6 reasons not to move to Thailand

Coming to Thailand for the first time is a powerful experience that few men ever forgets. Especially if you’re a white dude with a middle-class tourist budget.

Your reality goes from being a middle-class working horse living in a boring suburb to living an intense lifestyle with treats and dopamine triggers on every corner.

How asian babeSuddenly you have unlimited access on beautiful feminine exotic Asian babes, you can eat the best food in the world to the fraction of the price, you walk on white beaches while you look out on crystal clear blue water while you holding around your temporary girlfriend.

Can it be better..? No. It can’t quite honestly. Describing how Thailand feels like for the first time is next to impossible. You have to experience it.

For me it was so good that I had no other choice but to move here, and in 2015 I did! I had the best time of my life, and I still have today!

But something happened over time…

Time passed by and the novelty of staying in Thailand started to brush off. That intense vibe of being in Thailand disappeared, it was no longer the adventure it once was. I started to feel home.

Then more time passed by and I started to get pissed of by things I earlier never realized was a problem. I noticed things that I could never notice on a regular vacation.

The facade started to burst.

Here are a few things that could be deal breakers for me if I knew about it before I moved to Thailand in 2015. Maybe it can help you making better decision..?


1: VISA runs

If you’re over 50 years old, and have access to the Retirement VISA you can ignore this point.

For all us other people that stay in Thailand without having a ‘real job’, whatever that means, will get fed up with the VISA situation. It was fun in the beginning as a good excuse to see other countries, but now after two years it’s just a pain in the ass to be honest.

VISA run to Laos with train
VISA run to Laos with train

Every three months I have to fly out of Thailand, find a Thai embassy, waste an entire day convincing the bureaucrats that I have my own business online, and that I don’t work illegally in Thailand.

Besides, why would anyone from the Western world work illegally in Thailand? The pay is shit and you have no free time. No thanks!

I have to bring updated bank statements, statements from customers, fill out a ton of stupid forms and sit at some pub for one night waiting for the visa to be ready the next day.

Why do they make so much trouble for us? It’s not like I’m here to steal social benefits from the government or to start riots in the street. I only want to mind my own business.

I make my own money from outside Thailand, and I spend them inside Thailand. I make Thailand richer. They should give me free VISA and a cake.

On my last two VISA runs I have been thinking more and more about leaving Thailand. In the Philippines I’ve heard it’s super easy to get VISA’s and you don’t need to leave the country when you want to extend, and people there are much better in English too.

In Cambodia you can just buy a one year multi-entry business VISA, no questions asked, and you can stay for one year. However, Cambodia is too rural for me so I could never live there long term.

Maybe it’s time to find new pastures..?


2: Friends, expats and locals

Most expats in Thailand are total shit heads. Old bitter cunts that sit in the bar from morning to night. They have no hobbies or goals in life as they are lazy fuckheads that live off minimum pension from their home country. Go inside any forum about Thailand and you understand what I mean. Some of these guys have been here for over 10 years and they don’t know one fucking word of Thai except “Sa wat dee Krap”.


I’ve heard that you become the average of the 5 best friends you have. I don’t want to become like those lazy cuntz so I will stay far away thank you. I don’t want anything to do with them.

Finding good expat friends in Thailand is very hard in my opinion. I have three expat friends that I consider friends, one of them I consider a good friend that I would trust with all my money. That took me almost two years to build up. Thailand attracts so many weird guys with all kinds of baggage, so I’m very careful with who I trust and tell shit to.

There are many old vicious fat expats out there who can’t stand that a young handsome guy like me make all my money online making me free as a bird, while they had to work all their life in a boring factory job just to collect a small pension in their old days.

Tell the wrong bitter guy about your business, and you end up having stalker that will do whatever he can to ruin your life.

If people ask me what I do I usually just say I’m here on a three week vacation.

Finding good local Thai friends can also be hard in my opinion. Thailand is a Buddhist country in Southeast-Asia, not a Christian country in the Western World. Their reasoning, values and thinking are very different from the Western world.

If you want to get involved with local people, build up a network and get friends, you HAVE to learn the Thai language. Go out to eat with a group of Thai people and they will ONLY talk Thai, even they KNOW you are there and all of them have GOOD English skills.


3: Bullshit, drama and jealousy

Local people are a chapter for themselves. And as you probably already know, Thai people are very friendly, they always smile and they rarely make any trouble.

That is until you break trough the facade and realize that all this politeness and smiling is just that, mostly a facade.

The truth is, Thai people are some of the biggest drama queens on the planet. They constantly make drama, backstab each-other, are jealous and put out false rumors. All the social circles I’ve been in down here have been just like that more or less.

“We can’t go there today because right now person X has a problem with person Y, and person Y is there today..” bla bla..

It’s an endless loop of drama and backtalk. And no one ever confronts anyone about anything because then they ‘loose face’. It’s just an endless circle of backtalk and drama that’s going on in the background, but when everyone meet each other nothing is wrong and everyone is smiling. It’s really bizarre to witness.

“He said that, so that means she will do like that, so that means you said X but really means Y…” you get the deal here..

This is not really that big of a problem, it’s just tiresome if someone drag you into it. You get endless messages in Facebook and Line about stupid shit you don’t want to spend time on. You get invited into stupid group-chats where people talk about how to solve the stupid drama, where everyone talk in Thai anyways so you don’t understand 80% of it because all of them write so fucking fast.

Normally most drama is forgotten and forgiven after a couple of days / weeks.

The best you can do is to just ignore it, and try to not get involved. To be honest, when Thai people start their drama, all I hear is this:


4: Constantly getting ripped off

You’ve been a good boy and learned the Thai language so you can learn more about this amazing country and culture?

It says: "Thai people 50 baht" under.
It says: “Thai people 50 baht” in Thai under.

Well, congratulation. Now you realize just how much you’re getting ripped of on a daily basis all year long all over Thailand.

As soon as I go outside my regular path (where the locals know me), I get constantly ripped off. It happens ALL THE FUCKIN TIME.

Let’s say I order a Goay Tiaw (noodles) from a street vendor somewhere I’ve never been. I see the price (in Thai) that it costs 40 baht. When I’m done eating and I want to pay the dude quickly says “60 baht”…

I’m thinking ‘he’s probably just an asshole’. Then right after his six year old daughter runs over to him giving him a hug making him smile big. Ohh… So he’s not an asshole, but he still ripped me off. Nice!

On my last VISA run to Laos I took the third class train back down to Bangkok because I wanted to go from city to city.

There are people on the train that sell food, water, soda etc.

Suddenly I hear a lady yell ‘mee naam yen yen sib baht naa kaa’.

This basically means ‘I have water only 10 baht”. The train is a hot place so I run over to the lady telling her I want a bottle of water.

’30 baht’ she answers. She say this without flinching, and the people around me just look another direction or smile. What they don’t know is that I understand everything of what’s going on here.

Both of these rips-offs are just 20 baht (0.5$). Why do you care Tim? It’s almost no money.

That’s true. It’s not much, but it does add up when it happens several times daily all year.

By the way. I don’t really blame the Thai people. They work very hard and long days. Many border to poverty. They probably think I’m just a regular tourist on a big tourist budget. I get it..

But sill… Taxi drivers, motorbike taxis, street vendors, train staff, hookers, bars girls, restaurants… ++

It adds up, it fucking irritates me and it make me feel I’m not welcome in Thailand.


5: You loose touch with reality..

Read my intro again for this post.

“Coming to Thailand for the first time is a powerful experience that few men ever forgets. Especially if you’re a white dude with a middle-class tourist budget.”

The reason coming to Thailand for the first time is a powerful experience don’t change, it just becomes your new normal. You get used to girls jumping on your dick from every direction, you get used to getting treated like a little king and you get used to hot girls doing your laundry without asking for it.

Choosing a girl from the gogo-stage becomes just as normal as going to 7/11 picking out what potato chips you want..

And I don’t think that is a good thing.

Last week I met a young guy in his early twenties in Bangkok. He owned real estate and he used the profit from that to live in Thailand. This guy was on a pretty hardcore “I’m the shit” trip.

This dude would be a total loser in the Western world in every aspect, but because how he gets treated down here by whores he really believed he was a cool guy.

He looked like a homeless dude, he smelled like shit, he was cringe af, no humor and he had strange ticks in his face, but still he talked about himself like he was a fucking God and had amazing game with regular girls and hookers.

People like that will have a brutal wake up call one day and half of them end up jumping from Mike’s shopping mall in Pattaya.

I hope I’m pretty good at keeping a grip on the reality. I know I’m no casanova or special, I’m just a white dude in Asia. I do realize that this lifestyle is a “fake lifestyle” in many aspects, and I’m also prepared that something might happen one day that forces me to move back home living a much more reclined lifestyle.

However, many people that move to Thailand, or that stay her for longer periods lose grip on reality, and start to have bigger thoughts about themselves than what is healthy. They never land back on the ground, not even when they get back home.

That’s not good.


6: Pollution

The pollution in Southeast-Asia is absolutely horrendous. Three months after I moved to Bangkok, my nose started clog up and itch, and it’s still like that to this day. Sometimes when I clean my nose the mucus that comes out is not yellow / green, but light/dark gray. It’s disgusting.

Pollution in Bangkok

In Northern Europe we have strict rules about emission. A bad day in my hometown is a good day here in Bangkok.

And Bangkok is not even that bad. Vang Vieng, Siam Reap and many other cities around Southeast-Asia is much much worse.

Exhaust, hover dust from the roads, cooking fumes, cigarettes, smoke combined with sky high humidity levels. It’s no joke.

When I was driving my motorbike around in Vang Vieng I had trouble keeping my eyes up because of all the dust in the air. I actually bought a medical mask that day because I was afraid I would get some type of breathing attack while driving. The same is true for Siam Reap in Cambodia.

Just let me tell you. Breathing is something you take for granted until you can’t fucking breath because you cough up black mucus lumps while you having a itching attack.

People might laugh at me for wearing a medical mask, some even say to me I’m ‘wannabe’ local what ever that means lol.

Lets see who laughs in 30 years when I’m out running in the park while you are connected to a breathing apparatus.


Living in Asia is not perfect. However, the positive aspects of this lifestyle beats the negative aspects in my opinion. Down here I can be 100% location independent. I don’t have to meet up at some boring job everyday. That’s a freedom I’m willing to sacrifice a lot for.

I can live with occasional VISA runs and a little bit drama for that type of freedom.

I have the same buying power, if not more, than of what I had home. I’m also able to save more money here as everything is much cheaper.

5 ways to meet and date Lao girls

Lao girls has to be the most stunning girls in Southeast-Asia in my opinion. They carry themselves with such style and elegance that I took myself in staring at groups of Lao women that walked past me.

The Lao language is very similar to how they talk in northeast of Thailand (Isaan). I’ve also read that the girls in Laos look very similar to the girls in Isaan. But, I have to disagree. I think they looked much more Chinese than they looked Thai or Isaan. They were taller, slimmer, had big lips and very white skin.

The sinh
The sinh

I spoke with several Lao girls while I was in Laos, and they are much more shy than Thai girls. Most are very conservative and many wear the traditional dress called ‘the sinh’. I love these traditional dresses. They are not supposed to be sexy, and they certainly don’t show much skin or curves. But I still find them sexy in a strange way. 😀



Here are some ideas on how you can meet and date Lao girl inside and outside of Laos.


1: Meet them in Laos

Duuh. No shit Tim. Why are you telling me this?

Here’s the deal. Going to Laos to meet Lao girls might not be as fun as you think. Most of them are very conservative and you’ll probably have a hard time hooking up. If you are coming from Thailand, where just being white is enough for endless amount of pussy, you’re going to loose your motivation fast in Laos.

Here is another problem with dating Lao girls in Laos.


Yes, you heard that right. Banging a Lao woman can get you in serious trouble with the law. Tourists have paid up to 5000$ in fines while the girl you banged risk ending up in prison without trial for a long time.

Just read this quote:

Relationship with Lao citizens: Lao law prohibits sexual contact between foreign citizens and Lao nationals except when the two parties have been married in accordance with Lao Family Law. Any foreigner who enters into a sexual relationship with a Lao national risks being interrogated, detained, arrested, or fined. Lao police have confiscated passports and imposed fines of up to $5,000 on foreigners who enter into unapproved sexual relationships. The Lao party to the relationship may be jailed without trial. Foreigners are not permitted to invite Lao nationals of the opposite sex to their hotel rooms; police may raid hotel rooms without notice or consent.

Fucked up? Yes!

When I traveled between Vientiane, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang I saw several police check points where police checked people’s documents. At one point my bus was also stopped and two police officers came inside the bus to inspect. There was a white dude who was traveling around with a Thai girl. She was asked to show her passports so the police could check if she was Lao national.

As soon as you get outside the bigger cities of Laos there is nothing but small villages where people live in huts. Most roads are gravel, and not asphalt. I saw a lot of beautiful woman out of my bus window but dating them would be impossible because of Lao Family Law. These people live in small communities where everyone knows everything about each other. Let me give you an example:

When I was driving around outside Vang Vieng people knew I was coming before I arrived. Everyone was constantly talking with people on their phones talking about stuff that is happening around them. So if you ever tried to date a girl outside the bigger cities, everyone would know it instantly.

If you absolutely want to date Lao girls in Laos the capital Vientiane would be your best spot in my opinion, but you have to be very careful as many hotels will call the authorities on you as soon as you enter your hotel room with a Lao chick.


2: Vientiane

Mekong promenade in Vientiane

Vientiane is the city in Laos you will have the most luck dating Lao girls. The city has a small dating scene that is going on in the most popular bars and nightclubs. Here you will find Lao girls that can speak English, are open minded, Westernized and educated.

Still, you have to be careful as you never know if the girl can be on team with the local authorities. Set-ups do happen unfortunately.

A lot of Lao girls was hanging out around the Mekong promenade around sunset time. Girls would sit for themselves playing with their phone, reading a book or just watching the sunset. I guess hooking up with some of them would be very possible if you found one that talks a little bit English.

Check out nightlife guide for Vientiane here. (Coming soon)


3: Meet Lao girls in Thailand

You will probably have much more success dating Lao girls in Thailand. The fact that the girl went all the way to Thailand to look for greener grass is a good teller that she’s a little bit more ‘adventurous’ than the average Lao girl that never left her village or family.

Not only that, in Thailand you wont get arrested for banging Lao chicks. That’s a huuuge advantage. 🙂 1 point to Thailand there.

So where can you meet Lao girls in Thailand?

They are in fact more places than you think. They are just hard to spot as they look similar to Thai people and there is no orange poster in their forehead blinking “LAO”.

Here where I live now in Bangkok there are 2 girls from Lao working as housekeepers together with a girl from Myanmar. They do laundry, cleaning and other simple tasks for the people who live here.

Most Lao girls who come to Thailand work illegally, so you won’t find them in any big established businesses like H&M or McDonald’s. Most of them work in small family businesses in bigger cities such as Bangkok.

I also met a lot of Lao girls in cities in Isaan. Nong Khai, Udon Thani and Khon Kean to mention some of them.


4: Dating sites

There is a lot of Lao girls on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly. Many will write in their profile that they are Lao national but working in Thailand. So you should look for that.

There is no dating site that targets only Lao girls, but if you sign up for Asian Dating you can sort by country, choose Laos, and get up a lot of girls that lives in Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.

Worth a shot. 🙂


5: In Thailand’s bar scene

A lot of girls from Laos come to Thailand to make quick cash in Thailand’s redlight districts. Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket are hot spots.

I’ve met several cute Lao girls in bars all over Thailand. But in Isaan, especially Nong Khai and Udon Thani there seems to be a bigger concentration of them than Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. Probably because it’s much closer to Laos geographically.


So as you can see. You have some choices if you want to date Lao girls. However, it’s much harder compared to lets say Thailand. The law is against you and most girls are very conservative that lives with their family until they get married.

Nightlife, drugs and Lao girls in Vang Vieng

Just came back to Thailand after a week in Laos. My VISA were up and I needed to get a new one.  I’m currently relaxing in Nong Khai after a wild week. However, Songkran is starting tomorrow so it wont be much time for relaxing.

Vang Vieng is a place I’ve never heard about until I came to the capital of Laos. When I was at my hotel a guy told me about this crazy town 150km north of the capital where you can pretty much do anything you want.

Drugs are sold blatantly in many bars. Alcohol is basically free. You can drive drunk and high. In daytime people are tubing down the river, while the locals set up temporary bars along the riverbank where you can get wasted on alcohol, marihuana, mushrooms, opium and laughing gas.

OF COURSE I had to check out such as place. I jumped on a bus and 4 hours later I arrived just before sunset. 😀

Vang Vieng

Nightlife in Vang Vieng

The Blue Lagoon

Vang Vieng is a paradise for backpackers and other people who like to take it to the edge. People start drinking at 10 am while tubing down the river. They continue to do this until the bars open at around sunset.

You will find bars all over Vang Vieng. Small bars, big bars, simple nightclubs, restaurants and hostels that serve alcohol. However, some bars are more popular than others, and some bars have more ‘happy stuff’ on the menu. I will tell you everything you need in this nightlife guide for Vang Vieng.

Most bars open around 19.00 when it gets dark and are open until after midnight.

Popular bars

Sakura Bar

Sakura Bar
Sakura Bar

Sakura bar is probably the most popular bar in town. The reason is simple. They offer totally free drinks from 19.00 to 20.00. There is no twist or condition. Just meet up in the bar at this time, and you will get free whisky for an entire hour.

The bar has a cool design with a dancing floor in the middle, while in the backyard there is a big area with lower volume you can sit while talking with people. In the front there was long tables where people played beer pong.

Free drinks: 19.00 – 20.00
Happy hour: 20.00 – 21.00
Open: 19.00 – 00.00


Viva Pub

Viva Pub
Viva Pub

Viva Pub is another popular bar in Vang Vieng. This place offer free drinks from 22.00 to 23.00. Everyday there was a stream of people who walked from Sakura Bar to Viva Pub so they could get the free drinks there also.

This place is more like a nightclub. There is almost no seating, just a big dance floor indoors. The sound system is decent, but I think they played waaay to loud.

Free drinks: 22.00 – 23.00
Happy hour: 23.00 – 00.00
Open: 20.00 – 01.00


Offbeat Club

Offbeat Club
Offbeat Club

This place had just opened. It looked pretty dope. The sound system was awesome and the decorations and lights looked very good.

However, one thing was missing; people.

And I think I know the reason. Most people who come to Vang Vieng are backpackers on very low budgets. People drank as much as they could when Sakura Bar and Viva Pub had free drinks, just to save some bucks.

Then most people stayed those bars after free drinks as there was already a lot of people there and a lot of fun.

Free drinks: –
Happy hour: –
Open: 20.00 – 01.00


There was a lot of hot girls all around town every night. Thai girls, Chinese girls, Korean girls, Japanese girls and Western girls. At midnight most of them was so wasted on alcohol and mushrooms that you could literally pull them out of the bar and guide them gently to your bedroom.

The same is true for the guys. They were way too wasted and did not really hit on girls. So if you take it a little bit easy on the drugs you have a big advantage. You can get a lot of flags in this town.


Alternative bars

Milan Pizza

Milan Pizza
Milan Pizza

Milan Pizza is just on the opposite side of Viva bar. This place was not popular because of free drinks or an awesome dance floor.

Milan Pizza is one of the few bars that offers a ‘happy menu’. Marihuana, opium and mushrooms can be bought here at any time when the bar is open. As long as you take the drugs inside the bar police will not harass you.

You could also buy happy pizza, happy soup or happy pancake. It’s really up to you.


Rasta bar

Rasta bar
Rasta bar

Just like Milan Pizza. This place offer an alternative menu with a lot of different drugs.

This place blast out reggae all day long.

This was the only place I saw that is making fruit shakes with mushrooms or marihuana.




Space bar

Space Bar
Space Bar

This was probably the most popular bar in Vang Vieng that offered an alternative meny.

This place was full of people from early afternoon until midnight. Just being close to this bar, and you could smell the marihuana.




I’m all for legalizing drugs. I think adults should have the right to decide what substance they want to poison their body with. Alcohol or whatever. Taking drugs is an act without a victim, and it’s just stupid to punish people for it. Save the prisons for the rapists and murderers.

When that is said. People react very different on different drugs, and when you take more than one drug at a time it can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you are not used to taking drugs. Every night there was people freaking out after taking mushrooms. Mushrooms is not dangerous, but it will make you see and feel things you probably aren’t prepared for.

Also. Always stay inside the bars. As soon as you go outside the bars with any drugs, there are local police / mafia in civilian that will pull you away and take you to the police station.

The current bribe for getting busted with drugs in Vang Vieng is 5 million kip (600 dollar). That is roughly a one year salary for an average police man in Laos, and it will absolutely hurt most people’s travel budgets.


Special Events

Jungle Party

Jungle Party
Jungle Party

Every Friday night there is a jungle party around 3 km outside town. There is a dance floor that is decorated in trees and bushes, a African man that plays drums and several bars where you can buy alcohol.

Every bar sell tickets to the event. Tuktuk drivers pick up people outside Viva Pub and Milan Pizza.



Bar along the river

Tubing is another very popular activity in Vang Vieng. You basically take a tuk-tuk 4km upstream, then you tube down the river until you reach the town again. A long the river bank there will be many temporary bars set up where you can take a drinking break from the tubing.

I’ve heard this activity was much wilder in the old days with hundreds, even thousands of people tubing down the river daily. Then people started to die and it hit the international news. NGO’s started to complain then everything got shut down.

However, there are still some tubing activities going on, and personally I think it was pretty wild even today.


Hookers in Vang Vieng

There is a redlight district hidden just outside town. I found this place totally random while driving around on my motorbike.

It was about 7-10 small stalls with around 5 to 10 girls in each. I asked mamasan about prices. It could be anything from 150.000 to 750.000 kip. The white skinned girls was the most expensive, if she was hot or not didn’t matter.

There was a lot of cute young girls here. They looked really confused when I came there so I don’t think white guys come there very often. I did see some guys go with girls here the 15 minutes I was here, all was Asian guys.

Freelancers in Vang Vieng

There were freelancers in the bars and in the streets. However, many of them were ladyboys from Thailand coming here to party and maybe make som extra cash on the side. I also met som Thai girls that would go with me to the hotel for 1500 baht.

However, I didn’t see the need as there were plenty of drunk girls around ready for some fun for free.

Happy ending massage

I had several massages when in the parlors that was close to the popular bars. None of them offered any type of happy ending. You even shared room with other men so something more ‘fun’ would not be possible here.

Several tuktuk drivers offered me to take me to ‘good massage’, so I’m sure there exist something, but I didn’t find it myself.


Lao girls in Vang Vieng

Soo.. What’s up with Lao girls?

Lao girls has to be some of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever encountered. They carry themselves with such style and elegance that you just end up staring at them until it gets almost creepy. I almost drove of the road several times when I drove past groups of Lao girls.

I talked with several Lao girls, and while they were shy, their smiles could light up the dark side of the moon. Not to forget that they were very friendly. Most of them wear the traditional dress, the sinh, that covers up most of their body.

This dress is not supposed to be sexy, but I still found it sexy in a strange way. 😀

They are all tall, skinny, have big lips, big smiles, perfect make up, red lips and perfect posture.

There is just one big problem….


Yes, you need to be married and have the proper documents in order before you can bang a Lao chick. I met several cute Lao chicks in the bars around Vang Vieng, but I was very hesitant on bringing them back to my hotel.

I talked with many of the foreigners that worked in the bars there, and it’s totally normal that the hotels call the cops as soon as you enter with a Lao girl. They will raid your hotel while you are banging her, and they will meet up with flashlights and cameras so they have proof.

Any foreigners who bang a Lao chick risks paying up to 5000 dollars in fines / bribes to local police chiefs. That’s big money… 🙁

Not only that. The girl you banged risks ending up in prison without trial for a very long time and she will be considered ‘de-flowered’ by her entire village. Not cool.

If you want to meet Lao girls you are much better of in Thailand. There is a ton of them there. You wont get in trouble for banging them in Thailand and their family still think they are virgins. In Nong Khai and Udon Thani there are ton of Lao girls that works in bars and restaurants. Take your pick.


Daytime activities

There is a lot of activities in daytime except tubing. The scenery in Vang Vieng is some of the most beautiful and untouched nature I have ever seen. You have blue lagoons, caves, mountain tops, rural villages and amazing scenery everywhere ready to be explored!

Renting a motorbike is cheap and just as easy as in Thailand. Traffic is very calm so I absolutely recommend doing that.

Here are some scenery pictures I took on this trip. Click the pictures for full size.

If you are thinking about doing some serious exploring with motorbike I do recommend buying a medical mask. This place is very dusty and you will get itchy in your throat after some days.

You also want to be back before sunset as there are no street lights as soon as you are outside Vang Vieng. Most villages don’t even have electricity.


Map of Nightlife in Vang Vieng


Video of Nightlife in Vang Vieng

Freelancers in Bangkok

Freelancers in Bangkok can be found many places all over the city. However, depending on what kind of freelancer you want you have to go to different places in Bangkok. I will tell you about all of them here.


What is a freelancer? 

A freelancers is any girl that work on her own terms. She don’t belong to any specific bar, gogo bar or massage parlor. There can be many reasons for this. Some girls just prefer to work alone. When a girl work alone she keeps all the money herself and she can control when she want to work.

She don’t have to dance all night in a gogo until she pull a customer, and she don’t have to deal with all the drama and hassles girls go through in a regular beer bar.

Some girls also have regular jobs, but will go out in a nightclub at the weekends. Some of them (a lot) are willing to go with tourists for money. Making them part-time freelancers or prostitutes.


Warning about freelancers

While some girls work as freelancers because they prefer it, other work like this because they got kicked out of whatever bar they worked in. This could be because of bad behavior or because she caught some serious illness like HIV.

Therefor, always be extra cautions with freelancers in Bangkok.

Another thing to keep in mind is theft. If these girls steal something from you, you have no bar to go back to complain to. For all you now the girl will leave the town tomorrow and you will never see her again.


Freelancers in Bangkok

Thai girl freelancers

Thai girl freelancers usually hang around outside the entrance of Nana Plaza, at the parking lot or around the big Nana Hotel sign.

Another place you’ll find Thai girl freelancers are on the north side of Sukhumvit Rd between Sukhumvit Soi 11 and soi 15. They are scattered all around this area. However, the girls that are here are usually older and not very attractive.


Thai girl freelancers in nightclubs

Around midnight a lot of Thai girls will hit the clubs in Bangkok. A lot of these girls are freelancers that are willing to go back to your hotel for some pocket money in exchange.

Most freelancers are found at Climax in Sukhumvit Soi 11, this nightclub gets crowded every single day all year.

In the weekends Levels and Insanity might be worth checking out too.


One of the easiest ways to pull of a threesome in Bangkok is to find two freelancers in a nightclub that are together. These girls know each other and after som alcohol they will be into each other back at your room.

Thermae Bar Bangkok

Thermae is a very unique bar in Bangkok. What’s so special about it?

All the girl in the bar are freelancers, they are not employed by the bar in any way. The bar take zero % of the girls income for staying there. The girls decide 100% if they want to go with you or not.

This place is mostly visited by Japanese men. However, Westerners are welcome too but I know that a lot of girls here do prefer to go with Japanese men. So you might be rejected by some of the girls.

You can find the bar on the corner between Sukhumvit Rd and Soi 15.


Ladyboy freelancers

Ladyboy freelancers usually hang out at the same spots as the Thai girl freelancers. Outside the entrance of Nana Plaza and around the bus station between Soi 11 and soi 15. Just as the Thai girls, the most attractive ladyboys hang outside the Nana Plaza entrance.


African girl freelancers

You can find African hookers and freelancers at Sukhumvit Rd between Sukhumvit Soi 11 and Soi 7. Most of them seems to hang out under Nana BTS station on the north side of Sukhumvit Rd.

I’ve also seen a lot of them hanging out around McDonald’s on the corner to Sukhumvit Soi 5.


Arabic / Muslim girl freelancers

Arabic and muslim hookers hang out outside Grace Hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 3. A lot of these girls are in solid burka. The only thing you can see is their eyes. I don’t know what the deal is with that, but if that is your thing, you will find them outside Grace Hotel in Soi 3.


Map of Freelancers in Bangkok

Soapy Massage in Bangkok

Soapy massage in Bangkok is usually not that popular for Western people. These avenues are visited mostly by Thais, Chinese and Japanese. However, you are just as welcome as anyone else.

If you have never visited a soapy massage, and you don’t know what’s going on inside, or what to expect. Click here.

Keep in mind that since these avenues are mostly visited by Asian men, most girls here will be very white skinned as this is seen as attractive in Asia. If you like Thai girls with creamy tan you are much more better of in Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza or Patpong as these areas caters to Western men.


Soapy Massage in Bangkok

Most soapy massages in Bangkok are located in the Huai Khwang district. The easiest way to get there is to take the metro to Huai Khwang station.

What will probably surprise you the most about these avenues are the cheer size of them. Some of the biggest soapy massages, like Emmanuelle and Poseidon are gigantic buildings that almost look like hotels in design.

Not only are they big, but some of them also exudes luxury. Every time I’ve been at Emmanuelle there is always a Ferrari or Porsche outside.

Check map at the bottom for all locations.


Soapy Massage in Huai Kwang

Hi-class Massage

Hi-Class Massage in Bangkok

This is probably my favorite Soapy massage after Nataree closed down last year. The mamasan outside is a very friendly lady that will do every thing she can to make you happy. And like in some other soapy’s, she wont constantly hang over you asking to take a lady.

Most customers sit outside the massage building relaxing and drinking. When they want a lady, they simply walk up the stair, and all the girls will be sitting around in sofas.

One more thing I like about this place is that you can see the girls very close up. That way it’s easier to have a good look at them.

Evertime I’ve been here there have been around 30 girls in the lobby.

Prices are around 2500 baht for 90 minutes.


Emmanuelle Massage

Emmanuelle massage in Bangkok

This probably the biggest soapy massage in Bangkok in size. As you enter the main entrance you will be impressed by the size. To get to the entrance you have to walk up the stairs outside to second floor. As you walk up the stairs you can see all the sports cars in the garage under.

When you get inside you get to a gigantic lobby with  comfortable sofas everywhere with a band in the background playing live music. Pretty impressive.

Unfortunately the girls at Emmanuelle was not as impressive as the avenue itself. If you like girls that look as white as flour and big breast. Yeah this place is maybe for you. I also noticed that most girls here were quite old.

As soon as I was seated the papasan gave me a note with different price ranges. Funny thing was that the cheapest girls where the hottest one.

I drank up my Chinese tea and left the place.


Poseidon Entertainment Complex

Poseidon Entertainment Complex

This Soapy Massage is just as impressive as Emmanuelle in size and design. When you approach the building you are met with a gigantic statue of the God Poseidon, just to be met by a even bigger statue as soon as you get inside.

But just like Emmanuelle the girls here did not impress me. They looked old and chubby. The mamasan here constantly told me to get a lady, which turned me off.

So I left this place too.


Copa Cabana

Unfortunately, when I got to this place they closed in 10 minutes. The fishbowl was empty. However, I did see some hot girls outside waiting to be picked up so I guess this place have some hot girls?


What about Nataree Entertainment Massage? 

Nataree closed in 2016

As for now, this place is closed after a police raid last year. It has not opened since. I live pretty close to where Nataree used to be, and I walk past there almost daily. It’s dark every day and the doors are shut.

That’s sad because this used to be the best Soapy in Bangkok in my opinion with up to hundred girls, many of them young and very hot.

If anyone know where these girls work now, tell me in the comment section. 🙂


Bars in Huai Khwang

The Park Terrace

The Park Terrace

If you visit all the Soapy Massages, and you didn’t find a girl that you liked. Or you found a girl that you liked, and you want to bring her out. There is a good bar just next to the MRT station Haui Khwang with the name ‘The Park Terrace’.

The bar have live music outside, pool tables on the inside and at second floor it as private karaoke rooms you can bring your girl. If you didn’t find any girl you can drink some beers on the outside while listening to live music.

This place is quite popular and it fills up almost daily, and in the weekends it’s choked.


Claudia Club and Karaoke

Claudia Club and Entertainment

Another similar bar, but smaller in size then The Park Terrace. At this place they have their own girls you can bring to private karaoke rooms.

