Cambodia Sex Guide for beginners

Cambodian Sex Guide for beginners

This will be a guide to anyone coming to Cambodia to find sex with sexy Cambodian girls. It’s written for people who have no clue how P4P scene in Cambodia works.

This guide will primarily focus on the P4P scene, if you are looking for a real relationship or want to date Cambodian girls in a regular way, check out this guide.

This Cambodian sex guide will cover everything you need to know for your sex holiday to Cambodia.

I will make a rundown of all the different places in Cambodia you can find female company in exchange of money. How it works, what you should pay, what you should watch out for and how you can be prepared so you’ll find the hottest girls out there! ūüėÄ

Sounds good?

Lets get started!

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Cambodia Sex Guide


1: Online dating in Cambodia
2: Expressions
3: Establishments
.  3.1: Beer bars / Hostess bars
.  3.2: Go-go bars
.  3.3: Short-Time bars
.  3.4: Massage Parlors
.  3.5: Freelancers
.  3.6. KTV
.  3.7: Brothels / Chicken farms
4: Using tuktuk drivers to find sexy girls
5: Is Cambodia a safe place to have fun with girls?
6: Dealing with the police in Cambodia
7: Drugs
8: Don’t fall in love!
9: Other tips
10: Comparison to Thailand’s P4P scene

Online dating in Cambodia

One great way to find girls for free is to sign up to Asian Dating. There you’ll find hundreds of girls who are looking for foreigners. Click the picture under to read more. Cambodian women are very conservative so hitting them up in real life can be kind of an hassle.

If you sign up to a dating site like Asian Dating you’ll instantly come in contact with hundreds of girls who are single, open minded about sex and want to meet foreigners.

How to find a Cambodian girlfriend online

Where to buy sex in Cambodia? 

There are basically 6 different places you can buy sex in Cambodia. Under I’ll explain how each of them works.

Also. Remember that you can sign up for Asian Dating at any point to get in touch with hundreds of girls who want to meet foreigners. You don’t need to pay for these girls so you can save a lot of money if you go this route above hookers.

Expressions used in this guide

Here are some common expressions and words used in the P4P scene around Cambodia.

Barfine: A fee you have to pay the bar to take the girl out of the bar.
Short-time: Taking a girl short time. Usually one shot back at your hotel or in a short-time hotel.
Long-time: Taking a girl for the entire night, and the following day until she’ll go back to work.

Bombom: Means to have sex
Yamyam: Blowjob
Barang: Cambodia’s version of the word “farang”.
P4P: Pay for pussy
Shot: How many times you can come.



Beer bars / Hostess bars

These places work just the same way as in Thailand. In Sihaunukville they even look exactly the same with open bars in a beer garden with lots of girls hanging out. If you didn’t know better you could mistake it for a beer bar garden in Pattaya.

In Phnom Penh however the bars are closed off so you have to go through a door to get to the bar. However some girls sit outside yelling and trying to get you inside. The bars in Phnom Penh usually have seats outside too if you don’t want to sit inside the bar.

When you sit down in a bar, a girl will usually come over to you asking if she can sit with you. Sometimes they will ask for a lady drink, sometimes they wait until you offer one.

When you have decided that you want to go with a girl, you pay the bar fine and agree on a price for sex.

Dick-tease girls

Some beer bars will employ girls who don’t go with customers. These girls are of course always the youngest and hottest girls in the bar. They are employed to bring in customers, count money and in some cases, drink with customers and hang out just like the other girls in the bar who sell sex.

I’ve been to so many bars here where I sit down with a girl, then after 2-3 hours I say let’s go then she give me the “solly, I don’t go with customers I only do cashier”. A real bummer!

So if you sit down with the hottest girl in the bar always ask her first if she will go with customers so you don’t waste an entire night.

Barfine: 10 – 15 USD
Short-time: 25 – 40 USD
Long-time: 30 – 60 USD

Beer bars / Hostess bars in Phnom Penh
Beer bars / Hostess bars in Sihanoukville

Typical prices in the beer bars

Click for bigger version


Go-go bars

Unfortantly there are no go-go bars in Cambodia yet the way you find them in Thailand and the Philippines. I did see one sign in Sihanoukville saying ‘gogo-bar’ but I didn’t find the place. Maybe it’s out of business? Tell me in the comment section if you know something!


Short-time bars

Short-time bars are very similar to the beer bars, but this kind of bar also have rooms in the upper floors where you can bring the girl right away for sex. You will find a few of these bars in both Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville.

