The best burger in Bangkok money can buy 2

What’s going on guys? 😀 

Some time ago I wrote about Firehouse’s burger at Sukhumvit soi 11. And yes, it’s a really tasty burger, with really juicy meat, that you should try when you are in Bangkok.

Last night however, I found a burger that beat the Firehouse burger by a million miles. It’s simply the best burger I’ve eaten, ever. And it only costs 200 baht.

I’ve never eaten a burger with so many flavors and aromas packed into it. I ate the cowboy burger last night with barbecue sauce, grilled onions, jalapenos, cheese and double bacon, but they also have a lot of other burgers to choose from.

You can choose if you want beef or pork burger. I went for the beef burger. It’s the same price.

In had sky-high expectations for this burger as the guy I was going there with had been talking about this burger all fucking day about how amazing it was, and it still didn’t disappoint me.

It’s called the Daniel Thaiger burger. You can find location of this place here on Google maps, and their Facebook page here.

UPDATE: Daniel Thaiger have opened a second restaurant now in Sukhumvit soi 11 just outside Levels nightclub.


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