Chapter 1.4: The first Thai lady I had

Game Dynamics in Thailand

After we had toured the Northern part of Thailand we were on the way to Sukhothai where my cousin had a friend who was married with a Thai lady. We where staying at a small guesthouse close by their house. This was the first time on this trip I had a room for myself.

When we arrived in Sukhothai I rented a motorbike so I could start to explore this strange land by myself. I wanted to detach from the group I had been traveling with for almost a week. I told my family that I would check out some ruins that I had read about in a travel book, but in reality I was going to find some local girls to flirt with to find out about this strange place I had been a week in already.

Just outside Old Sukhothai I found a big temporary market where they sold food, accessories and cheap plastic items.

“This is it” I told myself!

I parked my motorbike and started to walk inside the market. I was the only foreigner there.
I heard people say “farang”, both young men, old wrinkled ladies and young children when I walked past them. I asked some random guy that looked like he knew a few words of English.

“What does farang mean?”

“That means you” he smiled. “You are the farang. Why are you here sir?” he continued while looking me deep into the eyes. He was sincerely curious.

“I’m just here with family and friends” I answered.

He quickly said “Ohh. They have to be married with Thai to come all the way out here. No tourist ever come here!”

“You are correct” I answered impressed by his swift assumptions.

As I was talking with the wrinkly and toothless old man with a slightly hunched back. I noticed two girls in the background over his left shoulder looking at me. Both girls were petite, one of them, the tallest, had small dimples in her cheeks when she was smiling.

I liked the tallest one the most. Not tall compared European standards, but she was for sure taller than most girls in this town.

She was around 165 – 170 cm. She had a skinny petite figure but still some curves. She had a one cm gap between her thighs clearly visible from her tight jeans. Her nails were long and beautifully manicured. Not in a cheap way and they didn’t look old. Her hair was long with a few stripes here and there. No earrings.

She didn’t have the typically Asian eyes most Thai girls have, but more round eyes that you see on Latino or Pinay girls.

“What are you selling?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing exiting. Just helping my family” the tall one answered after giggling with her friend for at least ten seconds. The conversation with with this girl was done in very broken English as she spoke very little English, but that just made the girl even cuter and more exotic.

“I’m just home in my week off. I study at Chiang Mai university. Top ten in Thailand” she said proudly with a straight back!

I felt an instant attraction to this girl that I had never felt in my life. She was so pure, so gentle and innocent. Like she had never experienced any wrong doing in her life. She was just so happy and carefree in her ways. I could see it in her eyes.

This was one of the first times in my life I had met a really hot girl who didn’t have that bitchy “I’m hot” attitude which was very normal back home. It was such a nice change!

“What are you studying in Chiang Mai?” I asked. “I Just came from there. I was in the temple at the mountain and I went to the night market.

“Oh!! My home town” she said with great empathy.

She quickly continued “I study to become a nurse. When I finish school I want to find job in Bangkok.”

“Oh! Oh many years do you study already?”

“I finish two years already. I have two more left!”.

The market had just opened and the area started to fill up with hungry local people while we continued to talk. I figured it was smart to ask her out before she became too busy with customers buying her goods.

It was now or never!

“What are you doing tonight? Do you want to show my around in Sukhothai?” I asked more nervously than I like to admit.

“That would be fun but I have to take care my sister tonight, but I can meet you tomorrow 2 pm. Is that ok?” she said.

“That’s fine” I said while giving her a big smile.

She blushed and giggled while looking towards her friend. Like she had won a price or something.
I took her Line ID (chatting app popular in Thailand) so I could contact her next day about where we would meet.

That night I didn’t think about anything but her. I didn’t even touch my computer. I could not sleep nor concentrate about anything.

I didn’t have a picture of her, but I could see her in my mind as she was standing right in front of me. Every little detail. Until this day I can remember her from top to toe.
Her smile, her tiny dimples in the cheeks, her perfect posture and that tight little gap between her legs. It was perfection.

I remembered how her ass slightly wobbled up and down while she was laughing with her friend. I fantasized about how that perfect ass would look naked in my room in doggy over my bed. I fantasized how she would look lying on my bed with her legs wide open. How loud would she would moan while I pumped my hard dick inside her wet vagina?

The thoughts made me completely wild. I felt a buzzing butterfly sensation all over my stomach and upper body.

The next day when I woke up the first thing I did was to look at the watch. I wanted to know how much time it was left.

“Ohh, only 9 am?” 4 hours is too long. I will try to sleep one more hour before I go out to eat.

I tried to sleep but it was impossible. My heart was already going in 110 while I pondered if last day was real or not. I felt a good mix of adventurousness, excitement, anxiety and joy.

I checked my phone. Of course it was real! I was Thailand!