Downstairs they have live music and around the stage the girls sit while waiting for customers.



There are more Soapy massages in this district that I haven’t talked about here. Reason is that I haven’t been to them yet. However I have included some of them on the map.

There are also a lot of smaller massage parlous in this area. Some of them can be hard to find as the signs are in Thai, Japanese or Chinese. Just have a look around and see what you find. If you don’t find anything you you like just go to Hi-Class Massage, and you will find hot girls.


Soapy Massage at Sukhumvit

Annie’s Soapy Massage

Annies Soapy Massage is located at Sukhumvit Soi 2 at Nana. To get here you can take the BTS to Nana station or Phloen Chit station. From there jump on a motorbike taxi for around 40-50 baht.

Annie’s have up to 100 girls to choose from, and some of them you can see here at their webpage.

This place also have some young girls in their early 20’s.


Map of Soapy Massage in Bangkok

Nightlife and Thai girls in Saraburi

I time back ago I was going to Ayutthaya to meet a friend, then I fell a sleep ending up in the next city, Saraburi.

I decided to stay the night, and the next day, I decided to stay one more night.

I stayed at this hotel. It’s not on Agoda or booking.com. 500 baht per night. Not really a hotel, but nice cheap rooms just next to the two biggest bars in Saraburi. 🙂


Saraburi Nightlife Guide

Turns out. Saraburi is just a small town with not much going on. I asked several motorbike taxis about ‘fun stuff’ in this city. But they all looked at me like I was crazy, answering “mai mee” which means “don’t have”.

Maybe they didn’t want to bring me to the local fun houses? I don’t really know…

Anyways. I started to walk around the city to look for bars myself…

I found three bars in this city that is worth mentioning. However. I have lost the pictures from my phone and all the names where in Thai, which I don’t remember. So this will be the most simple nightlife guide until now. I will update it as soon as I go back to this town in the future.


Bar #1

Located along the end at Sut Banthat you will find a big bar with view over the lake. They have live music every night. I went out here on a Friday night, and the bar was packed.


Bar #2

I went to this bar same night as I went to bar #1. It was packed too. It had a funny theme with old cars and different agriculture machinery as decoration.

This place was very big, with most of the bar outside under open sky. Inside there was a live stage that played popular Thai songs and some Western songs.


Long Nour Bar & Bistro

This was a smaller bar more central in Saraburi, close to the main bus station. It had live music, drinks and food. Looked very fresh.


Massage In Saraburi

Behind the bus station, there was a big market where people came on motorbikes to pick up goods. Just behind this market there was a street with a handful of massage shops.

Check map for location.


Map of Nightlife in Saraburi

Nightlife and Thai girls in Ayutthaya

As I’m writing this I’m sitting at a guesthouse in Ayutthaya. Even tho I have a hefty hangover at the moment, life feels really good. My online incomes have been really good this month and I’ve been traveling a lot. <- The two best things on earth, passive income and traveling. Here is how you can find Nightlife and Thai girls in Ayutthaya.

I’ve been to a lot of small towns around Bangkok lately. Saraburi, Ayutthaya, Pattaya, Koh Larn, and Kanchanaburi. Tonight I will go to Lopburi and in two weeks I will go from city to city in Isaan, before entering Laos for another 60 days tourist VISA.

Life is good. 🙂


Nightlife in Ayutthaya

You might think that Ayutthaya don’t have much nightlife to offer as it is a place where most tourist come only for day trips. People come to see the temples and ruins at daytime, then they leave again shortly after.

However, this place have a lot to offer if you just know where to look. As always, check the map at the bottom for all avenues.

Farang / backpacker oriented bars.

Naresuan Soi 2

In old town you have a 100m stretch of road with a handful of bars. They offer food and beer. One bar here with the name Street Lamp, also had live music.

Street Lamp, Chiang House, Jazz Bar, Planet Earth and Tony’s bar are some of the most popular bars in this street.

Small beer: 60 baht
Big beer: 80 baht
Food: Cheap

This road is on the other side of the river relative to the train station. So if you booked a guesthouse close to the train station, you will have to take a motorbike taxi to this place as the ferry over the river stops after it gets dark. 

Motorbike taxi from the train station area to Soi 2 should cost no more than 40 baht, and it takes 5 minutes.

Soi 2
Naresuan Soi 2

Train station

There are some bars close to the train station. I was having a beer in the bar that is just on the opposite side of the train station at around 9pm, but then they told me that they closed, despite having a lot of customers at that point.

Most people at these bars, both around the train station and Soi 2, where backpackers, couples and older people. Not really my kind of fun. If you want something similar like Pattaya fun, with more energy and a lot of local talent, read on.


Grand Street

This place is in the new town of Ayutthaya. It’s a 500m stretch of road with a lot of different avenues. You will find tons of bars, massage parlors, karaoke bars and much more here. This street also had a ton of delicious street food.

The first bar I went to, Cowboy bar, is catering to farang guys. Then you have a lot of different karaoke bars nearby that caters to Japanese people. Further into the street, you have gigantic bar complexes with big stages with live music that caters to Thai people.

Farang oriented

Cowboy Bar

Cowboy Bar

100m into Grand Street you will find Cowboy Bar at the left side. This place had a great atmosphere with a mix of Thai people and Europeans. Great staff and cheap prices.

Some of the girls that worked here was really cute.

The bar also had a pool table. The live music was great, but they need to find a new sound mixer.

Closes: 02.00 am.


The Rain Bar

This place is in the soi on the opposite side of Cowboy Bar. You can actually see it from Cowboy Bar. I didn’t drink here, but I spoke with two of the girls that sat outside. Very friendly girls that didn’t nag about money or drinks.

I borrowed their toilet and the bar looked super fresh. I would love to drink here one time with one of the cute girls that work here. They had karaoke in the main bar.

Just next to the Rain bar, there was a Japanese karaoke bar with a ton of girls outside, but I never got the time to check it out.

Thai oriented

Kongpleng 3

Kongpleng 3

100m more into Grand Street you’ll find Kongpleng 3.

This place was on fire. It’s very similar to Tawan Daeng in Chiang Mai, but a little bit smaller in size. They had a big stage with live music, dancers and DJ’s. You can get a bottle of Blend here for 250 baht, drink all night and go crazy with some of the local talents.

Next time I go to Ayutthaya I will go straight to this place.

Closes: 01.00 am.

Inside Klongpleng 3:


Farung bar and pool

Farung bar

This bar was very hidden, but looked very fresh. You can sit inside with AC while enjoying your beer or playing pool. I only saw Thai people and Japanese people here.

Closes: Midnight.

Around this bar there were also a lot of dirty massage parlors. Most massage parlors had a ton of girls standing outside while waiting for customers.


Jub Zeed

Jub Zeed

When I entered this bar at around 22.00 people looked at me like I was from another planet.

I don’t think foreigners come here very often, or I was very early, as I was told later that night that this is were everyone goes after everything else is closed.

Jub Zeed had the most creative bar design that I’ve seen in a while. A gigantic robot with glowing eyes.

The bar also had 4 big private karaoke rooms.

Closes: 6 am I was told.

Inside Jub Zeed:

Private karaoke room
Private karaoke room
Jub Zeed
Jub Zeed
Live music
Live music


Happy ending massage in Ayutthaya

There are massage parlors spread all around Ayutthaya.

But if you’re looking for a massage with happy ending, you’ll have to go to Grand Street.

As soon as you go inside the small side sois of Grand Street, especially near the Grand Marked, you will see a lot of massage parlors with girls sitting around.

The street names with most massage parlors are Talat Grand Soi 8 and Talat Grand Soi 2.

Check map for location.


Handjob: 500 baht
Blowjob: 700-1000 baht
Sex: 1000-1500 baht


Hookers in Ayutthaya

Hookers are found in the same streets as the massage parlors in Grand Street. They will sit around in the street talking with the massage girls while waiting for customers.

Going rate short time, seems to be around 1000 – 1500 baht for most of the girls.

Check map for location.


Map of nightlife in Ayutthaya.


Video of nightlife in Ayutthaya


Hotels in Ayutthaya

How to deal with Thai girl jealousy

What’s going on guys? 

In this post I will give my ideas on how you can deal with jealousy in Thailand. If you read my post from a couple of weeks ago, you know what I’m talking about.

Here is the deal…

99.9% of all Thai people are extremely jealous.

In the Western world jealousy is seen as a bad and petty thing, in Thailand it just means that “they care”. That might sound crazy, but that is what a Thai girl will tell you if she’s jealous.

If you tell a Thai girl to stop being jealous, she will answer back something like “Okay, I will stop caring about you” or “I will stop my feeling with you”.

If you eat a pizza, and you get some tomato sauce on your cheek without noticing, then you go meet the girl you are dating, she will freak out while asking “who?!??!?”. Then you will be all like “Wtf are you talking about” because you don’t know about the tomato sauce before she quickly respond “you have lipstick on your face!! WHO?!?!?”.

If you forget to turn of your computer before you sleep so it look like you are online all night at Facebook, she will quickly ask you the next day “who were you with last night?!?!? Why you up so late??”…

If you send her a message that doesn’t fit in the conversation because of auto correct, she will instantly reply “Who you talk with?!?!? You send wrong?!?!?!”..

These girls walk around constantly paranoid about you banging or seeing other girls.

You can’t really blame them either. Thailand is the sex capital of the world, and as soon as you walk around here alone dressed slightly sharper than a homeless guy, or you’re white, girls will jump on your dick from every direction. Your girlfriend knows this too.

Regardless, it’s still a pain in the ass, and you have to deal with this early on, or it will only get worse and worse as she get more involved.

Just last week I was drinking at a bar in Bangkok with a new girl that I met, suddenly a girl came out of nowhere and started screaming like a maniac to the guy next to me.

After 20 seconds of screaming, she took the beer jug and the phone to that guy then smashed everything on the pavement. Then she left… WTF….

I asked the guy some minutes later who the girl was, and he said it was his ex-girlfriend. He said his ex-GF was mad because he was dating a new girl. If that is true or not I don’t know. Could be that he’s cheating also. Who knows..

My point is that when these people get angry or jealous, it can go overboard pretty fast when they lose their cool. Thai people are usually chill, but when they get angry holy shit run for your life.


Cultural differences

In Thailand girls and boys don’t hang out together as friends. If two people of different genders are together, alone, everyone will think they have a relationship. The rumors will start going.

Thailand is not like the Western world were it’s totally fine to have friends of both genders, and where you can be with a person of the opposite sex without anyone thinking anything about it.

Maybe you can in some social circles down here with people who are studied abroad etc, but for the most part this apply all over Thailand.

So what can you do about it? 

As soon as a girl that you are dating show signs of being jealous, you have to make it crystal clear that you won’t tolerate it. Say that you are a trustworthy guy, and not like Thai guys that fucks around like rabbits 24/7.

Tell her if she make this type of drama again, ever, it’s over.

At the same time you tell her that you will not hang around with other Thai girls as this is seen as a bad thing in Thailand if you already have GF. As people here (her friends) will think that you are a butterfly that is fucking around. Not good…

At the same time, tell her very clearly that when you are back in your country, she can’t go around making drama when you are talking with / hanging out with female friends.

If you tolerate this behavior it can really get out of hand and the girl will make you crazy as she will nag about other girls constantly.

As a general rule. Never talk about other girl that you have met in the past, the present or will in the future.

If your buddy got too drunk, tipped the bar girl 3000 baht because she had a nice ass, don’t tell your girlfriend that. Your girlfriend will twist that into “Oh, your friend tipped the girls? So that means the girls talked with you too”. You get the point here..


Keep your secrets secret.

Okay. So everything is working out fine with your girlfriend. You are living together and life is good.

Lets say you still want to have some fun at times, go to bars, meet buddies, maybe flirt with some girls without actually going anywhere with it, etc etc..

You also want to document this with your phone without your girlfriend finding out about your adventures.

Keepsafe will save your life

I’m using an app called Keepsafe. It’s a discreet app that look like an app for something technical on your phone. However, it’s really an app where you can import your private pictures behind a pin-code wall.

Unless your girl know about this app, she will never get suspicious about the app.

As soon as you have imported your pictures into the app, they will disappear from the regular album / picture folder. The only way to see the pictures again is to go into the Keepsafe app, insert your pincode, and look at the pictures from within the app.

You can also export the pictures from Keepsafe again, if you want to put the pictures on a computer later.

This way you can keep your phone open for you girlfriend, and she will never be suspicious about why she can’t play with you phone.

Because that is another thing. A lot of girls here will let you make a fingerprint in her phone, just to show you that they have nothing to hide. However, they want the same thing back from you.

That’s why Keepsafe comes in handy. You can hide everything that you don’t want to show her, and she can play with your phone. Everyone happy. 🙂

CM AppLock

CM AppLock is another app I’ve tested out. It put apps of your choice behind a pin-code or fingerprint lock.

However, this is not a good app to hide stuff from you girlfriend as she will be suspicious about why you have a pin-code lock on certain apps. If you want to hide your pictures you also need to put a pin-code on every app that have access to you picture folder, like Facebook, Messenger, Camera etc. You have to type in the pin-code every time you open these apps. It’s just a pain in the ass.

Double sim-card phones. 

A dude I met at a massage parlor some time ago showed me something really awesome. He had double sim-card slots in his phone. It basically means that he can have two different ‘phones’ in one phone. He could open different parts of the phone with different finger prints.

He used his BIG TOE to open the dirty part of the phone because he told that one of his girls had tried to open his phone with his finger while he slept. That shit was hilarious.


That’s it guys! Thai girls are cute and cool girls 99% of the time that is fun to be with. I would take any Thai girl over those fat obese pale Western women back home that can’t even take a fucking shower because it’s hip to be dirty and not shave armpits.

As long as you can keep the jealousy in checkmate you have nothing to worry about with Thai girls.

Nightlife and Thai girls at Koh Larn

Here are my guide to Nightlife and Thai girls at Koh Larn.

Koh Larn is a small island just outside the coast of Pattaya and Jomtien. After 4 years of yearly vacations to Thailand, and after living here for almost 2 years. This was my first trip to this little island.

That might sound weird, as it is one of the closest islands to Bangkok, and you can get here in only 4 hours from Ekkamai bus station in Bangkok. Koh Larn is also a perfect daytrip from Pattaya if you want to experience a cleaner beach than what Pattaya has to offer.

Tawaen Beach
Tawaen Beach

How to get to the island? 

There are two ways to get to Koh Larn. The 30 baht ferry or a speedboat (2500 baht divided by the amount of people in the boat).

I choose to take the speedboat out to the island because I was 5 minutes late for the 15.30 ferry. That pissed me off. The next ferry was 1700 and I would miss the last hours of daylight on the island.

Pro-tip: I had a very bad experience with the speedboat. We were 10 people on the boat (250 baht each). As soon as we got outside the pier the ride suddenly become very humpy because of the waves. One girl had her camera in her hand, and she had big trouble getting the camera inside her bag to protect it against the sea water that was splashing everywhere.

Suddenly her head bumped into the roof because of a very big wave, and I think she lost consciousness for a second because she had trouble keeping her balance.

The driver saw everything but he just kept on going even tho this girl had big trouble. Eventually I told the driver to stop the fucking boat for 10 seconds so the girl could get her camera in her bag so she could use her hands to hold tight.

When we got out in the middle of the sea, the driver stopped the boat to fill gas(???) When he tried to start the motor again he had a hard time starting it. He had to call some guy on the mainland to get a explanation on how to do it.

As the cream of the cake. The boat driver put us off far north on the island at some shitty beach with no people or taxi drivers to take us to the hotels. We had to walk through the forest to find a road. From there I had to hike with some local old guy. He agreed to take me to the hotel for 100 baht (2km ride).

ferry from koh Larn to Pattaya
Pattaya ferry

So… That’s the last time I will take that speedboat to be totally honest. I hope they go out of business.

I took the ferry back to Pattaya two days later, and that was a much more pleasant experience, and it only takes 15 minutes longer. Totally worth it.



What kind of tourists are on Koh Larn? 

Koh Larn stand out from other island in Thailand because it so close to Bangkok. A lot of middle class Bangkokians come to Koh Larn in the weekends to relax, party and be with friends. So if you ever come to this island you will see a lot of regular Thai people driving around on motorbikes just havning fun, chilling and eating in the restaurants around the island.

On the beaches you will find every type of people expect Thai people as they hate both sand, beaches and the sun. You will find a lot of Western tourists on the beaches that are here just on a day trip from either Pattaya or Jomtien. I also saw a lot of Russians and Japaneese people on the beaces.


Nightlife and Thai girls at Koh Larn

There are small bars and chill out spots on every beach on this island. You will find small bars all over the place that offers chill out seating where you can enjoy beer with friends or your lady with good view over whatever beach you are at.

One such good bar / restaurant is all the way north on the island. You can see all the way over to Pattaya from that bar. This place has no English name, but the Thai name is ครัวเฉลียงลม. Click here for location or check the map under for location.

Nightclubs at Koh Larn

EDM Koh Larn
EDM Koh Larn

Koh Larn have only one nightclub as far as I know, and even that can’t really be called a nightclub. The name is EDM Koh Larn. It can be found on the east side of the island smack middle together with some other bars with live music. Check map for location.

It’s a simple building with a simple light-show and simple furnishing. Can’t be compared to lets say Levels in Bangkok or Ibar in Pattaya.

Bars with live music

I found three bigger bars on Koh Larn, all with live music all night. All of them was just next to each other, so if one is boring, you can simply walk over to the next one. In the middle of all the three bars, you will find EDM Koh Larn.

People started to come to these bars around 19.00, right after sunset. Most people in these bars are Thai, not foreigners.

At around 23.00 around 50% of the people go home, and the other 50% go inside EDM Koh Larn to continue to party.

The names of the bars are Pause 11, Johnnie Walker and สุดเยต. Check map for location.

Bar Johnnie Walker
Bar Johnnie Walker
Bar สุดเยต.
Bar สุดเยต.
Bar Pause
Bar Pause


Map of Nightlife at Koh Larn


Beaches at Koh Larn

There are 4 big beaches at Koh Larn, and a handful of smaller beaches (some of them private). In this post I will cover the 4 biggest beaches.

Samae Beach

If you want to see the sunset at the beach you go to either this beach, or to the beach just next to it, Tien Beach. I ate sea food at one of the restaurants here while enjoying the sunset. Very delicious food. 🙂

The beach seems to be mostly populated by Thai and Japanese.

Tien Beach

This was by far my favorite beach. Mostly populated by Western people, I also saw a lot of Russian people. This was the beach with the most ‘room’ for each person, as there was not much people here compared to the other beaches.

The beach was clean.

Tawaen beach

I never bothered to stay on this beach. I drove my motorbike here, I saw all the people, and I left straight away. So much people, boats and tourists here that I just can’t enjoy it. It’s ruined by tourism.

This place was also swarming with Chinese people, and I usually try to avoid them…

Nual Beach

Nual beach is all the way south on the island. This was the least populated beach, and I really liked it. Had some few restaurants and bars where you can get refreshments. However, I had to go back to Bangkok when I was here, so no time to explore more here, and my phone was out of battery, so I have no picture.

The island is quite small. You can drive to all the beaches having a look in only 30 minutes.

Bangkok Nightlife Areas Guide

Bangkok nightlife areas has an amazing and diverse nightlife. No matter what you are searching for, you will find it in Bangkok. You will find anything from fully stocked nightclubs to laid back beer bars to amazing sky bars with breathtaking views of the Bangkok skyline.

Here are the top Bangkok Nightlife Areas.

I’m probably not lying if I tell you that Bangkok has the greatest nightlife in the world for the common man.

You can even book an escort to your hotel room Uber style, using Smooci. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can go to the Smooci site and within a few quick clicks you can have a Bangkok hottie in a taxi on the way to meet you, with the ability to GPS track her all the way to your hotel.

bangkok nightlife areas
Panorama from Lebua State Tower.

Bangkok Nightlife Areas

Bangkok have five big nightlife areas located at different places in the city. For this guide I will tell you about a sixth one that not many tourists know about, which I think is pretty good + some other bars outside the main avenues that are very good in my opinion.

Best redlight districts in Bangkok.
Best nightclubs in Bangkok.
Best skybars in Bangkok.

Check out the bottom of this post for map of all nightlife areas talked about in this post.

Sukhumvit Road

Sukhumvit Rd

Sukhumvit Rd is probably the most known nightlife area of Bangkok. You’ll find everything here. Beer bars, nightclubs, two of BKK’s most well known red light districts and a countless number of restaurants and massage shops. Most of the nightlife at Sukhumvit, especially from Nana to Phrom Phong, is catering to foreign men from 20-60 years old.

Nana – Nana is located at the beginning of Sukhumvit road. Most of the action is going on in Soi 4, Soi 7/1 and Soi 11. In soi 4 you’ll find one of the most famous red-light districts of Bangkok, Nana Plaza. Nana Plaza is filled with 20-30 gogo-bars and a handful of beer bars.

At soi 7/1 you will find a handful of beer bars. This street also houses Dr. Bj, a massage shop that will give you blowjob. Another unique bar in this street is The Devil’s Den. This bar you have to take atleast two girls to their private room.

At soi 8 you’ll find a handful of laidback beer-bars and some massage shops.

Best way to get to Nana is to take the BTS skytrain to Nana station.

Asoke – Just one BTS station down the road you’ll find another avenue of nightlife, Asoke. Here you will find one of Bangkoks most famous red-light districts, Soi Cowboy. Just as Nana Plaza, it houses around 20-30 gogo-bars + some beer bars and restaurants on the corners of the street. 200-300 meters up soi 23 you will find a cluster of girly beer bars and some very aggressive massage shops.

At soi 12 you’ll find a big nightclub named Insanity. This tends to fill up around 22.00 Fridays and Saturdays. 50 meter further in you will find The Den. A ‘luxurious’ karaoke bar with some pretty hot ladies outside.

Phrom Phong – Just one BTS station down the road from Asoke. You have Phrom Phong. Not much happening here, but there is some action on soi 33. A handful of beer bars and karaoke bars with some girls.

How to get there:

Take the BTS to either Nana, Asok or Phrom Phong station.

Khaosan Road

Khaosan Rd

Different nightlife areas attracts different types of people. While Sukhumvit Rd attracts mostly men because of the red-light districts, Khaosan Rd attracts a younger generation of tourists that just want to party hard and have fun. Khaosan Rd is packed with tourists from all over the world 365 days of the year. Khaosan Rd is especially popular for backpackers, both men and female.

If you want to hit up with a white chick in Bangkok this street is probably your best shot.

Dont check IDKhaosan Rd is party-hard from sunset to sunrise. At Fridays and Saturdays some Thai people will come here too.

The street is packed with beer bars, many of them with live music playing popular music from the Western world. After midnight the street is usually packed with drunk tourists dancing in the street.

How to get there:

If you are not living near Khaosan Rd the only way to get here is by taxi or tuktuk. There is no skytrain or metro line that goes to this area of Bangkok yet.




RCA Bangkok

RCA, or Royal City avenue is a nightlife area that is mostly catering to Thai people. You will find a handful of high-end nightclubs and a lot of bars here.

The three most popular clubs in RCA are Route 66, Flix and Slim. Other than that there are a lot of other smaller and larger bars all around this area.

Even tho this area is catering to Thai people, foreigners are also welcome. What is good about this place is that the people are authentic. If you get along with a girl in this area, it’s most likely not because she want your money, but that she likes you.

How to get there:

Take the MRT to Phra Ram 9. Then walk of exit number 2. Take a taxi or a motorbike taxi from there to RCA.


Silom Road


Silom Road is another big nightlife area of Bangkok. It’s housing Bangkok’s third most famous redlight area, Patpong. Another famous street, but that is only for Japanese people, is Soi Thaniya.

Silom Rd is also housing the biggest gay scene in Bangkok in Silom Rd Soi 2 and Soi 4.


Kangeroo Club – Famous Blow-job bar in Patpong

Patpong are two parallell streets between Silom Rd and Thanon Surawong Rd.

Patpong 1 and Patpong 2.

Patpong 1 is a slightly bigger street and have a night marked in the middle of the road from 18.00 to around midnight every day. Patpong 1 and 2 is filled with beer bars, gogo-bars and there are also countless massage shops around in the area.


Thaniya is a parallelle street of Patpong, and you’ll find it just below the skytrain station Sala Daeng.


Silom Rd Soi 2 and Soi 4

Soi 2 and 4 are housing Bangkoks biggest gay areas. Here you’ll find a lot of gogo bars with gay Thai boys, beer bars and massage parlors with guys massaging instead of girls.

How to get there:

If you are not living on Silom, and you want to check it out. The fastest way to get there is to take the skytrain to Sala Daeng BTS station.




Asiatique The Riverfront is located alongside Chao Phraya River (the biggest river through Bangkok).

Live Music
Live Music

Asiatique is a big gathering of restaurants, bars and gem shops. It’s open from 17.00 until midnight. There are some small roof bars also with nice view and live music.

This avenue seems to be catering mostly to Thai, but I have seen some tourists here too. For some reason Thai people seems to really enjoy this place, so if you have a date with a Thai girl this place is probably a good place to bring her.

The avenue also have a pretty big Ferris wheel and some other minor amusement park like facilities. The Ferris wheel costs 300 baht and will give you five rounds.

Taking a picture at the big Asiatique sign seems to be an popular activity here.

How to get there:

The easiest way to get here is to take the BTS skytrain to Saphan Taksin station. From there on there is a free shuttle boat that will take you to Asiatique. The boat goes every 10 minutes.


Rod Fai Night Marked 2

This area I’ve just found out about, and I actually love it. It’s similar to RCA, but instead of nightclubs and expensive drinks it’s just a street filed with small cozy bars that sell mostly beer. All bars have small rooftops where you can look down to the main street while enjoying your beer.

A lot of bikers seems to come here, and the street is filled up with parked motorcycles in al shapes and forms.

A lot of hot Thai girls here, and they are authentic just like in RCA. Some bars also have live music.

I estimate that there is around 20-30 bars in this street packed together here. Just next to the bar street, there is a marked (therefor the name) that is open Saturday and Sunday. This is actually a pretty cool marked that sell a lot of fun stuff. Absolutely worth a look.

How to get there:

To get here you have to take the MRT to Thailand Cultural Center, then you walk of exit number 3. When you get out you walk take left, then the bar street is behind the first big shopping mall with the name Esplanade Shopping Mall.


Other bars worth mentioning

Other then the main nightlife areas of Bangkok, there are also a lot of interesting bars and avenues outside them. Here are a few of them.

Loft to Bar

This one is pretty far out in “nowhere” in Bangkok, but I had a great time here! What is so great about this place?

Live music
Live music at Loft to Bar

The band that plays here are really awesome. They play a mix of popular music from Thailand and the west.

Not only that. You only pay 200 baht, and you can drink as much Singha as you can handle! Really good if you are on a budget and you like to drink beer!

Click here for location on Google maps.


Tawandang German Brewery

Not a place to go to if you are in Bangkok alone, but defiantly a place to check out if you travel with a group.

You start of here ‘early’, 5pm, eat delicious Thai food, then when everyone is full, they bring out their tasty German beer that is brewed in the same building.

When people start to get in the mood, tables, food etc the tables are removed and the entire place turn into a gigantic nightclub.

The avenue have a gigantic stage with entertainment all evening and night. They shuffle between Thai music, traditional music, Western music, house and a lot of other genres.

It’s a fun place.


Map of Bangkok Nightlife Areas.

That’s it for this time. I will update this post as soon as I learn more about Bangkok Nightlife Areas. I usually re-post a post if I do mayor changes to a post.

Happy Ending Massage in Bangkok

What’s going on guys? 🙂

I’ve decided to do a lot more guides from now on as they always ends up as my most popular posts. Who the hell care about my dating failures? I know they can be educative, as in don’t do what I do, but they do very poor in Google searches.

Bangkok have a myriad of different entertainment opportunities for grown men all around town. I’ve already covered so much about Bangkok. Just go to my Thailand page, go to the nightlife section at the top meny, and you can read everything you want about Bangkok.

If we ignore the chaos and how cramped the city is at times. It’s really the perfect city for grown men who want to have some fun. 🙂

Happy ending massage in Bangkok

Most of my friends that have come to Thailand have had their first sexual encounter in one of Thailand massage parlors.

Most will just go in for a regular massage, but then they are in the private room with the lady, she convinces him to do more than just a massage. These ladies really know how to make you horny.

A lot of guys that come to Thailand for the first time is also very shy when it come to ladies. So just having a ‘massage’, for then to end up in a private room with a lady, is a nice discreet way to ‘get it done’. If you go to a gogo-bar however, everyone knows what’s up when you walk out of the bar with a beautiful Asian lady. 🙂

Prices at Massage parlors in Bangkok (average) 1 hour:

Thai massage: 250 baht
Foot massage: 250 baht
Oil massage: 300 baht

Hand-job: 500 baht
Blow-job: 1000 baht
Sex: 1500 – 2000 baht

Note: If you have an oil massage, then decide to also let the girl blow you. You have to pay for the oil massage and the blowjob. Making it 1250 baht all together. 


Where to find happy ending massage in Bangkok

Massage Salons that offers extra can be found scattered all over Bangkok. In fact, most salons will offer it.

Usually when you go inside the salon, you will get a girl that are willing to do the extras. At some point under the massage she will tap you on the dick offering extras. If you say no she will usually leave, and another girl will come in and finish the massage in a regular way.

I’ve even been asked in the shopping malls for happy endings. So just because a place ‘look’ professional doesn’t mean it won’t do any dirty stuff.

However, if you go to a massage salon with the intent to get extras. There are several signs to look for. 

Usually the closer the massage salon is to a red light district, like Soi Cowboy or Nana, the more likely it is that it offers extras. If you walk past a salon, and 10 women scream “hey sexy man” or something like that, you can be sure that this is not just a regular massage salon.

Check the map on the bottom if this page for all locations. My favorite streets are marked in green. 🙂


Sukhumvit Rd between Nana and Asok

Between Nana BTS station and Asok BTS station there are several massage parlors scattered around. Most of them are on the south side of Sukhumvit Rd.

However, I have to be honest. Most girls that work here are not girls, but older women, most in their 40’s. It’s very rare I see anything here that I actually want to go further than a massage with.


Sukhumvit soi 4

This is where you will find Nana Plaza, one of Bangkok’s famous redlight districts. The same street, soi 4, also have massage parlors scattered all around. However, you are more likely to end up in one of the bars here or in one of Nana Plaza’s gogo bars, as this is what the street is famous for.


Sukhumvit soi 8 and soi 11

Sukhumvit soi 8 and 11 have some massage parlors here and there. Most of them will offer extras. These streets are just next to the Nana BTS station so it’s very easy to get here.

Sukhumvit soi 11 is actually my favorite street at Sukhumvit Rd for nightlife. It has a good mix of everything. Nightclubs, good food, massage joints, bars and some great sky bars. My favorite burger joint is in this street also.


Sukhumvit soi 23

What’s special with this street? It’s just on the corner between Asok BTS station and Sukhumvit MRT station. It’s easy and fast to get here no matter where in Bangkok you are.

About 200 m up this road you will find a cluster of 5-6 massage parlors with a lot of girls sitting outside yelling in customers. The girls here are much younger then in Soi 4, 8 and 11. In fact, I see hot girls here every time I go here.

These parlors are very dirty and it’s almost impossible to only get a massage here as the girls will be all over you as soon as you enter the room.


Sukhumvit soi 33

Not exactly massage parlors in the traditional way. This street have a lot of Karaoke bars and massage parlors that caters to Japanese people.

However, the girls have nothing against farangs, and you are just as welcome. Especially in the weekdays when the business is slow and most girls just play on their phone.


Sukhumvit soi 24/1

Anyone walking past this soi without knowing what’s inside would walk past it thinking it was just another soi in Bangkok. At the entrance there is really nothing interesting. Just a couple of street vendors selling noddle soup and fried rice.

50 meter in however, the scene is quite different. Suddenly the street is much more illuminated from all the neon lights, then you will see 50 – 100 girls in front of 10 – 15 massage parlors. Most girls here are young, fresh and sexy. I’ve seen a lot of hot girls here. 🙂

To get to soi 24/1 you should take the skytrain to Prom Phung BTS station, then exit exit nr 3.



Not really my favorite area of Bangkok, but if you happen to be in this are why not take a look? You might stumble upon something you like.

