The best dating sites for meeting Pinay girls in the Philippines

Three best dating sites in the Philippines

Here is a quick comparison of the three best dating sites for Pinay girls. These sites are the biggest out there with millions of daily users.

I’ve always been a big believer in online dating in Asia. Every girl out here seems to have an account somewhere. Sure nothing can beat the thrill of hunting girls in real life, however that is not always the easiest route when you’re out traveling and maybe moving from city to city with a few days intervals.

With online dating you can sign up before you travel to a country and get to know the locals before you arrive. What better way to spend the boring hours in the airport before you depart?

So. What site is the best? Who should you sign up for? Is there any difference?

Filipino Cupid

The biggest dating site out there for the Philippines with over 3.5 million members. That’s a lot of people for sure. I’ve been member on many different Cupid sites over the years.

Thai Cupid, Vietnam Cupid, Japan Cupid and Asian Cupid.

With the Cupid brand you know what you get. A solid platform with access to million of girls. Sure the design can be a little bit out of date and boring, but who cares about that? You are here to meet girls not stare at the design!

Pina Love

Pina Love is made by the same people who own Thai Friendly. Same design same everything. If you can’t stand the boring design over at Cupid then this site is for you!

At the moment they have 750.000 members. That is a lot less than Filipino Cupid, but who the hell cares if a site has 750.000 members or 3.5 million member? There’s no practical difference.

Asian Dating

Asian Dating is owned by the Cupid Media too. On Asian Dating you’ll find a mix of girls from many Asian countries like┬áThailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and China.

This platform is perfect if you are going to travel between many countries in Asia. However the selection of girls is smaller for each country.

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