The best burger in Bangkok money can buy

Firehouse Bangkok Best burger money can buy

What’s up guys? 😀

This is Tim from Goodbye Boring Life and today I will tell you about the best burger joint I have yet to find in Bangkok.

I love burgers and whenever I find a new restaurant that have an awesome burger I can eat dinner there for days!

That’s exactly what I did at this place. I started on the top of the menu the first day, and I worked my way down. 😀 😀

The place is called Firehouse and you can find it at Sukhumvit Soi 11 in Bangkok.

This burger is absolute savage.

Click here for location.

So, what is so special with this burger? 

Two words: The meat!

The meat comes from a cow that have been bred with a special type of ox. The cow have only been given quality food, and at the same time no antibiotics or growth hormones. It’s all natural! After the cow is slaughtered the meat is matured for 30 days before they cook it. This gives the meat a very tasty and juicy feeling.

They told me that they didn’t use any seasoning in the meat, because the meat was tasty enough on its own. I believe them.

My favorite was the Premium burger with Wisconsin cheddar and crispy bacon + all the other toppings like dressing, salad, tomato and onion. Included in the price is french fries or fried potato boats.

Make sure they don’t cook it too much, you want it raw and bloody in the middle.

You get the entire package for about 500 – 800 bath, depending on what burger you choose and what you are drinking.


Thank me later guys!


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