time to explore more here, and my phone was out of battery, so I have no picture.

The island is quite small. You can drive to all the beaches having a look in only 30 minutes.

Nightlife and Thai girls in Khon Kaen

To be honest I didn’t like this city. The city consisted of empty streets and tons of fences everywhere making you feel like an intruder.

Everywhere you went you could see industry and tall chimneys in the horizon pouring out smoke.

I didn’t find any nice city center like I found in Udon Thani with a nice shopping mall, parks and bars all in walking distance. I also had a terrible stomach flu the days I was here so I had to spend a lot of time on my hotel room. Not fun.

When I left the city a tuktuk driver asked me for 600 baht to driving me 5 minutes to the train station.

Anyways. If you ever ended get stranded in this city and you need a nightlife guide. Here you have it.

Nightlife in Khon Kaen

Beer bars with working girls

Beer bars in Khon Kaen

There is a small strip with farang oriented beer bars just next to The Pullman Hotel. The type you find in Pattaya just more primitive. I found six bars here with what I believe was local expats living in the city having a good time with the ladies. Most ladies in the bars here was well above thirty.

Check out the map at the bottom of this post to see exact location.

Bars / clubs with local people

Rads in Khon Kaen

In the intersection between Ruen Rom Rd (the road that goes from the train station) and Pracha Samran Rd there were a cluster of bars that was filled up with local people.

This place looked pretty upscale for being Isaan so I don’t think the rice farmers are the people who hang out here, but rather more wealthy Thai people who own factories or other businesses.

This are was called Rads. Some bar names here was Street Cafe, Monroe Club and HixOut Club House.

Karaoke Bars

Just next to Rads in Pracha Samran Rd there was a couple of Karaoke bars as you walked inside the street to get to the farang oriented farang bars.

Check the map under.

Other bars

There were also a couple of nice bars just next to the karaoke bars who seemed to be oriented towards Western people, but without working girls. The names were Blues Bar and Level Up.

Map of Nightlife in Khon Kaen

Hotels in Khon Kaen

I stayed at Sawasdee Hotel right next to the Night Marked. From that hotel you can easily walk to every bar mentioned in this guide.

The best dating sites for meeting Pinay girls in the Philippines

Here is a quick comparison of the three best dating sites for Pinay girls. These sites are the biggest out there with millions of daily users.

I’ve always been a big believer in online dating in Asia. Every girl out here seems to have an account somewhere. Sure nothing can beat the thrill of hunting girls in real life, however that is not always the easiest route when you’re out traveling and maybe moving from city to city with a few days intervals.

With online dating you can sign up before you travel to a country and get to know the locals before you arrive. What better way to spend the boring hours in the airport before you depart?

So. What site is the best? Who should you sign up for? Is there any difference?

Filipino Cupid

The biggest dating site out there for the Philippines with over 3.5 million members. That’s a lot of people for sure. I’ve been member on many different Cupid sites over the years.

Thai Cupid, Vietnam Cupid, Japan Cupid and Asian Cupid.

With the Cupid brand you know what you get. A solid platform with access to million of girls. Sure the design can be a little bit out of date and boring, but who cares about that? You are here to meet girls not stare at the design!

Pina Love

Pina Love is made by the same people who own Thai Friendly. Same design same everything. If you can’t stand the boring design over at Cupid then this site is for you!

At the moment they have 750.000 members. That is a lot less than Filipino Cupid, but who the hell cares if a site has 750.000 members or 3.5 million member? There’s no practical difference.

Asian Dating

Asian Dating is owned by the Cupid Media too. On Asian Dating you’ll find a mix of girls from many Asian countries like Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and China.

This platform is perfect if you are going to travel between many countries in Asia. However the selection of girls is smaller for each country.

Dating Thai girls VS Pinay girls!

Today we will compare what imo are the two best countries in Southeast-Asian when it comes to finding hot and available women.

Thailand and the Philippines!

I’ve been mostly in Thailand the last two years, but I’ve been on a couple of VISA runs to both Manila and Cebu, so I’m no stranger with Pinay girls either.

Here we go!


I have lost count on how many dates I’ve been on with Thai girls in their twenties who knows 10 words of Tinglish. It was fun in the beginning dating girls who don’t talk the same language as you but as time have passed it has become as fun as jumping out of a burning building.

In the Philippines however pretty much every girl I’ve ever met talked English. If a girl don’t speak English in the Philippines she is either mute, brain-damaged or 6 years old.

Another cool thing with Pinay girls is that most of them love the same series and movies that we watch in the West. Every Pinay girl knows about Friends, Simpsons and Family Guy. Hell I’ve even met girls here who watch South park.

In Thailand however every girl watch the same stupid Thai drama series with stupid cartoon sound effects or they watch some stupid cartoon dubbed into Thai. They have no clue about Western entertainment except a few blockbusters from Hollywood that reach the cinemas each year.

Sure I love sex and I really love to be with feminine Thai girls. But as I start to get older I really start to appreciate to be with a girl that I can understand and talk with too as I’m not horny 24/7 anymore.

If you want to really know a Thai girl. I think that you have to learn Thai unless she talk very good English.

Pinay: 1
Thai: 0


This is a hard one! I really love the look of both Thai girls and Pinay girls.

I Googled ‘hot Thai girls‘ and ‘hot Pinay girls‘ for you. Thank me later!

Thai girls are usually more petite and many of them have similar looks as Chinese girls with those typical Asian eyes and petite bodies. Especially the ‘whiter version’ of Thai people who you’ll find in Bangkok and Chang Mai / Chiang Rai.

Pinay girls on the other hand have more curves (but not too much), bigger boobs and is the only Asian country in Southeast-Asia where the girls don’t have those typical Asian eyes, but more roundish dark eyes like those you’ll find in South America.

That might not come as a surprise as the Philippines was colonized by the Spanish for over 300 years. You can clearly see some Latino traits in many Pinay girls. I think this Asian / Latino is very very attractive.

Imo you’ll find more average to hot girls in Thailand, but in the Philippines you have more stunners who are just out of this world hot!

Filipino women have won the Miss Universe World contest several times in the past (i.e. 2015 and 2013) so that confirm my observation that there are more stunners in this country.

I will give both places a point on this one!

Pinay: 2
Thai: 1

Personality and charm

Both countries have a ton of charming girls. I think Thai girls are the most charming ones and have the most humor. However when you have dated one Thai girl you have in many ways dated all of them as they can feel somewhat programmed in how they act and behave.

Pinay girls however have a much broader span of personalities, but are slightly less feminine and have a slightly less “no problem” attitude. They also talk more which can be both a hit and miss.

Pinay girls are much less shy than the average Thai girl. Being approached by Pinay girls in malls around in the Philippines happened to me many times. If that happens in Thailand with a Thai girl she is either on drugs or a hooker.

Thai girls however are more gentle and feminine in my opinion. You also hear Thai girls say “up to you” and “no problem” much more than the average Pinay girl. Most Thai girls are happy if you are happy. That is not always a certainty with Pinay girls who are much more direct with what they want.

Both countries are jealous out of this world, but I’ve heard some crazy stories from the Philippines so I think they are a little bit more paranoid.

Because of that I will give Thai girls a point on this one.

Pinay: 2
Thai: 2


Pinay girls are much less shy about sex than Thai girls. Not only are they less shy but also much wilder too. If you like girls who are involved in the sex you should choose Pinay girls.

Thai girls can be very shy about both sex and their body for a long time into your relationship. I’ve been with Thai girls who are shy for over 6 months before they start to let down their guard. I’m talking about hot girls here with perfect bodies.

Sure Thai girls will do whatever you want ‘to make you happy’ but you will have to be the initiator.

Pinay girls however are usually much more comfortable with their bodies from day 1 and will more often than not come with suggestions and sexual desires that they want to realize with you.


HIV in Thailand is currently at 1.3%. In the Philippines however it’s under 0.1%. This is a huge relief. You can bang good girls around in the Philippines without any real fear of HIV. In Thailand I would be much more careful. In fact, when I’m with a new girl in Thailand I always bring her to a HIV clinic before I throw away the condom.

Pinay: 3
Thai: 2


Thai girls.  Not only do they know how to cook, but they also cook Thai food which is some of the best food on the entire planet. God I love Thai food.

The food in the Philippines however is boring and doesn’t really taste that good. There is one dish in the Philippines that I really love who is called ‘adobo‘.  It’s chicken or pork mixed with garlic, vinegar, oil and soy sauce. If you put some fish sauce in that dish it pretty much taste the same as a Thai dish called ‘moo gratiam‘.