These bars are usually a little bit cheaper than the regular beer bars. There is no barfine and usually a fixed price around 30 dollars.

Short-time bars in Phnom Penh (coming)
Short-time bars in Sihanoukville (coming)


Massage parlors

It’s much harder to find massage parlors in Cambodia that offers extra. They do exist everywhere but they are not up in your face like they are in Thailand. You have to know where they are to find them.

There are usually no red lights outside these venues that reveals that more is on the menu. Most of these massage shops only have a small sign outside the shop where it says “massage”. Sometimes it will just be a picture of someone massaging.

Oil Massage: 8 – 12 USD
Traditinal Khmer Massage (similar to Thai massage) : 6 – 10 USD
Happy ending / sex: 10 – 25 USD

Notice that I put happy ending and sex in same price category as they will usually ask for the same price anyways.

Happy ending massage in Phnom Penh (coming)
Happy ending massage in Sihanoukville (coming)
Happy ending massage in Kampot (coming)



There’s A LOT of freelancers both in Phnom Penh and Sihaunukville. Check out the posts under to find out where you find them in different places in Cambodia.

These girls usually ask for 20 USD for short-time, but you can easily get it down to 15 USD if you’re a good talker. Making it some of the cheapest sex in Southeast-Asia. Most of these girls are average looking but sometimes you stumble across a young hottie with great energy.


Always ask to see ID of freelancers in Cambodia if you are in doubt of her age. Some of these girls are very young, even underage. If you bring an underage girl back to your hotel, and the girl is in contact with the police (sting operation) you have a HUGE problem. It does happen so just be really careful.

You don’t want your name and face in the newspaper banging an underage girl. There’s a lot of NGO’s in Cambodia that works with this issue.

Freelancers in Phnom Penh
Freelancers in Sihanoukville



Or Karaoke as it’s also called, is everywhere in Cambodia. These venues can be found in all shapes, sizes and price classes.

It’s basically a place you go to sing songs with girls that you pick beforehand. When you enter a KTV the people who work there will bring out all the girls they have available. You chose how many girl you want to sit with you while you sing.

KTV’s¬†usually don’t have rooms for sex so you have to bring the girl back to your hotel or apartment. The sex is also a private deal between you and the girl so you pay her when you get back to your hotel, not the KTV.

KTV’s is not really a place Europeans go. It’s mostly local Khmer guys and other Asians. Some places will even refuse non-Asian people inside.


Brothels / Chicken farms

Brothels and chicken farms are the cheapest sex you can get in Cambodia. In the chicken farm in Sihaunukville you can get sex for as low as 10$, even 5$ if you are a good talker. These girls won’t be the hottest girls out there, in fact, they’re not girls at all but women in their 30’s, even 40’s selling sex from their own homes.

When that is said. I did see a few really hot girls down in the chicken farm so it’s¬†definitely worth a look.

Brothels are mostly visited by local Khmer men, but foreigners are welcome too. There is a street in Sihaunukville called Blue Mountain with up to 50 girls hanging out in the street waiting for customers.

At Blue mountain I’ve actually seen a lot of hot women, and the sex start at 20 USD. Most girls working there are not Khmer but Vietnamese.

The Chicken farm in Sihanoukville

Brothels in Phnom Penh (coming)
Brothels in Sihanoukville (coming)

Average prices in Cambodia

Drinks in bars

Soft drink: 1$
Beer: 1.5$
Drink: 3-4$
Ladydrink: 3-4$
Big bottle of Jack Daniel: 40$ (20$ in a mart)


Primitive hut in hippie areas: 3-8$
A 3-4 star hotel in a touristy area: 10-20$
Luxury resort in a touristy area: 50$+

Motorbike: 4-8$ per 24 hour.


Local street food: 0.5-1.5$
Western meals: 2-10$

Using tuktuk drivers to find hot girls

Tuk tuk drivers can be a real annoyance in Cambodia as you can’t walk 10 meters without a tuktuk driver asking you if you need a tuktuk. I’ve had tuktuk drivers asking me if I need a tuktuk while I’m driving a tuktuk. It’s ridiculous.

When that is said. They can also be a great way to find hidden brothels around in Cambodia. The problem is that they will usually take you to a shitty brothel with fat and ugly girls first.

So. How do you make a tuktuk driver show you the hidden gems?

You need to befriend a tuktuk driver. Find a tuktuk driver that is trustworthy, a guy who wont rip you off. When I was in Kampot I had a tuktuk driver drive me to a brothel, it turned out to be total shit.

