Chapter 1.2: About me

Game Dynamics in Thailand

Tim is a 29 year old guy who left his home country September 2015. Since that time he have been on the road non-stop moving from city to city all over Southeast-Asia.

He have no plans to stop.

Tim has evolved himself from being a relative-shy white guy to a guy who have a very high success rate with the ladies. He has managed this through hard work, systematic experimentation, massive in-field experience and a change in pasture.

Tim was not always so adventurous. In 2012 he went on his first trip to Thailand with his family. This trip changed his life forever. His quite arrogant attitude that he was living in the greatest place on Earth was challenged.

Would he continue to work his 9 to 5 job until he accumulated a small retirement at age 70 when his dick didn’t work anymore? Or would he go out and travel NOW when he was still a good-looking young guy in his best age? Having fun like he had one year earlier on his first but short trip to Thailand?

Truth is that you don’t need that much money to live in Southeast Asia. You can work hard for a year or two, and you have money to stay down here for years while you work on that alternative online income.

Tim promised himself that he would work very hard so he could go out to fulfill all his dreams. He would experience foreign countries, exotic girls, tasteful food and find the most desolate tropical beaches out there!

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller


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