Good stuff good stuff.

I will let the Thai girl win this won as they cook Thai food.

Pinay: 3
Thai: 3

Online dating in Thailand and Philippines

Both Thailand and the Philippines are meccas when it comes to online dating. The Philippines are beating Thailand a little bit as Pinay girls are much better in English therefore easier to talk to. There is also 3.5 million members on Filipino Cupid while Thai Cupid ‘only’ have around 1 million.

Every person who don’t sign up for an online dating site before they go to these countries are missing out on a ton of potensial fun.


As you can see the countries break out even, and that makes totally sense! Thai girls and Pinay girls are very different in many areas, but none of them are better or worse.

What really matters is what you are looking for.

If you just want to have fun debauchery style with as many girls as possible then the Philippines might be good for you as the girls here are less shy about sex, more direct and wilder in bed and there is much less HIV around. They also talk much better English.

However if you are looking for something long-term, maybe even start a family I think Thai girls have a slightly edge as they let you be more in control and are known to be very faithful towards their family and husband.

But then again, it totally depends on what kind of girl you end up meeting. Everyone is different and no list like this can apply to every girl out there.

What do you think? What country have the best girls? Let me know under in the comment section!

Top 4 ways on how to meet Pinay girls

If you’ve been to Thailand and you liked the local girls there. Wait until you have been to the Philippines and tried the Pinay girls! Holy balony you’re in for a treat!

I’m no expert on Pinay girls, but I’ve been here at a couple of VISA runs and I’m planning to stay here for a longer period very soon.

I will always love Thai women, but coming over to the Philippines where the girls talk English, and not Tinglish. A place where you can actually have a conversation with the girls, was a fresh breath of air!

The Philippines are starting to become more and more popular for single men in all ages looking for easy sex, relationships and wives.

Here are the four best methods on finding sexy Pinay girls all over The Philippines.

1: Online dating

I’ve always been a big believer in online dating in Asia. If you have read anything on this site you already know that! Almost every girl in Southeast-Asia seems to have an online dating profile somewhere.

Filipino Cupid is the biggest dating site in The Philippines with 3.5 million users!

The first time I went to The Philippines I signed up for Filipino Cupid. When I logged on next morning I had over 100 mails. That’s crazy!

I will admit that not every girl on that message list was of the hot type, but who the hell cares? 100+ messages in under 24 hours is nuts!

Filipino Cupid
99+ Messages

Sure. I’m not 60 years old and I don’t drink 5 liter of beer daily. But when that is said I’m no Brad Pit either. I’m just a regular dude with an average look who did everything he could to optimize his profile.

Don’t miss the online dating train in the Philippines. It’s nuts! You can sign up before you go and have a harem of girls ready to meet you when you arrive.

Check out the three best dating sites for the Philippines.

2: In everyday life

Meeting girls in everyday life in the Philippines is as easy as drinking a glass of water. In other Southeast-Asian countries like Thailand or Vietnam there are often a big language barrier. In the Philippines you don’t need to think about that as everyone here talk English. Hell, they talk better English than me!

If you are walking around at shopping malls in Cebu or Manila don’t be surprised if girls approach you first. That would never happen in Thailand unless you where deep inside Walking Street in Pattaya where you have to pay for sex.

Pinay girls are much less shy than Thai girls so day game sessions around in The Philippines are both fun and easy!

3: Nightlife, bars and nightclubs

Meeting Pinay girls in bars and nightclubs are easy and fun. Both in touristy areas and in more local waterholes in smaller cities. Sometimes it can be hard to sort out the freelancers from the girls who just want to have fun.

Girls in the Philippines dress much more slutty and provocative than in Thailand. They all look like sluts, even the good girls! Don’t get confused!

4: Hookers

Going with hookers is always a possibility when visiting countries in Southeast-Asia. It doesn’t matter what city you go to in The Philippines you will find hookers everywhere. The cities with the biggest selection are Angeles, Manila, Cebu and Subic Bay.

But you will also find girls in smaller cities such as Dumaguete or Tacloban.

Your biggest problem will not be if you find girls to have sex with, but which one to bring home!

Depending on how hot the girl is, your skills to negotiate, how you look yourself and where the girl work will influence the price. Expect to pay from 1000 to 2000 Pesos for a freelancer or up to 3000 Pesio for a bar girl. There are some upscale bars and KTV here and there that are more expensive but don’t go there!

Where to stay in Bangkok

This will be a quick post on the best places to stay in Bangkok depending on what the purpose of your visit is.

Here we go!

Party Animals

If you want to party like a maniac every day and every night there are several places to stay in Bangkok as there are several nightlife areas spread all around town.

I do recommend staying near a BTS or MRT for daytime activities, but since you are going to party you wont go back to your hotel before midnight (when the public transport close) anyways so you want use it 50% of the time.

I had a friend who stayed at Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 for 1 week. There is a popular nightclub called Levels in the same building. Every night he would go to the club, find some girls and bring them back to his room. He managed to do this every night for a week.

Aloft is not the cheapest hotel, so if you’re on a budget this place is not for you. In Khao San Rd you can find a ton of cheap hostels. You can get a night for 5$ over there!

Sex Addicts

If you are one of those sex addicts looking for easy sex in exchange of money there is only one place to stay.


On Asok you have the famous street Soi Cowboy with a 20 – 30 go go bars. 500m up the road you have Nana Plaza with another 30 go go bars.

Take the MRT from Asok to Si Lom where you have Patpong, Bangkok’s third redlight district and also the oldest one.

Or take the MRT the other way from Asok to Huai Khwang where you’ll find Bangkoks famous soapy massages.

All around on Nana, Asok and down towards Bearing with the sky train you have endless options with blowjob bars, happy massage parlors and freelancers.

One really nice hotel to stay on is Dream Hotel in Asok. I’ve been to this place several times as a tourist before I moved to Thailand. The rooms here got blue neon lights under the bed that sets the mood with whatever girl you are there with.

It’s in the middle of both Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.

I’ve made a post earlier about guest friendly hotels in Nana and Asok area. Check it out here.


If your too proud to go with hookers and you feel the need to hunt down the girls with your amazing charm and game. You are in the right city.

Bangkok have millions of girls ready to meet you. Just sign in to Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly, fish up a banging profile pic that set you apart from all the other men, and you will get a ton of attention.

Meet up, have fun, the rest is history they say.

The best places to stay in Bangkok for Casanovas is to not stay in Nana or Asok. I’ve dated several girls who refuse to go with me to those areas as they are afraid that people think they are sex workers. If their friends see them in this area with a foreigner the rumors will start among her friends for sure!

So where to stay? 

Thailand Cultural Center is a good place to stay imo. If you get a hotel close to Esplanade shopping mall and the Rod Fai Night market 2. You can use those public places to meet the girl. Get something to eat and drink. Then pull her back to your room that is right by. Good logistics are important.

I’ve done this before and it’s a very effective method.

Thailand Cultural Center is close to public transport (the MRT), have several shopping malls (Big C, Esplanada and The Street. That last one open 24/7).

Here are a few hotels close to Esplanade Shopping mall in Thailand Cultural Center:

Victory Monument is also a good place to stay. That place is also close to several universities in Bangkok so if you talk with a girl on Thai Friendly who goes to school, there is a good change she is very close to you when she is finish with class.


Siam. You have to stay in Siam. If you stay in Siam you have no less than six shopping-malls around you.

Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon, Central World, Gaysorn Village, Siam Square 1 and MBK. Three stops down with the sky train you also have Terminal 21 and Time Sqaure. One more stop down to Phrom Phong you also have The EmQuartier.

Culture Vulture

If you’re a person of culture you’re in the wrong fucking city! Get your goody ass to Paris.

Just joking.

Ha ha.

There are several amazingly beautiful and history rich temples in Bangkok. I have already written about ‘the big three’ here so I wont repeat myself.

If you want to experience culture in Bangkok I suggest staying in a hotel close to the Chao Praya river. From here you have access to the boats that goes up and down every 10 minutes for 14 baht.

From this boat you can get to ‘the big three’, you can explore several other lesser known temples and you have easy access to many markets and sea food restaurants along the river.


Backpackers are usually going to Khao San Rd. It’s a wild party street where people are dancing in the streets and going crazy. Most backpackers who are here have usually just arrived Thailand will go further into Thailand within a few days.

Another popular area for backpackers is close to Surasak BTS. There is nothing happening here but the few hostels who are here are close to the embassy of Myanmar, a place many backpackers are going to after Thailand.