At 2.20 pm I met her outside Big C between Old Sukhothai and New Sukhothai. I didn’t know anything about that place so I told her to bring us to somewhere she liked to eat as I eat anything anyways.

She took me to some Japanese restaurant that I don’t remember the name of because the text was in Japanese, but the food was fucking delicious as usual in Thailand.

The minutes went by and before I realized it we were already done eating and on our way out of the mall. Again, just like yesterday I was at a crossroad. I had to ask an important but scary question.

I figured I would just be as direct as possible. Why even try to hide that I like her? My body language had revealed me since yesterday already. This girl was not stupid. I could just as well own it.

“Listen. I really like you. I think you are a funny girl with a big heart. I don’t want you to go home just yet. Do you want to join me back to my room to continue the evening?”

“To do what?” she asked while having a big smirk.

“I don’t know. Lets see what happens. We can watch a movie or just talk.” I said without trying to reveal my inner thoughts too much.

“Okay. I can go with you. I like you too but I have to go home in a few hours. I have to take care my sister”.

I had heard from an expat in Chiang Mai that I met a few days earlier that if a Thai girl join you to a private room with a bed it’s because she like you. You are NOT in her friend zone. He also said if a Thai girl don’t like you she will do you the favor of ignoring you so you don’t have to waste your time.

Guess if this made me excited?? I will admit it. I had a big boner while driving my motorbike from Big C back to my hotel together with her.

Lets just call her Joy from now on (not her real name but a fitting name nevertheless).
(Before I left my room I had made sure that the two chair on the room was full of clothes and items. That way Joy had to sit down on my bed).

As we entered my room she had a look around my room.

“Oh… Your room sooo messy. I have to clean up!!” she said quickly and determined.

“What?? Noo. You don’t need to do that. Everything is clean no worry” I quickly answered. I was not used to women cleaning up my stuff, so this made me surprised and a little bit uncomfortable.

She started to fold together the clothes that I had purposely laid on the two chairs (my plan backfired damn). I tried to tell her one more that she didn’t have to do it, but she didn’t listen to me.
Again, what kind of dream land was this where hot girls entering your hotel room start cleaning up your stuff totally random? Totally unheard of back home.

I decided to sit down on the bed just watching her.

Again, I started to fantasize about how that tight but wobbly ass would look bent over in front of me. I mentally undressed her as she cleaned up my room. Again I felt that tingling butterfly sensation run through my entire body.

I just wanted to start my moves, but I had to do this slow. No need to hurry. If the guy in Chiang Mai was right this was a done deal already even tho I could not believe it right yet.

After she was finished cleaning up my clothes she sat down next to me. My little evil plan was both unnecessary and partly unsuccessful. Whatever worth a shot.. xD

It was time to progress.

While she sat next to me I gently touched the inside of her forarm. She slowly opened her hand to signalize that she wanted my fingers to go towards her hand. This was the first time I touched her skin and I was shocked about how soft it was. I had never touched skin so smooth as this.
Thai Airways was right with their slogan “smooth as silk”. 😀

At this point she probably expected me to kiss her while sitting next to her, but instead I stood up while grabbing her hand.

I tightened the grip around her hand, pulled her of the bed so she had to stand up next to me. She didn’t totally understand what I was doing but that was the point.

“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met. I want to kiss you!” I told her. She started to giggle while turning her head slightly sideways away from me. She was shy. I gently pushed her head towards me again so I could look at her again.

“I like your nose and I like your eyes. I want blue eyes like you” she answered.

I know that if a girl let you touch her hair while she stand next to you, there is a 99.9% chance that she will let you kiss her too.

So I tried.

I slowly took my right hand between her neck and hair, up behind her ear. She didn’t protest or show any signs of skepticism. I went in for the kiss. I slowly pulled her head towards me before I reached in to kiss her.

We started of by slowly kissing lightly on each others lips. I slowly tried to use more tongue, but she pulled away telling me that she didn’t know how to use her tongue.
I said “No worry you just do what you feel is good. Slowly!”

As we where making out next to the bed I started to touch her ass cheeks. They were firm but still soft. Today she was wearing a white dress with small black solid circles. She looked very cute! It fit her perfectly.

I started to slowly play with her shoulder straps that hold her dress up. I pushed them to the side so the straps would gently fall down on her upper arms. I did this to see if she was ready to be undressed.

She didn’t do any resistance so I told her to hold her arms up.

“Let me take of your dress. You will look much better without”. I said jokingly.

She laughed.

I slowly pulled her dress over her hips revealing her tight body. Her skin was smooth as silk, had a slightly tanned tone and was so soft. She was wearing a white lingerine that was almost transparent beneath. The fabric was so thin that I could clearly see her shapes.


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