Beer bars in Sihanoukville with working girls

Beer bars in Sihanoukville

There are mainly three areas in Sihanoukville with beer bars that have hookers who will go with customers.

The name of these places are:

  • Sihanoukville Square
  • Pub Street
  • Victory Hill

Sihanoukville Square and Pub Street are just a stone throw away from each other close by the Golden Lions Roundabout. Victory Hill is on the other side of town near the port where you’ll find the infamous chicken farm.

All three bar areas have quite different atmosphere and vibe. I’m going to write about each district  under so you can get a clearer picture on how everything works.

Sihanoukville Square

Sihanoukville Square
Sihanoukville Square

Also refereed to as ‘the square’ is the biggest bar complex in Sihaunukville. When I was there it had just been expanded with 15 more bars so the total number of bars in this garden is now between 30 and 40 bars.

Each bar have anything between 5 to 15 working girls. So the selection of girls in this beer garden is quite big.

Nightlife in SihanoukvilleMost girls are average looking in their late twenties, but there are also some hidden gems inside there so if you go out early you might get lucky and catch one of them. They usually get picked up quite fast by customers.

Most other blogs say that ‘the square’ have great atmosphere. I disagree.

All bars blast music on volume 11. That’s all fine but the problem is that all the bars plays different music. No matter where you are in the beer complex you’ll hear music from 3-5 different bars. Your ears will get raped when you go inside there. This really kills the vibe for me.

When I went to this place I just looked around for the hottest girl, sat down with her for 5 minutes, then got the fuck out of there. It’s impossible to talk inside there without screaming into other peoples ears.

The vibe is fun there but the music situation really kills the vibe for me personally.

Pub Street

Pub Street
Pub Street

Pub street is a small street just 200m away from ‘the square’ with around 10 bars. This place was dead when I was in Sihanoukville. No music, almost no girls and no fun vibe.

Other websites say that this place is great so maybe I was just unlucky the time I was there?

It’s not far from ‘the square’ so you can just walk over there to have a look if you can’t find any fun in ‘the square’.

Victory Hill

Darling Bar
Darling Bar

Victory Hill is the last bar area with working girls in Sihanoukville. This was actually the place I liked the most. It had a decent selection of girls, even really hot girls. Many of the bars there had really fun vibe too.

When you are in one bar you can’t hear music from 5 other bars which is great!

The only downside with Victory Hill is that it’s on the other side of town from Serendipity beach which is the main tourist area with great beaches, restaurants etc.

The great news is that there are tuktuk driver all over town that will gladly take you there for three dollars.

Victory Hill also had a bar with only ladyboys if you are looking for ladyboys.

The best bar I found in Victory Hill was Darling Bar. Great atmosphere, hot ladies, comfy sofas and great sound system. They did not play on volume 11 so you could talk inside the bar with your lady.


Prices in the beer bars of Sihanoukville

The prices in all three districts are basically the same. Here are a few examples:

Beer: 1$
Drinks: 3$
Ladydrink: 3.5$

Barfine: 10 -15 dollar
Short-time: 30$ to 50$
Long-time: 40$ to 60$

You can try to negotiate the prices, especially in low season. If a girl quote you 40$ you can try this line: “I’ll give you 40 dollars if you do a good job, if not I’ll give you 30$.” That way the girl have more pressure to perform, and if she fail to perform you save 10 buck

Average prices for drinks in the beer bars:

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Where to find the really hot girls? 

Lets get real here. Where do you find the really hot girls in Sihanoukville? Not the used girls in the beer gardens that are in their late twenties all tattooed up.

The real hot girls in this city work in the casinos. All of them are getting spoiled by old rich Chinese men coming here to spend big money.

If you sit outside a casino at closing time there will be an avalanche of hot girls ready to go home on their pink Honda motorbikes. My rod was swelling up in my jeans while I was sitting outside the casino.

I’ve seen some of the hottest girls ever in Southeast-Asia outside these casinos. They’re all in their early twenties, perfect bodies and pretty faces. It’s absolutely worth a shot to have a look and approach.

These girls probably won’t go with you for money, but if you have some sort of game you can get them for free. Just chat them up outside the casino to get their Line ID. I met some unbelievable hot girls this way.

I’m sure they get tired of endless nights in the casinos listening to old Chinese men’s bable about their businesses back home. Then they meet a young handsome white guy like myself to spice up their daily life. 😀

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