Guest-post: All About Lasting Longer In Bed

My name is David Finer, I’m the founder of Vibrating Love and my goal is to help men from all over the world take their sexuality to the next level and become multi-orgasmic men.

I would like to take advantage of the stage that was given to me here and share with you some of my best advice on how to last longer in bed and stop fearing premature ejaculation once and for all.

If you wonder if you have premature ejaculation or not, just ask yourself how happy you are with your control over your ejaculation when you have sex with a real woman?

If you are not that happy with you control over your ejaculation, you have some level of premature ejaculation and by the time you finish reading this amazing post you’ll have all the tools you need to overcome this challenge and develop a much better sexual stamina.

So here are my best tips and trick that already helped thousands of men from all over the world control their ejaculation and last much longer in bed…


What To Do Before You Have Sex?

Most men don’t know that when they have sex with a full bladder, their penis is more sensitive to arousal. So if you feel that you have a lot of accumulated pee,  just go and pee and you will instantly be able to last longer in bed (compared to having sex with a full bladder).

Another thing that can lower your arousal is ejaculating before sex, this will allow you to be less aroused during the sex and to last much longer. I recommend ejaculating once during the foreplay and let the lady know that after you ejaculate once “the party only begins” so she won’t get disappointed.


Breathing Right During Sex

I’ve made this really short and nice video that explains everything:

It’s one of the simplest and most effective ways to control your arousal during sex, and I use it all the time till this day!

And it works because the body is affected by how we breathe, when we breathe slowly and deeply our body relaxes and the pulse drops and our arousal levels drop as well.  On the other hand, if we breathe rapidly our pulse rises and our arousal level rises as well!

You must understand that breathing faster is the natural reaction to increased arousal (so it’s a loop), but if you will learn to control your breathing during sex, controlling your arousal will be super easy!

Tip – If you get really aroused during sex then just exhale all the air from your lungs and hold yours breathe for as long as you can, you will see the rapid reduction of arousal levels.


Masturbation – The Good And The Bad

This section is about masturbation but I’ll first talk about porn and how it promotes premature ejaculation.

If you want to become really good in bed you need to stop abusing porn, today porn is so available thanks to the internet, but it’s dangerous for your sex life and for your relationship.

Many men think they will learn how to have great sex if they will watch porn (I once thought so), but the truth is far from that, porn will only damage your sex performance and let me explain why…

First of all, porn will give you the wrong idea of what gives a woman pleasure because porn is made to arouse you and not to educate you.

Second, porn makes it hard to get aroused from normal sex and you can experience erection problems when you have “normal sex” with your partner because of porn abuse.

Third, when you masturbate to porn and you ejaculate fast, it promotes the development of premature ejaculation for many reasons that I won’t get into in this post (just trust me on that).

There are many other reasons to why porn is bad for you but we won’t go into it now because I want to keep this post short, for now, all you need to do is quit the bad habit of watching porn and be aware of the damage it probably already caused to your sexuality as a man.

And if you are addicted to porn and can’t stop, try not to masturbate in front of it. Instead, try to masturbate for at least 20 minutes without watching porn, try to feel your arousal levels and play with the breathing technique that I’ve shared with you here.

If you find it hard to masturbate without porn you can use a toy such as the Fleshlight STU to enjoy it more and make up for the lack of visual arousal. So just start masturbating the right way and look at it as training, masturbate for as long as you can without ejaculating and you will achieve great results!

Masturbation is a good thing and you should enjoy it for long periods of time. And usually, you will find that you no longer want to ejaculate because the long period of pleasure that you have experienced calmed you down, and that is all that you needed from the beginning.

If you want to learn more, you are more than welcomed to visit my site and learn more about how to take your sexuality to the next level.


David Finer

Best sky bar in Bangkok for the perfect skyline view

Hi guys! What’s going on out there? 😀 Today I will tell you about my favorite sky bar in Bangkok. 🙂

Bangkok have an unbelievable amount of sky bars spread all around town.

I don’t know why Bangkok have so many sky bars. But one reason might be that Bangkok holds an comfortable 30 degrees most of the year. That is good business for the sky bars as they never have to shut down.

Most people who want to visit a sky bar in Bangkok do it because they want that perfect selfie with the Bangkok skyline in the background for their social media. So that is what I will focus on in this post.

Here is the sky bar in Bangkok that imo have the best view.

Above 11 – Sukhumvit soi 11

At the very end of Sukhumvit soi 11 at Nana you’ll find Above 11. If you come by BTS walk off Nana station. If you come with MRT walk off Sukhumvit station then take a motorbike from there.

As you enter the building there are two entrances. You don’t want to walk inside the main entrance, but another smaller entrance at the backside of the building.

There is no cover fee to enter the sky bar. It’s open everyday from 6 pm to 2 am.

The set-up of the bar is not really luxurious, but more a chilled vibe with a lot of colored light and chill music.

I really like the vibe here.

Above 11 is not the tallest sky bar in Bangkok (only 32 floors), but it’s in the middle of the sky scraper jungle in smack middle of Siam, Nana and Asok.

No matter where you are on the sky bar, there will be tall sky scrapers and amazing structures all around you.


The food here is not too expensive (like on Lebua and Vertigo). The dishes start at 1000 baht for small appetizers and tapas. You can spend an entire night here for 5000 – 6000 baht. I think that’s a nice price for what you get in return.

Dress code

As long as you don’t show up in slippers, tank-top and sweatpants you should be fine. Dress casual or slightly formal.

A fun detail

I wont reveal it for you, but when you go to the toilet at this bar you’ll have a pleasant surprise. Go figure out. 🙂

How you can support GBL

What’s going on guys? 😀

I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback last few weeks from readers. I really appreciate that. 😀

I made this website to tell other guys that there exists a better life with plenty of women and fun. You don’t have to stay in your dull and gray hometown forever.

If you like my content and you want to help me out. Here’s how you can do it:



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7 items you should bring when traveling to Southeast-Asia.

Great! You’ve booked your ticket and you’ve started to count the days until you land in paradise!

I’m happy for you! 😀

It doesn’t matter if you are going to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos or the Philippines. All the items in this list are useful regardless!

Most people who go travel do the mistake of bringing waaaaay too much stuff with them as most of the stuff you’ll need you can buy when you get there.

However, here are some items that you should bring before you set off on your journey. Why? Because when you need them they are not always the most easy to find right away.


Small flashlight

Sure. Most people have flashlight functionality on their phone these days. But these flashlights are usually really bad and wont do in case of a power cut.

When you are traveling in SEA power cuts are common. Sometimes the power can be out for hours if a tree have fallen over the power lines leading to where you stay.

Being able to still see is awesome!

I purchased a Hausbell 7W two years ago and I still have it today.

It work wonders.

It will light up a room without any issue for 2 hours per battery. You can use it outside for walking also.

I have two of these bad boys in my backpack at any point in time. I’ve used them several times when the power cuts.

Power bank

You can buy power banks cheap in Asia. Many of these power banks might be fake or of bad quality. I always suggest buying stuff like this at home or a trusted website like

I’ve bought several power banks in Thailand while travelling alone. They all failed me. If you are going to buy electronics in countries such as Thailand you should always bring a local who know where to get the real stuff.

A vendor is also much less likely to scam or give you a fake exemplar you if you have a local with you.

A nice wrist watch

I have a weakness for Daniel Wellington watches.

Why? They just look damn good!

They also fit to almost any style. You can use it to casual dressed days and days you wear a suit.

A nice watch is also an excuse for a woman to give you a compliment on your style if she likes you. It’s a good ice breaker.

Several women have complimented my watch, and I’ve gotten laid from it. 😉

Quality headphones

And buy the in-ear types. Those you have to squeeze inside your ears. They protect against noise outside making you play the music at lower volume, which again can save your ears against tinnitus. Some places in SEA are noisy as fuck and you WANT to protect your ears. They will take a toll if you are careless.

I have the Sennheiser CX 5.00G Black In-Ear. They are not the cheapest ones but the sound quality is spot on.

Sennheiser CX 5.00G

If you really want to go crazy you get yourself the Bose headphones with noise cancelling. I had these headphones before. They are a dream on airplanes, trains and buses. They cancel out all annoying noise. Much easier to focus on other things then, like sleeping.

Kindle Paperwhite

When you have found your position in the airplane seat and taken on your headphones. It’s time to pull up your Kindle paperwhite to read your favorite books!

This little device is fantastic. The battery last for over a month and there is no glare if you read out in the sun. If feels like reading a real book.

So why get this? 