You will find a lot of massage parlors around on Silom Rd and Surawong Rd. If you don’t find any girl that you like, this area also have a ton of street vendors where you can eat cheap and delicious Thai food.

Not to forget all the gogo-bars in Patpong Rd that opens after dark and the kinky bars that you will find here.


Map of happy ending massage in Bangkok

What about the rest of Bangkok? 

Tim. What about Siam, or what about Khaosan Rd? Why have you ignored that?

Well. Most massage parlors in Siam, or Khaosan Rd are just regular massage joints that don’t offer extras. Some might offer extra, but it’s not the normal.

In some massage parlors you can ask the girl if she want to do extra if you like her, but some might say no, or hesitate for a first. You might also stumble upon girls in regular parlors, that are professional massage parlors, that offer you extras out of the blue. That have happened to me many times.

However, the places I have provided about offers extras 99% of the time, and some girls will pretty much jump on you as soon as you enter the private room.

30 days extension on VISA exception in Bangkok guide

Just had my 30 day VISA exception I got on arrival extended for another 30 days at the immigration office in Bangkok.

This place was a pain in the ass to find, and the information out there on how to get there, and how everything works is simply awful. So here is my take on it.

Location: Google Maps
Price: 1900 baht + 100 baht for 4 passport size pictures downstairs.
Open: 8.30 to 12.00 and 13.00 to 16.40 mon – fri.
Website: Here

People from India only get 7 days extra with this method. Click here for full list over what nationalities can do this.

How to get there

For some reason they have decided to build their new immigration office out in “nowhere” some kilometers southeast of Don Mueang Airport. To get here you have to take the MRT to Chatuchak Park station or the BTS to Mo Chit station.

When you are in the station you want to follow the signs towards Chatuchak Park. When you are out of the station there are four ways to get to the area that you need to go.

Minivan: Ask the minibus drivers what minibus goes to the immigration office. They will understand what you mean.

Free shuttlebus

The minibus will let you off at the entrance of the government area. From here there is still a good kilometer to the building you need to get to. There is a free shuttle bus that comes here every 5 minutes. Just wait for it then go off at building B.

This shuttle bus will take you to the east entrance of building B. When you get inside, go to left, then go all the way until you are almost out of building B again, and the immigration office is on the left side. It’s a small door, in a very big building.

Price: 25 baht for the minivan.

Bus: Bus 66 goes to the same area as the minivan. Don’t know exactly where this bus goes from, but they said it was bus 66. Follow as above when going of at government area.

Price: 8 baht.

Motorbike: When you get out of the station there will be a ton of motorbike taxis waiving you towards them. At least if you look like a question mark like I did.

They will say that they can drive you all the way to the where you need to go. However, I would not go with motorbike as it is quite far, and you have to go out on a highway. I don’t want to drive on a highway on a motorbike without a helmet with a dude that probably can’t even read.

Price: 200 baht


From Mo Chit / Chatuchak Park around 150 baht.
From Sukhumvit Nana / Asok area around 350 baht.

Taxis will take you all the way to the correct entrance at building B, as opposed to bus 66 or minivan.

You want to find this door in building B. You’ll find it all the way south in the building. It’s a quite small door in an otherwise gigantic building. I had expected something more obvious, so I used an eternity to find this place.

Immigration Office Bangkok building B


When you go inside, there will be an information desk where you explain what VISA you want to extend, and they will help you to the correct area inside.

The whole process took around 3 hours. When I got the queue number I understood after 5 minutes that this would take some time, so I went to the food court one floor down to eat some cheap noodles for 35 baht.

What you need to bring to speed up the process: 

  • A pen
  • Passport photos (can get here for 100 baht)
  • Come as early as possible, they open 8.30.
  • Your passport. 😛

They have lunch break from 12.00 to 13.00. If you are waiting in line at that time, you’ll have to sit and wait while they go to eat. So come early. I was there around 09.00 and it was already quite full.


I never want a girlfriend!

6 weeks ago I wrote that I want a girlfriend, and that is exactly what I did. I let a girl I’ve been dating a long time move in with me. Biggest mistake in 2017 so far..

I’ve been writing about this girl before. She was my romantic shower date girl. I usually met this girl 5-8 times a month to fuck her brains out.

This was my perfect girl. 😀

She was always well-groomed, she had an outstanding body, she was very feminine and she was fun to be with as she loved to go on small trips here and there. She was fun to travel with, she could have a conversation in English and at the same time she was the perfect fuck toy. I will never forget that ass.

What more can a guy ask for?? 🙂

So I did the crazy thing. I let her move in with me.

We were together every evening. We would go out to eat together then we would go back to my place to fuck like rabbits. It was all good. 😀 😀

Everything worked out just fine the first 4 weeks, but then everything started to go downhill. 🙁

It started 2 weeks ago. I had two female friends from back home that came to Bangkok. They asked me if I could show them around in Bangkok since I knew the city. I said sure no problem.

Out we went, and when the night came we went out to take a couple of beers and we ate the Daniel Thaiger burger.. I asked my GF if she wanted to go with us, but she was tired after her work, so she went back to my apartment.

When I got back that night my GF would not talk with me. She said she will “angry me until tomorrow”. I asked her if it was because I had been with the girls from back home. She did not give me any answer but I knew that was the ‘problem’. Whatever… It was already midnight and we were going to sleep anyway..

BTW. I ‘ve told this girl earlier that she have to tolerate me being with female friends from back home. 

The next day she was happy again.

Two days later it was the weekend again. I told my GF that I wanted to go on a small trip outside Bangkok to get some fresh air. I said lets take the train to some small city outside Bangkok.

She said she didn’t want to go because she was ‘tired’ after a week of work. I said ok whatever I will go anyway so you can relax alone.

When I got back on Sunday she was angry again. This time she was actually angry, and not only ‘passive’. I asked what the problem was but she would not tell me again.

Then she started to ramble on about I had been with other ladies when I was outside Bangkok without her.

I hadn’t.

She also brought up the girls from back home that I had been a guide for some days earlier. For no fucking reason.

I chose a crazy GF. 

Then, three days ago. We had the grand finale of drama, and she proved to me that she’s nothing more than a crazy and jealous drama queen. This shit would never get any better with her. As she got more secure around me, she would unleash more and more of the real her on me.

In her mind we were now ‘set’.. We were together. That ment she could drop her facade, and be how she really is. That’s my theory at least.

So what happened? 

I do freelance model jobs in Bangkok once in a while. This time she wanted to join me under the shoot. I said sure why not go on.

When we got to the set at Sala Deang me and my GF met up with the photographers for that day.

Then the model that I was going to take pictures with came. And my GF fucking freaked out because she could not control her jealousy.

My GF sat for herself with her phone at the set for 10 minutes, then she said she had to go because it was not ‘fun’ for her and that she didn’t feel welcome.

I was like sure do whatever you want. She said she would come back when we was done.

When she came back I had one session left with a photographer. She had to stand in the background watch me taking pictures with this hot lady from South America.

She could not deal with that so she spent that time looking angry as fuck while she gave me the finger. She walked around in the background in circles not knowing what to do… Wtf?? Who the hell would do anything like that in public?

When I was done. Me and my GF grabbed a taxi to get back to my apartment. She didn’t say a word.

When we got back to the apartment I asked her if she’s jealous again because of the girl I took pictures with.

She was like no I don’t want to talk about it. I will angry you until tomorrow.

No. NO YOU WONT. We WILL talk about this shit RIGHT NOW!

I’m sick of this drama now. You can’t act like this every time I do something without you. I have to make money you know, and doing model gigs are fucking well paid and it’s fun and easy money…

We then had a long fucking argument that I should not do these gigs because I ‘sell myself’. Pure bullshit she’s just jealous..

Then she left the apartment…

When she came back three hours later she was drunk. I knew this because she have Asian flush syndrome. She look like a tomato after she drinks alcohol.

She came back, locked herself in the bathroom. When she came out of my bathroom she stumbled around in my bedroom like she had fucking spasms, ‘collapsing’ on the floor like she’d done an overdose on heroin.  It’s the worst acting I’ve ever seen, and she looked like a complete retard.

My head started to boil, what does this girl takes me for? She think she can do this shit and get away with it?

Fuck it. FUCK THIS. I said to her I will go out and have a good time. I’m sick of this stupid meaningless drama. You have acted up like this 4 times already in two weeks.

When I tried to go out the door she started crying like a little bitch asking me to stay.

NO, I’m going out. I moved to Thailand to have a good time, not wasting my energy on morons like you.

This girl is just 40 kilos so I just continued walking even tho she hold my arm. She was crying and screaming no while I walked out of the condominium.

Holy shit this girl is walking up the entire building.

Then I grabbed her arm and pushed her away so she fell on the ground. I then started running down the stair. She quickly started to run after me while screaming stop LOL.

When I got outside, she actually followed me even tho she had no key and could not get inside again. She was screaming ” I CAAAN’T GET INSIDE AGAIN BUUHUU HEELP MEEE”.

I continued to walk away from the building, but I could hear her screams in the distance…

Shit I can’t leave this girl outside the building screaming like this. She’s not even dressed. What the hell…

So I walked back, told her to get the fuck up, and follow me back to the room. When we got back to the room I told her to sit down and shut the fuck up.

Listen. I’m done with this shit. You are 25 years old, not a 10-year-old retard. Now you go to the bedroom and fucking sleep. I will go out. If you follow me this time, and you lock yourself out, you have to sleep with the soi dogs. I will NOT save you one more time.

Ok, she said. Like a little child that knew it fucked up big time. Now she knew I was serious.

I went out, and came back a couple of hours later after some beers at a random bar. My GF was sleeping. The next morning she dressed up and went to work.

No more drama please

I took all her shit while she was at work. Clothes, make-up and laptop, and I left it outside with the security guard. Then I told the staff to delete her key-card so she couldn’t get inside again.

I knew that if I told her to leave while she was inside my apartment. It would only be a another nightmare of drama, just like the night before. I don’t have time for dat…

I sent her a message on Facebook that she could pick up her stuff outside with the security dude.

She already picked up her stuff, but I haven’t heard a word from her, and I don’t think I will in a long time.

Was I too harsh? 

I don’t think so. I have one life and I’m going to enjoy it. I’m not going to look back at my life when I’m 80 years old thinking “I wasted my life being a miserable cunt”.

I’m not saying that I can’t deal with girls that have real problems. Of course, if a girl that I care about have actual issues I would go out of my way to help her. But this stuff is not that. This is just pure bullshit drama.

Besides. I can’t let a crazy lady like that have access to my apartment. What happens if she get a little bit more crazy next time? I have camera and computer equipment for over 300.000 baht in my apartment. What if she breaks some of that in one of her tantrums?

In her last tantrum after the model gig she threw her phone in a random direction in my room and almost hit my 100.000 baht laptop. If that phone had struck the screen it would break no doubt.

Spending 100.000 baht on a new laptop would set me back a lot of work. I don’t want to waste that kind of money just because of some girl can’t control her fucking emotions.

Another thing that irritated me with this girl was her addiction to Facebook. That is a problem all over Thailand, but this girl was a freak. It was like her entire life evolved around making her life look awesome on Facebook.

Even the days she had those idiotic fights with me, and she left in a tantrum, she would update her profile, put out cute pictures of food, drinks and coffee like everything was just perfect. What a fucking joke..


NO more GF’s for Tim

I think I was born to be single. Don’t misunderstand me. I LOVE women, but in small doses. I don’t have time for all that drama that goes along with these creatures.

I will date them. Hang out with them. Bang them and have fun with them. But as soon as they gets too safe around me, and they let down their facade and start with all that drama shit. I will stop all contact, delete and block.

To be honest I think its much better to just go to the local blowjob bar to get your balls drained. Then you can continue with whatever you do drama free. 800 baht for a blowjob and a drama free weekend sound like good fucking deal if you ask me. 🙂

I hate drama.

Lessons learned..

What have I learned from this? 🙂

If you want a Thai girlfriend you should do some serious research with the girl you have chosen. A lot of these girls will be cute and adorable-as-fuck when you are dating them, but as soon as they move in they will put down their guard just to become lazy cunts that don’t want to do anything except lying on the bed playing with their Facebook.

Another thing with Thai people in general is that they suck in conflict management. Everything down here is “no problem” until it’s suddenly “big problem”. That is a theme I’ve noticed with a lot of girls here. You don’t want to get into a serious relationship with a girl that can’t talk about simple problems without starting a ton of drama.

You need to vet the fuck out of these girls.

I thought I knew this girl WELL, and I’ve been around her for almost a year. She had a good job with bachelor degree. She’s been to China, USA and Japan. But even this girl was just a drama queen that ended up sitting almost naked outside my condominium screaming like a complete retard.

Take it easy guys, and don’t be naive. 🙂

Three different budgets for living in Thailand

Having a budget is probably one of the most important strategies for moving to Thailand successfully. There are no safety nets here that will catch you if you fuck up in any way.

In fact. Right now several foreigners are stuck in immigration detention centers around in Thailand because they used up their money, had no money to get back home, then got arrested for overstaying their visas.

Some people have no money or family / friends back home that can help them. These people can be stuck for months, even years in these detention centers.

Here is a video from Bangkok Immigration detention center. Does NOT look like a fun place.

If you don’t end up in one of the detention center, you’ll end up hanging out with these crazy bastards at Beach Rd in Pattaya.

It’s not a fate I wish on anyone! Imagine being stuck in Pattaya, with all those hot hookers, but with no money to do anything. 🙁

Here are three different budgets for anyone who want to move to Thailand. 

Remember that these budgets are very simplified. This is just to give you an idea. It’s not actually budgets that I recommend to use. I’ve also excluded VISA costs and travel insurance as those costs differs so much from people to people.

If you have a legit job in Thailand you don’t have to think about VISA, as you don’t have to go on VISA runs. If you are here on tourist visas like I am, you have to factor those trips into the budget too.

You also have to add the costs for travel insurance. Prices for insurance differs so much depending on what country you are from so there is no point for me to add it.


15.000 baht per month (450$)

This is what I call the “I’m moving to Thailand no matter what” budget. Your budget would look something like this:

Rent: 5000 baht
Food: 9000 baht
Fun: 1000 baht


What would a 5000 baht apartment look like? Well, that depends where in Thailand you want to live. For simplicity I will only talk about Bangkok, a place I have lived and know a lot about.

In Bangkok, if you live on the outskirts, like Bearing, Mo Chit, Bang Sue etc, 5000 baht would give you a simple room with a double bed, AC, maybe a small kitchen and a toilet. If you look long enough, or you know someone, you could maybe get something bigger with separate kitchen and bedroom.


9000 baht per month in food equals 300 baht per day. This is plenty as long as you eat local Thai food. Maybe you could save a little bit money if you buy a big pack of oatmeal and eat that to breakfast, and use those money to eat expensive Western food once in a while.

A meal in the local street kitchens and local restaurants usually cost between 30 and 80 baht. This food is delicious and clean. I’ve never had trouble with local food in Thailand.

200 – 300 baht per day is what I usually spend on food down here when I’m doing nothing or just working. It’s only when I go out with friends or into more touristy areas I’m using more money on food.


What kind of fun can you have for 1000 baht per month? To be honest. Not much. It’s enough for maybe one trip out in some bar. Places like Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, Walking Street Pattaya or any popular nightclub in Thailand you can forget about.

At Levels in Bangkok you would have enough for 4 beers, and you’d had to walk home.


Should you move to Thailand if this is the budget you have to play with? I would say no fucking way. It would be boring as fuck as you only have money to exist, and that’s it.

I’m usually only on this budget when work for several days in a row. I will be inside all day working on my computer, go out and eat, then go back home to work more.


30.000 baht per month (900$)

This is the minimum, on average, I would budget per month for living in Thailand long time.

You’re budget would look something like this:

Rent: 8000 baht
Food: 13.000 baht
Fun and travel: 9000 baht


For 8000 baht per month you’ll get a modern condo outside downtown Bangkok (Siam, Nana, Asoke, Ekkemai).

At the outskirts (end stations of BTS and MRT) you could probably score a modern condo with shared swimming-pool, laundry / cleaning service and free shuttle-bus to the closest MRT / BTS station.


13.000 baht per month is more then plenty. You can eat cheap Thai dishes most of the month, but debauch once in a while with Western food or food in more ‘luxuries’ areas like a skybar or a high’end mall.

Fun and travel:

9000 baht should be enough for plenty of fun per month. Of course, you can’t go crazy every night like you would if you came her as an tourist for 3 weeks, but you can still have fun.


Who would I recommend this budget for? Anyone who is coming to Thailand with a plan to make more money. You can live of this budget for a while, while you expand your businesses, whatever they are.

As I see it. You need 15.000 – 20.000 baht per month to cover the minimum. Rent and food. Anything you make over that, you can use on whatever the fuck you want. Delicious food, travel, booze, hookers, membership at gyms, bling, better apartments or whatever you like.


50.000 baht per month (1430$)

This is what most of my Thai friends consider ‘enough’ money to live a comfortable life in Thailand. With 50.000 baht per month you will have a lot of economical freedom. You don’t have to think about every baht you are spending.

Your budget would look something like this:

Rent: 8000 – 20.000 baht
Food: 15.000 baht
Fun and travel: 15.000 – 27000 baht


With this budget you have a lot of freedom to choose where you want to live. You could spend less with a nice condo in the outskirts of Bangkok, or you could spend more to live more central. In Bangkok apartments seems to be more expensive the closer you are to Siam, Nana, Asok and Ekkemai.

For 15.000 baht in semi-central areas like Suttisan or Victory Monument. You’ll get a hyper-modern condo with good view, shared swimming-pool, laundry / cleaning service and free shuttle bus if it’s not in immediate distance to a BTS or MRT.


You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. You can even eat in nicer restaurants and skybars once in a while without worrying about going bankrupt.

You can go on dates regularly and pay for food and drinks for the girl you are out with.

Fun and travel

If you have this budget, and you are not tied to a job you have to meet up to. You can pretty much do whatever you want whenever you want.


50.000+ baht per month

There are no point of making budget over 50k+. The money you are making after the 50k mark will only go to better apartments, nicer food, more travel etc.



Other expenses


If you are on 60 days tourist visas, with the possibility to extend 30 more days at a immigration office. You have to go out of Thailand every 90 days.

I usually spend anything between 7000 baht to 20.000 baht on a VISA run, depending on how long I stay outside Thailand. That is on average 2400 to 6700 baht per month.

To find cheap flight tickets for VISA runs I usually go to Skyscanner. This site has that awesome function that you can choose departure, but leave arrival as “everywhere”. It will then find the cheapest flight ticket to “anywhere”.

Pretty dope, and you can discover some cities you never thought of going to.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance prices varies A LOT depending on where you are from. Sometimes I meet guys down here, and when they tell me what they pay for insurance my jaw drops because it’s so much.

I have my travel insurance through my bank back home. I pay around 450$ a year for my insurance. That is with no deductible meaning I can demand back my money no matter how small the cost is.

It covers emergency medical and dental costs. <- The most important. But it also covers theft and vandalism of personal belongings like laptops and cameras.

Some of the reason why I get so good price is because everyone in my family have insurance through that bank, and we’ve got some good premiums over time.

If you can get insurance with your entire family, you should try to manage that. You can save a lot of money that way.

Computers, cameras, equipment etc… 

Have any hobbies or you like to buy new tech? You will have to put that into you budget too.

I love to take pictures and to do videos. Because of this I buy a lot of camera gear. There are so many good shops in Bangkok for camera gear. Sometimes I wish I was rich so I could go berserk in the shopping malls here. It’s absolutely insane what you’ll find here if you look around.

Buffer money

I can’t even tell you how important it is to have a buffer when you live in countries like Thailand. You never know what will happen. What if you fuck up a tooth and you need to get a new tooth? That shit is not cheap even here in Thailand. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to walk around looking like a pirate.

What if you crash a motorbike, your own or a bike that you rented. You have to pay for that shit one way or another. In most cases it doesn’t even matter if it’s your fault or not.

It’s always a nice to have a pile of cash stored somewhere just in case something unlikely should happen.


As you can see, you can live a lot of different lifestyles in Thailand.

Personally I could never live on 15.000 baht per month, but some weeks ago I met a girl from Poland that lived in Chiang Mai because she learned Thai massage in a temple(?). She said she spent only 3000-4000 baht per month on food.

I didn’t understand how that was possible, then she said she was a vegan, and that she made most of her food herself.

In her sparetime she never went out drinking and spent most of her time reading books or doing yoga.

On the other hand. If you go out partying in the hottest nightclubs in Bangkok every weekend, and drag back hookers every second night, you can spend her monthly food budget in a single hour.

You need to find out what lifestyle you want to live in Thailand, then you have to figure out if you have the money for that lifestyle. If you have, everything is fine. If you don’t, you have to adjust, or find out ways to make more money.

I think, since I moved to Thailand in 2015. I’ve spent on average 50k – 60k baht per month.


How to get around in Bangkok like a pro

Bangkok is a chaotic city. It’s hard to argue against that. If you are coming here as a first timer it can be an overwhelming feeling, and most people can’t wait to get out.

I felt like that too, and I still do at times. But when you know the city, and you know how to get around, this city gets much more bearable, and maybe you will even like it.

Truth is. This is an amazing city where pretty much everything is possible. I won’t go into that here as I’ve already written so much about Bangkok. Here, herehere and here.

So, here we go. How to get around in Bangkok like a pro.



Bangkok have a traffic-jam issue. New skyscrapers pop up every week but little seems to be done about expanding the public transit system. There are 8 million people in this city and the city only have 1 metro line and 2 sky-train lines. It’s ridiculous.

Rush-hour in Bangkok is between 07.00 – 09.00 and 17.00 – 20.00

At this time try to avoid going anywhere. I know that sound ridiculous but it’s really bad at those hours. If you have to get somewhere always take the sky train or metro. If the place you are going to isn’t near a sky-train or metro station. Find the nearest station, go there, and take a taxi from there, or a motorbike taxi as they can drive between the cars.

In rush-hour avoid taking a taxi anywhere as a rule.

If a taxi driver know the traffic is really bad to where you are going, he will most likely reject you. They rather sleep in a side-street in their car than making almost no money from their meter because they are stuck with you in a 2 hour long traffic-jam.


Avoid taxis in red area

Is a general rule. Avoid taxi in the red area under between 06.00 and 00.00. This area suffers from chronic traffic-jams all day. It should not be a big problem to avoid taxis in this area as most of it is covered by sky-train and metro.


Taxi or public transport? 

If you’re more than three persons, and you’re going more than 3-4 stops with metro or sky-train, and it’s not rush hour, or you’re not inside the red zone above. Just take a taxi. It will cost less then what you have to pay for the sky-train and/or metro tickets.

If you’re two persons, and you are going with both sky-train and metro, for more than 4-5 stops. Same rule apply. It’s cheaper with taxi.

Always get a taxi with meter

If a taxi driver can see that you are a rookie in Thailand. 99% will try to tell you that the meter is not working so they can give you a fixed price instead. This will always be more expensive for you, and in some cases, a lot more expensive.

Avoid taxis outside tourist attractions, malls and big hotels. These guys will almost never give you a ride with meter. Just walk 100 away from the attraction, and pull a taxi that is already driving. These guys are usually much more honest.

A taxi with a red light in the front window is available, not busy. Usually red means no or busy, but not with Thai taxis.

When to use motorbikes? 

Motorbike taxis are for smaller trips inside side streets etc. They can also be used when it’s heavy traffic as they can go between the cars. I use motorbikes all the time. I love ’em.


These guys are cancer. Avoid by all means. You should only take a tuk-tuk one time in your life, just to have done it, then never again.

Tuk-tuks are dangerous, noisy and very expensive as they always go by fixed price (tourist price). Why bother?



What more can I say? Try to always avoid going around town in rush-hour. It’s really bad at that time. Get to know the sky-train and metro system. It’s not hard at all as there are only three lines. It’s not exactly the London metro..

If there are no sky-train or metro station where you are going, go as close as you can, and take a motorbike taxi from the closest station.


Do you have some more tips? Comment in the comment section under.

Great daygame spots in Bangkok

What going on guys? 😀 

There’s no doubt that online dating is the fastest and most efficient way to meet and date Thai girls in Bangkok. You can hit up hundreds of girls in no-time and meet them the same day, and you can start hitting up girls before you even arrive Thailand. Internet magic right there guys!

However, nothing can beat the rush of some ‘oldschool’ chasing. In fact, it’s healthy to hit on girls in real life as it keeps your social antennas up to date.  If you stay online for too long you will end up as some old weirdo that girls will run away from while having a full on panic attack. You find these people all over Thailand’s dirty scene. These losers haven’t talked to a ‘real’ girl for decades and have no idea how to be a pleasant human being and they don’t know how to read signals so they have no idea when to stop or when they do something wrong.

Anyways. That’s not what you are here for.

Here are some great day game spots in Bangkok. Yes, you can hit on girls all over town. But as you know Bangkok is a messy place and not all places are comfortable.


Shopping malls

I’ve marked the shopping malls in green on the map above. There are a lot more shopping malls in Bangkok, these are only a few of them. In fact, there is pretty much a shopping mall outside every skytrain and metro station.

At Siam there are a cluster of big ass shopping malls with a ton of hot girls working, shopping and hanging out. There is a cinema at top floor at every mall. Great place to hang out as all of them have comfortable sofas and dimmed lighting.

Go crazy guys! 😀



Parks are another great place to hit on Thai girls. From Mon to Fri most parks are filled with people who like to exercise. I’ve seen some really hot girls here that are in top-notch shape.

In the weekends the parks are filled with people chilling and hanging out. Most people with good office jobs that give them time off in the weekends.

Chatuchak Park
Chatuchak Park



Tim, wtf? 

I’ve never seen any Thailand blog or Youtube-channel mention the hospitals in Bangkok. That is strange because they are packed with hot nurses in nursing outfits. Just linger in the area around a hospital and it wont take long until you see a hot nurse. Then you can ask her out to a coffee shop. They won’t mind that. 🙂


Go to Siriraj Hospital. This hospital is on the other side of the Chao Praya river. The only way to get to the other side is by boat. Linger around the ferry pier. When you see a hot nurse going on the boat, you make sure you get the seat next to her. 🙂

If you get serious with her. She can tell all her friends that “you just came out of thin air at the boat when she was done with her shift”. How romantic isn’t that? <3



Here are some randoms spots around town that I’ve found good to hit up chicks.

Victory Point

This is just next to Victory Monument. It’s just a chillout place with a lot of benches and a tent’ish roof. A lot of people hang out and relax here while they drink a ice coffee. This area is also a transportation hub between the skytrain and buses around the town.

Victory point
Victory point

Platform between Siam Paragon and Siam Center

For some reason a lot of Thai people stop here to take pictures. Sometimes there are some cute art exhibitions here that the girls like to get a picture in front. What a great opportunity to help them and maybe get a conversation going? 😀



There are probably a ton of other great places to chase Thai girls. If you know about some spots that should be mentioned in this post, tell me about them in the comment section so I can add them to the map.


Two not-so-great places to hit up girls

Coffee shops

Maybe I’ve just been unlucky, but most girls that I’ve talked with in coffee shops have pretty much ignored me or been pissed off. From what I understand Thai girls look at the coffee shops as a ‘holy-grail’ where they can get some peace from everyday life, noisy streets and the heat while they enjoy their cold ice-coffee.

I think it’s that simple. Let the girls have a free space where they can just relax. I’m not trying to sound like a feminist here..

Sky-train and metro stations

Why do all Thailand bloggers and YouTubers always mention these areas? They suck. It’s crammed, hot and people are just tired and want to go home. It’s a really shitty place to hit up girls.

Does this place look fun??

That it for this time. Remember to tell me in the comment section if I’ve forgotten som good places to hit up girls. Lets share our knowlegde!

I love my passive income! :D

What’s going on guys? 😀

As I’m writing this I’m waiting for a connection flight at Dubai International Airport. I’ve been back home for a short 3 week trip to visit family and friends.

I’m thinking back on my last three months. It’s been amazing!

Bangkok, Koh Chang and Pattaya Beach

In November I spent most of my time exploring Bangkok with an amazing girl that I’ve spent a lot of time with lately.

In December I did a lot of small side trips from Bangkok, like going to Ayutthaya. I even visited a crazy museum and I went to the infamous Bang Kwang prison north of Bangkok.

I ended my year with a trip to Koh Chang, one of Thailands most beautiful islands. Before I went back to Europe 5th of January to visit family and friends.

In February I will go on a trip all the way up Isaan, one city at the time with train, before I end my trip in Vientiane, Laos.

My point is. No matter where I am, I can pull out my laptop and make money. In fact, some of my income is 100% passive. That means I don’t even have to work to make them. I’ve already done the work, and the money trickle in slowly but steady.

It’s a god damn good feeling! 😀

There is a million ways to make money online. All it takes is your imagination, hard work and the dollars will start to trickle in. Trust me guys… If I can do this shit, so can you. I’m an idiot.

Did you know there is a dude who travel around the world and let people stare at him? That’s how he makes money…

I still remember when I made my first dollar online, it felt so good I had goosebumps all over my body.

I knew that if I could multiply this online income, I could live a dream life in cheap tropical countries like Thailand, Cambodia or The Philippines.

Not only could I live a dream life, but it’s also the responsible thing to do. An extra income is very nice to have. What if you become sick and can’t do regular work anymore? Or what if you just loose your job because of bad economical times? It’s always smart to have a second semi-passive stream of income.


General tips for making online income

1: Try a lot of different things

Never put all your cards in one basket. If you only have a single source of online income, what do you do if it fails? You would be f***ed…

Right now I have 5 sources of income, they are:

  1. Profit from renting out my apartment back home. This is steady and safe income.
  2. I do translations jobs from English to Norwegian for a big international company. Mostly mobile apps in the off-shore industry. I don’t have many jobs, but when I get them they demand quick delivery and it’s good paid.
  3. I still do some translation jobs and background removals on Fiverr.com.
  4. Thai Cupid, Thai Friendly and Agoda sales through Goodbye Boring Life.
  5. Black jobs here and there. As I said, I have a pretty decent DSLR camera. I’ve done gigs for a few hotels down here. I’ve done new fresh pictures for them that they can use on Agoda.com or booking.com

Lately I have started to play around with another source too, stock images and stock video. I met a Thai lady some time ago that made around 2000$ online from the website Shutterstock, per month!!!

She showed me exactly what she did, what types of pictures she took and her earnings. I learned a lot.

She had 20.000!!!!!! pictures uploaded in a 12 month period. She have probably worked 2-3 hours on that every day that year. But it did pay of in the end, didn’t it? 🙂 2000 $ a month in Thailand is a fortune!


2: Start easy and simple

Don’t jump on the make money online train and think that you will do bank the first week. If you go into this ‘business’ with that attitude you will become unmotivated very quickly.

Competition is high, and you will probably have to do jobs in the beginning for slave salary, maybe even free! It’s all about building up a reputation and a network so you can score good jobs.

Let me give you three examples:

1: When I started out on Fiverr.com, I did translation jobs for 5$. I would translate 800 words for only 5$! That usually took me 1.5 hours.

However, as the jobs came in, good reviews came in too. With good reviews I can crank up the price. Eventually I came in contact with a big company that have translators from all over the world to translate apps and software.

2: The first 4 months of Goodbye Boring Life I did not make a single sale on Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. However, the last 3 months the sales have started to trickle in slowly. I don’t make much, and after hosting is paid I only have a small profit. But profit is profit.

Who knows, maybe in one or two years, this site is doing 1500$ a month on sales? I have no idea what to expect…

3: The Thai lady that showed me around on shutterstock.com uploaded pictures for 3 months without making a single dollar. Then the sales, reputation and special deals started to trickle in.

As you can see. Hard work usually pays of in the end. And if you want passive income you don’t have to work for, you usually have to do the hard work first, and hopefully it pays of.


3: “That won’t work”..

Yeah. With that attitude you will never make a dime. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be critical, but some people are too skeptical about what is possible to make money from.

You need to choose a strategy, and get busy RIGHT NOW… Everyday you postpone you give that money to someone else.

When you start doing jobs online, you come in contact with people that are “over” you in the online hierarchy. If you do a good job you will get contacts, build networks and get insight in other peoples business ideas and projects.