Then I said to him: “Where is the BEST brothel? I want girls who doesn’t look like a ghost from white make-up. I want a nice local Khmer girl. If you show me the BEST place I will pay you a girl too.”

He then called up some friends. They collected some girls outside the city. When I got to this place I had 10 girls that all looked nice and farm fresh. All in their early 20’s.

This place was in a house outside Kampot in a rural area. It’s not possible to find without knowing a local guy.

Is Cambodia a safe place to have fun with girls?

If you use your wits I think Cambodia is perfectly save to have fun with girls. I don’t think Cambodia is any more dangerous than Thailand. I’ve been out in all kinds of neighborhoods in Cambodia and never had any issues. 99% of people you will meet will be very friendly and leave you alone.

What I will say is that if you first get in any situation in Cambodia you are pretty much on your own. The police here is useless and there is no good international hospitals anywhere in Cambodia if you become injured.

If you get a serious illness or injury while you are in Cambodia you should get to Bangkok or Saigon as quickly as you can. Never travel with to Cambodia without an insurance as they will cover a medical evacuation for you if the hospitals in Cambodia can’t help you.

If you go with freelancers normal freelance rules apply as I’ve talked about before:

  • Lock up your¬†valuables.
  • Make the girl shower first and tell her to leave her clothes in the bathroom when you shower.
  • Never drink from a drink that have been opened out of your sigh.
  • Always go short-time.


Cambodia have a very high HIV rate. Wrap up when you have sex with a professional. If you date a regular girl get her tested before you skip the condom and make sure she’s on the pill. It seems like education around STD’s are non-existent in Cambodia because I’ve never been with a hooker who have insisted on using condom. Scary!

Be careful!

Dealing with police in Cambodia

If you spend any amount of time in Cambodia there will come a time where you’ll have to deal with the police. Especially if you want to rent a motorbike to explore for yourself.

The police in Cambodia is ruthless and 100% corrupt.

When I was in Sihanoukville I was stopped on average 3 times a day. But here is the thing, if you know how to act and behave you will get away everytime without paying them a dime.

What do the police want? Well. That’s self explanatory¬†in a place like Cambodia. They want easy cash from clueless tourists. The police here is ruthless and they will make up shit to make you give them money. One day I was out driving with sunglasses on. They stopped me telling me it was illegal to drive with sunglasses. Pure bullshit but it proves my point.

Police stopping clueless tourists
Police stopping clueless tourists

There are mainly three ways the police can cash in quickly on tourists driving a motorbike with the law on their side.

1: Driving without a helmet
2: Driving with lights ON in daytime (in Cambodia that’s illegal).
3: Breaking a traffic rule (driving on red, drive wrong way in a one way street etc).
4: Be busted with drugs.

If you always make sure you don’t break any of these rules the police can’t touch you.

Notice that I didn’t say anything about licence. Why? In Cambodia you can drive anything under 125cc without a licence.

The police will of course lie to you and say you need a licence, but just tell them politely that you know you don’t need it. If they threaten you with sending you to the police station (jail) just say “ok let’s go”.

They are too lazy to bring you to the police station because they just want to make quick money on the spot, and they can’t do it either because you haven’t broken any laws! ūüôā

Another thing the police will ask you is how long you’ve been in Cambodia. That’s a good time to tell a little lie and say you’ve been here a couple of months. That way they will give up quicker trying to extort money from you.

And also. Don’t be nervous when you get stopped, that’s a big telling that you haven’t been stopped before. Instead, try to act slightly frustrated telling them you’ve been stopped 2 times today already.

Drugs and the police

As a general rule never travel around with drugs when you are driving a motorbike. At least don’t put it in an obvious place like in the trunk or in you front pocket. The police will ask you “smoke??”, meaning if you have smoked cannabis or if you have it on you.

They might also ask you to empty your pockets and open the trunk in your scooter. But that’s pretty much as far as they will go. I’ve never seen police dogs looking for drugs except in the airports and at the borders.

In Sihaunukville the police have almost daily checkpoints around the city to bust tourists with drugs.

One girl I met had been busted with 50 gram of marijuana when she was driving from Sihaunukville to Otres beach. She was brought to the police station, got her passport taken and was told to come to the station with 1000 dollar or go to jail. Not fun!

Using drugs in Cambodia

Cambodia is the most drug friendly country in Southeast-Asia, but it can also be very drug unfriendly if you are careless or break the unwritten drug laws.