It sucks to read books on your phone. It eats up your battery and you can’t use it out in the sunshine. Same with tablets. Laptops are not good either as the battery life is short. It sucks to carry around a laptop just to read books.

Phones, tablets and laptops have terrible glare.

Reading the Kindle paperwhite is a nice break from all the time I spend on my laptop anyways as it doesn’t feel like I’m reading on a LCD screen.

Read at the hotel, read on the beach, read on the airplane. Read everywhere. This is a must-have.

And you know what? You can buy over two million Kindle books for under 2.99$. That makes it worth it alone!

Ear Plugs

Ear plugs that can be bought around in the pharmacies are usually made out of foam. These types are hard to fit and will usually stick out of your ears making you look like an idiot. Most of these foam types comes in the most flashy colors too. That doesn’t help about not looking like an idiot.

I have a ton of these earplugs lying around.

They are made out of silicone and will shape themselves after your ear canal. They wont stick out of your ears and they come in skin color tone so people wont notice them.

Another benefit of these plugs is that they cancel the noise evenly. That makes it much easier to hear what people say in for example nightclubs.

Can also be used on buses and airplanes with crying babies and annoying shit kids who wont shut up.



I also recommend bringing your favorite condoms from back home. Condoms in Asia are smaller from back home and not every brand over here is trustworthy.

If you feel like you never can find a brand that fit you. Why not try the My.Size condoms? First you measure your dick then you order the correct size. They have several different sizes.

If you are travelling to SEA I recommend all the products in this post. I’ve tested all of them and they can make your travels much more comfortable. Nothing of this stuff is heavy so you wont have any trouble carry it around.

Travel to Cambodia or Thailand as a single man?

The last two years I’ve spent most of my time in Thailand. I’ve also spent some time in Cambodia on VISA runs and other trips.

I’m no expert on Cambodia but I’ve spent enough time there to give you a decent comparison if you don’t know what country to pick.

Girls Girls Girls

Thai girls are sweet gentle feminine girls that will give you a good and easy time. They are very easy to date and get in bed as they will not analyze every little aspect of your interactions. As long as you keep them comfortable (sabai dee) you can do what you want with them.

Almost no effort needed.

However when you have dated one Thai girl you have in many ways dated all of them as Thai girls can feel very programmed.

They all love eating papaya salat, play with their phone, are mostly concerned with Thai issues and put too much fish sauce on their food. Very few Thai girls have any hobbies or interest for anything except what is right in front of their nose.

They all think Thailand is the greatest place in the universe and that everyone with blue eyes are from “farang-land” who have a ton of money.

If you don’t care about that but just want a ton of pussy. You’re all good!

If a Thai girl want to travel it is so she can take a picture of herself to put on Facebook so people can envy her, and not because she have any interest in other cultures. When she have taken the photo she will go back to complain about how she miss papaya salat.

She will show very little curiosity.

Very few Thai girls know how to speak English, despite Thailand being one of the biggest tourist destinations on Earth. Girls who work in hotel receptions can easily say “sooolly, no english”. Unbelievable…

Khmer girls are extremely ambulatory girls with working brains. Many of them speak several languages and are updated on important issues worldwide. Often you see Khmer people inside TV-shops watching international news.

If you ever find a group of Thai people watching international news and not some stupid Thai drama with cartoon sound effects. I will eat your dirty socks.

Khamer people watching fotball, news and National Geographic
Khamer people watching fotball, news and National Geographic

Khmer girls are feminine and gentle just like Thai girls. A lot of them drill diamonds into their teeth making them look like dirty bar girls, but these girls are NOT dirty at all!!

Khmer girls are much more traditional than the average Thai girl so getting them to your hotel room is much harder. I’ve met girls here who have to be home with their family right after work making it impossible to date them.

Most Khmer girls live with their families until they get married.


Thailand start to become a modern country. If you stay in Bangkok you have air-conditioned public transport that will make traveling like a breeze in the wind. All other places in Thailand there are cheap transport such as motorbike taxis and pick-up trucks ready to transport you.

You can rent a brand new motorbike all over Thailand for 200 baht. In Cambodia you can also rent motorbikes but it will cost three times more and the motorbike will look like this.

Almost all cities in Thailand have modern facilities such as shopping malls, 7/11, hospitals and other entertainment like cinemas and arcades. You will always find a Big-C or Central Plaza to cool down in.

Most places in Thailand are clean and well maintained. You will rarely see any trash lying around in the streets.

No matter where you are in Cambodia it’s very clear that you are in a poor third world country. The cities are dusty af, people walk around with broken cloths and missing limbs.

Every health clinic I ever saw in Cambodia was infected with rats and looked like something out of a horror movie.

Clinic in Siem Reap

I once saw a dead old man on a bed outside a clinic in Cambodia.

I’ve heard that if you get sick in Cambodia you should get your ass to Bangkok as fast as possible to get decent care.

Some time ago I met an American girl who needed emergency dental work done in Siem Reap. While she was drilling her tooth the clinic had a fuse that stopped working. The clinic didn’t have backup fuse so they could not finish the job.

She ended up having to pull the tooth because she could not walk around with an open nerve when the anesthesia stopped working. Terrible…

There are a few modern shopping malls in Phnom Penh, but except from that there’s not much going on.


Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh

Traffic in Thailand is some of the worst in the world. Thai people are relaxed people until they get inside a car where they turn into fucking psychopaths. “NO WOLLYYYYY” they yell while you hold on for your life.

I’ve seen tons of dangerous and reckless cutoffs and takeovers in Thailand.

In every city of Thailand after midnight there will be teens with motorbikes on the highway doing wheelies and racing while drinking cheap Hong Thong whisky.

Khmer people drive so slow that you have to tell them to hurry up. They will answer: “It’s important to drive slow so if something happens we will not be hurt” while they take another puff of their joint.

There can be a totally open road with no traffic and a Khmer guy will still drive in 30km/h (18.6411 retard units sorry Americans).


Nightlife in Thailand is world-class. In Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket you can find whatever you want to feed your debauchery needs.

Nightlife in Cambodia is more primitive, but there are some good avenues in the biggest cities. The drug laws in Cambodia is rarely enforced and marijuana is decriminalized.

I’ve never seen police in Cambodia except in the airports.


In Thailand you can find cheap modern apartments literally everywhere. Even the cheaper alternatives will be pretty decent. In Bangkok you can get a nice studio apartment next to public transport for around 200 bucks monthly rate.

In Cambodia everything will be 20% more expensive, but everything will be broken, it will always leak somewhere and your neighbor will be a creepy old fat Englishman addicted to heroin.

The same is true for hotels, except 4 and 5 stars. Those have high standard in both countries.


Food in Thailand is amazing and a big reason why I still live here. Not only is it tasty but also extremely cheap and available. On every street corner in Thailand you can get delicious food from a food vendor for pennies.

Khmer food taste like sewage and is hard to find. It’s also more expensive. Most food sold in Cambodia is actually Thai food but they somehow managed it to make it worse.

Khmer food will sometimes make your asshole spray brown liquid water. The lack of street dogs in Cambodia makes me anxious.

I’ve never had diarrhea from food in Thailand.


Expats in Thailand are young professionals, sex addicts and old drunk Englishmen.

Expats in Cambodia are drug addicts, pedophiles and old drunk English men.

In each country you have a small group of white fat women trying to ‘save the world’. These sexless creatures spend their days learning the local language while they give the old sexpats with young locals girls half their age ugly stares.

In Cambodia you also have a small group of backpackers who ran out on money and picked up a job in a bar or a school. There are no qualifications and everyone can apply.

What the world thinks

If you go to Thailand you are a horny sex addict who bang ladyboys. If you go to Cambodia you are a pedophile looking for 10 year old boys.


Want to stay long-term in Cambodia? No problem! You can buy a one year multi entry business VISA for under 300 dollars. No questions asked and you don’t need to have a business.

Want to stay long-term in Thailand? Sure, but you have to go on stupid VISA runs that set you back both time and money. If they want they can deny you to entry for no other reason than their papaya salat was a little bit salty that day.

Where should you go? 

I think you need to experience both countries. They are so close to each other but still so different. So who is the best country is kind of meaningless question if you ask me.

Thailand is the most developed country, but the hard visas and narrow-minded people can sometimes be a pain in the ass. Cambodia is much more basic, but they came out of a war 30 years ago that was really fucking brutal and messed up. I think they are doing great!

The easy VISA’s in Cambodia is a big plus. So is the nice beaches and islands down south in the country. I also like the relaxed police and laid back drug laws. As long as you don’t hurt anyone you can do what the fuck you want in this country. Not like Thailand where you risk paying up to 1000$ in bribes to police for smoking some pot.