4: Don’t quit your job on day 1

Good. You’ve made your first dollars online. This is NOT the time to quit your job and fly to paradise. Keep working hard, expand your incomes. Make a robust system for yourself that keep sending money to your bank account.

This is also a good time to start saving some of your money from your regular job to build up a buffer.

It’s important to have a big buffer in case something should happen. Maybe you hurt yourself and something’s wrong with the insurance, maybe you get in trouble with the law and need to bribe someone. You never know what will happen in these countries they are after all third world countries.

I said to myself that I would quit my job the day I made 600$ online for three months straight. I made that goal back in 2015. I’ve been on the road since and I’ve never been more happy.


Life is short

Start NOW! Don’t waste time. If you are wasting time in front of your computer, like reading this stupid blog. Stop now and get started!!!

Life is short. I’m already 30 years old, and I’m stressing already. I want to utilize every second of this life. There is no time to loose.

When I get old and my dick don’t work anymore I want to have fond memories about all the crazy shit I did and all the tight Asian pussies I crushed.

I don’t want a single regret in my old days. So get started NOW!

Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly – Which to get?

Some time ago I said that I would take a break from online dating in Thailand. And I did until now. At that time I was a premium member at Thai Cupid. This time around however I bought a membership on Thai Friendly. Here is Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly.

I’ve been using it for two weeks, and in this post I will tell you the differences so you can choose the platform that is best for you.

So.. Here we go..


Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly 

Quantity of girls

Thai Cupid have more members.

As I’m writing this (01.00 pm Thai time) there are 470 Thai girls online on Thai Friendly from all over Thailand between 20 – 25 years old. Roughly 200 of them located in Bangkok. Another 3500 girls were online within the last hour. 

Thai Cupid however have over 2000 members online at the same time, and another 8000 girls were online the last hour.

Thai Cupid: 1
Thai Friendly: 0


Quality of girls

Doesn’t matter what platform you sign up for. You will find the same ratio of hot / ugly girls on both sites.

However, Thai Cupid have a bigger thumbnail for profiles both on the front page and in searches. This makes it slightly easier to see if a girl is hot or not without using time to go inside her profile.

Thai Cupid: 2
Thai Friendly: 1


Search filters

Thai Cupid is a big winner here. You can filter girls on almost any variable. Age, height, BMI, Chinese sign, star sign and even their measurements + 30-40 other variables.

Thai Friendly can only filter basic stuff like age, weight, height and a few more.

But honestly, who need a massive filtering system like Thai Cupid? I’ve never used it. It will only work if the girls take the time to fill in everything, and is honest about it, something I doubt most people are.. xD

I usually only use the age and the location filters. Everything else is up for negotiation. 😀

But, if you need these filtering options and you have special needs, Thai Cupid is the winner.

Thai Cupid: 3
Thai Friendly: 1


Design and Functionality 


Thai Friendly is the winner in my opinion. Thai Friendly look more ‘fun’ than Thai Cupid. It got more catchy colors and just looks better. Thai Cupid however look like a software interface for cranes… It’s really boring and dull..


Both sites are very easy to navigate and to use. However, the chat system at Thai Friendly can be very buggy at times. Sometimes when I girl write to me, I can clearly see that some of the messesage strings don’t arrive.

If you close the chat then open it again. Earlier conversation will be gone.. That irritates me.

Thai Cupid is flawless on functionality. No bugs.


Thai Friendly have a neat app for both Android and Iphone. Thai Cupid don’t have an app, but their platform look fine on a mobile browser. So you can use both apps on your phone with no problem.

Thai Friendly wins on design and Thai Cupid wins on functionality.

Thai Cupid: 4
Thai Friendly: 2



As you can see. These platforms are almost the same with only small differences.

If a lot of girls to choose from is important for you, and you don’t care so much about design, then choose Thai Cupid. I would also choose Thai Cupid if I was going to smaller places within Thailand with less people. There seems to be more people online on Thai Cupid in smaller cities. There are also better filtering options for cities at Thai Cupid.

If you care more about design, or you are only staying in the biggest cities such as Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Mai. It doesn’t really matter what platform you choose.

I’m using Thai Friendly at the moment, and I enjoy it, as it’s nice with a change. However, I will go back to using Thai Cupid when my three months membership runs out just because it runs more smoothly and have more members.

Total Score Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly 

Thai Cupid: 4
Thai Friendly: 2

If you know you’ll sign up for Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly in near future, please consider using my affiliate links. It will not be more expensive for you. The only difference is that I get a small cut from your first membership payment.

You can click here for Thai Cupid, and here for Thai Friendly. Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly.

9 things I hate about Thailand

Here is some random stuff that really grind my gears down here in Thailand. This post do contain some wildly inappropriate generalizations, but I don’t give a shit honestly. Please don’t take this post too seriously. 🙂

Soo. Here we go…


1: Rude hookers

Stop asking me for lady drinks the moment you approach me. Don’t start our little friendship with ‘can I have a drink pleaaaaseee?”..

What about you start with a fucking “heeloo. Can I sit with you?”. Then you make me happy, act cute and charming and all that stuff for 5 to 10 minutes. Then we can discuss that lady drink. I’m not asking for much here..

This is how it SHOULD be: You make me happy –> I buy you a drink

This is NOT how it should be: I buy you a drink –> I hope that you will be fun

I actually blame this one on stupid farang men. Stop giving the girls a tip just because she’s hot. That’s how you breed spoiled whores who ask for money before she even did anything to make you happy.

Some loser men just give away money, and the girls have figured this out. Yaaay.. Now we have whores that nags for free money. Good fucking job congratulation..


2: Chinese tourists

All you guys can sincerely go to hell. I’ve already written why I hate Chinese tourists, and that post border to hate speech.

Enough said.


3: Traffic jams

I’ve accepted that traffic jams do happen in Thailand, but once in a while I need to rant about it. I need to get out the frustration that have accumulated over time.

This venting usually happens in a random taxi late at night in Bangkok with a random girl/hooker on the tow, and a worried taxi driver in front thinking I am about to start a riot.


4: Hospitals

If you thought the hookers in Soi Cowboy looked at you like a walking ATM machine, wait until you have visited a hospital in Thailand. They will throw an avalanche of meds on you no matter what is wrong with you.

They know that you have travel insurance and don’t give a shit about the costs. Most people will just take whatever the doctor give them and trust that it is the right decision.

I’m no doctor but I’m a big believer that the body can fix itself in most cases. No need to take a ton of meds for every condition. Some meds have serious side effects you know.. Don’t take this shit for fun..

Usually I just go to the doc to exclude serious conditions, but they always try to sell you stuff. Don’t you think the docs down here get a cut from the meds they sell? They probably do…

So.. Do they make their decision with their wallets, or with their knowlegde..? That’s up to you to decide…

I’m so tired of calling my GP doctor back home asking what pills are unnecessary to take after I get out of the hospital (usually 80-90%) of them.

I had stomach pain, ended up with this.


4: Power cuts

This happens once a week on average, and it happens mostly at night, in rainy season, when it’s hot and humid… What sucks about this is that most AC here don’t turn back on when the power comes back, making me wake up in the morning in a lake of sweat combined with a headache from dehydration.

6 months ago the power distribution in my block exploded. I’m not even mad, it’s absolutely incredible..


5: The ticket machines at Sukhumvit metro station

This is probably the most specific complaint on this list, but whatever..

There are 6.3 million people living in Bangkok. A lot of those goes through Sukhumvit station, especially in rush hours.

How many ticket machines are there? 4…….. Yes fucking four………

I’ve no idea how many times I’ve been stuck in that ticket line… Sometimes you have to wait 20 minutes to buy a 25 baht ticket. That doesn’t feel good…


6:  Western women

Is it just me or do Thailand attract the most ugly fat farang females on the planet? Or is it maybe that you see them next to hot Asian women, and they simply pale (literally and metaphorically) in comparison?

I have no idea…

Why the fuck do they even come to Thailand? Spain have nice beaches too, and it’s much closer.


7: Indian tourists

These dirty motherfuckers are everywhere these days. The middle class in India is ricing, and for some reason they have to bring their entire family tree to Thailand.

Most Indians are humorless, have inflated ego’s, lack social antennas and are very rude. Very much like the Chinese guys just a million times more smelly.

One time I was walking around in Sukhumvit Soi 8 and out of nowhere a random Indian guy spat on me while he was passing in his tuktuk. I hope he crashed and died.

15% of my Google hits come from India, but I don’t give a shit. You guys need to hear it, take a fucking shower and get some basic manners…

(My Indian tailor in Sukhumvit Soi 15 is exempted from this generalization).

8: Squat toilets

One of my first memories with these toilets was my second trip to Thailand when I was in Sukhothai. I had eaten something my stomach did not appreciate and I ended up with an anal leakage that went all directions out my asshole.

I became so tired in my thighs that I eventually had to sit down. Luckily there was a plastic bucket there, so I sat on the bucket, praying that it wouldn’t crack.

When I was done there was shit everywhere…

Not my proudest day.

Love them or hate them.

Fun fact: Squat toilets are in fact more healthy for your anus than regular toilets.

9: Security checks on BTS, MRT and malls in Bangkok

If you are looking for a good joke. Watch the security guys working at the check points around in Bangkok.

I always have to open my backpack for these guys, but they never even bother to look inside. They just do a quick peep on the top item with a flashlight that’s not even turned on, but what’s hiding under the top item (like a bomb) they never check.

Not to mention the metal scanner you have to go through, the alarm goes of on every damn person passing it, but they don’t do any further investigation on anyone…

I’m sure I could bring a rocket luncher through these check points and they would not notice.


Is there something you hate about Thailand? Comment in the comment section! 😀

I want a girlfriend in 2017

I have to be honest. I want a girlfriend. I miss it. I’m tired of running over new girls non-stop, sometimes several new girls a week. I need a change.

I’m tired of being a butterfly.

Right now I have 4 girls I can call at any given time to have sex with in Bangkok.

I have around 10 girls I can contact to have sex, but with some promise of something in return like a dinner or in best case just some sweet talk.

I have two big redlight districts close by, Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, that offer hundreds of girls every night all year for a small slump of money.

As I said in my last post. This place is really a pussy paradise and girls will jump on your dick from every direction.

But I need a break from it. I’m ready for the benefits of having a GF.

Furthermore, I’ve been working hard on my six-pack lately, so it should be no problem getting a GF.

If I had a girlfriend we would travel all around Thailand in the weekends, do fun stuff together, fuck like rabbits and perhaps have some decent conversations while we sip coconut juice at the beach.

Here are some pros of having a GF in Thailand: 

1: No need to use condom. Sex feels better. MUCH better. 😀
2: Teach each other what you like to do in bed.
3: You will save 50% on rent. Hopefully.
4: You will get a bigger network of friends.
5: You don’t have to do housework, clean your clothes or cook food. Ever.


I don’t want children, get married or anything crazy like that. But I do miss having a GF. Just one smoking hot girl that I can cuddle with late at night.

In fact. I think I have found a potential GF already. Here’s why:

She’s good in bed – Her skin is smooth as silk, she has a gorgeous smile and she’s hot. Easily a 9/10. I obviously need a girl who I’m attracted to sexually, otherwise it wont work.

She takes care of her appearance, always smell good and dress properly. She’s a cool girl.

She can speak English – A lot of Thai girls suck in English. I know how to speak basic Thai, but I still need a girl who know how to speak English. If we are out eating with friends, and my girl can’t talk English, she will just sit there like a big question mark and stay passive. That would be as fun as jumping out of a building head first.

I have no problem with banging girls who can’t talk English, but I would never date them in a serious manner.

She have a good job and is educated – She have a bachelor degree, and she works for a well-known international company. She makes well over average in Thailand. That means she wont ask me for money. I don’t want to be her economical babysitter.

I don’t want a lazy Thai girl who stays home sleeping away 14 hours of the day waiting for pocket money.

She like to do housework – When she comes over to my apartment. She will lock herself into my bathroom and start clean my clothes. I’ve not asked for this. In fact. I say she don’t have to do it because I can do it myself or deliver it to laundry.

“Noo. I am women. It’s my job. Laundry service no good jing jing” she answer..

Ok ok… Relax.. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying… Whatever makes you happy sweetheart. 🙂


No girl is perfect in paradise

What I don’t like with her is that she have the most typical Thai characteristics in the book. She can be very jealous and she love to play with her phone. I don’t think it’s possible to find a girl in Thailand that doesn’t have these characteristics.

Other than that I do enjoy being with her.


Want a GF in Thailand? 

I tell everyone that comes to Thailand to wait a good while before they get into any serious relationship. 99% of men that comes to Thailand are starved on sex and can’t think clear on arrival.

You don’t know anything about the culture here, so you don’t know what clues to look for if a girl is good or not. You can read up on blogs etc, but you still need some practice in the field before you start doing important life decisions like who you will date longtime / marry.

If you find a girl in the Western world that likes to party, have a couple of tattoos and smoke cigarettes. It’s no big deal. She’s probably just a regular girl who have a regular daytime job. If you find a girl in Thailand who does the same stuff there’s a good chance she’s a whore who sucks a new dick every night.

If you find a girl in the Western world that thinks you’ve been out with another girl every time you’re not together, she’s probably mentally ill. If you find a Thai girl who think’s in the same pattern it just means she’s Thai.

If you find a girlfriend too fast there is a good chance that:

  1. She is not a she.
  2. She is a bar girl
  3. Just want your money (don’t they all??)
  4. She “forget” to take the pill
  5. All the above

Finding true love takes time. It’s not done after one week in Pattaya on your first trip to Thailand. Never get a girlfriend in Thailand before you have been here so many times that you start to get a grip for Thailand and the culture.

Thai girls who look for foreigners to exploit can see that you are a newcomer from a mile away. You light up like a lighthouse among all the regulars. Even I can spot you now because you look like this everywhere you go:

I’ve already written a ton about how you can find fuckfriends, dates or girlfriends in Thailand, what to watch out for, tips and tricks etc. Have a look around the website or click this link to see every post about dating in Thailand.

Have you ever had a girlfriend in Thailand? Tell me about your experiences in the comment field. 🙂

Is Thailand really a pussy paradise? 2016 recap!

What’s going on guys? 😀 

I see that people find my website with search terms like; “is Thailand a pussy paradise?” or “can you get unlimited pussy in Thailand?”.

I’ve been in Thailand 1.5 years now, and I spent all of 2016 in this amazing country. It’s time to give you my opinion.

So lets just cut to the core right away:

  • In 2016 I had sex with 65 women.
  • 25 of these I had sex with several times.
  • Out of the 65 women 33 was professionals and 32 was ‘real’ girls.
  • In April 2016 I had sex every single day of the month.
  • I met 43 girls from Thai Cupid on dates. Bang rate approximately 60%.

That means I had sex with a new girl, on average every 5.6 days. On most I had sex with three different girls on the same day.

I’m not saying this to brag. I write this blog to people I have no idea who are, and you don’t know who I am. What’s the point of bragging? Who the fuck even cares what I do? I say this to answer your question.

Lets compare the amount of girls I banged in Thailand in one year, against how many girls I banged back home my entire life.

I lost my virginity when I was 15 years old. That was in 2006. From 2006 to 2015 I spent most my time home, except some short holidays here and there.

How many chicks did I bang in 9 years in my home country? 

About 20.

I spent 9 years banging 20 chicks. And I was lucky. I had friends who never got laid. Luckely, that life is history for me now. 🙂


It’s not about the sex, it’s about freedom.

Do you remember when you went to high school, and you were sitting in the library trying to read, then that hot girl walked past you that you had been jerking off to every night for the last 3 months?

And of course, you would never get this girl as she was together with the biggest asshole at the school. You became sexually frustrated and depressed. You could not focus on your school task.

Now imagine if you had a small blowjob bar next to the school cafeteria. As soon as you had trouble focusing you could just slip in there and get your balls dried up. You would be back to work in no-time focusing like a champion. 😀

That’s basically how Asia is for me. I don’t have to worry about sex, ever. And that’s a huuuge feeling of freedom. It’s like taking of a 20 kg backpack from your back.

I can focus on my online businesses, making money and other projects. I’ve never focused better than here in Thailand. I know that if I want the company of a lady, I’m just a quick phone-call away.

Men need sex to be happy. Men need sex to function. Men can’t just flip a switch and stop being horny. Men have it best when they have sex with hot women. If men don’t have sex available we become depressed and suffer.

It’s time to treat yourself. If you come to Bangkok. You can stay in cheap guest friendly 4 and 5 stars hotels where you can bring hot gogo dancers or girls that you met on Thai Cupid to have fun with.

If you don’t want to bring the girls back to your place, you can always visit a soapy massage, a blow-job bar, a short-time bar or just find a massage parlor that offers extra.

The opportunities are endless in Asia!

So, is Thailand a pussy paradise? FUCK YES!!! 😀

Bangkok Redlight Districts

You’ll find three redlight districts that are oriented for foreigners in Bangkok. All of them have a lot of the same stuff, but they also have some unique characteristics. So I will talk about all of them separately.

The action starts at 19.00 – 20.00 in all districts. Except in the beer-bars around Nana Plaza. Here the action starts from early morning.

Check map at the bottom for location of all districts.

BTW if you can’t wait until the evening then I highly recommend trying out  Smooci.

Smooci is a new escort booking platform which is taking Bangkok by storm. On Smooci you can search 100s of local agencies and freelancers who are ready and waiting to come to your room.

The girls all have custom rating scores so you can sort the good from the bad, the prices are as low as I’ve ever seen for escorts, and you can get a booking confirmed with just a few clicks. And to top it off, they even give you a GPS link so you can track the girl all the way to your hotel.

Prices in Bangkok redlight districts

Beer: From 130 baht to 200 baht.
Barfine: 600 baht to 1000 baht in most gogo bars.
Prices on girls: This depends on a million factors, but expect to pay minimum 1500 baht short-time for a lady in Bangkok, at any time of the year.

There are also an area north of Asok, Huai Khwang where you will find a bunch of soapy massages.

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy Bangkok
Soi Cowboy right before the fun starts

Soi Cowboy is my favorite redlight district in Bangkok, as it has three very good gogo-bars that I’ve had a ton of fun in.

Soi Cowboy is a hundred meter long road at Asok on Sukhumvit Rd. The easiest way to get here is to take the metro to Sukhumvit station or the skytrain to Asok Station.

In fact. Some of the scenes from Hangover 2 was from this street. More exact Tilac.

Best gogo-bars in soi Cowboy: Baccara, Tilac and Crazy House.


Nana Plaza

Bangkok redlight districts
Nana Plaza

“The World’s Largest Adult Playground” –  says the sign on Nana Plaza’s entrance.

Not really true as this complex fades in comparison of any given street in Pattaya.

Still, it got around 30 gogo-bars over three floors formed as a square. In the middle you will find a beer-bar that is good for people watching.

You will find Nana Plaza 1km away from Soi Cowboy in Sukhumvit Soi 4 (soi = sidestreet).

Outside Nana Plaza, in Sukhumvit Soi 4 you’ll find a handful of quite big beer bars, some are only bars while others also serve food.

Angelwitch on second floor has free pingpong shows that is actually not a scam. Nana Plaza also has quite a few ladyboy gogo-bars. You will find them on all floors on the east-side of the complex.

Hooters at the opposite side of the Nana Plaza’s entrance is a good spot for people watching.

Best gogo-bars in Nana Plaza: Rainbow 4 and London Calling.



Patpong Night Marked

Patpong is the oldest redlight district in Thailand.

Honestly I haven’t been here at night. I’ve heard this place is no good, and I have no reason to doubt that as I’ve been here in daytime and there is an avalanche of Thai men trying to sell you ‘amazing’ pussy.

Be careful with the pingpong offers you get here. There is a popular scam here that they will bring you to a bar, and to get out you have to pay a lot of money. People will block the entrance and try to intimidate you.

Easiest way to get here is by taking the metro to Silom station or the skytrain to Sala Deang station.


Huai Khwang

La Belle Entertainment massage
La Belle Entertainment massage

Along Ratchadaphisek Rd in the Huai Khwang area you will find a lot of soapy massage parlors. There is a big cluster of them right outside the metro station with the same name, Huai Khwang station.

The most famous soapy massage, for a long time, was Nataree Entertainment Massage. This avenue had up to hundreds of girls at prime time around 19.00, and the girls were very beautiful too.

Nataree was closed down some months ago in a big police raid. It has not opened again since. I walked past this place recently after sunset, the place was as dark as a ghost house.



Guest friendly hotels

If you are bringing girls back to your hotel from Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza, or any other place you might find them, make sure that you have selected a guest friendly hotel, or you might be turned down in the reception when you arrive with your girl. That sucks trust me.

Most hotels are guest friendly, but there are those who are not. I made a post about guest friendly hotels in the Sukhumvit area. All hotels are close to Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy.

Check it out here.

Sukhumvit Rd starts here.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is a lot of action going on in the small side streets between Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. You will find dirty massage parlors, freelancers, blow-job bars and much more!


Want a creepy experience in Bangkok? Go to Siriraj Medical Museum

What’s going on guys? :S

Some time ago I went to Siriraj Medical Museum at Siriraj Hospital, and it was a visit of mixed feelings. It’s just something weird about watching real dead babies of your own species 10 cm away from you through crystal clear class.

Even tho this museum probably is very informative for certain type of people (nurses and doctors) it still has to be some of the most fucked up shit I’ve ever seen in a museum anywhere in the world.

The museum consist of five different parts in two different buildings.

The first building had four different sections. The first section was about birth defects, cancer, treatments and some other health topics. To be honest I didn’t totally catch the theme for this section as it seemed a little bit random.

What I did catch however was that you were greeted with 6 dead babies inside sealed glass compartments. All of them with different birth defects and with autopsy scars on their stomach. They also had Siamese twins in one of the glas compartments.

The next part was about the tsunami back in 2004. This part I actually liked a lot. It told the story about the tsunami on a timeline, and how Siriraj Hospital contributed to minimize suffering among the victims. Great informative stuff!

Next part was about diseases that are spread in food and water, and how you can make food so it’s clean and healthy to eat. There was also some stuff about different tropical diseases that have been in Thailand in the past and in the present, like malaria and kolera.

The last section was disturbing as fuck. I don’t even know how to explain it. They had two convicted rape murderer from the 1950 inside a glas cage. They were tied to the roof in the cage so they didn’t fall down.

They were also standing in metal buckets because they were leaking orange gunk (cake tins to be exact).

Disgusting as fuck, and if you went close you could feel the same stench as if you have a animal carrion close by.

But nothing could prepare me for the last building….

It’s called ‘The Anatomical Museum’, but it’s basically a warehouse filled with hundreds of dead humans, body parts and organs. Human heads, eyes, livers, hearts, dead babies, gigantic babies, everything you can imagine. Everything preserved in perfectly transparent glas compartments.

I won’t post any pictures of this place on the website, but if you want to get a taste of what you can expect in this museum, click here. It will take you to a google image search for this museum. Very graphic you are warned.

Tickets start at 200 baht for one building and 250 for both buildings.

Location Report | Koh Chang – Thailand

Happy New Year guys! 😀 

Time to start the new year with a fresh location report straight from my new favorite island in Thailand; Koh Chang! 😀

Holy shit did I have a great time. The vibe on this island was absolutely fantastic! 😀

I spent one week here. The three first days with a hot girl from Bangkok, after that she had to go back to Bangkok to work, which gave me a great opportunity to explore the more dirty aspects of the island (hookers, dirty massages and booze 😀 ).

In fact. I’m seriously thinking about packing my shit and get my ass down to Koh Chang for a longer period. I’ve been in Bangkok way too long, and I find myself thinking more and more about the time I lived at Koh Pha Ngan. I really miss the simple life, that was after all why I moved to Thailand.

Island life in Thailand is really amazing and I think I just found my new home. I love the relaxed lifestyle and vibe.


Koh Chang explained

Where to stay at Koh Chang?

Where to go at Koh Chang


Westside of Koh Chang

This is were 99% of the stuff is going on. The entire westside is filled with resorts, bungalows, restaurants, bars and beaches in varied degree. But to be more exact:

Northwest Koh Chang

This is where you’ll find white sand beach. The beach was great, but personally I didn’t like this area of the island. It’s too crammed with resorts, bungalows, annoying beach sellers, malls and other shit. Tourism have trashed this area completely. 🙁

Not to mention that it’s extremely expensive to stay here in high season. I looked at some 4-5 stars resorts and they demanded 15.000 baht per night. Fuck that shit…

I remember I was at Koh Chang back in 2012 and this area was not nearly as developed as it is now. They’ve really raped the beauty of this once little charming town. In 2012 you could see the beach from the main road, today you can only see 2-3 floor buildings stuffed with Pizza Company’s and Family Marts. It’s really sad.

Midwest Koh Chang

I didn’t explore this area so much. Seems to be just like white sands beach, but with less development, more high-end resorts and a shittier beach. Nothing to see here.

Southwest Koh Chang

This was my favorite place on the island. It had the perfect balance between developments and nature. Not so much development that it destroyed the beautiful surroundings, but not so little that you were practically out in the jungle.

This area also had several beautiful and relaxed beaches. Nature Beach, Lonely Beach, Lisca Beach and BangBao Beach. The beaches in south also had much less beach sellers, which was nice.

If you’re into smoking weed Southwest seems to be the place too. You had Rasta beach and Rasta View. The last one a restaurant with a Rasta / Bob Marley theme. Weed was not at the meny, but it smelled weed everywhere in this area. So it can’t be hard to get. 🙂

I was also told, by several people, that police never went south of white sand beach. So it should be very safe to smoke here. 🙂


Eastside of Koh Chang

Nothing happening here. Mostly Thai people living in this area.

Southeast of Koh Chang

This is where I spent the three first night with my Bangkok girl. We spent the on a hideaway bungalow resort all the way down south on the island. This resort is not on Agoda or Booking.com. You can find it here on Google maps. It’s called Tantawan Bungalows.

1km north of Tantawan Bungalows you have Long Beach. If you really want to hide away this place is for you. The beach is about 1km long and the days we were there it was maybe 10 people on the beach.

North of Long Beach there was a small restaurant selling refreshments, coconuts and Thai food.


Available girls (3/5)

Koh Chang had a lot of cute girls around the island. This kind of surprised me because the local girl situation on most islands in Thailand is complete shit. Maybe the fact that Koh Chang is on the east side of Thailand, next to Cambodia, have something to do with it? Just a thought…

There is no secret that the longer south you go in Thailand, the uglier the local buffe becomes. 🙁

Regular girls

If you want to hook up with regular girls on Koh Chang. Online dating, the malls and BangBao pier is your best bet. There are Tesco Lotus and BigC malls all around the island. Here you can enjoy AC while you try to hit up some local cuties.  

BangBao Pier is also a pretty good spot. This is a gigantic pier southwest on the island with its own marked..! The pier is about 1km long and on each side of the pier there are small houses with shops and restaurants. A lot of hot girls here. 🙂 They even have their own hospital on the pier.. Wtf…


In each town down the Westside of the island you will find bars with bargirls. The biggest bar complex is in the town of white sand beach, Had Sai Khao. Then the bar complexes get smaller and smaller the more south you go on the island. When you get all the way down to Lonely Beach, there was just one bar with bargirls…

I did see some hot girls in the bars, but it’s limited. If you’re staying at Koh Chang for more than 2 weeks you will have to use the same girls over again.

Farang girls

There are a lot of farang pussy on white sand beach, BangBao beach and Lonely beach. In fact, there are a ton of farang pussy everywhere on this island. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of them are coming here with their boyfriends from back home.

Party situation (2/5)

The party situation on Koh Chang is relaxed. There are no crazy nightclubs here that are full every night of the week. The nightlife here mainly consist of small bars with a laid back vibe. Some bars will have live music x amount days of the week.

Southeast on the island reggae seems to be the main theme. I love reggae, so that doesn’t bother me.

Lonely beach seems to be the place where young tourists and backpackers gather to have beach parties. A little bit like Full Moon party at Koh Pha Ngan, but on a much smaller scale. I spent the new years eve on Lonely Beach, and it was hundreds of people there. Great fun!


Stuff to do (5/5)

Oh man. This island is epic! There is so much fun stuff to do.

Chill on the beautiful beaches, flirt with Thai girls, go on crazy motorbike adventures, explore the rain-forest and the waterfalls, go on a mountain-hike, go scuba-diving, bang some hookers, play guitar on an open scene at the reggae bars, relax, go on beach parties, get to know new people, try amazing Thai food, buy an old dirtbike for 3000 baht and fuck it up offroad, go shoot guns at the shooting range.

It’s a lot of stuff to do here. 🙂

But I’m happy with just the fact that it’s a beautiful tropical island with just enough hot Asian babes for a man to get by. 🙂

My favorite thing to do on Koh Chang however was to drive the motorbike. I even rented a 600cc sport bike for two of the days. GREAT FUN! There are a lot of fun curvy mountain roads on the islands to test your riding skills.

On the eastside of the island there are many straight roads with zero developments where you can push the throttle to max.

I met a lot of other bikers on the island, and one of the days I was following them all the way southeast on the island back to where I spent my three first days with the Bangkok girl.

Long beach restaurant
Long beach restaurant


Cost of Living (5/5)

Koh Chang can be very cheap and very expensive. It depends on where you stay. The most expensive area of the island is Had Sai Khao where you’ll find 5 stars resorts that goes for 15.000 baht per night in the high season. You can get a good deal if you book your hotel early from agoda.com or booking.com.

If you go more south on the island around Lonely beach or BangBao beach, you’ll find a lot of cheap bungalows with ok standard. I saw bungalows as low as 150 baht!!!

You won’t find these super cheap bungalows at agoda.com or booking.com as far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong). You’ll have to go there yourself and ask for room. The cheapest I saw was at Rasta View Bungalow for 150 baht per night, you can see location at google maps here.

Food was very cheap too. I ate most of my food in the small local Thai restaurants. I ate my usual dishes like fried rice, pad krapow and Geang Ped. I paid between 30 – 60 baht for these dishes.

I also ate a really tasty pizza at a restaurant called Sleeping Owl. See location here.

50 baht fish :)
50 baht fish 🙂

It’s completely possible to live of 400 baht per day on Koh Chang, with accommodation included. If you want motorbike make it 600 baht. That’s pretty good if you ask me. It won’t be fun to live that cheap forever, but if you are making an online business it can be a great way to save money while you work, for a while. 🙂

If you have a local girl to have fun with, you have everything you need! A place to sleep and work, a tropical island, cheap healthy food, transport and pussy.


Safety (5/5)

I have nothing to say really. The only thing I would be careful with are the songthaew taxis at night. Especially when it’s raining. There are some crazy mountain roads between the towns at the island.

The worst road are between the west-side of the island and the ferries to the mainland on the east side. Consider renting a motorbike by the ferry if you want to drive that road yourself, and not in the back of a old beaten up pickup truck.

Thai people have no fucking clue about road safety. I prefer to drive myself whenever I have the opportunity.

Southeast of Thailand, Koh Chang included is the area of Thailand with the highest malaria risk. So if you are staying in a cheap bungalow you should probably buy a mosquito net.



As I said in the beginning of this post. I’m seriously thinking about moving to Koh Chang. I’ve been in the big city for too long. I’m ready to live the laid back lifestyle again with beaches and coconuts. I also miss riding bikes on a regular basis. You can’t do that in Bangkok because of all the traffic jams.

Hot season is right around the corner too, and I’m not very keen on living in Bangkok. When it’s 40 degrees celsius it really helps with an ocean and a motorbike to cool off. 🙂

My nasal congestion gets worse by the day living in Bangkok from all the pollution too. You can’t even see the sky here because of all the skyscrapers. I need a break from that. If I need to go back to Bangkok it’s only 5 hours away with bus. It’s not that bad, there is even an airport in Trat if I need to get to Bangkok fast.

I really liked Koh Chang. It had a good mix between developments and maintaining nature (except white sand beach). The local people here where really friendly, the ‘regular’ tourists stays at white sand beach and the backpackers where not as annoying as on Koh Pha Ngan. Maybe Koh Chang attracts a different type of young backpackers? I don’t know..

I also know that I will save a lot of money if I move to Koh Chang.

The only part that makes me skeptical about living on Koh Chang is the rainy season. I’ve heard it’s really really bad, with the most rainy days in all of Thailand. I can believe that because when I was driving my motorbike around the island a lot of the roads where broken or limited because of flash floods or heavy rain.

