Guest-post: Being a man in feminist Sweden

What’s going on guys? 😀

This is a guest-post from Charles in Sweden. He tells us how it is to be a man in Sweden 2016.

I drilled a Swedish babe at Koh Pha Ngan some time ago. She was pretty hot looks wise, but her attitude was awful, and her femininity was non-existent. Did I mention that she smelled like an alcoholic?

Anyways. Here is the guest-post.


In one word, frustrating.

Besides the stuff already mentioned a lot of women here don’t appreciate the little things (or bigger things for that matter) you do for them, they are strong independent you know… e.g.

Don’t waste your time offering to buy them a drink at the club more often than not they will just take it and walk away sometimes without even saying thank you, rookie mistake.

They may not say thank you or even look at you when you hold the door open for them.

Looks is very important to them (even though they often dress like shit in my opinion) if you have the “wrong look” they will just look at you like “why is this creep coming up to me”.

People don’t generally go up to people unless in the club or bar, that’s like a fucking taboo in this country. I find it that they don’t really give me a chance to really find out who I am as a person, they are just interested in my background and why I am in Sweden, it’s the same bullshit interrogation time after time.

And what I mean by background is that they often have a hard time believing that I came to Sweden from the USA and they want to know more about USA. Yeah I’m actually from the USA but I’ve been living here for about 15 years (I’m 32) but I hear from all kinds of guys constantly complaining about this kind of stuff.

Swedish feminist babes being fabulous.
Swedish feminist babes being fabulous.

My background is Dominican and Italian incase you’re wondering.

I’ve had several Swedish guys tell me that Swedish women are such a pain in the ass. It’s like it doesn’t matter what you do or say it’s like they decide within the first few seconds if they like you or not. And trying to pretend to be someone you are not doesn’t seem to help either, like role-playing just to see what the fuck it is they like.

If you seem too rich they just get jealous, too poor and you’re a loser, in the middle and you’re too boring. And if they actually see you in the same economic class as them, more or less, then it still comes down to the looks and fuck are they picky.

It’s not just me, a lot of guys complain about this shit all the time. You really have to have the particular look they like otherwise they might not even acknowledge you, yes they can be quite rude.

I actually go to the gym and I’m not a fat ass, if a women likes you I have noticed that you will know within seconds.

Almost every time I’ve gotten laid with a new girl I have noticed this pattern the exception being that she was so drunk that the beer goggles kicked in, and she just didn’t give a fuck anymore? Don’t count on seeing these women again afterwards.

Or any of them for that matter. That’s the other thing, a lot women here don’t give a shit about meeting you afterwards. During one threesome I was having with my girl and some bitch we picked up at the club, the bitch just gets up and was like OK I’m done and fucking leaves and the thing is she was actually enjoying it, the moaning and facial expressions don’t lie, and the swollen wet pussy don’t lie either.

The sex can be as cold and robotic as their personality. A lot of guys that go out seem to be single, and often women will be “taken” but their bf’s or whatever are not there. There’s so much bullshit involved it’s like beating your head bloody against the wall. And of course don’t expect women to come up to you.

You’re expected to….

I don’t really know it’s not like they are really interested in your money, generally speaking that is. You can find the ones in Stockholm that are attracted to the “Stockholm brats”, those people get money from their loaded parents.

I guess nothing is really expected from the man, they are “strong independent women”. Sometimes they can seem like they really like you and the next day they can act like they never met you, this is typical and again it’s not just me who notice this.

You go up to them and if they like you, you just go along with whatever, trying to get the pussy and if they decide to meet you again consider yourself lucky?

When it comes to my relationship with my Swedish (part Finnish) wife I’ve hit the jackpot in terms of western women imo.

She’s not a fat ass, she appreciates me, she doesn’t get jealous, pretty much all the good stuff you want in a relationship I got.

She doesn’t mind if I go off with other women, she understand my need for different “flavors” and I don’t mind if she goes solo with other women.

She doesn’t care to go with other men. She doesn’t bust my balls about material things. She’s actually quite successful in her career but still she’s not buying a bunch of shit she doesn’t need and she usually discuss with me before buying things, especially things that cost more.

I don’t believe anyone is perfect but for what I want for a wife I’ll be hard pressed to find better, not that I’m looking for a replacement.

Just looking to add. 🙂

I’m probably missing something but this is quite long now. Anyways just trying to make new genuine friends whether it be female or male is a pain in the ass in this country so being a horny man who likes to go out and mingle here can be quite frustrating and if you’re single be prepared to masturbate a lot or suffer from blueballs.

Side note: it’s illegal to buy sex in Sweden but selling sex is not illegal.


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