I believe in Cambodia and in 10-15 years I think it can be a great tourist destination, maybe even better than Thailand.

Daytrip to Ayutthaya from Bangkok (with gallery)

Doing the day trip to Ayutthaya is an excellent break from the madness of Bangkok. The skyscrapers, concrete and lack of nature will get to you if you stay in Bangkok for too long.

So… Getting out of Bangkok is a welcoming change. 🙂

How to get there

The easiest way to get to Ayutthaya from Bangkok is to take the train. Not only is it easy, but with a ticket price of 20 baht it’s practically free!

It’s funny. The metro ticket from ‘Sukhumvit’ to ‘Hua Lamphong’. A 10 minute ride, is more expensive than the 2 hour train trip from Bangkok to Ayutthaya.

To get to the train station in Bangkok you have to take the metro to the end station ‘Hua Lamphong’. From there the train station is just a short walk. Click here for google maps.


This is where you buy tickets
Ticket counter at Hua Lamphong train station
The train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya
The train
thai train third class
Don’t expect luxury

The only tourist trap you’ll encounter

And I fell for it, and so did everyone else!

Okay. When you arrive at the train station in Ayutthaya, there will be a shit ton of shops that rent out bikes and motorbikes. What these motherfuckers don’t tell you however, is that there is a river between the shops and the temples.

The only way to get over this river, is to bike down 300 m, bike over an extremely congested brigde with no sidewalk, and bike 300 m from the direction you came from at the other side of the river.

This might not sound soooo bad, but trust me. That brigde was dangerous to bike across. We all know how Thai people drive. I will make a map for you, so you understand what I’m talking about.

Scam in Ayutthaya
Avoid this route

Here is what you WANT to do, that I learned a little bit too late. When you get out of the train station. Just walk straight ahead across all the shops that rent out bikes and motorbikes.

When you get to the river, there will be a little boat that takes you across for 10 baht. When you get to the other site of the river, there will be just as many bikes and motorbikes shops to rent from.

You just saved yourself from a 20 minute detour in 35 degrees. Thank me later!

The professional way


The Temples

Okay. So you got yourself a bicycle or motorbike, and hopefully a map. There are about 15 temples all around town that you can check out. It cost 50 baht per temple, and you buy the ticket at each temple you go to.

It’s a pretty big area, so prepare to use 6-7 hours if you want to see everything. My only regret with this trip was that I rented a bicycle instead of a motorbike. It was 37 degrees the day I was here.

Luckily, there are several restaurants in the area that sell dirt cheap Thai food and cold drink if you need to refill.

Snake at Ayutthaya between rocksCaution  If you are going to climb some of the ruins be careful. There are snakes and spiders everywhere inside between the rocks.

Some of them are deadly if you don’t get to a hospital fast enough (and you wont).



Some pictures from my last trip to Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya temple

Ayutthaya train trip girl sleeping

Ayutthaya train sign

Ayutthaya munks

Ayutthaya temple

Ayutthaya dude on bike

Ayutthaya reptile

Ayutthaya temple buddha

Ayutthaya temple face


Daytime Highlights | Vang Vieng – Laos

Vang Vieng was a place that really surprised me. I had never heard about this place until a Russian guy told me about it in Vientiane at my hostel on my VISA run from Thailand.

He told me that there was a small town 150 km north of here where everything was tolerated.

A free town. Wild parties, amazing nature, drugs, rivers and people from all over the world.

OF COURSE I had to check out such a town. The next day I was in the mini van together with my new Russian friend heading towards Vang Vieng. 😀

Here are some of the most fun things I did during the sunny hours of the day. Vang Vieng offers a ton of activities. I’ll definitely go back to this little  town the next time I do a VISA run in Vientiane.

So here we go. 🙂 

Explore the outskirts

Village outside Vang Vieng

To do this you have to rent a motorbike. Renting a motorbike in Vang Vieng is very cheap and will set you back 80.000 kip per day. The traffic here is calm compared to Thailand so no worry. Outside the city limits of Vang Vieng there are almost no traffic.

There are a ton of things to explore around Vang Vieng.

When you get 4 to 5 kilometer outside Vang Vieng you will really understand how rural this place is. The people are living in small communities while they live of the land around them. There is no supermarket here where you can buy frozen chicken. Here they slaughter it themselves.

I talked with some American guys who had run through Laos from Vietnam with bikes. They told me about visiting villages who had never seen white people. Crazy.

I really enjoyed visiting the small rural towns around Vang Vieng. It’s interesting to see how people live their life very different than from us in the Western world – or even 150 km south in Thailand.

If you go far enough out from Vang Vieng you will eventually get to villages where tourists are not commonplace, and you will start to get big stares. I even got invited to eat dinner at some house. I had to politely say no, but I did try some of their tea.

Explore Caves

Tham Poukham Cave

Around Vang Vieng there are several caves – some of them really massive too. I visited several of them and they were quite interesting.

Tham Chang

The biggest one – and coolest – is found 100m up a slope from the Blue Lagoon and is called ‘Tham Poukham Cave’.

It’s a really massive cave with a small temple inside.

Another cave that is closer to Vang Vieng is called ‘Tham Chang’. It goes several hundred meters into the mountain. There is also a temple inside the cave.

All caves do cost money to go inside. I don’t remember how much but the amount was insignificant.


Blue Lagoon

Around Vang Vieng there are several lagoons. The biggest one are found 4 km West of Vang Vieng. See the picture above.

The first one (on the picture above) had several trees around where you could climb up to jump in the water. The water was very fresh and cool. Really nice to swim here to freshen up a little after a long day of driving.

The second lagoon I visited was also at ‘Tham Chang’. It was smaller, and actually more like a river. The water here was very cold because of the stream.

All lagoons are on closed of areas and you have to pay money to get inside.

The locals here know how to make money of the tourists who come here. Everywhere you go there is some kind of toll or ticket booth.

The tickets and fees are very small, but still kind of annoying having to stop more or less al the time somewhere to give away 0.2$ or something like that.



All over Vang Vieng there are small mountains you can walk up to get an amazing view. Most tops are maybe around 300 – 400 m tall and take around 30 minutes to walk up.

All of them cost money, but I think that is justified as the locals have cut down the forest to make a path.

The view points are everywhere, and there are signs everywhere too, so you will have no trouble finding them.


Paragliding Vang Vieng

If you really want to see how beautiful the landscape around Vang Vieng is, you have to go paragliding. I did this while I was here. Really fun!

There are shops all over town that offer rides. You can get both local pilots and foreigners. I took a foreigner even tho it was a little bit more expensive.

Unfortunately I’ve lost the pictures I took while I was inside the paraglider.


So there you have it. Some of my favorites activities while I was in Vang Vieng in Laos. There are much more stuff to in this little town. I haven’t even touched on the amazing mountain climbing you can do here or all the amazing local food you can get.

Daytime Highlights | Bangkok – Thailand

Have you ever been to Bangkok?

Bangkok might not be the coolest place in Thailand to travel around in. The city suffers from chronic traffic jams and over population. It’s also a very hot and humid place to move around in. People here are not as friendly as other places in Thailand and you won’t find a beach!

Regardless. Bangkok is a big city, and just like any other big city there will be a lot to explore. Temples, markets, the people, the atmosphere, rivers, bars, shopping malls and skybars. The touristy things and the not-so touristy things.

In fact. Bangkok is the most visited city in the world!

It’s a city that must be experienced. For better and worse.

In this post I’ll tell you about some of my favorite daytime things to do in Bangkok.

Eating food

Barbecue food in Bangkok
Barbecue food in Bangkok

Lets start with something simple.


Bangkok is famous for its food, and especially the street food. Literally all over Bangkok you will find an endless variety of street food stalls and restaurants in all shapes and sizes.

Thai food, Korean food, Japanese food, Chinese food and Western food.

Noodles, soups, seafood and rice dishes.

Simple street vendors, small family restaurants, big restaurants in the malls and the big famous chains.

All blended together in an endless myriad of sois, streets, markets and malls.

Bangkok food!
Bangkok food!

Not many cities worldwide can boast about the selection of food you’ll find in Bangkok.

Take the price into consideration then it gets even better! You can eat new and untried food for weeks in this city without running out of options.

I also recommend any hamburger lover who comes to Bangkok to try the hamburgers at Firehouse and Daniel Thaiger. The last one is the best burger I’ve ever had. Hands down.


The Big 3

Artwork at the Grand Palace
Artwork at the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun is the biggest and most famous temples in Bangkok.