Rainy seasons is still 5 months ahead in time, so I should not worry about that right now. 🙂

If you want to be a butterfly and go nuts with a new girl every night. Forget about this island. The island is just too small, and the population is to low. A key to being a successful butterfly is staying low. As soon as a local girl on this island start to date a farang, I’m sure the entire island knows it in two days. Be careful.


Total Score

Available girls:     3/5
Party situation:   2/5
Stuff do to:           5/5
Cost of Living:      5/5
Safety:                   5/5

Goodbye Boring Life Score: 

       20 / 25


Have you been at Koh Chang? What did you like about the place? Tell me in the comment section.

How to get notifications from your favorite blogs

What’s going on guys? 

Just a quick tip on how you can get simple and discreet notifications from your favorite blogs directly to your internet browser.

I’m using Google Chrome, so this tip will be for people out there who use that platform, but I’m sure there are similar solutions for Firefox and Opera users.

I’m using something called RSS Feed Reader. You can download that extension to Chrome here from Google’s app store.

When you have installed the extension it will end up in the upper-right corner of Google Chrome. Click it and push the button with the plus symbol.

The program will ask you to add a feed link. What is a feed link?

It’s simply the domain with /feed at the end, so for Goodbye Boring Life it would be:


This format work for every blog out there who use WordPress as platform (99% of them :P). So you simply write:


When you have added your favorite blogs, and they come out with a new post, you will see a small discreet number on the extension icon in the upper-right corner. This number represent how many new blog posts since last time you clicked the icon. 🙂

You will never miss a blog post again from your favorite blogs, and you don’t have to check all your blogs for updates every single day. 🙂


Happy New Year – 2017 plans GBL

What’s going on guys? 😀 😀

Just want to say happy new year to all my readers out there. 😀 I write this post now because tomorrow I’ll head to Koh Chang and stay there until 3rd of January. I wont bring my laptop. I will spend those days just relaxing. Sometimes you need a break fromt the online world.

In fact, I will go to Koh Chang with a really hot chick that I met some time ago. I’m thinking about starting a relationship with her. She is gorgeous, hot, smart and awesome in bed. It will be really awesome to spend some time with her on that island while we explore it with motorbike. 🙂


Thank you to all the people who have read my blog this year, to all the people who comment in the comment section, the hate comments, the questions and everything else. I appreciate all of it. 😀

2016 is history. It’s been the best year ever in my life, and the first year I’ve been abroad all year! 😀

I’ve been all over Thailand in 2016. I’ve banged a lot of hot Asian babes. I’ve escaped all of it with zero diseases. I quit smoking. I’m in better shape then ever. I started a website. I started a YouTube channel. A lot of good stuff happened this year. 😀

It’s been a good year, and I can live this lifestyle now while I save money for the future. What more can I ask for..?? 😀


What’s the plan for 2016? 

I have big plans for this website in 2017. Early in 2017 I’ll go on a train trip up Isaan (north-east Thailand). The only region of Thailand I haven’t been to yet. You can expect a lot of nightlife guides from this area.

I will also introduce something called sneakpeaks. It will be a short post about a place I’ve been some days, but not so long that I can write a full location report.

I will also start to post more on my YouTube Channel. I love to watch videos on YouTube, and I think I have a lot to contribute to there. So make sure you subscribe to my channel.

Okay guys so now I ask you. What do you want to see on this website in 2017? Do you want more guides? More crazy stories? Do you want more guest-posts? More videos? More pictures?

I will do a lot of travel early next year. So expect a lot of guides and information. However. I also have some great stories on the shelf for you if you want that.

It’s really up to you guys. What do you want to see more of on this website?

Best regards and a happy new year,
Tim. 😀 😀

The best burger in Bangkok money can buy 2

What’s going on guys? 😀 

Some time ago I wrote about Firehouse’s burger at Sukhumvit soi 11. And yes, it’s a really tasty burger, with really juicy meat, that you should try when you are in Bangkok.

Last night however, I found a burger that beat the Firehouse burger by a million miles. It’s simply the best burger I’ve eaten, ever. And it only costs 200 baht.

I’ve never eaten a burger with so many flavors and aromas packed into it. I ate the cowboy burger last night with barbecue sauce, grilled onions, jalapenos, cheese and double bacon, but they also have a lot of other burgers to choose from.

You can choose if you want beef or pork burger. I went for the beef burger. It’s the same price.

In had sky-high expectations for this burger as the guy I was going there with had been talking about this burger all fucking day about how amazing it was, and it still didn’t disappoint me.

It’s called the Daniel Thaiger burger. You can find location of this place here on Google maps, and their Facebook page here.

UPDATE: Daniel Thaiger have opened a second restaurant now in Sukhumvit soi 11 just outside Levels nightclub.


Clean and cheap food at Sukhumvit Rd Asok

What’s going on guys? 😀

Just a quick tip on where you can find really cheap (and clean) food at Asok in Bangkok. An area that is usually a lot more expensive than other parts of Bangkok.

Most of the dishes here will set you back anything from 30 to 80 baht. Water costs 15 baht and soda water 20 baht if I remember correct. You can get the same dishes in Terminal 21 or Central World, but there it will be 4-5 times more expensive.

You can also get these dishes in the street kitchens, but I don’t like to eat there too much. It’s noisy, dusty and hot.

Anyways. The place I’m talking about is called Tops Marked & food court. It’s a grocery store and a food court combined. It’s kind of hard to explain where this place is, so I made a video to show how to get there together with some shots of what kind of food you can get there.

It’s basically Thai food, Vietnamese food, Chinese food and Isaan food. The food is made in a clean environment and you can enjoy AC while you eat.

In fact. These food courts can be found all over Bangkok if you just know how they look. Look for the Tops Marked logo, and there will probably be a Tops Marked food court nearby too. :=)

3 reasons I don’t like Thailand’s go-go bars

What’s going on guys? 😀 

The go-go bars in Thailand can be a real fucking blast! If you are looking for hot girls to drag back to your hotel then go-go bars would be my first choice. Some go-go bars really know what girls to employ so they can make you happy.

That said, nothing is perfect, and there are a few things that really grind my gears about them. Here are three of them.


1: Intrusive staff

This is the absolute worst. Sometimes mamasan will come over demanding me to take a girl..

“You want this girl, that girl, or this one??? You must choose one!”….

No, I don’t have to choose a girl you piece of shit. I’m here to relax and have a great time with my fucking beer. If I don’t want a girl, I don’t want it. There was no sign outside the bar warning me that I had to take a girl, so fuck off.

Nothing is worse in the go-go bars than to have an old 40-year-old rude skunk telling you what to do. If this happens I usually drink up my beer, pay and leave. This is the only way they will change. Don’t accept shitty behavior like that.

In fact, that is the only reason why they behave like that. Some loser farang will give in and pick a girl. And he will probably end up with a shitty girl who asks for a lady drink every 10 seconds. Which brings me to my next point…

Demanding bar girls.. 

Yeah. I get it that you are trying to make money, and I understand that you want to make as much money as possible too. Everyone wants more money.

However, your primary job is to entertain me. Asking for a ladydrink every 10 second is not entertaining, it’s nagging. Therefore, you failed your job and I won’t buy a single drink to you.

I don’t ask my readers for 10 dollars to access this website. I let my readers read first for free, and if they want to support me by buying me a beer (ladydrink hihi), or buy a Thai Cupid membership, that’s fantastic. But I wont beg for it…


2: Music is too loud

Why the fuck do they have to play the music so loud? I literally have to yell people in the ear so they can hear what I’m saying.

I want to vet my girl before I bring her back to the hotel. I want to find out what she’s about, maximizing my odds to pick a girl that will actually give me a good time. A hot girl is not enough for me. I want a hot girl with good attitude if you know what I mean..

The volume in the go-go bars makes this almost impossible. I have to yell people in the ear, and other people have to yell me in the ear. Thai people’s English skills doesn’t exactly make the communication any better either..

I think go-go bars in Thailand only employ DJ’s that are deaf, or they have become deaf after playing too loud music for years. What’s the fucking point?

All I can say is, protect your ears in Thailand. This shit is not healthy.


3: The hottest girls are on the outside

I kind of get this one from a business perspective. Pretty girls at the outside will attract more people inside. Totally get it.

If the girl on the outside has a number-tag on her hip or shoulder, you can usually ask the staff when you get inside for that girl, and they will bring her in.

However, it’s so disappointing when two pretty girls drag you into the bar, and as soon as you sit down they disappear like a fart in the wind. Then you realize there are only skunks on the stage, and you can’t leave because you are waiting for your beer…

If you are even more lucky you will have an obese mamasan over you nagging about drinks and girls.

Never sit down to order before you have taken a good look at the girls on the stage. I usually tell the staff that I have to go to the toilet first. That way they can’t hang over me like a hawk. When I get out of the toilet the staff will most likely leave me alone, giving me time and peace to take a good look at the girls on the stage.

If there are no hot girls I’ll go straight out of the bar and try the next one. 🙂


There you have it. Three reasons why I don’t like the go-go bars in Thailand. All three reasons can be dealt with if you know what you are doing. So it’s not really that bad, ey? 😀

The best cheapest hotel in Pattaya

I hate to spend money on accommodation. Every time I push the confirm button on Agoda I feel like I threw money down the drain.

Chances are, if you are a regular Joe with a limited budget, accommodation will be your biggest expense when you travel. If you can trim this expense, you can save a lot of money that can be spent on more fun stuff. Like hookers, booze and Nutella pancakes. (You’re going to Pattaya, just admit it…)

Your money in Pattaya
Your money in Pattaya

So. You want to have a lot of fun, and you want to do all that fun stuff while living in a decent hotel that don’t have cockroaches running around on the floor. You want to be close to the action, but not so close that you can’t sleep from all the noise.

You want to have Walking Street, Soi 6, Soi Diana, LK Metro and Beach Rd close by.

Where should you stay?  

Areca Lodge.

No one above, no one beside.

This hotel is awesome. In fact. Tell me one hotel in the entire world where you can get more for you money. I don’t think you will find it.

This hotel have two swimming pools, it have a fitness area, two restaurants, very nice staff, in-room dining, big and clean rooms, tv, rainfall showers, and minisafe.

The hotel is in the middle of walking street, Beach Rd, Soi 6 and LK metro. Just outside the hotel you have a big are with tons of beer-bars filled with hot Asian girls waiting for you.

The hotel is guest friendly. Check map under to see where the hotel is compared to everything else.

Price: Usually between 1000 – 2000 baht per night. Depending on season. If you book this hotel early at Agoda you can get it at a very good price.

Click here to book the hotel.

Will you get cheaper hotel than this in Pattaya? 

Yes you will. But do you really want to stay in a shabby hotel for a very low price?

Maybe the hotel is noisy? Maybe it smells? Maybe the beds are Thai style (hard as concrete)?

I know that when I go to Pattaya, I want to have fun. If I have a shitty hotel room that smells like piss and where the AC sounds like a vacuum cleaner, I’m not going to have fun. Not the bar-girl that I’m with either.


How to start learning Thai!

What’s going on guys? 😀

A reader asked me some days ago how he could start learning Thai, if it was hard and how long it would take him to be fluent.

First. I just want to say that I’m by no means fluent in Thai.

In fact, I kind of suck.

I know the basics, but I don’t understand shit if the person talks fast, if there is noise in the background or if someone talks about more advanced topics.

I can say hello, have basic everyday conversations, order food, talk about the weather and I know how to ask a girl to suck my dick. I know how to get by in life. 😀

Second. Yes, learning Thai is hard. Thai is a tonal language. That means that almost every word have 4-5 different meanings, depending on the tone. And to make it even harder, they have a different alphabet.

Third. I have no idea how long it would take to be fluent. I think that very few foreigners can be fluent in this language, unless you have some serious talent for language.

I’m 28 years old now, I’ve known English since I was ten, but I still have a foreign accent when I talk.

When that is out-of-the-way.. 😀

Learning Thai is fun, and you don’t need to be fluent. Knowing the basics will get you a long way. 😀 The kind of reaction you get from Thai people when you try to speak Thai is priceless.

“Oh my Goood. You speak Thai veeelyyy gooooood. Why you speak Thaaai. You have girlfriend Thai?”

In fact. Asking girls to learn me Thai is one of my most successful ways to ask a girl out. Even on Thai Cupid I say in my profile that I’m interested in learning Thai. Not a day passes without some Thai chick telling me she can be my teacher! 😀


How to start learning Thai

Manee Mana

Manee Mana are 12 books that were used in Thai school in the past. They are not in use anymore, but are available online for free at this link.

I used these books to learn the alphabet, basic words and basic conversations. I sat down with the books, while I had different girls from Thai Cupid correcting me while I read over Skype.

This books do requires that you know the Thai alphabet. Everything is written in the Thai Alphabet. The best way to learn the alphabet is to spend one week drilling all day. That’s what I did.

Thai For Beginners by Benjawan Poomsan Becker

If you don’t want to read Manee Mana while a Thai girl corrects you over Skype, your next best shot is this book. It comes with a CD that you can follow so you get the correct pronunciation.

Thai With Mod

Mod is a Thai girl who is running a YouTube Channel. Not only is she a good teacher, but she’s hot as fuck too.

You can find her channel here.

Personally I don’t like video format when I’m learning Thai. I think it’s tiresome to go back and forth in the video. Much easier to just have a book, and read with a girl that you have on video call. But that is just my opinion.


What’s next? 

As soon as you’ve gotten the basics down, you have to go out in the field testing your new skills!

Bar-girls are an excellent partner to talk with. Their job is to entertain the customers. As long as you give her a little tip, or you keep buying her lady drinks, she will be more than happy to talk with you.

I always wear a small notebook. In this book I write down 5-10 new words everyday that I pick up here and there. When the night comes I’m about to sleep, I will go through the words and memorize them, in the morning I will go over the same words one more time.


Okay guys. That’s it for this time. I am working on some really big posts at the moment, but they take time to make. But they will be ready at any time. 😀


Where to find cheap sex in Pattaya

High season is just around the corner, and in a couple of weeks we will start to see the bars, beaches and the streets of Pattaya fill up with horny gentlemen from all over the world. Good times, good times will come! 😀

Unfortunately, when demand goes up, prices goes up, up ad UP! Fuck man, that is life….. 🙁

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry. I will do whatever I can to help out a fellow monger!


The cheapest sex in Pattaya

If you are looking for sex, expect to pay 1000 baht a pop. You can find sex cheaper than this, but it would probably be an old beaten up skunk with a ton of make-up and stretch marks everywhere. Not my idea of fun.


The blow job bars

Okay. I think the blow-job bars offer great value. You won’t get sex, but blow-jobs.

Dont be depressed yet. These girls really know how to suck cock. If a girls really know what she’s doing, I think it’s even better than regular vaginal sex with condom.

If you’re not picky on looks, you can take an old lady that have been doing this job the last 20 years. She knows her stuff and will drain your balls like no other girl have ever done before. Trust me on this guys!

Or you can choose a petite little shy newcomer and cum all over her pretty little face while she has a panic attack. It’s really up to you. 😀

I’ve already covered where you can find blow-job bars in Pattaya in this post. So check it out for more information. Expect to pay anything between 700 to 1000 baht for a blow job.

If blow jobs is not enough for you, and you want hot wild sex with a lady all night long in your hotel bed. Then your next best shot is the freelancers.

Freelancers at Beach Rd

Just because a girl is a freelancer, doesn’t mean that she’s a toothless old skunk with HIV and a missing leg. Some girls just prefer to work on their own. They have complete ownership over their own income, and they can choose when they want to work. Some girls just prefer that style.

They don’t want to sit in a bar all night long pushing people to buy drinks, or dance on a scene for 6 hours in a Gogo bar.

You can find freelancers all over Beach Rd that goes along, you guessed it, the beach! 😀

It’s literally hundreds, if not maybe thousands of girls on this street every night waiting for customers. Just walk up and down Beach Rd while you look at the buffet, until you find a girl that you want to drain your balls in.

Negotiation is possible, but don’t be to aggressiv. What I usually do is to tell the girl that I will give her what she want, if she does an outstanding job. If not, I will give her 300-500 baht less.


Caution with freelancers

If you take a freelancer, you have to bring her back to your hotel (Unless you take her It have happened that freelancers have stolen stuff from their customers. This is how you avoid that:

  • Make the girl shower first. When she is done, make her leave her clothes and purse at the bathroom while you take a shower. If she want to steal your stuff. She will have to run out of the hotel naked in a towel.
  • Put all your cash and credit cards in the safe, or bring it with you when you take a shower.

Girls that drug down their customers

I think this is mostly an urban myth. I’ve never heard about anyone, or talked with a anyone that have been drugged down by a hooker in Thailand. I’ve only read stories about it on strange places on the Internet.

I would not worry to much about this.

Watch out for bad behavior

Some girls that works as freelancers do so because they got kicked out or their bar from bad behavior. Some have also caught serious diseases like HIV or Hepatitis. Always use condom with these girls.

Build report 

To avoid a freelancer with bad behavior, build report with the girl. Talk with her for 10-15 minutes before you decide to take her back. That way you have a feel for how she is. You could even bring her for some food. Thai girls love to eat, as long as you pay she won’t say no, and you have more time to build report. 🙂


Freelancers in nightclubs

The nightclubs in Walking Street is filled with freelancers, especially after midnight. You are probably more likely to find a girl here that is up for some serious fun. They have already been drinking and have loosen up much more than the girls that are just standing around in the streets.

Insomnia and Ibar have freelancers all over the dance-floor, and around the bar, after midnight.

Negotiation is possible, and if the girl really likes you she might even go with you for free. If she went there with a friend. Well.. Maybe you are about to try your first threesome? 😀 😀

Expect to pay 1000 – 1500 for a freelancer in the nightclubs short time, and 1500+ for long-time.


Happy ending massage in Pattaya

There is not a street in Pattaya that doesn’t have a massage shop. They are literally everywhere, and all of them offer happy endings. I’ve been doing this game so long now. I just take the oldest and fattest lady I can find.

They have been doing this job for decades. They know how to massage you, they have strong hands, trust me, these women will dismantle you with their hands. At the end I let them suck me off, I don’t even care how they look. I just close my eyes and enjoy the sensations. These old women know how to suck out every single sperm-cell in your ball sack.

Expect to pay around 300 baht for 1 hour massage, and anything from 500 baht to 1000 baht for the blowjob, depending on how hot the girl is. 🙂


Online dating

One blowjob in Pattaya will set you back minimum 700 baht. A one month membership at Thai Cupid will set you back around the same amount (20 dollar). With that tool you have access to hundred of thousands of girls that are eager to met foreigners.

Thai men are already womanizers and will hit on Thai women in everyday situations, so you know that if a Thai girl is on a dating site, she’s there to meet foreigners.

Signing up for a dating site is really a no-brainer before you go to Thailand. Read more here.


So. This is my best tips for finding cheap sex in Pattaya for those who are on a budget. Go out and have some fun! 😀

Of course, the hottest girls are in the gogo-bars. But I think the prices are outrageous, and a lot of the hot girls in the gogo’s get so much attention that they have become spoiled shit kids. It’s not fun to be with them.

And in the end it’s going to cost you 3000+ baht when you have paid for barfine, the girls, your drinks and her lady drinks. For that price she should treat you like a fucking sultan, but she won’t because she’s a spoiled brat.

It’s much better to find a cute freelancer in the street, or at a nightclub, party and have fun with her all night, and bring her back to your hotel 4 in the morning for the finale. If you are on a tight time-schedule, just go to a blow-job bar and get your balls drained in 15 minutes.

Dancing Girls In Thailand vol. 1 !!! :D

Whats up guys? 

I sit on a ton of footage from Thailand. I have over 4 years of videos from Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

Problem is that the laptop I have sucks, and it’s impossible to edit video on it.

That problem is solved now, because I just purchased a new laptop with much more power. Editing video on this computer is a summer breeze!

So… I present to you…. 😀

And remember to subscribe to my Youtube Channel. I will not make a new post at Goodbye Boring Life everytime I put out a new post. If you subscribe you will always know when I put out a new video. 🙂

Tell me what you think in the comment section. Do you want more of this stuff?

How to deal with “The Thailand Fever” (post-homecoming)

What’s going on guys? 🙂

Let’s talk about the hardest part of a Thailand vacation; Going home. 🙁

In my country we have our own expression for this condition. In Norwegian it’s called “Thailand syken” and can be best translated as “The Thailand Fever”.

It basically means that you had the greatest three weeks of your entire life, but now it’s over.

You are back in your boring hometown where nothing ever happens. Thinking back on what you just experienced.

You lived like a rock star, you drilled more pussy in three weeks then you did in your entire life back home, girls jumped on your dick from all corners, you ate the most amazing and tasty Thai food for almost free, explored the most amazing beaches and experienced the friendliness of the Thai people.

It was always something fun to do or to explore every day. Always something happening, or something new to experience.


You had the ride of you life, but now you are back in this street:


Thinking back to this shit:



There is nothing to do. The weather is cold and windy. The people are miserable. The women are not smiling, and they suddenly became much more masculine after your first Thailand trip. In fact, you don’t even find them slightly attractive anymore…

The food is boring and overpriced. It’s hard to get places. It’s too much regulations.

There’s nothing to do.

Then you realize it.

You have no opportunity to go back to Thailand until one full year have passed. You have to stay in your shitty little hometown an entire year before you can go back to paradise. Your only income is your shitty job that you have started to hate, and you’re full of dept.

Double fuck…

Congratulations, the depression and feeling of hopelessness is real.

Welcome to “The Thailand Fever” club. 🙂

The next year you will constantly think about Thailand. It will always be on your mind. From now on, everything that you do, you will compare to Thailand.

Your friends will think you are crazy because you talk about Thailand nonstop.

You try to tell your friends how good it was, but they don’t really understand or believe it, because the only way to understand is to experience it.

You will look for cheap flight tickets everyday before you go to sleep.

You will start to hang out on Thai forums and Thai groups on Facebook.


How to deal with The Thailand Fever

To be honest with you. I have no fucking clue on how to deal with it 100%. I was depressed almost 24/7 between my Thailand vacations. That’s why I did something about my situation and moved to Thailand.

My best advice is to just be strong, but I know that is a terrible advice lol…

One day you will be back in paradise. Keep in touch with people that you met on your trip. Join Facebook groups about Thailand, where you can talk with like-minded that understand your longing.

Find out where you can get Thai food in your city, and where all the Thai massage shops are.

If your situation becomes unbearable, you can always get some relieve in a Thai massage shop, or eat some Thai food while you hear the employees talk Thai in the background. Close your eyes and pretend that you are on a beach in Thailand.

I used to eat Thai food at a restaurant in Oslo, in the next building there was a Thai massage place that did happy endings. The girls there would suck me off after 1 hour massage. It was not optimal, but it sure took the edge of when I missed Thailand the most.

I also came in contact with a young Thai girl (20 years old) at one of these massage spots in Oslo. We ended up being fuckfriends for almost 8 months. That helped A LOT!!!!

Go to YouTube and look for fun videos from Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket. A lot of people upload new videos almost daily. There are also a million blogs out there, like this one, that writes about life in Thailand.

Sign up for Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. Here you can contact and get to know a million different Thai girls that you can talk with at Skype or Line when the winter kick in. That always helps!

Just remember that one day you will be back in Paradise, and you will be living like a rockstar again, drilling tight Asian pussy from every corner all day long! 😀 😀

In fact, I think that living this lifestyle 24/7, like I’ve been doing the last year, is not really healthy. I don’t even flinch when I see three naked girls dancing on a pole anymore. It’s become so normal for me.

I don’t even notice the freelancers at Sukhumvit anymore when they offer sex, I walk past them like they don’t even exist… Is that healthy??? I don’t know…

How I quit using tobacco

What’s going on guys? 😀

Some weeks ago I decided to stop using tobacco. 6 weeks have passed and I haven’t touched it since. No tobacco, no nicotine-gum, no nicotine-plaster, no e-cigarette, no-nothing.

I’ve inhaled zero nicotine. Have I been clear enough? 😀

In this post I will tell you how I did it. Lets start!


How I quit smoking

What was my motivation to quit smoking? 

I felt like a fucking bitch to the cigarette. I was tired of the addiction. I was tired of sucking on that cancer-stick 10-15 times a day. For no good reason other than a temporary good feeling.

I hated the fact that every time I was out flying, I stressed with getting one last cigarette before I entered the airport. When I was in the air, I was eager to land fast so I could smoke another cigarette. Long-distance flights was hell.

The cigarettes had me by the balls, and I was sick of that.


Preparations – None. I didn’t even set a date to quit. The reason was that I didn’t want to make any tension or anxiety the days before the ‘quit-date’.

What I did instead was to just decided that I would quit on a random day in the near future, and I would do it on a day I felt it was right to quit.


Quit-day – I woke up. I started my day with my regular coffee and tobacco. This day the tobacco didn’t taste as good as usual. I don’t know why.

It continued like this the rest of the day, so I decided that when I woke up the next day. I was done with this nonsense for good.


The three first days – These days were the worst. It was a mix of a lot of different feelings, combined with bodily reactions like sweating, freezing, dizziness, head-aches, feeling of emptiness +++.

The first three days I did nothing. I was in my bed all day, just going outside to 7/11 when I needed something to eat. It was a absolute nightmare. I also did have some episodes of rage, so I didn’t want to be with other human beings. I just lay in my bed all day long doing nothing, lol. 😛

The nicotine cravings was absolute savage at times.


The first 3 weeks – After the first three days, some of the bodily symptoms started to settle. The nicotine cravings became less and less common, and they were not as strong.

I had a really hard time concentrated in this period, that’s why I did not update this webpage for an eternity. Sorry guys. 🙁

After the first three weeks the bodily reactions was mostly gone. The cravings continued, but they were manageable.


Today – To be honest. I don’t think much about that habit anymore. It’s crazy. The first weeks were hard and uphill, but as soon I got at the top of that uphill, it was actually no problem at all.

I still have some cravings after I eat dinner, or if I start to stress, but I can deal with them, and they only last for a couple of minutes anyways.

Other tactics that I used

Change brand

Some weeks before I quit, I changed brand to something I didn’t like.


Quit cold turkey

I think cold turkey is the only way to do it. Think about it. You want to get rid of your nicotine addiction. How can you get rid of that if you continue to use some sort of nicotine, like gum or plasters? You are only teasing yourself.

I rather feel like really shit for some weeks, then be over it, than to cut down regularly feeling constantly hungry for nicotine for an eternity. But that is just me. You have to find out what’s right for you.


Be prepared to feel like shit

There is no way around it. If you want to quit nicotine. You will feel like shit for some time. It’s been two months for me now, and I still have cravings. However, they are not as strong as they were before, and they come around less and less.


I’m back!

What’s going on guys? 

I just want to tell you that I’m back, and that I will start to update this website again regularly.

I quit smoking 6 weeks ago, and after that I could not even touch a keyboard without getting serious cravings. I always used tobacco while I was writing.

Not only that. I had zero concentration abilities while I quit smoking. I would not be able to write anything reasonable anyways.

A lot of people have sent me comments and emails. Asking why the website were not updating anymore. Someone even asked if I was dead, lol… 😛

Well. I’m not dead and I will start writing again. I’m thinking about making one or two post per week from now on. Quality over quantity.

I will also make a new menu in the Thailand page, so it’s easy to find stuff after location and subject.

Milking Thai Cupid for pussy

What’s going on guys? 😀

Another day in paradise. Today I will talk a little bit about online dating.

The last week I’ve been absolute savage on Thai Cupid. My one-year membership runs out in just a couple of days. I had to get some more contacts before I can’t talk with girls anymore. 🙁

As I’m writing this I have 19 new girls in my Line application and I’ve talked with 40-50 girls the last two weeks. 😀 😀

I’m planning to take a break from Thai Cupid when the membership runs out. There are several reasons for that: 

  1. I want to save the money
  2. I live in Thailand. I’m surrounded by Thai girls 24/7. Don’t really need it.
  3. I will focus on work for a period.
  4. I already have a ton of girls available down here, and I’m thinking about getting a girlfriend.

Just to make it clear, I’m not taking a break because I don’t think the dating sites aren’t good anymore. They absolutely are.

In fact. They are too good. I get in touch with so many girls there that I can’t get anything done. It slows down my productivity a lot. Lets say I sit on my computer doing some work, then I get a new mail that a girl have contacted me on Thai Cupid.

I get distracted, and I work much slower.

I’m not saying this to brag or anything. I’m just telling you about my reality down here.

In fact, that’s why I’m taking a break. I’m planning to do some weeks with really intense working. I’m not going to do anything else than to expand my online earnings. I will do a lot more translating (my main income), try to get more customers to translate for and I’ll expand this site.

Here are my goals for the next weeks: 

  1. Work more
  2. Less dating, keep the girls I already have for fast shags.
  3. Work out more


Need something new

When I’m ready to start dating online again I think I’ll switch dating platform.

I’ve been member on Thai Friendly before, and I’m thinking about switching back to that. I’ve been on Thai Cupid for a year now. I need a change (no hate on Thai Cupid).


Learn Thai

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times already on this webpage. Learning Thai will get you so much more attention from the girls. They will really admire you if you can pull of some Thai.

You will get so much more respect.

You don’t need to learn Thai fluent. Just the act of writing in your online profile that you are interested in learning Thai will improve your game drastically. Not a day goes by without some girl telling me she can teach me Thai.

If you are interested in learning Thai. I recommend that you check out the old Manee Mana books. They were used in school in Thailand in the 80’s and 90’s.

You can find them as PDF for free here.

They start of very simple, then it gets more and more advanced. You will need to know the Thai alphabet for this book in advance. Don’t be put off by that. It took me about 10 hours of drilling over 3-4 days to learn all the letters. 🙂

A hot girl from Chiang Mai learned me the Thai alphabet. I lay in her bed while she read up the letters from a whiteboard in her living-room. If I learned too slow she would spank me on my ass. Good times. 😀

How to meet Khmer girls for free

Everyone that reads my website regularly knows how much I love online dating.

Internet is truly a gift for humanity. You can stay in your bed while talk with hot girls from all over the world, then you can meet up with them later and fuck them.

It’s truly a wonderful time we are living in. 🙂

If you are going to Phnom Phen or Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat it can be nice to have a local girl showing you around. They know where the good food is, they know how to get from A to B, they will keep you away from scams and probably provide you with free pussy. 😀

Another good thing with online dating is that  you know the girls there are looking for farang. 🙂 No need to waste your time on girls that have no interest in white men.


Hook up with beautiful Khmer girls here

There are not dating site that are made specific for Khmer girls, like for example Thai Cupid. But you can use Asian Dating. They have girls from all over Asia, so you can sort for Cambodia, and get girls from that region.



Check out in this post how you can make an awesome online dating profile. With this profile you will swim in pussy.


Sorry for not updating (quitting tobacco)

Sorry for not updating the website in a while. I’m still alive. 🙂

The thing is. I’m quitting tobacco cold turkey.

It’s a fucking pain in the ass, and I have zero concentration abilities. Just writing this post take a real effort mentally. Yes I know I’m a fucking pussy. I don’t give a shit.

I’ve never tried to stop smoking before. I’ve been off for 6 days and it’s on its peak when it comes to cravings and shit like that.

In fact. This was not planned at all. It just woke up on Monday and said to myself: “fuck this shit”….


Here is my tactics so far…


1: Stop being a fucking pussy

Yes, stop smoking will be painful. I will have cravings, I will have headaches, I will be irritated as fuck (and I am) and I will feel like shit.

I’ve been going 6 days, and now it’s supposed to be at the worst, but its far from unbearable. If I can just keep going 6 more days, the symptoms will start to decrease, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine.

I’ve mostly been inside my apartment in Bangkok. Not been doing anything… Only been in front of my computer watching YouTube. 😛

I will take it easy for the first 10 days. After that I will start to live more normal again.


2: Some more steps

I’ve been easy on heavy meals. When I eat big meals the cravings gets crazy, so I try to avoid it.

So I eat small meals, and I also try to avoid meat, so the cravings get as small as possible.


I’m using NO aids.

