Chapter 1.3: Landing in Thailand for the first time

Game Dynamics in Thailand

I still remember my first trip to Thailand back in 2012. It was around 11 am in the morning when the airplane touched down.

At this time I knew nothing about Thailand as this was a family trip. I just went here because my cousin was going and he invited me. I knew about Pattaya, and I knew that many guys who went to Thailand brought girlfriends back home. At that time I had the normal ignorant mainstream opinion that people who go abroad to find women was primarily losers.

I was so wrong and little did I know that this trip would change my life forever.

We breezed through immigration, picked up our luggage and the security dude in the customs just smiled while giving a gentle carefree salute.

Welcome to Thailand! 😀

We went downstairs towards the pink taxis. As we went out of one of the big glass doors at the airport I was hit by a thick wall of intense humid hot air. It felt like reality hit me straight in the face. I was finally here. I could see palm trees everywhere and the sun was shining!

Damn this felt so great! 🙂

The plan was to stay with some friends who had an apartment in Bangkok until the evening as we were going straight to Chiang Mai with the night train. They didn’t live far from the train station.
As we were driving through Bangkok in the pink taxi I noticed just how different everything was in the bustling streets of Bangkok compared to back home.

There were small food vendors on every street corners with a dozen of unique characters eating in each shop. Dogs were walking freely outside while the cats walked on the roof tops looking down on the people. On the roads there were creative vehicles screwed together in the most creative ways with the strangest characters driving them.

It was nothing like the manicured carefully planned public room back home in Europe with strict rules.

Everything was chaos, but I liked it because if was different. It was exotic.

To be honest it felt like the taxi window protecting me from the outside was a TV screen. It didn’t feel real before I opened the taxi door and got hit by the hot humid air a second time.

Chiang Mai – The eye opener

Fast forward 24 hours. Nothing exiting happened in Bangkok or on the train towards Chiang Mai. We were all jet lagged out of this world. I ended up sleeping all the way. The few minutes I was awake on the train I spent looking out of the window, but I could not see anything as it was dark all the time.

We checked in at Imm Hotel just next to where a famous marked in Chiang Mai is located. At this time I was starving as I had not had any decent food since right before landing in Bangkok 24 hours earlier. Luckily there was a McDonald’s right outside the hotel. I was in no mood to test new food at that moment as I just wanted to get rid of that terrible hunger.

Inside McDonald’s I noticed how the girls behind the counter started to smile and hold their hands in front of their mouth as I walked towards them. I noticed that they started to giggle and talk with each other. The girls didn’t look any older than 18 years old, but as Thai girls look very petite they were probably 20-23 years old. I was 24 at the time.

I found them to be very beautiful and attractive. I had always liked petite slim girls with shy smiles, and not the typical sexy girl that you see on the front cover of car magazines. THIS was how girls was supposed to look and behave. THIS turned me on.

It turned out that these girls smiling was merely a appetizer of what to come the next 5 weeks.
The rest of the day was spent exploring amazing temples that there were so many of and testing out new food with strange but exiting smells on every street corner. I’ve never eaten so much food in one day my entire life.

The next 5 days we spent touring the Northern part of Thailand with a tour company. In those five days we visited Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, a border-town called ‘Mae Sai’, The Golden Triangle, Wat Rong Khun, tribal people, a marked in Laos next to the Mekong river and much more.

There was no time to see or date girls as we never stayed in one place for more then a few hours. I think that was good thing because if I had laid down a Thai girl early on, I would never had any time to explore the land as I would be too busy banging.

However, I did notice that girls everywhere I went started to giggle, hide their smiles and some even ran away as I entered the shops they were working in.

Sometimes I would also experience girls asking to take a pictures with me. I even noticed some girls taking pictures of me behind my back. They asked if I had a GF, how long I would stay and if I had Line (chatting app).

What kind of strange world had I landed in? I will not consider myself ugly, but I’m not exactly a model either. I had to pinch myself several times in the arm those five days we toured the Northern Thailand. I couldn’t believe what was going on.

I remember one girl, she could not be any more than 19 years old. Petite, pure, shy and gentle. Almost no make-up but she didn’t need it because she looked naturally pretty. Her friend ran up to me asking if I wanted to go out to eat with her friend. This had never happened back home. Never in my 24 years on this planet. Nothing of the above actually.

I still pinched my arm.


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