Another good thing is that all three of them are just next to each other so you can do all three of them in half a day (of course depending on how much time you spend in each temple studying the beautiful art and architecture).

There are already a ton of travel blogs out there who talk more about these temples so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Do a quick Google search and you’ll find both location and opening times.

Note: There is a popular scam going on outside all three temples. A Thai guy who look like an official figure will tell you that the temple is closed today because of some special Buddha day. This is pure bullshit. The temple is always open for tourists.

The scammer will then offer you a cheap ride with his, or his friends tuktuk to see other temples. But in reality you will be escorted to different gem shops where they will push you to buy stuff.


Siriraj Medical Museum

Siriraj Medical Museum

This is one of the strangest, and most creepy, experiences I’ve had anywhere.

At Siriraj Medical Museum they use real stuffed humans on display for different purposes. I wont go into detail here as I’ve already made a post about this museum.




Not my favorite activity in the world, but man this city is good for shopping. Take the sky train to Siam station where you have no less then 6 malls within a 1 km radius.

Siam Discovery, Siam Center, Siam Paragon, CentralWorld, Siam Square One and MBK.

Take the sky train four stop down to Asoke and you have four more gigantic shopping malls!

My favorite malls are Fortune Town and MBK where you have several floors of electronics. Some shops also sell old retro stuff like Discman and Nokia 3310. Good stuff!

I actually got myself a Nokia 3210 just so I would play Snake. 😀

For a list of all malls in Bangkok check out this article.


You also have a ton of outdoor markets all over Bangkok that sells every imaginable item. Some of my favorites are:

Rod Fai Night Market 2
Chatuchak Market

That first market – Rod Fai 2 – have a cool shop that makes t-shirts with your own print on. I got myself one t-shirt that says “I’m faster than you” on the back in Thai language. I use it when I go running in Chatuchat park.


Chill in the parks

Lumphini Park
Lumphini Park

A side effect of staying in Bangkok for too long is that you want to get the hell out. As I said in the beginning of this post – this place is messy, noisy and polluted.

If you for some reason have no opportunity to get out you could always visit one of the cities parks to see some green.

The two biggest parks are Lumphini and Chatuchak park. I love to go jogging in Chatuchak park on days it’s not too hot.


So there you have it. Some of my favorites things to do in Bangkok. Of course there are many more things to do here, like experiencing the famous nightlife in Bangkok.

You also have a ton of food markets around the city that is really worth experiencing. It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen in Europe. There are big food markets in both Huai Khwang and Klong Toei districts.

Have you been in Bangkok? What did you like?

Feedback on the website’s design

Just a quick question.

What could be better with the design of Goodbye Boring life? What works well, what works good, what doesn’t work at all? Is the text too big or too small? Any opinion?

I think the website look great on a 17″ monitor, but a little bit too big on a 15.4″ monitor. Do someone agree on that?

Any feedback would be sweet if you had the time! Comment in the comment field!


One powerful way to get the girl on the second date

What’s going on guys? 😀

Today I will be telling you what I think is the most powerful method you can use on girls to score a lot of value on your first date so you can bang her on the second date.

I’m thinking back to all the girls I’ve meet the last few years. What have I done with the ones who have been sticking around for a while? Is there a correlation with those girls when it comes to how I acted around them?

I think there is. 

Most of the girls that I’ve dated for many months I didn’t try to bang on the first date.

This was not done deliberately as I usually try to bang a girl as fast as possible. It happened because I didn’t have the time, had to work, was tired or just didn’t feel it.

The girls who end up in that category, the girls I “ditched” on the first date, is ironically the girls who have been around the longest.

I think there are two explanations for this

The willingness to walk away

If you date a girl and you make it clear that you are willing to walk away at any point. You create a ton of value in the girl’s mind. You’ve shifted the status quo from how it usually is; men trying to impress the girls, to, the girl now thinking she has to impress you.

The times where you had a ton of novelty factor in Thailand is gone, especially in Thailand’s biggest cities. Here you are as exiting as a bowl of overcooked rice.


Every time I’ve walked away from the first date, the girls seems to stick around for much longer. That is the power of doing a good first impression.

Never be needy!

Neediness is one of the worst attributes a man can have in the girls eyes. It’s awkward, desperate and weak.

If you show neediness towards a girl you have just proved to her you have nothing else going on in your life but her.

Sure, some girls might get off by that thought, but they are very few. Girls want men who can stand up for themselves, and not clingy and needy weak beta males.

Don't be this guy
Don’t be this guy

But Tim, this is obvious, why are you telling me this?

Not for everyone. Not for everyone.

Last night I was with a girl who told me an insane story abut her friend that had dated a guy from Greece. When her friend met him on the second date he had brought with his parents to persuade the girl to marry him.

He basically told her how much he needed her to be happy and feeling fulfilled. While the guy told his case the parents nodded with everything he said as they also told the girl how much this was true. The parents told her how she had to marry him so he could be a happy man.


I don’t know how to end this post. Just a thought from my side. Don’t be needy guys. It will only make the ladies run away.

Do travel blogs make money? See the numbers for GBL after one year!

I started Goodbye Boring Life roughly one year ago when this post goes online. Since that time this website have gone from having zero readers to having almost 2000 clicks per day.

Most of that traffic is from Google, but I do have some returning readers too. I’m happy for that. 🙂

One year have passed so it’s time to tell my thoughts about travel blogging.

So, do travel blogs make money?

Since I started this website last year I’ve made 2190$ on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly sales. I’ve also made the same amount of money on different jobs that I’ve gotten because of people contacting me through this website.

Since June 2016 I’ve had 255.000 total clicks on the site. Here you can see the traffic week by week since November last year. It’s going up steadily every week. Mostly thanks to organic traffic from Google.

Traffic week by week. Click for bigger picture
Thai Cupid income, click for bigger picture
Thai Friendly Sales
Thai Friendly income, click for bigger picture

Is travel blogging a good way to make money?  


You might think: “Having 4000 bucks extra per year sound really nice. Especially in cheap countries like Thailand”.

Well, think again

This website have taken me hundreds of hours to set up and maintain. I have 117 blog posts as we speak and some of them are over 5000 words long. That stuff takes time to produce.

For some of the posts I have to do keyword research if I want any chance at all to rank for it in Google as it generates free traffic. I also have to do OnPage SEO like putting keywords inside the pictures, have the right amount of text under each header etc etc.

It’s actually much more work than just writing the actual post.

I think travel blogging can be a good business if you become big. However, becoming big today is very hard as the travel blog market is already over-saturated. You will only make it become rich if you have great talent and can capture people’s attentions with your amazing writing, design and photography skills.

What I WILL say is that this Goodbye Boring Life might one day get a lot more traffic from Google, if that happens, I will probably make much more money from the ads I’m running on the site. But that is in no way granted will ever happen.

Do I care that it’s not worth it? 

Nope. I don’t write this blog because of the little money I make. Sure, I have nothing against the money, but I would still be writing this stuff if I didn’t make any money.

Could I make more money?

I could always write a simple e-book where I gather all my most awesome information about where to find hot girls in Bangkok etc etc, then sell it for 5 bucks or something like that. That would probably generate a good chunk per month.

I’m just too lazy to do it right now…

Should you start a travel blog? 

If your intentions is to start a travel blog to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. You’re already wasting your time. You will never succeed.

If your intentions is to create something unique and interesting because you like to do it! What are you waiting for?

Personally I love small travel blogs as they are usually more honest and personal than the big ones who have to constantly think about their reputation as they have big sponsors. Small blogger don’t have to think about that.

You can sign up for domain today then start blogging 25 minutes later. However I do recommend thinking about your brand name before you jump in it. It’s important to have a brand name that is catchy, easy to remember and relevant to your topic.

Other types of niche sites

Setting up a website that gets a couple of thousands clicks per day is not that hard.

I have two more websites (not about travel) that have much more traffic than this side. I obviously wont tell you about those as I spent a ton of time doing keyword research to make it work. I also failed several times with poorly thought out concept.

Do your research. Find your niche. Buy the domain. Set up a few pages and some blog posts. Get traffic from Google by getting backlinks. Backlinks makes you rank. Find something you can sell with the niche.

Profit. 🙂

If you want to get going with niche sites, but have questions, ask in the comment section. I will answer you as soon as I can. 🙂

6 ways Thai women are superior to Western women

Dating beautiful Thai women is a little bit like shooting heroin up your arm. Once you tried it, you have an high probability becoming addicted. I know that’s a pretty stupid comparison but that’s the best I could come up with, so deal with it!

