BIG explosion in my apartment block WTF MUST READ

What’s going on guys? 😀 

Three days ago I was chilling on my bed with my laptop after a long hot day out in Bangkok.

Suddenly I see a big flash followed by a big fucking explosion. I could hear the windows in the entire block was shaking. WTF…. Was this another terror attack in Bangkok???  After all I live close to Sukhumvit Rd, and if someone wants to do some fuckery, it would probably be right here.. 🙁

Fast-forward until the next morning. The security guy in my block told that a bird, rat or squirrel had gotten inside the current distributor to the entire apartment block, making a BIG short-circuit that fried everything…

So yeah, that’s why I haven’t made any new posts the last days. I didn’t get my power back before today.

It took them THREE days to fix this shit, and I guess this is why Thailand is still a developing country. If this shit happened back home it would be in the news…

It’s been raining heavy in Bangkok the last days, and they told me they could not put the new machine into place before the rain stopped.

No power, no internet, no AC for THREE fucking days..

I’ve spent my days with my romantic shower date girl. I can’t sleep without a fucking AC. It’s too hot, even for a guy that have been here for a year now. Fuck that.. I don’t want to wake up the next day in big pond of sweat…

So, I moved temporarily to my romantic shower date girl. She was working, but when she came home we had a lot of sex, and we ate a lot of good food. Life is still good I guess. 😀


Only in Thailand… 

Man, Thailand is such an interesting place to be. On one side you have all these gigantic skyscrapers that look like something out of the future, with 5 stars hotels and shopping malls you could just dream of back home. Then, on the other hand, if you just walk to the next land plot. There could be some old wooden sheds that don’t even have fucking glas in the windows…

Seems to be no overall city planning in Bangkok. You can see it all over town.

Plot 1: Big skyscraper with light-art on the top.
Next door: Grasslands with reptiles, rats and trash.
Next door again: A bar area with a dentists on the upper floor.

That’s Bangkok. No planning. Seems like private companies just buy a plot of land, and build what the hell they want on it. With no interest of what’s around..

Anyways, back to the power situation back at my place. I just got back to my apartment, and I have my power back now. 😀 That’s good.

It’s crazy that a little bird or rat like that can take out the power grid for an entire building, for three fucking days. But then again, this is Thailand. If you’ve seen some of the wiring here maybe it’s not that strange after all.

Just look at the pictures under. These are pictures I have taken here and there over the last year. No wonder why they have short-circuits from time to time.. :p


2013-07-19 15.24.35







The heroes at work!
The heroes at work! These guys got balls!

Anyways guys. I will start to post a new post again now every day. Stay tuned for girls I banged in August. I’ve been on FIRE this month, just like the power distributer in my block. 😀

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