Otres Beach, hot spot for hippies and professional drug users

I would recommend staying away from heavier drugs. Tuktuk drivers will ask you everywhere if you want ice or cocaine. Many tourists have died here snorting cocaine that turned out to be heroin. People who trick people like that should of course be charged with murder, but this is Cambodia so that will never happen.

15 dollars in Kampot

Cannabis is generally safe and you can buy it almost anywhere in Cambodia. When that is said use your brain. Don’t smoke out in the open, especially not outside in less touristy areas. If there is a police officer around the corner and he smells the marijuana you can be sure that he will be looking for you. ūüôā

I’ve never seen police in Cambodia at nighttime in tourist areas but I’m sure they are there camouflaged in civilian.

The reason you can smoke in more touristy areas is that the bars and guesthouses pay to police to stay away.

Many bars tolerate that you smoke weed in their bar, especially in the hippie areas. But also hotels and guesthouses. I saw people blazing joints all over Cambodia.

The best place to buy cannabis is in the restaurants that sell happy pizza. You can get a bag as big as your hand for as little as 15$, but expect to pay 20-25$ if you don’t haggle.

Don’t fall in love!

As I always say. If you deal with professionals in Southeast-Asia. Don’t fall in love or try to “save” the girl. We all know how relationships between foreigners and bar girls can go. There are losers all over southeast-Asia jumping from rooftops because they lost everything to a bar girl who played them for all they are worth.

Don’t be that idiot.

If you want to find a girlfriend go the regular way with day game or try to meet them online.

Other tips


Money in Cambodia is confusing. They use two different currencies. A local currency called Riel and US dollars.

Their local currency look all the same and it’s almost impossible to¬†distinguish between them. It’s all in Khmer and there is just in one corner on one side it’s numbered in Latin.

Most places take both currencies but a few places only take Riel.

1 USD = 4000 Cambodian Riel.

ATM Machines

When you take out US dollars in the ATM never take out 100 USD. Most ATM’s will give you a 100 dollar bill if you do that. If you show up anywhere in Cambodia with a 100 dollar bill they will call a family meeting to discuss how they can give you back change. I’ve even had problems with 20 dollar bills some places.

When you take out money in the ATM take out 80 USD. The ATM machine will then give you 4 20 dollar bills instead.

If you are living at a 4 or 5 star resort then you can take out 100 dollars bills and make the hotel change it for you to smaller notes.

I like to change all my dollars to 5 and 10 dollar bills. Makes me feel rich and you’ll never have problems with change. ūüėÄ

The 100 dollar bill scam

A clever scam in Cambodia is when you give a vendor a 100 dollar bill. He then tells you that he have to go to another room to find change. A little bit later he will come back telling you that he don’t have change, giving you back your 100 dollar bill.

The problem is that the 100 dollar bill he’s giving you is fake, and not the one you gave him originally.

Never let anyone walk away with big bills out of your sight, if they have to find change, tell them to leave your 100 dollar bill in your sight.

Worn out money

Sometimes people will give you money that is very worn out (usually riel). Don’t accept them as you will have problem using them again. Never accept money that is partly torn apart.

Street kids

All over Cambodia you have street kids who wander around at all times of the clock. I experienced several times kids trying to stick their hands down in my back pockets to look for valuables.

If you are walking around in areas where there are a lot of people you should not put wallets or phones in your pack pockets. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Keep everything in your front pocket or buy a slim fanny pack you can hide under your shirt.

Comparison to Thailand’s P4P scene

If you are coming over to Southeast-Asia for a shorter sex vacation with a big tourist budget I would definitely go to Thailand. Nothing can beat the P4P scene in Thailand with the big sex meccas in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Your choices are literally endless.

In Cambodia the P4P scene is much smaller, but also much cheaper.

However if you are the more adventurous type Cambodia can be a nice little adventure as this country is MUCH wilder than Thailand. It really has a lawless vibe and you will be left alone.

If you are staying in Southeast-Asia for a longer period, like a mini retirement, or you’re moving here permanent the question becomes much more complicated.

In Cambodia you have much easier VISA’s. You can get a business visa on arrival and extend it 1 year – no questions asked. In Thailand you have to do VISA runs every three months and you risk getting denied entry at any time if you do it over longer periods ( +1 year).

The only way to stay in Thailand legally over longer periods is to get a job in a corporation or getting the retirement visa (for people who are 50+ years). I’m 29 so that won’t be possible in another 20 years. ūüėõ

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