No nicotine gum, no plaster or any shit like that. Why would anyone use that shit? If you want to get rid of an addiction, you can’t continue taking what you’re addicted too. That makes no sense…

It’s not like nicotine withdrawals are deadly or anything, so why would you quit ‘slowly’?? Just sound like an excuse to not quit if you ask me…

Anyways. Will start to post again soon…


Right now I feel like this… 





See ya later… 

6 good reasons to bang hookers

I just broke my two month celibacy on hookers down here in Thailand. I’ve not fucked a hooker since July. There are two reasons for this:

  1. I’ve been working like a slave on my computer. I almost haven’t been outside. 🙁
  2. I’m trying to save money. Fucking sluts is not cheap when you have an online income that would put you below the poverty line in most Western countries.

Anyways. This week I met up with a friend from Europe that is in Pattaya at the moment. We took a trip to Soi 6, and the rest is history as they say.

Here are some great reasons to bang hookers. 😀


1: Time 

Fucking sluts is a HUUUGE time saver. No need to listen to girls’ bullshit for hours before she allows you to rip her pussy apart.

Chasing girls are of course fun, but sometimes you just don’t have time for that activity, but you still need to relieve some pressure. That’s when hookers comes in handy. 😀

Just walk inside your favorite gogo-bar, pick the hottest girl from the shelf, do what you need, and pay her to leave!

You balls are empty, her wallet is full and everyone is happy. 😀


2: Hookers will cure your shyness

My number one dating tip for shy guys is: 

Go to Pattaya for a week and go nuts with the hookers around town. If you are shy around girls something tells me that you are intimidated by them. If you are intimidated by girls you have probably not spent much time around them, right?

Hookers can solve that for you. You don’t have to worry about rejection, so you can just focus on being comfortable around them.

When you start to be comfortable, you can slowly start to challenge your comfort-zone and approach ‘real’ girls.

In time you will learn to not give a fuck and become more confident, which will get you more women, which will make you even more confident.

In the end you’ll brush of a rejection like it’s a light summer breeze. You know you just have to approach a couple of more girls, and the deal is set.

I don’t give a shit anymore. My urge for pussy far outweighs my approach anxiety. If I see a hot girl that I like I will make sure she knows I’m interested.

Another fun-fact about this. Whenever I have fucked a girl, other girls seems to be much more interested in me. I think this is because I’m not needy at all when I talk with them. I probably send out a completely different vibe, unconsciously, when I just got laid. That girls pick up, also unconsciously.

This was just as true back home too. Whenever I had a girlfriend, or a fuckfriend available, it was much easier to get laid with new girls.


3: It’s fun!

I think dating girls are fun too, but sometimes you meet that insane bitch who makes you bend over in awe. But that is a story for another time.


Most girls are just a little bit crazy, and you get tired of all the mundane, but never ending bullshit. That’s a good time to take a break from dating, and jump on the monger train for some weeks with shallow, easy and quick sex.

Just to get your motivation back. 🙂

Luckily I’m in Asia, and the girls here usually shut up if they don’t have anything sensible or important to say. They are not in that constant “me me me me me” modus, yet.

Silence is gold.


4: Realize your wildest fantasies.

Threesomes, group-sex, rape-play, BDSM, spanking, caning, role-play, foot fetish, submission, anal-sex, costumes +++. The list goes on forever…

Sure, you can meet a cool and kinky girl. But the truth is that they are few and far between.

A lot of people have huge barriers when it comes to sex. It can be because of religion, a pride issue or just because they don’t like it.

So then we are back to my first point about time. How much time should you spend on finding a girl that want to try group sex, or let you dominate her? How much time do you have to look that in the first place? Probably not too much if you are an average slave feeding the system back home with a couple of weeks vacation each year.

Paying a professional is a great way to live out your wildest fantasies.


5: Men need sex, women don’t.

The majority of men need sex to be happy. The majority of women don’t need sex to be happy. That’s a huge problem. Don’t believe me?

Explain hookers….

If both sexes were equal crazy after sex there would be no such thing as female hookers. Everyone would just be fucking all day long. Nothing would ever be done.

Men have an unstoppable urge for sex. We can’t just turn a switch off mentally and stop thinking about it like women can.

A women can decide in the middle of a sex act that she don’t want sex anymore. You could show me a picture of your dead mother when we have sex, and I would say: “We have to talk about that.. LATER…”.


6: It will make you focus

Sometimes when I work, I will start to think about sex. It’s a fucking curse, and the remedy is the local blow-job bar.

Yeah, I have a lot of fuckfriends and girls I’m dating down here. But it’s rare that one of my ‘real’ girls can show up in 20 minutes to suck me off, just to kick them out again so I can continue to work.

They would never accept that treatment. I would have to have some bullshit conversation with them pre-sex, cuddle, watch a movie, make som food, or just something.

If I’m working on a big project, I don’t have time for that shit.


If there were are blow-job bar in every city, the world would be a much better place.

Nightlife and Thai girls at Koh Pha Ngan

There might come a time in your life where you ended up at Koh Pha Ngan, and were in desperate need of a Koh Pha Ngan nightlife guide.

I’m here to help you. 😀

In this post I will cover:

  • Full-Moon party
  • Half-Moon festival
  • Beer-bars with working girls
  • Stuff that happens outside the big events
  • Happy Ending Massage

Most of the action is going on south-east on the island, in Haad Rin. There are some small bars and restaurants in north too at the beaches, but it’s very calm as it’s mostly families there on charter-trips.

At the bottom of this post you’ll find a map of everything I’ve been talking about in this post.

First. Let’s start with the two parties that ‘everyone’ comes to this island for. I think you already know the answer.


Full Moon Party


Personally I don’t like this party. I like the idea of it, but in reality it’s a clusterfuck of all the people on this planet I hate. Backpackers, young precocious snotty kids, forty-year olds that never grew up (in a bad way), Thai thugs looking for trouble, and that idiot who is looking for his friend.

Mix that with sky-high blood alcohol levels, other brain-dead drugs and multiply it with 40.000.

There you have full moon party. It was fun once, but I will probably never attend again.

A lot of the people here don’t even seem to enjoy the party. It seems like they’re here just to take pictures, so they can put it on Instagram to show of how cool they are to friends back home.

Anyways, enough ranting.


This party takes place one time each month, when it’s full-moon duuuh, and it’s happening on the Haad Rin beach southeast on the Island.

Check map below.


Cover: None
Buckets: I honestly don’t remember

Pro tip – Make sure you get a hostel in the town Haad Rin, next to the action. Then you don’t have to drive that death-road from Haad Rin to Thong Sala crammed like sardines together with a bunch of squawking drunk retards, where the rest of the hostels are.

Trust me on this guys. That road is a death trap the night full moon party is going on. People die on that stretch every month!

If you come to this island and think you are immortal, you have a high chance of ending up on that grim tourist death statistic.


Half Moon Festival


A very clever guy had to come up with this party. The conversation probably went like this: “Hey, we have Full Moon party. Why not Half Moon too?”

20160713_030347I’ve heard rumors of a No Moon Party coming very soon too!

This party I actually liked. The music was awesome, and it’s easy to see where the money you have to pay for the ticket went. The sound system is legendary, the decoration was amazing and it was not too crammed. And no beach where drunk people drown!

The festival takes place at an isolated place in the jungle.

You can find more information on this site about dates and tickets.


Cover: 900 baht
Buckets: Still overpriced

+ whatever you have to pay for transport, as this festival is far out in the jungle. Some hostels will sell you tickets with transport included.

Pro tip – Stay at a hostel in Thong Sala. That way you don’t have to drive that exact same death road from Haad Rin.


Beer-bars with working girls


If you didn’t have any luck with that white smelly skunk from Denmark, there are still hope.

Beer-bars are found on the main road between Thong Sala and Haad Rin. But don’t have too high expectations. The hot girls are all going to Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, where the real money is made.

But, you can be lucky and find a girl who is decent. Who knows? 😀

The bars are hard to miss as there will be standing half-naked Asian girls out in the road in miniskirts trying to pull into their bar.

I’ve marked the beer-bars for you in the map below, just in case.

Prices for sex

Bar-fine: 300 – 400 baht
Short-time: 1000 – 1500 baht
Long-time: 1500 – 2500 baht


When it’s not Full or Half moon

Haad Rin beach

Haad Rin is where most of the action is going on when it’s not a full moon or half-moon party, but don’t expect it to be high-energy like the big events.

Everyone that goes to this island is just waiting for the big events. In the meantime people will just chill at the bars by the beach.

At Haad Rin beach there are two big bars by the beach. They’re exactly the same, so it does not matter who you go too.

The names are The Cactus Bar and Drop In Bar. There will be some kind of entertainment at these bars too. Like Thai flame shows and jumping rope.



Haad Rin town

At Haad Rin there is a little town too. You will find a lot of small bars, restaurants and gem shop around in the streets. The bars here, just like at the Haad Rin beach, are mostly filled up with young tourists from the Western world that are waiting for Full Moon / Half Moon.


Other stuff

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post. Most nightlife is going on south-east on the island. There are some small bars and restaurant up in north too, but it’s very calm.

In north you will find big resorts, but they are mostly populated with families with kids and divers.


Happy Ending Massage

There are small massage shops all over the island. The biggest concentration of them are in Haad Rin. This is also where the hottest and youngest girls work in my opinion.

Not all the shops will perform happy ending here. My best advise is to not be shy, and just ask. But nothing is guaranteed.

This island is not exactly a monger destination, and if you want unlimited choices with girls you should rather go to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket.


Map of Koh Pha Ngan Nightlife

Hotels in Koh Pha Ngan

Tips for driving a motorbike in Thailand

Motorbikes are one of those things I love about Thailand. They provide great freedom of movement. It’s also very fun to drive.

Thailand have countless of good spots to drive motorbikes.

You can rent a motorbike all over Thailand with very little bureaucratic interference. No need for licence, insurance or any other boring paperwork. Freedom! 😀

Of course, that freedom comes with a small risk, but the freedom you get from motorbikes are worth the risk in my opinion.

So don’t listen to those pussies that tell you to never rent a motorbike in Thailand. They miss out on a lot of fun, freedom and experiences. And to be honest. You’re not any safer in a pick-up truck, or songthaew as the Thai people call it, if you think so.

You need to live your life.

Here are some great tips on how to survive driving around in Thailand with a motorbike. In this post I will cover:

  1. Driving a motorbike on Thai roads
  2. Tips on driving a motorbike in Thailand
  3. Renting a motorbike
  4. What to do if stopped by the police (without proper papers)


crazy traffic thailand
What happens if you brake? 🙂


Driving a motorbike on Thai roads

The traffic dynamic in Thailand is very different from the Western world. In the US and Europe we follow traffic laws like yield, red lights and road marks. In Thailand they don’t.

It’s pretty much anarchy on the roads here, and people do what the fuck they want.

A motorbike with an entire family on it, a dog and two infants, will drive straight through an intersection without even bother to look right and left, on red light. I see that shit almost daily, and every time I see it I freak out inside.

Sometimes you’ll see drivers in the cities driving on the sidewalk while honking to tell people to get the fuck out-of-the-way.

Yield is unheard of in Thailand, and the rule is more like “the biggest first” or “the most aggressive” first, combined with a lot of honking and flashing of lights.

As soon as you get outside in more rural areas, you will notice that not only adults are driving around town, but kids! I’ve seen kids as young as 8 year driving around on motorbikes with other kids on the back!

Kids driving in Thailand
Not uncommon at all!

Then you have the pick-up trucks that are filled to the breaking point with propane tanks, driving around like a fucking racing car.

I once saw one if these trucks brake heavily. The propane tanks on the top flew off like they were catapulted of the truck, landing 30 meter further ahead the road. What if some motorbike with a family was in front of that truck??

At night Thai people, and tourists, will drive wasted back from the bar. Sometimes they crash, and because they are drunk, they have zero reflexes and will dive head first into a sidewalk curb or road sign.

The next day you’ll find a CCTV video on liveleak with human brains splattered all over the pavement.


Some tips on driving in Thailand

Well. You always need to be on your alert. You can’t space out for a second down here, especially in the cities. Always wear a helmet, and if you are going to do some serious biking. Get dressed properly.

Falling of a motorbike at any speeds faster than 30 km/t will take off some some serious skin if you fall of the bike.

Always have your hands on the breaks, as you never know when a dog, a kid, or just a reckless Thai driver will cut you off. These guys don’t bother to look in mirrors to see if the road is clear. Some even take of the mirrors because they don’t use them anyways.

Watch out for dust and gravel in the roads. There is a lot of that down here. I see tourists everywhere that have big bruises on their legs and arms. When I ask them what happened, they tell me that they drove too fast in a curve, and slipped because of gravel.

Don’t start to drive in the cities. Start out in the country side, or on a smaller island with calmer traffic. You don’t want to start your driving career in Thailand in Bangkok or Pattaya. That is almost certain to end bad for you.

When you start to understand the flow of the traffic here. You can drive in the bigger cities, or rent a bigger bike. But start easy!

Left side, left side, left side, left side….

Get that shit printed inside your head. It’s so easy to forget, especially on smaller roads with no road marks. If there is no traffic on the road, you will probably use the entire road, and when someone is coming towards you, you will move over to your side.

That’s a good time to remember what side of the road they drive on in Thailand, namely the left side.


Renting a motorbike in Thailand

Renting a motorbike in Thailand is very straight forward. You don’t need to show any driving licence or insurance papers. All they require is for you to sign a contract that you are renting a motorbike from their shop. They will also need to take a copy of your passport. And you’re good to go!

Most places will also require a deposit. This can be anything from 1000 to 4000 baht.


The motorbikes you’ll rent in Thailand are not insured. Most contracts you’ll sign will say this. That means if you wreck the scooter for some reason, you’ll have to pay for the damage. If you wreck it beyond repair you’ll have to pay for a new one.

How much does a new scooter cost in Thailand? 

If you are renting a new scooter in Thailand, and you wreck it (worst case scenario). A new scooter can be anything from 40.000 to 70.000 baht.

On my third trip to Thailand I crashed a scooter slightly and ripped up a cap on the right side. I had to pay 4000 baht for that damage. Shit happens. 🙁


Don't pay for stuff you didn't do!
Don’t pay for stuff you didn’t do!

In my experience scams are uncommon when renting motorbikes. One scam however is that a shop will try to charge you for a damage you didn’t make. This could be deliberate, but it could also just mean that the owner didn’t see the damage before you deliver it back.

It’s important that you go over the bike before you set off. Look for scratches and missing parts. If you find anything that’s not right. Take a picture of it. That way they can’t really try to rip you off when you deliver it back.

Some shops have own forms where they will write down damages that is already on the bike. I would still take pictures just to be sure. Maybe they ‘lose’ this paper?? You never know.

Prices per day

Scooters: 150 – 300 baht
Dirt Bikes: 250 – 500 baht
Harley’s and sport-bikes: 1000 baht and up


What about the police? 

The police is usually never a problem in Thailand, and most of them are very friendly. The risk of getting stopped by the police is very slim. And will only happen in two situations:

  1. You don’t have a helmet, a police man sees you, he needs money, and he stops you.
  2. The police have planned a road block because they need money and will stop everyone.

I’ve been stopped once in one road block outside Chiang Mai. They asked me if I had been drinking. I said no. Then they asked me to see my licence.

Well, I don’t have any licence. Fuck..!

After about 10 minutes of friendly talking. They let me go without paying anything.


Because I was calm and friendly the entire time. Cracked some jokes with them at the right moment, said I love Thailand and I tried to speak Thai with them lol.

I said that I drive very careful (which is true), but that I don’t have a Thai licence or international licence. Only my European licence, but that was at the hotel at that moment (not really).

Here is a little secret about Thailand – As long as you are polite, patient, smile and stay friendly. You will get away with a lot of these minor offenses. Thai people don’t take traffic rules nearly as serious as we do in the Western world, and a polite smile could solve a lot of stuff!

At worst case scenario you will have to pay some kind of ‘fee’ for wasting their time (bribe) on 500 baht or something like that.


Curvy roads at Koh Pha Ngan
Curvy roads at Koh Pha Ngan

I love to drive motorbikes. As long as you take it easy, don’t wander to far outside your own comfort-zone and wear the right gear. You will most likely never have any incident.

Driving motorbikes in Thailand is awesome as there are some many great places to drive. So many awesome routes, curvy roads, steep hills, and amazing sceneries. 


Here’s why you don’t do drugs in Thailand

An Australian DJ was recently sentenced to two life sentences in jail for possession of 61 ecstasy pills. He was busted in Pattaya back in 2014. One week ago he got his sentence.

You can read the full story here.

I’m not trying to make this webpage into a news webpage, but I have to tell people about this.

Doing drugs in Thailand is no joke. If you get caught with drugs down here you are risking harsh prison sentences.

Not only will you stay in prison for a very very long time. You will end up in some of the worst prisons in the world. The prisons down here is nothing like the ones back in Europe or the US.

Here you will share one cell with so many people that you can’t lay down properly. You don’t get a bed. You lie on the floor. The first three months you wear leg shackles.

If you have to go on the toilet in the night, you literally have to crawl over other people that are sleeping on the ‘comfortable’ concrete floor.

Forget about AC in the heat season when temperatures can reach 45 degrees celsius.

Diseases that haven’t been seen in Europe since the middle ages are rampant. You won’t get out of prison without some kind chronic disease.

This Australian guy is now going to sit in a shitty Thai prison for the rest of his life.

No fun, no flirting, only basic food and no pussy. Forever…

Just because he tried to make some profit from selling drugs. I’ve tried Ecstasy, and yes, its pretty damn good. But I wouldn’t risk my freedom for it. Pussy is still better, and you will never get in trouble for that.

Personally I think it’s stupid to punish people who haven’t done harm to other people. If you do drugs, you will only fuck up yourself if you abuse them. Why should people be punished for that? If anything, you need help, not punishment.

I know this guy was busted with a lot of pills, and he probably had the intent to sell. Life in jail is still harsh in my opinion.

It’s weird that a country who is so relaxed about traffic violations, that kills and injure much more people, are so harsh on drugs. Ecstasy is not even that bad, if you compare it to yaba, heroin, or even alcohol.

When that is said. This is not my country. When you immigrate to another country you have to respect their culture and laws. I’m not here to change anything. (Wish I could say the same about muslims coming to Europe, but then you are racist apparently.)

I have compassion for the Australian guy. I feel sorry for him, but at the same time, he was stupid. He played with fire, and he fucked up.


Go to Cambodia

If you want to do drugs, get your ass over to Cambodia. They are much more relaxed about it. I bought weed in Siem Reap in full daylight on the street, next to a bar. No one gave a shit.

In fact. Marihuana is decriminalized in Cambodia. So walking around with 10-15 gram of pot is totally fine. I could smell the scent of weed everywhere.

But doing drugs in Thailand. That is just plain idiocy. It’s like going to Saudi Arabia and yell Allah is gay. You’re asking for trouble.


Daytrip to Ayutthaya (with gallery)

Doing the day trip to Ayutthaya is an excellent get-away break from the madness of Bangkok. The skyscrapers, concrete and lack of “green stuff” will get to you if you stay in Bangkok for a longer period of time.

If I stay more than two weeks in Bangkok. I start to feel an urge to get the hell out of there.  I’ll get claustrophobic.


How to get there

The easiest way to get to Ayutthaya from Bangkok is to take the train. Not only is it easy, but with a ticket price of 20 baht it’s practically free!

It’s almost funny. The metro ticket from ‘Sukhumvit’ to ‘Hua Lamphong’. A 10 minute ride, is more expensive than the 2 hour train trip from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. Can someone please explain how that is possible?

To get to the train station in Bangkok you have to take the metro to the end station ‘Hua Lamphong’. From there the train station is just a short walk. Click here for google maps.


This is where you buy tickets
Ticket counter at Hua Lamphong train station
The train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya
The train
thai train third class
Don’t expect luxury

The only tourist trap you’ll encounter

And I fell for it, and so did everyone else!

Okay. When you arrive at the train station in Ayutthaya, there will be a shit ton of shops that rent out bikes and motorbikes. What these motherfuckers don’t tell you however, is that there is a river between the shops and the temples.

The only way to get over this river, is to bike down 300 m, bike over an extremely congested brigde with no sidewalk, and bike 300 m from the direction you came from at the other side of the river.

This might not sound soooo bad, but trust me. That brigde was dangerous to bike across. We all know how Thai people drive. I will make a map for you, so you understand what I’m talking about.

Scam in Ayutthaya
Avoid this route

Here is what you WANT to do, that I learned a little bit too late. When you get out of the train station. Just walk straight ahead across all the shops that rent out bikes and motorbikes.

When you get to the river, there will be a little boat that takes you across for 10 baht. When you get to the other site of the river, there will be just as many bikes and motorbikes shops to rent from.

You just saved yourself from a 20 minute detour in 35 degrees. Thank me later!

The professional way


The Temples

Okay. So you got yourself a bicycle or motorbike, and hopefully a map. There are about 15 temples all around town that you can check out. It cost 50 baht per temple, and you buy the ticket at each temple you go to.

It’s a pretty big area, so prepare to use 6-7 hours if you want to see everything. My only regret with this trip was that I rented a bicycle instead of a motorbike. It was 37 degrees the day I was here, and I almost passed out several times from overheating. Fuck…

Luckily, there are several restaurants in the area that sell dirt cheap Thai food and cold drink if you need to refill.

Snake at Ayutthaya between rocksCaution  If you are going to climb some of the ruins, be careful. There are snakes and spiders everywhere inside between the rocks.

Some of them are deadly if you don’t get to a hospital fast enough (and you wont).



Some pictures from my last trip to Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya temple

Ayutthaya train trip girl sleeping

Ayutthaya train sign

Ayutthaya munks

Ayutthaya temple

Ayutthaya dude on bike

Ayutthaya reptile

Ayutthaya temple buddha

Ayutthaya temple face


Guest friendly hotels at Sukhumvit, Bangkok

You may not know it, but not all hotels are guest friendly. Not even at Sukhumvit in Bangkok. An area occupied with hookers, freelancers, coyote dancers, cheap booze and ladyboys.

If you’ve planned the sex vacation of a lifetime, just to book the wrong hotel, then get rejected in the reception at your hotel, with a big boner and a hot girl. Well. Fuck.. I feel sorry for you.

Here are some hotels I’ve stayed at in Bangkok over the years, that I know are 100% guest friendly.

And just to make it clear, with guest friendly I mean hooker friendly. 🙂

I will start with the cheaper ones, and I’ll work my way up.

Just to make it clear. The prices in this post is relative. The actual price really depends on season, how many rooms they have left and how early you book it. Look at the price as average price.


Unico Express @ Sukhumvit 3

Price: 800 baht
Breakfast: Not good, minor selection
Staff: Awesome!

Room – Very noisy AC. Rooms are very basic.

Position relative to Nana / Soi Cowboy:

Not good. The problem with Sukhumvit Soi 3 is that it’s a one way street. It’s easy to get to Nana / Soi Cowboy with a motorbike or taxi. But when you go back the driver has to take a BIG detour.

My opinion

This is the cheapest hotel I’ve stayed on at Sukhumvit. You’ll find it at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 3. I guess you get what you pay for. In Bangkok at Sukhumvit, 800 baht will give you just the basics on an awkward location. A simple room, a simple breakfast, with the cheapest type of AC.

When that is said. Staff was very friendly. If you decide to stay here. Say hello to Nicky for me. That is the guy that will carry your luggage to the room. Very nice guy. 🙂

The hotel also had a swimming pool, but it was nothing to brag about like most hotel pools in Bangkok.

Check out the hotel at Agoda here.


The Stable Lodge @ Sukhumvit 8

The stable logde Sukhumvit

Price: 1500 baht
Breakfast: Decent
Staff: Big-mouthed, but friendly

Room – Very basic stuff. The style of the rooms are like some old hotel in Europe in the 90’s. AC very loud. I slept with earplugs here, lol. But I hate that AC sound. Just can’t get used to it.

Position relative to Nana / Soi Cowboy: 

Smack in the middle. 5 – 10 minutes walk to either of them. This hotel is in my favorite street at Sukhumvit. Sukhumvit 8 is a nice and calm street, bit plenty of massage shops that will give you happy ending.

There is also many small local Thai restaurant here with cheap and good Thai food.

My opinion

This hotel is a Scandinavian hotel. Most people who live here are from Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Germany. You can also get Norwegian and Swedish food here if you need a break from rice. 😛

I don’t know I stayed at this hotel. I guess I just had to try it out as it was a Scandinavian hotel.

Check out the hotel at Agoda here.


Dream Hotel @ Sukhumvit 15

The dream hotel Sukhumvit

Price: 2000 baht
Breakfast: Heaven
Staff: I dated one of them 😀

Room – The rooms at Dream Hotel are just that. A dream. All rooms have blue led-lights under the beds that sets the mood. Really awesome to bang hot gogo-dancers in that room. 🙂

Position relative to Nana / Soi Cowboy: 

Dream hotel is in walking distance to Soi Cowboy. You can also walk to Nana, but it’s a little bit further. All the girls I’ve pulled from Soi Cowboy have walked back to the hotel with me. That way you save some bucks on taxi.

My opinion

I love this hotel. I stay on it whenever I can. Been here many times. The staff is awesome, I even dated one of them for a long time. But I’m not going to tell you her name. She still works there 😛

The restaurant / bar have an awesome design. Good place to bring back ‘real’ girls from Thai Cupid for a quick drink before you lure her back to your room. 😀

Also. My favorite tailor is in that street. So if you want some cheap custom-made shirts. You should check him out.

Check out the hotel at Agoda here.


Galleria 12 @ Sukhumvit 12

Price: 2000 baht
Breakfast: Very good.
Staff: Very friendly

Room Best room I ever had. Very fresh and comfy soft bed.

Position relative to Nana / Soi Cowboy

The hotel have a free bus service that will drive you the 300 m to Sukhumvit Rd. From there Soi Cowboy and Nana is just a 5 – 10 min walk.

My Opinion

This hotel opened in late 2015. If you want a hotel room that feels fresh, you should stay here. I spent 1 week at this hotel with a fuckfriend last year. It was good times.

The bathroom and bedroom are separated with a glass wall. The shower at this hotel was awesome too as it had a rainfall shower head. I could stand in that shower for an eternity.

The pool area was fresh too, but because of the plants out there the place was full of mosquitoes. Especially at night.

Check out the hotel at Agoda here.


Majestic Grande @ Sukhumvit 2

Majestic Grande Sukhumvit

Price: 2500 baht
Breakfast: Epic
Staff: Very friendly

Room – Very good. Silent AC, and the rooms come with a gigantic king-size bed. 🙂

Position relative to Nana / Soi Cowboy

This hotel is just 1 minute away from Nana. Really good location if you just want to relax in the hotel, go out, find a gogo-stunner, and take her back to the room for quick fun.

My opinion

The hotel is really good. I love the pool area that you will find in 15th floor. It’s silent and easy to relax. The breakfast at the hotel is awesome, and you can enjoy it by the pool. The hotel also have a fitness center, and it’s really close to the sky-train system.

Check out the hotel at Agoda here.


3 health benefits of living in Thailand

What’s going on guys? 😀

Just a quick post about some health benefits I’ve had the year I’ve been living here. If you’re experiencing weird symptoms that you can’t explain. Maybe it can have something to do with where you live?

Nothing is impossible. I got rid of some problems when I relocated. Here are some of them. 🙂


1: No stress

Thai people don’t know what stress is. Okay, maybe they do, but they never stress unless it’s something to really stress about. Like hanging under a brigde, then you’re rope start to unravel.

Most Thai people are living the slow-life, and that’s the best fucking way! Why stress so much? What will happen if you don’t stress? Nothing!

Being surrounded by people with a very worry free attitude have for sure affected me a lot the last year. Stuff that would stress me pre-Thailand don’t bother me any more.

I walk slower. I eat slower. I fix my hair slower. I do pretty much everything slower. 😀

I have to laugh every time I see a typical American family down here. Everything have to happen so fast! They want to see everything the first day. If something doesn’t go as planned they will get angry, and if their hotel don’t understand them they will get frustrated. Calm the fuck down!

The eternal stream of thigh Asian pussy coming my way isn’t exactly making me more stressed either. 😀 😀

Less stress means better health.

Hey! You want to sing along with me? 😀


2: Minor weather changes

This is a typical week in Northern Europe:

  • Monday: 27 degrees, sunny, high humidity
  • Tuesday: 10 degrees, cloudy, strong gale, heavy rain
  • Wednesday: 15 degrees, haze, cloudy, no wind
  • Thursday: -30 degrees, crystal clear blue skies, zero humidity
  • Friday: Snow, rain, hail and a thunderstorm fighting with a hurricane

Ok. Maybe I exaggerated slightly here, but you get my point. The weather in back home is a constant battle. As soon as you’ve gotten used to 25 degrees, sun and high humidity. The weather turns around, and now it’s 10 degrees and overcast. So now you’re freezing your balls off, and have to get used to 10 degrees.

In Thailand the temperatures are pretty much the same everyday. There is never a rapid chance. In Bangkok, where I live, the temperatures fluctuates between 25 –  40 degrees celsius over an entire year. Not a big deal.

I never think about temperatures anymore. I don’t feel cold, and I don’t feel hot. I’ve become acclimatized to tropical weather.

And I love the fact that I don’t need clothes for all types of weather. Just throw on a t-shirt and a shorts. And you have clothes for the entire year. 😀


3: Stable daylight cycle

This is probably the most important one. I had really bad insomnia back home. I had big problems maintaining a stable circadian rhythm.

In the summer it was daylight 24/7. Impossible to fall asleep.

In the winter the sun was over the horizon a couple of hours per day. Impossible to feel refreshed. Not to forget the yearly winter depression that made everything worse.

In Thailand the sun goes up around 6 am, and it goes down around 7 pm. All year around.

And I’ve never slept better, and I’ve actually become an early morning bird.

I will usually go to sleep around 10-11 pm, then I’ll wake up to sunrise 6-7am. I’ll get 12 hours with sunlight, then it gets completely dark, and I will pass out.

Did you experience any health improvements when you have been on the move? Let me know in the comment section!

Nightlife and Thai girls in Chiang Mai

Time to make another guide here at Goodbye Boring Life. This time it will be the nightlife in Chiang Mai.

In this post I will cover: 

  • Beer-bars
  • Tha Wan Deng
  • Nightclubs
  • Go-go bars
  • Karaoke bars
  • Thai Boxing

If you’re coming to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, and expect the nightlife to be anything like those places, you’re going to be disappointed.

I’m not saying nightlife in Chiang Mai is bad, it’s just much more calm and relaxed, and you have fewer options for sure.

When that is said. Nightlife in Chiang Mai have its own charm. People are very friendly and relaxed. I’d rather go on partying in Chiang Mai, than lets say Phuket. But that’s just my taste.

Want to get laid with Thai girls for free? Check out this post.

Chiang Mai a paradise for single men coming to Thailand. One of Thailands biggest and best universities are found in Chiang Mai. Girls from all over Thailand, especially north-Thailand (the most beautiful ones). Comes to Chiang Mai to study.

You can milk som serious pussy on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly in Chiang Mai.

In fact. Most girls that I approach in Bangkok where I live now because I find them beautiful, tell me that they are from somewhere up in North.

At the bottom of this post you’ll find map of all the places I’ve been talking about in this post.


Beer-bars with working girls in Chiang Mai

Beer-bars in Chiang Mai

Loi Kroh Rd is the place you want to be. It’s a 300 m stretch of road with a mix of beer-bars, massage shops and restaurants. There are even a beer-bar complex here with around 30 bars scrambled together (see daytime picture above).

Beer-bar complex Loi Kroh Rd
Beer-bar complex Chiang Mai

In the middle of the beer-bar complex there is a Thai boxing ring with almost daily fights (just for show, not actual fights)

The beer-bars in Chiang Mai are nothing like you find in Phuket and Pattaya. The beer-bars you’ll find in Chiang Mai is just a side soi in Walking Street Pattaya compared.

Last time I was in Chiang Mai (June 2016) I’d noticed a new trend with the beer bars. They close very early. As early as 23.00 you’ll see some of the bars starting to shut down. At 01.00 everything is closed. A few bars will take the chance and stay open regardless. They will just close the rolling grilles with the customers still inside and turn down the music.

Bargirl at Loi Kroh Rd
Bargirl at Loi Kroh Rd

I’ve asked some of the girls why the bars have started to close so early. All they said was “government very strict now” with a sad face.

