Chapter 1.1: Introduction

Game Dynamics in Thailand

First of all. Thank you for purchasing my e-book. 🙂

Every dollar made from this book will go towards exploring exotic countries so I can report back to you.

I hope this book will do you good. 🙂

This book is filled with information, tips and tricks that you’ll need to know to have the highest possible chance to find quality girls in Thailand. It contain all the best techniques and methods I have accumulated over the last two years.

All names in this book are fictional to protect identity. The stories are real.

Read about how a trip to Thailand changed one mans perspective on life and women.

I have learned so much! Now I want you to have the same success as I’ve had!

Why do I make this book?

I think every man need to have his run of fun before he can settle with a women. It’s in our nature to lay down as many women as possible. Yes we live in a modern world today but our instincts that used millions of years to evolve don’t disappear just because we invented language and morality.

A woman produce around 2 million eggs when she is an infant. From the moment she is born she lose 11.000 eggs every month until she become around 40 y/o when she no longer can have babies naturally. Every time a woman becomes impregnated she can’t reproduce in another 15 months.

A man however can unleash an average of 80 to 300 million sperm cells per ejaculation. Within 12 hours he can have another round fully loaded ready to go. If he impregnate a woman he can still impregnate another women 10 minutes later. A man can continue this routine until he die.

Our sperm actually loose quality if we ejaculate too rarely. This means that men over the centuries who had less sex and sex drive got less kids, making the less horny genes die out over time.

It’s not hard to see here that women will be much more selective about who she want to have sex with (the gatekeeper) while the man will be naturally programmed to try anything to lay her down.
Do you see how nature have made it 100% sure that the human race will never die out? They have just made the reproduction routine the best feeling in the world for men making it almost impossible to stop thinking about sex.

I think most men who settle in an early age are doomed to cheat or file a divorce later on in life. The natural urge to lay down a legion of women will only become stronger and stronger. Especially if he finds out about pussy paradises such as Southeast-Asia later in life.

All my friends back home who married in their early twenties are either divorced or have cheated on their wife already.

So why go to conservative countries such as Thailand?

Isn’t it much better to stay home back in Europe where girls are much more ‘liberated’?

No. Not really. The natural dating dynamics in Thailand are much more traditional and true to our real nature than in most of the Western world. In Thailand woman are feminine while the guys are (allowed to be) masculine.

There is a reason why this dynamic has been the norm for centuries in almost every culture all over the world. It’s effective in producing offsprings!

Another problem with the Western World is that sex have become so normal and acceptable that it has lost all the excitement. Banging in Western Europe is as ‘forbidden’ as eating a baguette.
When I was 18 years old there were no secret that the girls down at the local church was the wildest in bed. They had been told all their life that “sex is a big no-no”. Something that should not be done before marriage.

OF COURSE they wanted to fuck! They wanted to fuck more than anyone else because they had been told that they could NOT do it.

Thailand is very much like this, but here you also have the advantage of being an outsider, something new, something exotic, something they have never tried but heard so much rumors and gossip about. Their curiosity is exploding. You will be that one guy. The exception.

In the Western World you also have feminism who have made many women outright hate men. Too many girls have also lost their femininity and become unfuckable because of this movement. I don’t blame the average Western women for this but the fact stays true anyway. They are unfuckable.

In school girls are masculinized and boys are feminized. The natural dating dynamics where men are the masculine part and the women are the feminine part are in many ways destroyed and out of harmony. The natural attraction disappears.

Don’t believe me? Look at the birth rates back in Europe. It’s been record low every year for two decades already. The millennial generation have less sex than earlier generations. In mainstream magazines and newspapers you can read headlines like this:


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