I’ve dated, and I’ve had relationships with several Western woman before I discovered that there is an entire world out there with feminine, gentle and beautiful women who makes women in my home country pale in comparison.

Before I became a well traveled person I had this arrogant attitude that “Scandinavian girls are the best in the world”. Everything outside our borders was dirty, strange and dangerous.

I could not be more wrong.

Fact is that people back home have less sex than any generation for the past 100 years, and 1/4 men under 40 reports erectile dysfunction. I wonder if that can have any correlation with the steady decline of Western women?

Yes, this post will be very generalizing. All I’m talking about in this post are similarities I see among women in Thailand and back home.

Of course you can find sweet and gentle white woman too, it’s just that you are much more likely to find a white women who have gotten fat, taken ugly tattoos, smell alcohol and cigarettes, is possessed with special snowflake syndrome or that they just act so fucking entitled you just want to run away.

In fact. I think that the blonde Scandinavian look is one of the most beautiful looks a girl can have. It’s just to bad most of them show total neglect for their appearance and conduct.

Three Danish girls
Three Danish girls I met on Koh Pha Ngan fucking up their body one ugly tattoo at a time

Ok. So now we have gotten that out of the way. Lets start the class my pupils.

Why are Thai women so awesome?

#1: Thai women know how to take care

I remember my second white girlfriend I had back home in the beginning of my twenties. One morning I woke up with a terrible stomach ache, body ache and mild fever. It was nothing critical or dangerous, but I had some very uncomfortable days.

What was my white girlfriends reaction? “Call me when you’re feeling better and we can be together again. I don’t want to get infected by you”… At that time I didn’t know any better so I tolerated the bad behavior, but had that happened today I would dump her immediately.

I remember I had to nag at her so she would go to the supermarked to pick up painkillers and ready-made soup. When she got back she didn’t even bother to pour hot water into the ready-made soup before she flew out of the door again. I had to get out of my comfortable warm bed, which really is a pain in the ass when you have fever, and do everything myself.

She even asked for the money back for the 3$ ready-made soup.

She was too lazy to pour hot water in my soup, but not lazy enough to ask for 3$. What the hell..

How would a Thai Women react?
Well. I can tell you that right away because I’ve been in the company of a Thai woman several times when I’ve been sick.

A Thai women, the moment you tell her you’re not feeling well, will turn her attention radar 110% towards you. But most likely you don’t need to tell her, because she has already noticed that something is not right.

She will instantly ask you: “What is wrong? Is there anything I can do?” while she observe you for any anomaly.

The moment you tell her what is wrong she will already be out of the door getting medicine, healthy groceries and some snack for you.

You’ve already told her many times that you can take care of yourself, but she still insist taking care of you.

When she come back she will start cooking up a healthy soup for you that taste better than any soup you’ve ever had at any restaurant ever. After she have served the soup she’ll give you the medicine accompanied with lukewarm water and some snacks, then continue to observe you while she look for any improvements.

If you get better she will be happy for you while already planning what you will do together when you’re up and running again.

If you become worse, she will be sad while insisting you go to the doctor.

In 2013 I was on my second trip to Thailand. When I was Chiang Mai I got a terrible stomach flu so I ended up in the hospital because of severe stomach pain.

I girl that I had been talking with a few days found out that I was in the hospital. Out of nowhere she came to my hospital room with home made food and snacks. For the next three hours she just sat next to my bed holding my arm while entertaining me with her very broken but charming English accent.

That will maybe happen in the Western world if you have last stage cancer.

#2: Thai women know how to cook food

I think it’s important that women know how to cook up some basic healthy and tasty dishes from scratch. Women carry children, and she is the one who will take care of them the first years.

It’s important that your children get healthy and nutritious food in the beginning when they grow fast, so they become healthy human beings later in life. Having a strong foundation is important. Just look at obesity among kids in the Western world vs Southeast-Asia.

All Western women I’ve been with had no clue how to cook up basic dishes. They’ve all been living on ready-made food from the supermarkeds and fast food from the big chains. The few girls I know back home who have gotten kids give their kids shitty ready-made food full of chemicals and sugar.

Now… Just have point number 1 and 2 above in your mind, then you ask yourself; what kind of woman would you want raising your kids?

Simple answer.

#3: Thai women know how to make men happy

A Thai monk from about a hundred and sixty years ago, Sunthorn Phu (d. 1855) have been guiding Thai women on how they should behave and act in society. His writings are still relative today.

He is one of old Siam’s most revered poets and philosophers, and his premise “Maxim for the Conduct of Ladies” has been passed on from mother to daughter and taught to girls in Thai schools since the days of Rama V (the great King of Thailand in the 19th century that brought Siam into the modern world).

All Thai women, whether they are a bar girl, a teacher, a lawyer or even the Prime Minister of Thailand continue to practice some of these maxims in their everyday life.

These maxims guide Thai women on everything from how they should move their hips, how they should swing their arms, how they should talk in public to how they should behave around men.

The result of all these maxims is that Thai women are very pleasant human beings to be around until this day.

Here are some more stuff Thai women will do that certainly will make you feel appreciated:

  • When you are out eating together, and your glass is empty. She will fill it up.
  • When your shirt is curly she will straight it out for you, and if you spill something on yourself she will do her best to remove it.
  • When you loose money on the floor, she will pick it up, and if your hair gets messed up by the wind, she will fix it up.
  • She will constantly touch you gently with her arms guiding you around so you don’t hit anything.

#4: Thai women are feminine, gentle and care about their appearance

You will never see a Thai woman out in public in a hoodie three sizes too big or worn out sweatpants. That’s something I see back home all the time. I Thai girl will always make sure her appearance is on the mark whenever she’s out in public.

Thai girls dress cute, sharp and clean.

You can only choose one
You can only choose one

She will usually wear simple but beautiful dresses that promotes her femininity and gentleness.

Thai women care a lot about their body too, and will never let their it go to hell with obesity, tattoos or piercings.

A well maintained female body is in fact a masterpiece just the way it is. No need to do anything with something so perfect.

#5: Thai women want children

Self explanatory.

There is something terrible wrong with the Western world when it breeds a generation of girls who don’t want children.

Ask any teenager or young women in the Western world if they want kids, and they will most likely answer no or just become very insecure, like it’s something shameful to wish.

Ask any Thai girl and you’ll get a loud and confident “of course” while she look at you like you’re crazy for even asking such a question.

#6: Thai women are easy going

But maybe the most important trait of Thai women is that they are easy going.

They will never stress, nag or dwell on anything for an eternity and she will not over analyze every little situation beyond insanity.

Any girl who is constantly stressed, nagging, or just not enjoying life can easily sap the joy out of yours too.

Not worth it!


There are several more reasons why Thai women are superior to Western women, but after reading this you should have a good idea what is waiting for you down here.

If you’ve already been in Thailand. What did you like about Thai women? Tell me in the comment section I would love to hear!

How to find a Thai girlfriend online

Having a Thai girlfriend is a little bit like taking heroin. Once you have tried it, it’s almost impossible to stop. There are many reasons why Thai girls are so addictive and pleasant to be around, but that is a topic for another time.

Every man should experience dating a Thai girl at least once in their lifetime.

If you want to meet Thai women for free. With that I mean Thai girls who want to hang out with you without you paying for it, then online dating is your best bet. Especially if you’re coming over for a shorter vacation. Dating apps are truly powerful methods to meet a ton of beautiful Thai girls.

You can sign up today and within a few hours you can be chatting with several beautiful Thai ladies and even have video calls if you add them on Line or Facebook Messenger.

Thai women seeking men

Another wonderful thing with Internet is that you can start to chat up girls before you come to Thailand. That way you don’t need to waste your time in paradise chasing girls indoors in malls when you could be on the beach with a beautiful girl you found online.

Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly are the biggest dating sites out there for Thailand with around 1.000.000 members each.

In my opinion it doesn’t matter who you sign up for. They are equal good. However I did a comparison here if you are unsure what is the best dating site Thailand for you.

Click the links under to sign up for free. 

Thai Friendly

How to meet Thai girls

Thai Cupid

How easy is it to hook up with a girl? 

It’s so easy that if I told you, you would not believe me. My biggest culture shock when I came to Thailand the first time was just this; how easy it was to hook up with girls, make friends and hang out with people. People were genuinely interested getting to know you. Finding a Thai girlfriend is fun and easy!

No I’m not saying that every girl on these sites will jump on your dick the moment you say hi to them but if you work on your profile and try to stand out from the regular Joe you can have a really good time.

