Here’s why you don’t do drugs in Thailand

An Australian DJ was recently sentenced to two life sentences in jail for possession of 61 ecstasy pills. He was busted in Pattaya back in 2014. One week ago he got his sentence.

You can read the full story here.

I’m not trying to make this webpage into a news webpage, but I have to tell people about this.

Doing drugs in Thailand is no joke. If you get caught with drugs down here you are risking harsh prison sentences.

Not only will you stay in prison for a very very long time. You will end up in some of the worst prisons in the world. The prisons down here is nothing like the ones back in Europe or the US.

Here you will share one cell with so many people that you can’t lay down properly. You don’t get a bed. You lie on the floor. The first three months you wear leg shackles.

If you have to go on the toilet in the night, you literally have to crawl over other people that are sleeping on the ‘comfortable’ concrete floor.

Forget about AC in the heat season when temperatures can reach 45 degrees celsius.

Diseases that haven’t been seen in Europe since the middle ages are rampant. You won’t get out of prison without some kind chronic disease.

This Australian guy is now going to sit in a shitty Thai prison for the rest of his life.

No fun, no flirting, only basic food and no pussy. Forever…

Just because he tried to make some profit from selling drugs. I’ve tried Ecstasy, and yes, its pretty damn good. But I wouldn’t risk my freedom for it. Pussy is still better, and you will never get in trouble for that.

Personally I think it’s stupid to punish people who haven’t done harm to other people. If you do drugs, you will only fuck up yourself if you abuse them. Why should people be punished for that? If anything, you need help, not punishment.

I know this guy was busted with a lot of pills, and he probably had the intent to sell. Life in jail is still harsh in my opinion.

It’s weird that a country who is so relaxed about traffic violations, that kills and injure much more people, are so harsh on drugs. Ecstasy is not even that bad, if you compare it to yaba, heroin, or even alcohol.

When that is said. This is not my country. When you immigrate to another country you have to respect their culture and laws. I’m not here to change anything. (Wish I could say the same about muslims coming to Europe, but then you are racist apparently.)

I have compassion for the Australian guy. I feel sorry for him, but at the same time, he was stupid. He played with fire, and he fucked up.


Go to Cambodia

If you want to do drugs, get your ass over to Cambodia. They are much more relaxed about it. I bought weed in Siem Reap in full daylight on the street, next to a bar. No one gave a shit.

In fact. Marihuana is decriminalized in Cambodia. So walking around with 10-15 gram of pot is totally fine. I could smell the scent of weed everywhere.

But doing drugs in Thailand. That is just plain idiocy. It’s like going to Saudi Arabia and yell Allah is gay. You’re asking for trouble.


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