Regardless. The beer-bars in Chiang Mai can be great fun. The girls are not nearly as pushy for ladydrinks as girls in lets say Bangkok or Phuket. I’ve had a lot of great conversations with Chiang Mai bar-girls. I’ve even befriended some of them.

Prices for sex in Loi Kroh Rd:

Barfine: 300-500 baht
Short-time: 1000 – 1500 baht
Long-time: 1000 – 2500 baht


Tha Wan Deng in Chiang Mai

Tha Wan Deng in Chiang Mai

This establishment deserves its own heading. 😀

This is probably the most awesome place in Chiang Mai when it comes to having fun and drinking. It’s a place catering to Thai people, but I’ve seen foreigner here too. Exactly what this place is, is hard to explain. I don’t know anything just like it in the Western world.

Let me try to explain.

Tha Wan Deng very early in the evening
Tha Wan Deng very early in the evening

Some will come here early in the evening to eat food. Most Thai people come here in big groups. Everyone will buy 1-2 dishes of Thai food, and share it with everyone. This place can throw up the most amazing Thai dishes.

When people are done eating, the staff will clean up everything. As the venue start to fill up, the staff will also remove the tables people where eating on. Turning it in to a big dance floor.

People will start to buy the heavy stuff, like whisky and rom, and mix it with coca-cola and ice.

The main stage

Here is the cool thing about this place. The venue has a gigantic stage with all types of entertainment. It can be anything from a rock band that plays Thai hit music, to some traditional dancing with a big band playing in the background.

The entertainment at Tawandag is top-notch, and will go on the entire night. Occassionally the entertainers will take a break, and the DJ will take over the show, turning the whole venue into a nightclub.

This place is really something unique to Thailand. I’ve not seen anything like it in the Western world, so you should not miss it!

Going here alone is kind of lame, so if you are traveling alone you should probably pick up a girl at Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly, or a bar girl at Loi Kroh Rd. No Thai girl will refuse the offer to go here. They love it.

Check out the video under. It’s from my last stay in Chiang Mai at Tha Wan Deng. This was quite early in the evening, so the energy was pretty lame. But just imagine this place filled up with a lot of happy Thai people going crazy on whisky and liquor. Good times. 😀

Prices at Tha Wan Deng

That’s kind of hard to estimate, as it really depends on what you eat and drink. It’s fairly cheap compared to a lot of other bars in Thailand (like gogo bars in Pattaya or nightclubs in Bangkok).

There is no cover to get in, which is kind of strange considering the entertainment that goes on all night. Can’t be cheap to operate such a massive show every night.

It’s normal to buy an entire bottle of booze, and mix it with soda and sparkling water. You can get the cheap whisky named Blend, for 600 baht, and drink on that all night if you want.

You can also buy expensive stuff like Champagne, exclusive whisky brands etc. It’s really up to you.


Nightclubs in Chiang Mai

There are several nightclubs in Chiang Mai. They are spread all over town so you better choose wisely before you go to one, as it can be a pain in the ass to get to another one late at night.

Zoe in Yellow

Zoe in Yellow Chiang Mai
Zoe in Yellow Chiang Mai

This place is great if you want to pick up freelancers. A lot of bar-girls, gogo-girls go here late at night if they didn’t get a catch in their bar. I’ve also seen regular university girls offer sex for money here. Good if you don’t have time, or want to game girls.

This place is actually a good mix over everything. You will find freelancers as I just mentioned. You will find regular Thai girls just having fun, you’ll find old mongers, young backpackers, hippies from South-Africa. There is not a single group I haven’t seen in this club.

Most cocktails go for 150 baht here, and you can get a bucket for 300 baht. You can also buy a entire bottle of something and drink on that all night. Up to you!

Zoe in Yellow closes at around 2 am.

Spicy Club

I’ve only been to this place once. That was 5 in the morning drunk as fuck! I don’t remember anything so I can’t tell you much.

It’s the only nightclub in Chiang Mai that’s open late, very late. I think they close their doors 6-7 in the morning. Of course, this is not legal in Thailand, but you know, money talks down here. I’m pretty sure they give the police some money under the table to don’t get in trouble. 🙂

This place is slightly more expensive than Zoe in Yellow, but I guess that’s the price to pay off the police. 🙂


Nightclubs that caters to Thai people

Except from Spicy Club and Zoe in Yellow. There are several night clubs that cater to mostly Thai people. Of course, Westerners are welcome too!

Pornping Hotshot

Don’t be confused about the name. This place has nothing to do with porn, except the hot ladies dancing on the stage. 😛

This place is not far away from Loi Kroh Rd. It’s a quite small avenue, but I had fun when I was here. There is a stage that plays live music every night. When the entertainers have breaks, or a new band will come on stage. The DJ will take over with house and EDM music.

I’ve seen some of the hottest girls in Thailand dance on this stage. Just watch the video under. 🙂


You also have other nightclubs in Chiang Mai like Warm Up, Monkey and Bubble. I’ve not been to these places, so I can’t say anything about them. But I’ve put them in the map under so you can find them.

Gogo-bars in Chiang Mai

I’ve only been to two gogo-bars in Chiang Mai. One was fucking awesome, the second one was pretty lame. If you are a person who likes gogo-bars, you are in the wrong city for sure.

Anyways. Here are the two gogo-bars I’ve been to.

Spotlight A Go-Go

This place is pretty depressing. If you are in Loi Kroh Rd, and walk towards the main road, take right when you are at the main road and walk for 100m. There you have Spotlight A Go-Go.

The place haven’t been renovated for ages, and when I was here last time there was only two girls on the stage. One was overweight, the other one was ready for a museum.

If you want, you can check it out, maybe I was just unlucky that night.

Foxy Lady

This was one of the first go-go bars I ever went to in Chiang Mai. I met a dude outside my hotel that lived in Chiang Mai. He asked me if I wanted to see something really awesome that would blow my mind.

He was right. This gogo-bar is awesome, and is probably one of the best gogo-bars I’ve been to in Thailand.

The girls here are super-hot, friendly, not too pushy and they can actually dance. The venue is fresh looking, with dimmed blue light (not the typical red light).

Sugar Beat

I’ve not been to this place. But from what I’ve read online. It’s a mix between gogo-bar and nightclub. I’ve also read that the girls here are just dancers (coyote), and not gogo-girls that will go with you back to the hotel. But in Thailand everything is possible, and money talks. So I guess its worth a shot?

Coyote dancers are usually pretty hot, so if you can persuade one back to your hotel, you’ve shot the golden bird for the night. 🙂

I’ve put the location for all the bars in the map at the bottom of this post.


Karaoke bars in Chiang Mai

I don’t have much experience with Karaoke bars in Thailand, and the experience I have is pretty bad. Unless I meet some expat that tells me he knows about an amazing karaoke bar. I will probably never go inside one again.

Apparently, you walk inside the bar. Choose the girls you want, and bring them to a private room upstairs. This room has TV, comfy sofas and other types of entertainment.

You have to ‘rent’ the room and the girls for the hour. I don’t know if you can bang the girls, take them back to the hotel or anything. I think karaoke bars are mostly just for ‘innocent’ fun with hot girls. I guess anything is possible as long as you have money.

The karaoke bars in Chiang Mai are found along ‘Chang Klang Rd’. It’s pretty far out from the tourist track of Chiang Mai. I’ve been driving past them several times and the girls outside are pretty damn hot.


I’ve also heard about people being scammed pretty hard at these places. They will tell you that it’s only 400 baht per hour for the room, but when you leave, they will say it’s much more, and they will try to intimate you to make you pay.

I was inside a Karaoke bar last time I was in Chiang Mai in June. I just sat in the sofa downstairs talking with one girl. For that I had to pay her 400 baht. I don’t get it…


Thai Boxing in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai have two Thai boxing establishments as far as I know. One of them I have already mentioned further up in this post. So I wont go into that here.

The second Thai Boxing place is not far away, but is much better in my opinion if you want to see a real fight. It’s called Thaphae Boxing Stadium.

Check out this video form Thaphae Boxing Stadium. 🙂 


Nightlife map of Chiang Mai

Click the square in the upper-right corner to make the map bigger. Much easier to navigate that way. 🙂 

Nightlife in Chiang Mai

As you can see, you have some options in Chiang Mai. The choices are of course fading if you compare Chiang Mai to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. But it’s still a good place in my opinion.

I’ve said it before on this webpage, but there is something magical about Chiang Mai. The city lies trapped between the mountains. It’s a very green city and it feels so alive, unlike Bangkok which has the nickname “the concrete jungle”.

I’ve lost count all the times I’ve caught a hot little 20-year-old university spinner on Thai Cupid in Chiang Mai, brought her to Tha Wan Deng, and ended up with her in my king-size bed at Imperial Mae Ping Hotel.

Good life for sure. 😀


My biggest fear about living in Thailand

What’s going on guys? 🙂

Today I will tell you about my biggest fear about living in Thailand. Or any other place that is hot and tropical. 🙁

I almost only talk positive things about living in Thailand. And yes, I love this life and I would not change it for anything.

At the same time I don’t want to give you the impression that it’s only good times and hakuna matata. This place has its negative aspects too, and here is one of them.

Last night I was at a local clinic at Sukhumvit Soi 11. I ripped up my skin on my leg some days ago and it got infected. I had no fever but if I didn’t do anything about it would probably only get worse.

Another farang was at the clinic too. This guy did not look well at all! He was blue in his face, had purple lips, was shivering and occasionally he would run to the toilet to puke.

I asked him what was going on, and I told him I could go to 7/11 to buy him some cold water or fruit juice.

He said he didn’t know what was going on, but that he had been eating som street food at Khao San Rd the night before, and after that, had only gotten worse through the night. The guy said he had no diarrhea or anything. He just felt awful.



Once in a while I will meet people down here that just look terrible. They experience extreme fatigue, dizziness, shivering, lack of energy and stomach pain.

Everyone I have talked will say they have no idea why they got sick, but that they suspect it was something they ate.

Last year when I was at Koh Yao Noi, I met an English guy that had been training Muay Thai for months at the island. I met him on the boat back to Phuket, and he told me that he was about to go home to England again.

He told me that he had some serious trouble with his stomach for weeks after he ate some sea food at the island.

The doctors didn’t find anything wrong with him, but he only felt worse for everyday that passed. I could see that he was really worried about his situation, and that he just wanted to get back to England as fast as possible.

I got his contact information, and 4 weeks later I asked him how he was feeling. The doctors back in England didn’t have any answers either. And he still had trouble with his stomach. He had also lost a lot of weight. Wtf..?

Some months ago when I was going back from Siem Reap, I met another dude with the exactly same symptoms as the guy at the clinic at Sukhumvit Rd.

He was shivering, feeling cold, his face had turned blue and he just felt fucking awful. He wanted to get back to Bangkok as fast as possible to get some decent health care, as the health care in Cambodia his nothing to brag about.

I have a friend back in home that was in Thailand many years ago. He had been eating food at a local Thai buffet restaurant in Chiang Mai. 5 hours later he was stuck on the toilet shitting liquid brown water mixed with blood. He was hospitalized for almost a week, with high fever, dizziness and fatigue.

To this day his still not 100% well. He still have occasionally severe stomach pain after he eats big meals. He will start to shake for a good 20 minutes, before it settles again. The doctors have zero answers.


What can you do about it?

This stuff scares the crap out of me. Because there is nothing you can do about it to avoid it. Be unlucky one time, and it could change your life forever.

Of course, you could buy all your food at the supermarkets around Bangkok, and cook your own food in your apartment to make sure that all parasites are killed, but that is not really feasible for most people. Not for me either.

I go out in rural areas all the time down here, and I need food. I have to trust my health on the Thai person that cook my meal.

Is the meat processed properly? How long has it been out in the heat? Is the salad washed for bacteria and bugs? What kind of water did they use to wash the salad? Did you clean your hands after you wiped your ass? Etc…

I’ve found bugs in my salad several times down here. Ants, flies, even a fucking wasp. Eating bugs are not that big of a deal healthwise, but it’s a good sign that they didn’t wash the salad with water. What other parasites are still inside the salad??

As soon as you get out of the bigger cities there are no big fancy shopping malls with strict hygiene routines and focus on service. It’s mostly family driven businesses where anything goes. These people would employ their daughter even if she was mentally retarded, and she would cook your food…

By the way. I’m not taking about cute little bacteria that will give a night with diarrhea. I’m talking about serious parasites that will push your immune system to the limit.

Another aspect of this is that I’m not native to this part of the world. There are bacteria and parasites out here that my immune system has never encountered before. Bacteria that would make me really sick, but that a Thai person wouldn’t even have a reaction on.

I don’t know what do make out of this post. This just scares the shit out me (sometimes literally hihi).

Whenever I eat at a local family driven restaurant I will inspect the food as my life depends on it. Call me paranoid, but I don’t want to fuck up my health because I ate a lump of parasite infested meat.


What should you pay for taxi / motorbike in Bangkok?

For some “strange” reason. When I’m not with a Thai girl in Bangkok, prices on transport seems to magically increase 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x. Hmmmm….

Some time ago at Khao San Rd a taxi driver tried to charge me 1500 baht for a ride to Silom Rd. That is outrageous.

Want to meet Thai girls for free? Check out this post.

This post is about taxis and motorbike taxis. I will not talk about tuktuk prices. They suck and you should only take a tuktuk ride once in your life just for the experience. After that, never do it again. They are liars, scammers and they drive like maniacs.


What should you pay for taxis?

That is really hard to tell, because it really depends on the distance. No shit…

So, I will take some fancy screenshots of Google Maps, make some ugly lines in  Paint, write on the distance, and tell you what I paid.

Notice that all prices here is with a taxi that is using its meter!!! Never take a taxi with fixed price, it will always be more expensive for you.


‘Suvarnabhumi’ airport to ‘Nana Sukhumvit’

Distance: Around 15km
Time: Around 30 – 60 minutes

Price: 350-500 baht + highway fees on around 100 baht



‘Asoke’ to ‘Loft to bar’

Distance: 7 km
Time: 30 minutes

Price: 150 baht

what should you pay for taxi in bangkok


‘Nana’ to ‘Silom Rd’

Distance: 3-4 km
Time: 10 minutes

Price: 100 baht



So, why should you get a taxi with meter? 

A lot of taxi drivers will come with a fixed price proposal as soon as you tell them where you want to go. Taking these offers will always be more expensive for you. Do you really think they would come with a proposal that they lose money on? 😛

Of course, these guys works for pennies, so if you don’t give a shit about saving pocket-money, just jump inside the taxi.

But if you are on a tight budget, always go for the meter.

When is it not possible to get a meter? 

Well, it’s always possible if you just look long enough. However, outside major tourists areas like The Grand Palace, or Soi Cowboy for that matter, you will have a hard time finding a taxi that will use the meter.

If you still insist on having a taxi with meter, you should walk 100-200m from these areas, and wave down a taxi from the street.

You should also watch out for taxis that hangs out outside hotels and shopping-malls.

In fact, always try to get a taxi that is driving. These people are mostly honest, and are not just waiting outside a tourist area for a stupid tourist that will go along with fixed price.

How do you know if a taxi is available? 

A red light will be switched on at the passenger side’s front window. You can’t really miss it.

Why don’t the taxi stop for me? 

Only the Gods knows. Maybe the driver just don’t give a fuck, and don’t want to drive anyone at the moment? 😀


What should you pay for motorbike taxis?

Motorbike taxis can be a little bit more tricky. I’ve been here a year, but I still think it’s tricky to know exactly what price I should pay.

Motorbike taxis don’t have a meter, so after you have told the driver where you want to go, you will always get a fixed price. How do you know if you are not overcharged?

Lets make it simple: You are always overcharged. 🙂

Lets say I go from Nana to Asoke. That is about 1 km. If I’m with a Thai girl. I pay 20 baht for that distance, no question asked.

If I approach the drivers alone. I pay anything from 40 baht to 100 baht. Telling them that I LIVE here, and that I know the local price, doesn’t always help. They will still insist on farang price.

Gosh. I’m so done bargain with these guys. Most of them don’t even talk a word English, so they don’t understand what I’m saying anyway.

I just tell them where I want to go, and pay them whatever they want within reason. I’m usually with a Thai girl when I’m using a motorbike taxi anyways.


Here are some prices I have paid in the past: 

Note that all these prices are when I’m with a Thai girl. So this is the lowest price you’ll get.

‘Prince Palace Hotel’ to ‘Siam BTS’

Distance: 1 km
Time: 5 minutes

Price: 50 baht



‘Nana BTS’ to ‘Firehouse

Distance: 300m
Time: 2 minutes

Price: 20 baht



What to watch out for with motorbike taxis

motorbike taxi in Bangkok
Just another day

Tell them to take it easy

I always say to them that if they drive careful, I’ll give them 20 baht extra. Some of these guys drive like complete maniacs, and you should be a little careful.

Some of these drivers will drive slalom between cars in 40-50 km/h. It’s insane.

Have they been drinking?

Yeah. Some drivers will sit openly in the street drinking whiskey while they wait for customers. ‘Mai Bpen Rai’ you know.


6 cheap things to do with your Thai date in Bangkok

Not everyone is full of cash (I’m one of them).

If you go to the most fancy sky-bars every night, or drink and eat in the coolest shopping malls like Central World. You are going to run out of cash pretty damn fast, especially if you have to pay for two.

Another good thing about doing cheap stuff, is that you will give the impression to the girl that you are not full of cash and bling. That’s an excellent way to sort out the gold diggers if you are looking for true love. <3 <3 lol..

Want to get laid for free in Bangkok? Check out this post.

Here are some ‘good’ tips on where you can bring your date for cheap activities in Bangkok.


1: Swan boat at Lumphini Park


Price: 50 baht

Yeah, maybe this is lame. But all the girls I have brought to this place have liked it. It’s romantic you know..?

Buy a couple of water bottles at the entrance of the park, take a stroll around in the park. After you have done that, go to the lake inside the park, and you can rent boats for 50 baht.

You could mix this activity with step three in this post. A lot of awesome areas in this park for photo-ops.

Watch out for the reptiles that chills around in the lake.


2: Go feed homeless cats

200 baht

In fact. Some Thai people have this as an hobby!

A lot of the girls I’ve been dating down here will actually sit down and feed soi dogs and street cats after they are done working! Creds!

If you come with this suggestion she will be impressed, and you don’t have to spend much money. Win win I guess?

You can buy a big box of cat food at any 7/11 or family mart. Let yourself loose. 😀


3: Have a photo-op!


Price: Whatever you use on transport

Do you own a DSL camera? Do you know how do work that bokeh effect?

Thai girls will love it! Nothing gives them more pleasure than to get that awesome picture they can put on Facebook to get a billion likes.

Bangkok is an interesting city, and there is a gazillion different places you can pull of some pretty cool pictures with a Thai girl in focus.

Go get creative!


4: Eat at a local Thai buffet

Around 100-150 baht per person

It’s not pretty, but the food is awesome and you can eat as much as you want. However, you have to cook your meat yourself most places with that gass oven on the middle of the table you are sitting on.

These places can be kind of hard to find, so you have to ask your Thai girl for direction.

Diarrhea may occur, but that’s a part of the experience, isn’t it? 😀


5: The Loft to bar

Loft to bar cheap beer singha

Price: Around 400 baht for two people + taxi

This place is actually awesome. It’s 200 baht per person, then you can drink as much Singha as you can bear. Good place to become wasted on booze. I’ve been here several times.

This bar features live music every night. Quality varies, seems like the scene is open for newcomers.

For some unknown reason they have a swimming pool in the middle of the bar. I have no idea what it’s for.

Location on Google maps.


6: Go to a library

Price: Free

You can find libraries all over Bangkok with free books and magazines. I have no idea what you can do with them as they’re all in Thai. But I don’t know. It’s free, and you can chill out in the pleasant AC air! 😀

Maybe make your girl learn you some Thai? Been there, done that.


7: Do nothing?

Price: Free

Truth is. There’s not really much to do in Bangkok without money. Bangkok is actually one of the most boring places to be if you don’t have money to burn off.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are a million better places to be in Thailand than Bangkok. Like one of the islands.

Here you at least have a free beach that you can hang out on with some Thai chick, or you can drive around on a motorbike that you rented for 200 baht per day.



How to avoid this simple debit-card scam in Thailand

Using debit-cards to pay for services in Thailand is becoming more and more common. 5 years ago it would be hard to find a restaurant with a bankterminal to pay for your food.

Not anymore.

Want to meet Thai girls for free? Check out this post.

Hotels, restaurants, bars and many other establishments have started to have bankterminals more and more the last years. You don’t need to walk around with a big stack of cash to get by anymore.

For example. I never pay my hotels in cash anymore. If the hotel is not pre-paid, I will pay it with my debit-card.

I’ve even seen a street food restaurant with a bankterminals in Bangkok now.

The times are changing I guess, and Thailand is becoming more and more like Japan and South-Korea than its neighboring countries. (Bangkok at least)


So, what scam am I talking about? 

Sometimes you have to give away your debit-card to a hotel employee or a waiter. She will then bring your card behind the desk to the bankterminal to withdraw money from it.

It’s easy for an dishonest employee to take a picture of your card with his / her phone. She can then use it later to buy stuff online.

All you need to buy stuff online is three different numbers from your card:

  1. The card-number
  2. The expire date
  3. The three digit CVC-code.

No need for pin-code.


This is how I deal with it

I have two cards that go to the same bank account.

The first card is normal, the second card I have censored the CVC-code and the expiry date.

Having only the card-number is useless. You can not buy anything with the card with only that number, but you can still use the magnet strip / chip to buy stuff in shops.

This method is genius because I don’t have to go around worry about where I have my debit-card. I can just ‘throw it around’ without any concern to different employees and waiters.

Getting a duplicate card is easy and mostly free in all banks. Just call them up and tell them that you want a second card to your bank account.

How to meet Thai women for free

If you are looking for how to meet Thai women for free. With that I mean Thai girls that want to hang out with you without you paying for it. Online dating is your best bet, especially if you are coming over for a shorter vacation.

You can start to chat up girls before you arrive, that way you don’t have to waste precious time in paradise chasing girls. That is the beauty of Internet.

Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly are the biggest dating sites out there for Thailand, with around 1.000.000 members each.

In my opinion it does not matter who you sign up for. They are equal good. However, I did a comparison here if you are interested.

Click the links under to sign up for free. 

Thai Friendly

How to meet Thai girls

Thai Cupid

What types of girls are on online dating site? 

I would say that 95% of the girls that are on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly are regular girls that are just looking for a boyfriend or a giik (fuckfriend). Some are just looking for a friend too.

Once in a while you will get some kind of sex offer from a girl with money involved, but if you are not interested in that, just ignore it.

How easy is it to hook up with a girl? 

It’s so easy that if I told you, you would not believe me. My biggest culture shock when I came to Thailand the first time was just this; how easy it was to hook up with girls, make friends and hang out with people. People were genuinely interested getting to know you.

Online dating in Thailand is nothing like the online dating in the Western world.

In the Western world it can take days, maybe even weeks, before you even get a girl on a date. If you sign up for Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly now, you could have a date ready tomorrow. I am not exaggerating this.


Other posts I’ve made about dating ‘real’ girls in Thailand

How to meet Thai women for free

Tinder is also an alternative for online dating in Thailand, and it’s 100% free. The downside is that you can’t use this application before you arrive as it’s location dependent.

Do you really want to sit on your hotel room while the sun is shining chatting with girls on your mobile phone?

If you sign up for an online dating site you can spend that time at the beach with a beautiful feminine women instead, that you chatted up before you arrived Thailand. 🙂

Thai Friendly

Pain in dick after sex (with solution)

Sometimes when I bang a chick I get a terrible pain in my dick after. I’ve been to several doctors for this a long time ago, and no one found out why. I don’t have any infections or STD’s. Seems to be bad design from nature’s part, it’s been like this since my early twenties.

By the way. I had no idea what to use for featured picture for this post, so I just searched for dick shaped potato on Google. I was not disappointed. 😀

Anyways.. 🙂

Three conditions have to be true for this to happen: 

  1. I need to have sex or jurk-off myself.
  2. I need to get an orgasm
  3. I need to take a piss right after orgasm

If all these conditions are true, I get a terrible pain in my dick maybe 1/10 times. If I drink alcohol it seems to happen more frequently.

The pain will start slowly about 2-3 minutes after taking a piss. Then it will become gradually worse for 10 minutes. Then it will stay like that for maybe 20-30 minutes, and gradually go away again.

It’s not really a pain. But a very uncomfortable itching. So intense that it almost feels like it’s burning. The pain seems to come from the urethra. The pain can start around my dickhead, and continue all the way back to my balls.


Here is my solution

  1. Become a munk! I’m serious guys. They can’t have sex or jurk-off so then it’s not an issue. Simple solution.
  2. Alternatively pray to the Greek Goddess of wellness and health the first day after full-moon. She will bless you with eternal bliss and tight Asian pussy.
  3. Buy membership on Thai Cupid through my website. You will get so distracted by all the hot Asian girls that you’ll forget about the pain. 😀


Okay, just joking. Here is the real solution:

Take an empty bottle and fill it with hot water. Not so hot that it burns you, but it should be pretty hot. Take that bottle and place it between your thighs so the bottle touches your dick / ball area.

When I do this the burning sensation will disappear within 2-3 minutes. Every time.

Thank me later (if you have this problem)!

Tinder in Bangkok = Success

What’s up guys? 😀

Just a quick tip if you want to find hot girls in Bangkok fast.

I’ve had great success with Tinder lately. It’s seems like more and more Thai girls get this app on their phone. Two years ago I would barely find any Thai girl on Tinder in Bangkok. The balance was maybe 95% tourists and 5% Thais.

Today it’s much higher concentration of Thais and you have to shuffle through a lot less obese Western women. 😀 Yeah, the trolls pop up sometimes, but just swipe left and you’re good to go. 🙂


Before you consider Tinder..

For those guys who simply want to get laid in Bangkok, as quickly and easily as possible, I suggest looking at www.smooci.com.

Smooci is Bangkok’s newest and best Escort platform and search engine. It lets you live search all the major Escort agencies and independent girls, and gives you result with customer ratings on the girls, so you can sort the good, the bad, and the ugly pretty easily.

It’s creating a real competitive market and dropping the short time prices to as low as I’ve seen. Not only that, but once you’ve made your booking you also get sent a live GPS link so you can track your girl all the way to your door.


What is Tinder? 

For you guys that have been living under a rock the last 5 years. Tinder is a dating app for mobile phones. You can download it in Play Store for Android and Apple store for Iphone. Tinder is free to use.

When you have signed up a lot of girl’s will start to pop up. You swipe left if you don’t like them and you swipe right if you like them.

To talk to a girl she has to swipe right for you too. Then it’s a match and you can start talking.

The app is using the GPS on your phone, so you will only get up girls that are close by.

Usually I quickly ask the girl for either Facebook or Skype. That way I can have a video call with her to get a feel for her. If she decent I will ask for a meeting, if she’s weird I will stop talking with her.


What is my problem with Tinder? 

Well. It seems like its only working for Bangkok right now if you want to meet Thai girls. If you go to Chiang Mai, Phuket or any other tourist destination in Thailand we are back to the first problem I mentioned, too much obese Western women with ugly piercings in their nose.

Another thing I don’t like with Tinder is that you have to use your phone. I hate to use that phone keyboard to talk with people (I have big hands). It’s very clumsy and exhausting in the long run. I would still use Thai Cupid most of the time even tho it cost money.

A third thing is that it’s only working for the place you’re at. If you are planning a trip to another city and want to chat up some girls before you go there. You can’t really use Tinder for that.

Check my post about how to set up an online profile to swim in pussy here. It’s for Thai Cupid, but same rules apply for Tinder. Maybe even more as everything revolves around the first impression.


… Or just enjoy this video of hot girls dancing all around Thailand. 🙂 It’s my Youtube channel, so remember to subscribe. 🙂


Blow-job bars in Bangkok

Don’t want to spend 3000 baht on the full package in a go-go bar? Are you in a hurry? Need a girl who knows how to smoke the pole? The Blow-job bars in Bangkok is your answer!

Want to get laid with Thai girls for free? Check out this post.


Outcall Services

Firstly, for those looking to get their blow job in the comfort and safety of their Bangkok hotel room, I strongly suggest checking out www.smooci.com.

There are several good outcall services and Escort agencies out there, as well as lots of freelancing sites, but nothing compares to the ultra modern Smooci.

With Smooci. not only can you live search through 100s of escorts and independents but all the girls are customer rated so you can tell easily spot the real gems.

The prices are as low as you’ll find anywhere online, and you can make an instant date with just a few clicks. And once your date is on the way you’ll be sent a GPS link so you can track her all the way to your bed.


Blow-job bars in Bangkok

Blow-job bars are a great opportunity for a quick and cheap release. Maybe you’ve been working hard all day and need to empty your balls.

Prices for blow-job: 700-1000 baht
Prices for beer: Usually around 100 baht
Ladydrink: 150 baht.

Another good thing about the blow-job bars is that there is a high probability that you will meet a women that really knows what she’s doing. They do this all day. They wont look at you with a semi-disgusted face like some gogo-girls do when you shove your dick in their face.

A lot of these girls will suck your dick until you nut, and they will keep on going. It’s wonderful.

When you nut but she keeps on sucking


I will not make a review of every blow-job bar out there in Bangkok. I know some people do that. To be honest I think that is a complete waste of time. Most of them are the same. All it really comes down to is what girl you end up with. Some are good, some are average, some are bad. Most are between good and medium. If you’re unlucky you might stumble upon a really bad fruit, but that is unlikely.

It’s only around 700 baht for these blow-jobs, so it’s not like you wasted a fortune anyways if you get a bad one.


Where to find blow-job bars in Bangkok

Under you will find a map of all the blow-job bars I’ve found in Bangkok. I’ve not been to all of them so I can’t tell you if they’re good or not. You just have to wing it. One good tip to find a good sucker is to ask what girls have been there a while.

Kasalong had some hot girls last time I was there. The girl who gave me blow-job did a great job! When I told her I was about to bust, she kept going. Good girl.

Older women tends to be more talented than the younger girls. They have after all been doing this shit for years. They know what buttons to push to make you cum. ^^

I’ll also mark up some massage parlors that are really dirty. They don’t even bother to give you a massage. They just rip of your pants and start working on your stick.

Map of blow-job bars in Bangkok

Click the square in the right-upper corner to make the map bigger.


How does it work? 

You walk inside the bar. Most of the bars have just that, a bar with a bunch of girls. You can buy a beer while you decide what girl you want, or you can go straight to business. You are not expected to go with a girl if you go inside one of the bars. You can leave without any hassle and just pay for whatever you have been drinking.

When you have chosen a girl. She will bring you to a room upstairs. Usually with a comfy chair. She will apply some lube or oil so it gets more comfy. The girls do not demand condom.

You can cum most girls in the face or in the mouth. Up to you.

Dirty massage parlors

A bunch of girls will sit outside the shop. Sometimes they will suggest a girl for you, as the girls work on ‘shifts’. If you don’t like the girl you are presented you can just ask for another one. They don’t mind. These shops have everything from old skunks too young girls with braces (if that is your thing).

Have you been to any of the blow-job bars? Was it good? Tell me in the comment section so everyone can know.


5 reasons to not visit Khao San Rd

The last year I’ve been to Khao San Rd five times. That is five times too much.

If you take all the things I mislike about Thailand, Western women, Full Moon party and tourist Thailand. Mix the worst attributes of said things together. You have Khao San Rd. Welcome I guess?

So, here are my reasons why Khao San Rd is total trash.


1: An overload of fat obese women from the West

If you have a fetish for smelly and overweight white women that acts like 8-year-old kids on heroin, this place is perfect for you! If that is not the case, I would stay far far far away.

The white women situation here is absolutely horrendous. It seems like all the fat women in the Western world ends up here at some point in their life. The amount of love handles and tights with stretch marks is terrifying. What are fuck are they eating back home nowadays?  Are they injecting cow-fat for breakfast with needles?

Not only are the women awful looking, but the way they act is completely unheard off. I guess most of the people are from places with heavy regulations on alcohol (most of the Western world). So when they first come to a place where they can do what the hell they want concerning alcohol they can’t handle the freedom.

By the way. I’m not a heavy drinker myself. In fact, I can go out almost sober and have just as fun. When you are sober drunk people just become even more annoying.