Online dating in Thailand is nothing like the online dating in the Western world. I’ve written why I think dating sites work so well already.

In the Western world it can take days, maybe weeks, before you even get a girl on a date. If you sign up for Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly now, you could have a date ready tomorrow. I am not exaggerating this.

Here is five steps on how you can drastically improve your game with Thai girls:

  1. Dress sharp
  2. Exercise
  3. Stand out from the regular tourist
  4. Learn Thai
  5. Have fun

Read more here

What types of girls are at online dating site? 

I would say that 95% of the girls that are on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly are regular girls that are just looking for a boyfriend or a giik (fuckfriend). Some are just looking for a friend too.

Once in a while you will get some kind of sex offer from a girl with money involved, but if you are not interested in that just ignore it.

Other posts I’ve made about dating ‘real’ girls in Thailand

Thailand girlfriend for a week

Are you ready to meet your dream girl or just ready for some Thai flirting? Thai girls are easy-going, feminine, love to have fun and travel around. There is a reason why almost all men who come to Thailand, will continue to travel Thailand for many years to come.

Sign up today, start to flirt with Thai girls, find your dream girlfriend. There is a lot of Thai women seeking men out there. 🙂

Check out my new book ‘Game Dynamics in Thailand’. It will teach you everything you need to know to become good with the ladies in Thailand.

Game Dynamics in Thailand

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For every penny I make on this site I can spend less time grinding in other ways. That way I can pump out more content, guides and information for you to enjoy!

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Should you travel slow or fast?

I reader just sent me a question asking if he should stay in Chiang Mai for 5 weeks, or if he should split it up and breeze through several locations all over Thailand a week at a time. I think that was a really good question so I will give my thoughts on it!

I think that question depends on a million factors. Where are you travelling in the world? Are you traveling alone? What is your budget? What’s your purpose of travel? How long will you be abroad? What makes you happy?

Why we travel

I travel for many reasons, but my two main reasons is that my hometown sucks and that I love to meet people and experience new places, cultures, women, food and art.

The world is a big place. Why the hell would I stay inside a cubicle taking orders from a manager I hate? If you are unlucky your job has been replaced by AI robots within a few years anyways so you better start working on that alternative income!

This is 2017! It’s not that hard to make money online if you use your imagination a little bit. There is no excuse to postpone.

Every place is unique and I want to see and experience it all!

Nothing makes me more happy than to arrive on a new location that I know nothing about, ready to be explored! It’s the best feeling there is!

If you have read anything on this blog you probably already know what my answer will be regarding slow or fast travel.

I usually always travel slow. Very slow.

I’ve spent the last two years mostly in Bangkok, I’ve also spent a decent amount of time on both Koh Pha Ngan and Koh Chang. Whenever I go outside Bangkok I usually spend 3-4 weeks in each location I go. Sometimes more if it’s fun, sometimes less if it sucks.

White Sand Beach Viewpoint - Koh Chang
White Sand Beach Viewpoint – Koh Chang

Benefits of travelling slow

First of. What is slow? I think if you stay in each location more than 1 month you are traveling slow. That’s what it takes for me to get a good feel for a place. Yesterday I passed my first month on Koh Chang. I’m loving this island more and more for each day that passes.

Inside a cave deep inside Laos
Inside a cave deep inside Laos

Budget and saving money
Traveling slow will obviously save you a lot of money in the long run. Travelling in itself cost a lot of money. If you are travelling around in Southeast Asia all the worst people who just want as much money as possible out of you linger around bus stations and other travel hubs ready to rip you off.

The bungalow I’m renting now cost 650 baht if I would rent it day by day on Agoda. However, I called up the reception before I came here asking for a monthly rate. That rate was 6000 baht!

Just by agreeing beforehand with the landowner that I’m staying long time made my accommodation over 3 times cheaper. That’s a lot of money saved when you are constantly on the road like I am.

I also got the motorbike I’m renting for half price!

Another benefit of traveling slow is that you’ll find out where all the good, clean and cheap food is.

The first week I was here I was eating my lunch at a restaurant where it costed 150 baht for a garlic dish that I really like, then a local girl that I met some days later asked me why the hell I was eating there as the restaurant 200 m further down the road had the same dish for 50 baht!

Boooom..!! 3 times cheaper food also!

The locals will show much more interest
Usually the first thing the locals will ask you when you arrive at hotels, restaurants, bars etc is how long you stay.

If you answer “3 days” you’re just another ATM.

If you answer “minimum 4 weeks” you are a potential friend or date if you are talking with a girl.

Everyday you meet the same people the places you go and the places you eat. You start talking with the locals and before you know it you have a new friend. New relationships will evolve and at some point you will start to hang out with locals that will show you around.

Moving around is exhausting
I hate to move around from city to city. It’s boring, tiresome, your ass hurts from sitting too much and people try to rip you of at every opportunity at the travel hubs.

Airplanes are delayed, buses are delayed, taxis get stuck in traffic and tuktuks just suck!

Usually if I have been moving around all day I have no energy when the night comes to do anything. So that makes me want to move around as little as possible.


A big reason why I traveled to Asia is because I have yellow fewer. I love Asian girls.

If you’re moving around every third day it’s obvious that dating will not work. You can of course stay clear of normal girls and only go with P4P girls, but that gets very shallow and boring in the long run.

Real relationships with girls that want to fuck you is much more fun imo.

You can only get that if you travel slow and stay at one location over a longer period of time. The sex is also better with regular girls as you learn from each other what you like in bed.

You can also take her for a HIV test so you can drop that awful condom!


Benefits of travelling fast

If I had traveled like most tourist I meet. I would have been in every damn city of Southeast-Asia by now. However this would be very expensive and unsatisfying for me.

I would only see the stuff that I have already seen in the travel magazines and the big mainstream travel sites like TripAdvisor. There would be zero surprises!

I would only have time to say hello to people before I had to say goodbye again.

I mean… Getting to know the locals is the best thing you can do to get real and everlasting memories.

So, when should you travel fast? 

I think if you’re on a big budget or you only have 2 or 3 weeks abroad anyways. You can just as well check out more places as you wont get a feel for one place in 3 weeks anyways.

Except for that I can’t really find any great benefits on traveling fast. It’s expensive and shallow. Sure, it’s cool to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris on a weekend trip, but that will probably not be an everlasting memory that stays with you until you die.

The best memories I have is when I was with real people that I met on the road doing unique and spontaneous things.

So my advice to anyone who wants unique experiences while traveling abroad is; travel slow, dig in and enjoy every second of it! No need to hurry!

Daytime Highlights | Koh Chang – Thailand

Welcome to this new series on Goodbye Boring Life. In these posts I’ll start to write about my favorite daytime things to do where ever I am and other interesting things.

Look at these posts like “top 5 things to do at x location” or ” Travelling x”. You get the point here. 😀

As I’ve already said in the nightlife guide for Koh Chang:

Koh Chang is the greatest island in Thailand. 

I’ve been to all the biggest islands in Thailand and also some small ones that no one have heard of like Koh Yao Noi, Koh Yao Yai and Koh Wai.

Let me tell you. If you want island life; relaxing, clean nature, chill vibe, beaches, a tropical theme and decent nightlife with occasionally peaks; go to Koh Chang!

Below I will present to you my favorite things to do on Koh Chang (Chang means elephant in Thai and Koh means island)

Note that the majority of people (both Thai and foreigners) stay on the West side of the island. There is not really much going on at the East side. Just a handful of resorts, a shooting range, some small villages and some desolate beaches. I do recommend taking the trip over to the East side, but I would never stay in the resorts there as I would be bored to death.

Exploring the island by motorcycle

Scooters, motorbikes, off-road bikes, Harley’s and heavier bikes. You can rent everything on Koh Chang. However most people are happy with a 125cc motorbike or scooter.

You can rent a 125 motorbike all over the island for 150 – 250 baht depending on where you are (cheaper the more South you go).

Driving a motorbike on Koh Chang is fun. You have a ton of hills, sharp curves and long stretches you can go cruisin’. Most of the hills and curves are on the West side while the long stretches are on the East side.

There are many waterfalls, rivers, viewpoints and small villages all over the island ready to be explored. The cheapest and most convenient way to explore all this is by motorcycle. Renting a taxi for a day, or per trip, would cost much much more than 250 baht per day.

There are also several dirt roads that goes deep inside the jungle of Koh Chang. However I don’t recommend messing around on those roads without a local guide as there are many hazards. Steep hills, broken roads, snakes, spiders, wild animals and cliffs.

Long streches
Long streches