Nightlife and Thai girls in Ayutthaya

Nightlife and Thai girls Ayutthaya

As I’m writing this I’m sitting at a guesthouse in Ayutthaya. Even tho I have a hefty hangover at the moment, life feels really good. My online incomes have been really good this month and I’ve been traveling a lot. <- The two best things on earth, passive income and traveling. Here is how you can find Nightlife and Thai girls in Ayutthaya.

I’ve been to a lot of small towns around Bangkok lately. Saraburi, Ayutthaya, Pattaya, Koh Larn, and Kanchanaburi. Tonight I will go to Lopburi and in two weeks I will go from city to city in Isaan, before entering Laos for another 60 days tourist VISA.

Life is good. 🙂


Nightlife in Ayutthaya

You might think that Ayutthaya don’t have much nightlife to offer as it is a place where most tourist come only for day trips. People come to see the temples and ruins at daytime, then they leave again shortly after.

However, this place have a lot to offer if you just know where to look. As always, check the map at the bottom for all avenues.

Backpacker oriented street

Naresuan Soi 2

In old town you have a 100m stretch of road with a handful of bars. They offer food and beer. One bar here with the name Street Lamp, also had live music.

Street Lamp, Chiang House, Jazz Bar, Planet Earth and Tony’s bar are some of the most popular bars in this street.

Small beer: 60 baht
Big beer: 80 baht
Food: Cheap

This road is on the other side of the river relative to the train station. So if you booked a guesthouse close to the train station, you will have to take a motorbike taxi to this place as the ferry over the river stops after it gets dark. 

Motorbike taxi from the train station area to Soi 2 should cost no more than 40 baht, and it takes 5 minutes.

Soi 2
Naresuan Soi 2

Train station

There are some bars close to the train station. I was having a beer in the bar that is just on the opposite side of the train station at around 9pm, but then they told me that they closed, despite having a lot of customers at that point.

Most people at these bars, both around the train station and Soi 2, where backpackers, couples and older people. Not really my kind of fun. If you want something similar like Pattaya fun, with more energy and a lot of local talent, read on.


Grand Street (best place with bar girls)

This place is in the new town of Ayutthaya. It’s a 500m stretch of road with a lot of different avenues. You will find tons of bars, massage parlors, karaoke bars and much more here. This street also had a ton of delicious street food.

The first bar I went to, Cowboy bar, is catering to farang guys. Then you have a lot of different karaoke bars nearby that caters to Japanese people. Further into the street, you have gigantic bar complexes with big stages with live music that caters to Thai people.

Farang oriented bars in grand street

Cowboy Bar

Cowboy Bar

100m into Grand Street you will find Cowboy Bar at the left side. This place had a great atmosphere with a mix of Thai people and Europeans. Great staff and cheap prices.

Some of the girls that worked here was really cute.

The bar also had a pool table. The live music was great, but they need to find a new sound mixer.

Closes: 02.00 am.


The Rain Bar

This place is in the soi on the opposite side of Cowboy Bar. You can actually see it from Cowboy Bar. I didn’t drink here, but I spoke with two of the girls that sat outside. Very friendly girls that didn’t nag about money or drinks.

I borrowed their toilet and the bar looked super fresh. I would love to drink here one time with one of the cute girls that work here. They had karaoke in the main bar.

Just next to the Rain bar, there was a Japanese karaoke bar with a ton of girls outside, but I never got the time to check it out.

Thai oriented

Kongpleng 3

Kongpleng 3

100m more into Grand Street you’ll find Kongpleng 3.

This place was on fire. It’s very similar to Tawan Daeng in Chiang Mai, but a little bit smaller in size. They had a big stage with live music, dancers and DJ’s. You can get a bottle of Blend here for 250 baht, drink all night and go crazy with some of the local talents.

Next time I go to Ayutthaya I will go straight to this place.

Closes: 01.00 am.

Inside Klongpleng 3:


Farung bar and pool

Farung bar

This bar was very hidden, but looked very fresh. You can sit inside with AC while enjoying your beer or playing pool. I only saw Thai people and Japanese people here.

Closes: Midnight.

Around this bar there were also a lot of dirty massage parlors. Most massage parlors had a ton of girls standing outside while waiting for customers.


Jub Zeed

Jub Zeed

When I entered this bar at around 22.00 people looked at me like I was from another planet.

I don’t think foreigners come here very often, or I was very early, as I was told later that night that this is were everyone goes after everything else is closed.

Jub Zeed had the most creative bar design that I’ve seen in a while. A gigantic robot with glowing eyes.

The bar also had 4 big private karaoke rooms.

Closes: 6 am I was told.

Inside Jub Zeed:

Private karaoke room
Private karaoke room
Jub Zeed
Jub Zeed
Live music
Live music


Happy ending massage in Ayutthaya

There are massage parlors spread all around Ayutthaya.

But if you’re looking for a massage with happy ending, you’ll have to go to Grand Street.

As soon as you go inside the small side sois of Grand Street, especially near the Grand Marked, you will see a lot of massage parlors with girls sitting around.

The street names with most massage parlors are Talat Grand Soi 8 and Talat Grand Soi 2.

Check map for location.


Handjob: 500 baht
Blowjob: 700-1000 baht
Sex: 1000-1500 baht


Hookers in Ayutthaya

Hookers are found in the same streets as the massage parlors in Grand Street. They will sit around in the street talking with the massage girls while waiting for customers.

Going rate short time, seems to be around 1000 – 1500 baht for most of the girls.

Check map for location.


Map of nightlife in Ayutthaya.


Video of nightlife in Ayutthaya


Hotels in Ayutthaya

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