If you can walk trough this street at midnight without being pushed by some drunk guy that didn’t notice you. I will give you 100.000 baht.

I just can’t enjoy an environment like that.


2: People are mostly idiots

And that’s why 70% of Bangkok’s taxi population come here at night. They know that this is where the idiots gather at night. Easy pray to make an extra slump of money from.

And if you’re a white man who have traveled halfway across the globe. Why the fuck would you go to a place with the worst fucking women from back home? You see..? They’re idiots! They have done zero research I now they just jumped inside a cab for 850 baht! Distance? 1 km. (Yes I witnessed that conversation)

What type of people visit Khao San Rd? 

Annoying backpackers that “oh my Godz!! this is Asia it’s SO awesome look at me they sell meat on sticks and it’s not in plastic how exotic I haz to put thatz on Instagram very interesting” type of people.

Okay, maybe I’m a little bit negative here now. I have actually met decent people in Khao San Rd. One time an American dude knocked over my beer so it fell of the table. He was decent enough to buy me a new one. He actually bought a beer for my friend too. Good guy right there! But if this was RCA or anywhere else in Bangkok no one would knock over my beer in the first place.


3: It’s crowded and it stinks

Okay. I think I just described all of Bangkok. But for some reason I can handle food odor and dog shit smell better than the sweat stench from fat British women.

In fact, British women have to be some of the worst breed of women on the entire planet. And there is a lot of them at Khao San Rd. Just the way they talk makes me wanna puke in their face.



4: It’s so typical tourist spot

Khao San Rd is just like any other tourist strip in the entire world. You have seen it a million times before. It’s nothing special about it. Why travel all the way to Asia, when you have streets like this in Spain, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands etc.

Enjoy your bugs
Enjoy your bugs

They sell all the regular tourist gems here. Hats, bracelets, stupid souvenirs and cheap booze. The only thing about Khao San Rd that is a little bit unique is the buckets with booze.

But I don’t give a shit about buckets. Why would I poison my body with that shit? You are asking for diarrhea.

There are so many more interesting places to go out in Bangkok with so much more style and class. RCA and Asiatique to mention some. Asiatique is actually really good, and is something you won’t find in every city on this planet.


5: Getting home is a pain in the ass

Khao San Rd is far away from the BTS and MRT. In fact, when you go home its past midnight anyways so the public transport system is closed.

As I mention above, if you are in Khao San Rd, all taxi and tuktuk drivers will assume that you’re an idiot. They will give you ridiculous prices back to your hotel. You will have to plow through a lot of drivers before someone gives you a decent price.

One of the five times I was here a tuktuk driver said he wanted 1500 baht to drive me to Silom Rd. WTF? I’m not blaming the guy for trying by the way, these people struggle to survive and they have my sympathy. But do they really get away with such prices with some of the tourists? If anything, it says a lot about what kind of people who mingles in this street.

I think it will be a long time until I go back to Khao San Rd.

Do you really save money on hookers?

This is something I hear in the expat community around Thailand all the time. “You should not date those Thai girls, much better to just find a hooker, it will save you money!”

I’ve been thinking about that, and is it really true?

I don’t think so, and to put it frankly; I think it’s just something some guys spew out to justify banging hookers so they can feel better about themselves.

Some even say it with so much confidence that I actually think they believe their own nonsense.

Don’t get me wrong, and I don’t try to sound like a feminist or anything. I’m totally guilty myself, but at least be honest about it. You don’t fuck hookers because you save money. You fuck them because it’s easy. Because you have to put in zero effort. You will never be rejected and they will provide you with constant confirmation that you are ‘desired’.

These girls know exactly what you want, and it’s so fucking addictive. I still remember my first time in Pattaya. Coming from a boring town in Scandinavia with constant rain and miserable people. I couldn’t fucking comprehend what was going on. It was like releasing a starving dog in a slaughterhouse. I went completely nuts and spent over 5000$ in two weeks.

Life becomes so damn easy and comfortable. In fact you don’t have to do anything to get the best thing in the world; sex. You just throw money on the ‘problem’ and they will do whatever you want.

But you have to wake up from the delusional thinking. Fucking hookers will not save you money, and no matter how much you believe that, it’s pure nonsense.


It’s plenty of free girls in Thailand

In reality there are plenty of girls that will date you for free. Not a dime spent! They don’t want anything from you except your attention and love. Some are looking for lasting relationships, some are just looking for fun. And they’re not hard to find if you just stick you nose out of the bar for a day.

They will fuck you every night but demand nothing in return. They will give you a good time, give you company, crack jokes with you, have interesting conversations with you. Whatever you want.

And I’m just a regular Joe, it’s nothing special about me that makes me more attractive than all the other Joe’s. I work out, I take care of my appearance as much as possible, I brush my teeth and take a shower every day. But that’s pretty much it.

Of course, there are girls out there who are not hookers, but still try to get a financial gain from you. But these girls are quite easy to filter out if you don’t think with your dick but use your brain instead.

Why do I say all this? I say this because I have dated a bunch of these girls. A lot of guys are missing out on meaningful and fun relationships because they have been stuck in a bar for too long. Their perspective on girls have been twisted into something that is simply not true.

Maybe they have been betrayed by some girl earlier? Maybe a girl went behind their back and ran away with some business that they put in the girl’s name? I don’t know what turned them into that, but it’s not real, and don’t listen to them.

What are your opinion on this? I’m really curios what you have to say if you are one of the guys that claim that you save money on hookers. Comment section is down below.

Solo vs buddy vs group travel in Thailand

What’s going on guys? 😀

Some guy asked me if he should come to Thailand with his buddy or if he should travel alone. Great question in fact. I have done all three of them in Thailand so I can tell a little bit about my experiences.

Remember that this post is for Thailand. I have a very different opinion about for example Europe. It’s much harder to get to know people in Europe. People are not nearly as guest friendly or open there. If I were to travel around in Europe I would probably bring a friend for company.

In this post I will talk about:

  1. Solo travel
  2. Cruisin’ around with a buddy (2 people)
  3. Group travel (anything from 3 – 15 persons)
  4. The biggest mistake a man can do in Thailand


Personally I prefer to travel solo in Thailand. I’m kind of a loner. Don’t get me wrong. I love to meet new people, I just don’t like to stay around the same people for too long.

I went solo in Thailand on my third trip. It was kind of scary in the beginning but the fear vanished as soon as I got inside that airplane. I knew that in 15 hours I would be greeted by some hot chicks at the airport, and I would be on my way to the hotel in a taxi! No worries!


Solo travel


  • You have epic flexibility
  • Can travel from A to B fast, as you don’t have to wait for your buddy / group
  • You can do what the hell you want when you want
  • You can change or modify your plans whenever you want
  • The world is yours


  • Can be lonely, but to be honest, that is not an issue in Thailand. 🙂
  • Sucks to become sick
  • You need to protect yourself from being too drunk and maybe mugged
  • Language barriers can be extra challenging


I love to travel around in Thailand alone. Being lonely here is really not an issue. You will always meet some girl who are up for some fun, or a good girl ready to date you, and if everything fails one night you have the hookers and massage girls to play with.

If you need a break from Thai people there are always some tourists around that are up for some fun that you can crack some jokes with at a bar.

If you want to travel alone you can’t be afraid to approach people. You need to get out there, if not you will just be stuck in your hotel room alone.

Getting sick

My biggest fear when traveling alone is getting so sick that I can’t take care of myself. That almost happened once too. I got a really bad diarrhea in some town outside Sukhothai. This shit was so painful that I was certain I would pass out at any moment. I was extremely dizzy, vomited all over the place and it felt like I was shitting barbed wire.

What would happen if I passed out? It was in a toilet without AC, and it was probably 35 degrees there. I was dehydrated too as I had been shitting liquid brown water for an hour while sweating like a dying pig. I had no water available.

Luckily I got help from some local people and they drove me to the nearest hospital in a pick-up truck. I was literally shaking in pain. I have no idea why it was so painful. The doctors didn’t find anything.


Buddy travel


  • You have someone to share your memories with
  • You can protect each other
  • Gives you some social value when you meet new people, especially tourists
  • Hotel prices just became 50% cheaper if you share room. HUGE money saver


  • You can’t just ditch your friend if you meet a cute girl
  • Arguing about what you should do one night. Will most likely happen at some point


Traveling with a buddy can be an awesome and life changing experience that could make you best friends for life. Sharing experiences is the best way to make good and lasting friendships.

When that is said. Choose your buddy wisely. If you travel with the wrong dude it could just as well turn into a nightmare.

If you travel with a buddy you should make it completely clear what you can and can’t do. What happens if you meet a cute girl that you want to spend some days with? Is it okay for your friend to stay alone for a couple of days? Even if he didn’t find any girl?

Should you share hotel room or not? What happens if your friend finds a hooker that he want to bring back to the room you share together?

Trust me. I’ve seen guys out there that argue about stuff like this. Shit like this has to be cleared out pre-travel.

Do your friend want to do the same things as you at all? If he want to go around exploring temples, but you want to go crazy in the bars. You have a conflict of interest right there and that could make your vacation a nightmare.

I traveled with the wrong friend once

I went to Amsterdam once with a friend. We traveled with car and it took about 2 days to drive. I knew him pretty well, but I’d never been alone with him for several days non-stop. I knew he was kind of an aggressive guy, but I gave it a shot, and hoped that it would not be a problem.

Turned out that he had rage tantrums several times a day for even the smallest issue. He could go on for hours. He unleashed everything on me, even tho I had nothing to do with it.

The second day when we were driving through Denmark we drove 20 km in the wrong direction. When I pointed out later that night that we had been driving 20 km in the wrong direction he bursted out in anger: “Yes, okay. Shut up. You don’t have to rub it in”. Yo dude, I’m just saying. It was hilarious. I’m not hating or blaming anyone here.. Shit happens you know..

After three days with him I didn’t take it anymore and I jumped on an airplane back home.


Group travel


  • Easier to break out of the group for some days if you want to be alone
  • Get’s even cheaper with accommodation and transport. When you go on side trips you can rent a minibus for yourself, and pay for it like it’s a normal scheduled bus.


  • It takes forever to get anything done. Especially when moving from A to B. Everyone have to get ready, double-check that nothing is left behind, and right before you are about to leave, some asshat has to take a piss.


My first two trips to Thailand was in group travel. I traveled with my father, brother and a bunch of friends of the family. I think we were 15 persons at most.

It was fun, but one time was enough for me. I takes forever to get anywhere, and everything goes so fucking slow. Just visiting a temple can take an extra hour compared to if you traveled alone.

Another negative aspect of traveling in a big group is that planning is a must. You can’t just be 15 persons, pop-up in a city and hope that a hotel have room for 15 persons. Everything needs to be booked pre-trip.

On my second trip to Thailand, also in a group like the first trip. I separated from the group for a week and went to Chiang Mai alone. That’s when I realized that from now on I will travel alone in Thailand. It was a HUGE freedom.


Mix it up!

This is probably the best way of travel. Come down here with a good friend, but don’t be together 24/7. Take some side trips for yourself, or meet a cute Thai girl for some days. Meet up with your friend again, take a couple of beers and tell each other what you have been doing.

Same if you come to Thailand in a bigger group. Don’t be in the group 24/7. Do stuff alone too. When you are ready to party with your group, met up again and go crazy.

Meet new people, hang out with them for some days. If you meet someone who are going the same direction as you. Ask to share a minivan with them. Take people’s contact information if you are going to the same city. Meet up again, tell each other what you did. Give your best advice’s, and ask for their best tips.

I guess it’s all about balance.


The biggest mistake a man can do in Thailand

That is. Travel with your girlfriend from back home. This topic probably deserves its own post, but fuck it. I will write about it here.

Western men with western girlfriend in Thailand
Western men with Western girlfriends in Thailand

I see it all the time. Dudes walking around with their semi-obese pale Western women, while they discreetly look at the local buffet with a desperate look in their eyes. Like a beaten-up submissive dog stuck inside a metal cage.

Not only that. They see all the Western men down here that walks around with beautiful and feminine Asian women in cute dresses.

And their girlfriend? She walks around in dirty elephant trousers with a white tank-top full of food remnants while she chugs down another beer.

It’s heartbreaking to witness. Because a lot of these guys are good looking guys and Thai girls would love to date them if they came alone. Thai girls that are a million times better than the average Western girlfriend.

They had no clue what would wait them down here, and now they are stuck with their fat girlfriend that can’t put on a fucking smile, even on vacation!

They have my deepest sympathy.


BIG explosion in my apartment block WTF MUST READ

What’s going on guys? 😀 

Three days ago I was chilling on my bed with my laptop after a long hot day out in Bangkok.

Suddenly I see a big flash followed by a big fucking explosion. I could hear the windows in the entire block was shaking. WTF…. Was this another terror attack in Bangkok???  After all I live close to Sukhumvit Rd, and if someone wants to do some fuckery, it would probably be right here.. 🙁

Fast-forward until the next morning. The security guy in my block told that a bird, rat or squirrel had gotten inside the current distributor to the entire apartment block, making a BIG short-circuit that fried everything…

So yeah, that’s why I haven’t made any new posts the last days. I didn’t get my power back before today.

It took them THREE days to fix this shit, and I guess this is why Thailand is still a developing country. If this shit happened back home it would be in the news…

It’s been raining heavy in Bangkok the last days, and they told me they could not put the new machine into place before the rain stopped.

No power, no internet, no AC for THREE fucking days..

I’ve spent my days with my romantic shower date girl. I can’t sleep without a fucking AC. It’s too hot, even for a guy that have been here for a year now. Fuck that.. I don’t want to wake up the next day in big pond of sweat…

So, I moved temporarily to my romantic shower date girl. She was working, but when she came home we had a lot of sex, and we ate a lot of good food. Life is still good I guess. 😀


Only in Thailand… 

Man, Thailand is such an interesting place to be. On one side you have all these gigantic skyscrapers that look like something out of the future, with 5 stars hotels and shopping malls you could just dream of back home. Then, on the other hand, if you just walk to the next land plot. There could be some old wooden sheds that don’t even have fucking glas in the windows…

Seems to be no overall city planning in Bangkok. You can see it all over town.

Plot 1: Big skyscraper with light-art on the top.
Next door: Grasslands with reptiles, rats and trash.
Next door again: A bar area with a dentists on the upper floor.

That’s Bangkok. No planning. Seems like private companies just buy a plot of land, and build what the hell they want on it. With no interest of what’s around..

Anyways, back to the power situation back at my place. I just got back to my apartment, and I have my power back now. 😀 That’s good.

It’s crazy that a little bird or rat like that can take out the power grid for an entire building, for three fucking days. But then again, this is Thailand. If you’ve seen some of the wiring here maybe it’s not that strange after all.

Just look at the pictures under. These are pictures I have taken here and there over the last year. No wonder why they have short-circuits from time to time.. :p


2013-07-19 15.24.35







The heroes at work!
The heroes at work! These guys got balls!

Anyways guys. I will start to post a new post again now every day. Stay tuned for girls I banged in August. I’ve been on FIRE this month, just like the power distributer in my block. 😀

Exploring Angkor Wat in Cambodia

What’s going on guys? 🙂

Angkor Wat in one sentence: Who the fuck built it…?

I recently visited Siem Reap in Cambodia for a visa run.

Two of the days I was here I spent exploring Angkor Wat and the temples around it. I don’t care if you have seen enough temples in Asia for a lifetime, Angkor Wat was a mind-fuck, especially after a couple of joints with my friendly tuktuk driver. 😀

You should not miss it.

In my opinion I think Angkor Wat was more impressive than the pyramids in Egypt. The pyramids might be taller, a lot taller actually, and be more impressing visually. But the cheer size of Angkor Wat is simply mind-blowing, and if you look in the details it’s even more mind-blowing.

When people see pictures of the ruins in this area, they usually see the picture of the main temple Angkor Wat.

What they don’t know is that this area is full of other temples that is just as impressive as Angkor Wat.

In addition to Angkor Wat, you have Angkor Thom, Preah Khan Temple, Ta Prohm and a bunch of other small temples that I don’t remember the name on.

You also have a series of dams, lakes, canals and moats. All these are made by humans, and not by nature.

Around Angkor Wat you have a moat that is about 4 km in circumference, and around Angkor Thom you have a 100 m wide moat that is roughly 10 km in circumference.

East of all the temples you have a square lake that is about 6 km in length and 2 km wide. All made by humans without any advanced technology like trucks, lifts, stone cutters etc. Sure…


Who the fuck build it..? 

The official story is that Angkor Wat, all the other temples, the dams and moats were built around year 1200. The stones where cut and made with copper tools, dragged by elephants and put in place with primitive lifts.

But here is my problem with that theory. All the temples in this area consists of up to 10.000.000 stones. Some are as heavy as 40 tons, but most of them are around 1 ton. That is a modern day car, compressed into a brick.

If you cut, grind and make the art / pattern on 10 stones each day, it will take you 2700 years just to complete the stones!

Perfect made stones
The outside was just like the inside at some point.

So if they started in year 1200, they would be finished somewhere around year 4000 (it’s currently 2016)

Then you have to drag them from the quarry to the temple location, that quarry is believed to be 40 km away (25 miles). The area around Angkor Wat is DENSE jungle.

Not only that. If you look inside the temples, at places where weather have not eroded the stones. You will see that these stones are perfectly made.

All 90 degree angels, with super detailed and fine art, and you could not get a razor blade between the joints.

perfect stones angkor wat
Can you get a hair between those joints? I tried..

Because the stones are perfect on the inside, they were probably perfect on the outside at one time too. But weather, raiders and war have destroyed it bit by bit.

I will admit it, I was high as fuck on weed the second day I was at Angkor Wat, and it made me think some crazy thoughts. I just have a hard time believing that some primitive people made all this shit with copper tools, some elephants and wooden lifts. It’s just too massive and detailed.

Perfect stone art
These are everywhere, where do you find an army of artists to make 100.000+ like these?

And where did they get all the artists from to make all the detailed stones?

These stones don’t look like they were made by children, noobs or slaves. But by people that knew what the fuck they were doing. It’s art, and they look perfect, and they are all over the place. Hundreds of thousands of them..

But the biggest mind-fuck is that pretty much all of the stones at these temples are unique, with different dimensions, patterns and art that are custom made to each stone, and that fits perfectly with the stone next to it, and next to that again, and next to that again…

All made in a quarry 40 km away by people who didn’t even have a fucking telephone to call up the quarry if some of the measurements was off with a couple of millimeters.

I would give anything to go back in time to see what the fuck was going on…

The official story should be that they have no fucking clue how all this was made.

Has to be either aliens, or that humanity had some ancient technology at that time that was lost, and are not in the history books today.


Finding a stunner in Bangkok

What’s going on guys? 😀

I see that some people who end up at my site, use search terms such as “Bangkok stunner”, “how to find a stunner in Bangkok”, “find perfect women in Bangkok” etc…

That is not a bad topic at all, and I will try to give you some tips on how you can end up in bed with them. 🙂

There are two different ways to find a stunner in Bangkok. You can pay for it or you can work for it.


Pay for it

If you are in Bangkok on a limited time and don’t have time to chase girls, this is probably the best way to go for it. Success rate is 100%.

The hottest girls in Bangkok are found in the go-go bars and in the soapy massage parlous in my opinion. There are also some escort services that have really hot women.

Bangkok Escorts
My princess Bangkok

Pure Bangkok Escorts

I’ve tried all of those, and they’re all legit that really put an effort in service. They’re also very discreet. You call them up or send them an email, and the women will meet you at your hotel room.

If you want to check out the go-go bars I have already written about what I think are the best go-go bars in Bangkok. You can find that post here.


Work for it

If you’re not into the professionals and you want to hunt girls. You have a lot of options in Bangkok.

I’ve already written a location report for Bangkok. In that post you will find a lot of tips on where you can approach girls in Bangkok. Check it out here.


Online dating

This is probably the best way to do it. Especially if you are coming to Bangkok on a limited time. You can start to talk up girls before you even come here. If you have a boring job you can spend some of your time at work to chat up girls.

Start 1-2 months before you arrive Bangkok, and you’ve created your own little harem of girls. Trust me.

I’ve already written a lot about online dating on this site. Here I explain why online dating works so well in Thailand and here I explain how you can make a profile that will make you swim in pussy offers.

You should also check out this post on how you can improve your game with Thai girls for real life approaching and dates from online sites.

Good luck, and have fun! 😀


Online Dating Profile for Thailand – How to drown in pussy

What’s going on guys? 😀 

Today I will tell you how you can design your online dating profile so you’ll drown in pussy down here in Thailand. I’m not exaggerating this. If you follow this guide you will get so many requests on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly that you can’t answer them all.

How can I be so sure..? Because I have it like that right now, and I don’t look like Brad Pitt. It’s all about how you portray yourself. 🙂

I was the old school type for a long time. I never bothered with dating sites back home.

The reason was that I never had much success with them. The amount of girls I banged that I met online back home, can be counted with one hand I think.

It was too much hassle, talking and fishing. It was not worth the time I had to spend. Yeah, I love pussy, but even pussy have its limits of what I’m willing to do… :p

The first three times I came to Thailand I refused to become member on any dating site. This was a big fucking mistake. The reason I refused was because I took with me the experiences I had from dating sites back home. I thought it would be just like home with eternal conversations and persuasion. You can read more here why I think dating sites work so well in Thailand.

I was so wrong.

As I’m writing this it’s around 9 pm here in Bangkok. I checked my Thai Cupid this morning when I woke up, and I checked it again now. I have 10 new messages in my account since this morning. None of them are with girls I have talked with earlier, because right now I don’t have ongoing conversations at Thai Cupid. All my pussy seats are taken at the moment.

I’m not saying this to brag, it’s just that if you have the same attitude I had three years ago, you are missing out on a lot of pussy. I don’t even have to approach girls on Thai Cupid. They approach me, and I talk with the ones I think are hot.

Thai Cupid messeges


Before you can start to make your profile. You need to sign up for either Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. There are other dating sites out there for Thailand, but these two have an insane amount of members.

You can browse girls for years without running out. Thai Cupid have over 1 million members.

You can sign up for Thai Cupid here, and you can sign up for Thai Friendly here. Yes, those links are affiliate links, and I get a small cut from it if you buy a membership.


How to become a pussy magnet at online dating sites

Your profile text

This should be short and simple. Don’t write everything you did from you learned to walk until the present. Tell you name, what hobbies you have and why you are coming to Thailand. Don’t reveal too much about yourself, you want to be a little mystical. If the girl wants to know more about you, she’ll have to contact you.

Another great thing you should write in your profile text is that you love learning languages, and that you are interested in meeting someone who can teach you some basic Thai. I’ve gotten so much response on that it’s ridiculous. Let me give you some quotes:

สวัสดีค่ะ Sa was dee ka
Hello, How do you do.? ^^
I am Meena. I can teach you about Thai language.

Hope to hearing from you soon”

“Hello my name is apple. Welcome to Thailand.

And willing to be your friend. Really want to teach you Thai too.”

“Hi I’m read your bio and I’m so interesting about you.

I want to be your friend.
I can teach youThai lagueges and cultural.if you want to travel next time in Thailand I can guide you.
And maybe you can teach me about you country too.”


It’s all about the pictures

A picture tells more than a thousand words they say. That is equally true for pictures you use in a dating profile. You can write an awesome text about yourself, but if you show that same awesomeness in photos you instantly become much more real and trustworthy.

Here are some ideas for awesome pictures you should put on your profile. Don’t need all of them, but a few of them will attract a lot of girls.


The great adventure photo – If you have done some traveling, show your most awesome travel photo. You riding a camel in Egypt, you in an awesome street in some typical European city, maybe you went to the salt deserts in Bolivia?

This will show the girls that you like to travel, and that you are a person that likes to go on an adventure.

The exotic picture – Here you have to think culture. A beach in Thailand is exotic for you, but for a Thai girl its home. Maybe you have a picture of yourself on a mountain covered in white snow? Maybe you went to a desert in Egypt? That is exotic for a Thai girl.

This will make the girl envy you.

The social picture – This one is important, and should never be left out. It can really be anything, but should be a picture with your friends and/or family where you have a great time.

This shows the girl that you are not a freak or a weirdo. You have friends, you have family. You are not a loner that no one wants to be around.

The dangerous picture – All women love men that can handle a little danger. Did you go skydiving, maybe a bungee jump? What about scuba diving next to a shark? Put it out!

This shows the girls that you are not a pussy.

The musical picture – Do you play an instrument? Maybe you did some live shows once too? You should probably put it out.

All girls love men that can play an instrument.

The handsome picture – Do you have good looks? Make sure to have a picture where you are suited up looking your best. This is also a good profile picture to get the click into your profile to show off your other pictures.

Well. This shows the girl nothing, but everyone like pretty humans. 🙂

The manly picture – This should be a picture of you doing something manly or skillful. Like riding a horse, fighting a bull or

Already been there picture – Already been in Thailand? This picture can be combined with any of the categories over. Like you playing guitar in a bar with a monkey on the shoulder, while some Thai chicks watch you with your mother in the background. Just joking.. But if you have been in Thailand, some pictures from earlier trips don’t hurt.

Thai girls love their country. They will like you just for the fact that you have been in Thailand already.

Avoid money pictures – Pictures where you show of a nice car, or maybe your bling, or maybe a nice apartment. Or just any pictures that makes it clear that you are full of cash. Don’t do it. You will only attract gold diggers and bad people.

You want to portray that you are a fun and interesting person. Not a rich guy. You will just attract bad people that way.


Your profile picture

Your profile picture can be in any category I have already talked about, but it should be a picture that catches the eye. This will give you more clicks to your profile, and the girl will see the rest of your awesome pictures and that you are interested in learning Thai. You’ve already won her.

It’s also smart to mix up your profile picture once in a while. That way you can get girl’s that didn’t like your first round. They see your profile again, but this time with a new picture, so you are a new person for them now. Maybe they’ll like you this time. 🙂


Can you handle all the pussy? 

If you follow these steps you will never have to approach a girl on these dating sides. You just wait until they approach you, then you sort out the trolls. I get anything from 5 to 20 messages every day, and I talk with the girls I think are the hottest.

Right now my profile picture is a ‘professional’ picture that I took of myself with my DSLR camera with a white background. It’s in black and white, and it’s super sharp. I have a white shirt on that is slightly open showing of some of my chest hair. 😛

In my album I have a picture of me in the mountain skiing back home. This is a perfect picture with white mountains and blue sky. You can see all of me, while I hold my ski poles up in the air. Exotic for Thai girls!

I also have a picture of me diving in Egypt and two pictures of me out in the desert in Egypt. My family picture is just a picture from some Christmas celebration a couple of years ago.

Recently I added two more pictures from Cambodia. In one pictures I stand on my hands with Angkor Wat in the background, and in the second I’m with a Thai girl and some people that we met on the road.


More tips

Don’t spend an eternity talking with the girls on the dating site. You want to move her outside as quick as possible. You want to have a video conversation with her. That way you can sort out if there is something weird about her. Maybe she has a super weird voice, or maybe you just don’t like her vibe.

How people behave behind a keyboard, and how they behave in a video call can be two different worlds. You can get a really good impression of a girl when you are texting with her, but as soon as you talk with her on video, you end up not liking her at all. Happened with me a million times. Can be anything from how she moves, how she talks, how she behaves. You can’t see that in a text message.

If a girl don’t show her entire body in one of the pictures, it’s usually because she’s fat. Be careful!

Also. Be skeptical about girls that demands stuff. This can be anything from money, her asking you to buy her stuff etc. I would even be careful with girls that demand that you go to a special restaurant or bar too.

These girls are often gold diggers, and they are looking for beta males they can push around and exploit for financial gain. These girls will not give you a good time unless you do as they say. They will always ask for something, beg, demand, test your limits etc. If you don’t do as they wish they will act up and just make drama. Not fun.

There are plenty of good girls and cool girls out there that will fuck you even on the first date, if you know what you are doing. No need for semi-pro gold diggers to get laid.


Okay people. Go out and test this, go nuts! Tell me how it went. You should own Thai Cupid with all this information.


Emergency STD guide for condom fuck-ups

If you found this post you probably fucked up, right?

We’ve all been there. You had sex with a girl, maybe a hooker, and the condom cracked. SHIT. 🙁

Don’t worry. 😀

Dr. Tim have you covered. And after you’ve read this post you will probably be a little bit more relaxed.

I’ve fucked my share of hookers, and it has happened a couple of times that the condom busted. I was out of my own quality condoms, I wanted sex, so I used the condom that the hooker gave me. Bad idea I know, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. 🙂

I then had to go around paranoid for two months, because HIV don’t show up at tests immediately. Not fun! 🙁

condom-broke-with-a-prostitute-hiv-risk/Ok… Let’s get real here. You fucked up. You used a bad condom, or you used it the wrong way, or you didn’t use it at all. What are the chances that you got HIV?

In Thailand around 1.1% of the population have HIV. If you had sex with a hooker, you can probably make that percentage a little bit higher. I know that didn’t help on your worries, but bear with me here.

If you found this post, and you had sex with a hooker in another country. You can check the HIV percentage of all countries here.


‘Fun facts’ about HIV

Living with it: You won’t notice it much, until you get AIDS. Then you will have a bad time. Otherwise it can be stressful to live with it, and it can be expensive depending on what country you live in.
Cure: No, but there are medicines that can keep it at bay until you die of something else. Still, it suck big time because you can’t have sex again without condom.


The good news is….

HIV is almost never contagious. The numbers are different, but I’ve read most places that if you had normal vaginal sex, it’s a 1/10000 chance to contract HIV from woman to man. Women however have a higher chance to become infected by men.

1/10000. That’s like winning the lottery, in a bad way. How frequently do you win the lottery? Not very often. And guess what, it gets better!

Lets say you had normal vaginal sex with a hooker, and lets say 5% of the hookers in Thailand have HIV. Then you’ll have a 1/20 chance on stumbling upon a hooker with HIV. Lets do some probability calculation here:

1/20 * 1/10000 = 0.000005 * 100 = 0.0005%

If your condom cracked, and 5% of the girls have HIV. You have a 0.0005% chance to contract HIV.

If you had anal sex, it’s a bit higher because it’s easier to make rifts in the skin.

If you have sores on your dick or other STD’s like herpes, the chances are even higher. And if the girl was on her period at the same time, it’s higher again. You get my point here.

But if you just had normal sex, and there was no blood or sores involved. You have approximately 0.0005% probability to contract HIV. To set that in perspective:

You have to drill 200.000 hookers to contract HIV.

When that is said. You should not go around and fuck hookers every night without using a condom. This is really just a numbers game, and one day you WILL have that little sore or rift on your dick, that comes in contact with the girls blood. And your screwed.

But if you just had a condom burst, or was drunk one night and forgot to strap up. I would not be too worried. 🙂

HIV and blow jobs

Don’t worry about it. Studies show that its next to impossible to contract HIV from a girl sucking on your dick. In fact, there are no documented cases where a man catches HIV from a blowjob.

Unless she bites your dick off and spits in your dick flesh wound, you should be fine.


Other STD’s…

Then we have all the other STD’s…

Depending on where you are from in the world, the STD education is very varied. Some places they teach you that every STD is a fucking disaster, like in the bible belt of America. If only 5% of what those Christian nutheads said were true, my dick would have fallen off a long time ago.

My answer is. I would not worry too much. Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis are curable. Just pop some pills and you’re good to go. Maybe you’ll have a painful piss for some days. No big deal.

HPV (warts) and genital herpes are not curable, but who cares? Most people get outbursts maybe 2-3 times, then they never get it again.

I actually contracted HPV when I was like 18 years old by some girl I fucked a couple of times. I got an outburst one time, never had it again. Herpes could be more tricky depending on your general health, but at least you won’t die of it. At worst it can be a little bit painful.

To be honest I’m not that worried about STD’s down here. If I find a new girl that I know I’ll bang a lot. I’ll just take her to the HIV clinic as fast as possible so I can drop that awful condom.

I’m more worried about an unexpected pregnancy from some girl who forgot to take the pill. These girl’s not remember anything. ‘Mai bpen rai’ you know… THAT would be the end of the world.

I rather take any STD…

So you see? Don’t worry too much… Sex is fun, good for you health and you should have it as much as possible.

Just remember to strap up from now on if you drill a prostitute, and if you meet a good girl, get her tested for HIV and take a good look at her vagina for weird sores before you shove your happy chorizo in.