Chapter 2.1: Travel alone or with someone?

Game Dynamics in Thailand

This is never an easy question. Should you travel alone or should you bring a friend? Both options have good and bad benefits.

So. First let me tell you a couple of things that you should NOT do. Lets start with the easy:

Travel with your white girlfriend

Absolutely no.

If you have a girlfriend, but you are reading at this site, I know already that you have intentions cheating on her. Just admit it. 99% of the keywords to find this website on Google are dirty keywords.

By the way, I’m not judging you, I just want to you to be honest with yourself.

Bringing your girlfriend to Thailand is a stupid idea. It’s like bringing a soft gun to a firearm festival. It wont take long before you start to envy some of the other guy’s around with sexier toys.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it. White dudes walking around hand-in-hand with white fat girlfriends. The dude is peeking all over the place on all the eye candy that is surrounding him while the white fat girlfriend give him ugly stares.

It’s painful to watch. 🙁

Sure, if you have a hot decent girlfriend, go ahead and bring her. But be prepared that she can become jealous of the attention you’ll get from local girls as you do things together.

Travel with a friend not addicted to girls

Again. No.

Why would you travel with a friend who don’t want to do the same as you? Hunt girls.
Lets say you want to hit the clubs to find hot girls, but he want to take the train early next morning to see the temples outside town. You will not get home from that trip as friends anymore.
I have traveled with friends before that had a very different idea of what is fun on a trip. It did not turn out well.

Travel with a friend who are like-minded

Sure! You might do this, but I don’t see the point as you will meet like minded people along the way anyways.

If you decide to go this route it’s very important to agree before you go on what you can do or not do. Like, what happens if you share a hotel room, but one of you got a really hot catch? Should the other person wait outside in the lobby. What is the routine?

I’ve heard guys fighting about this before, so make sure everything is down on ‘paper’.

Fun Story
When I was in Laos I met a Russian dude that I teamed up with. We would go inside the nightclubs, while I dragged a girl out of the bar, he would distract her friends so they didn’t cock-block me. Worked like a charm!

The fear of traveling alone

If you have never traveled alone or if this is your first trip abroad far away to a country so different from your own. I totally get it that you feel scared.

I was too the first time I traveled abroad alone. In fact, I was so scared that I almost turned around in the security at the airport. Embarrassing but true.

Another fear you might have is that people think you are a freak for travelling alone. Maybe people think there is something wrong with you because you are all by yourself. And yes, trust can be harder to gain especially among girls when you travel alone, but I will talk more about that later and how to regain trust when traveling alone.

Fact is; Traveling alone in places such as Thailand is very safe and fun. You will meet other travelers who have same goals and interests as you. The local people in SEA is much more approachable than Western people, so you will have no problem getting friends.

When you travel alone you have total freedom to do whatever you want at whatever time. That’s a lot of freedom. No wonder why you are scared, you have probably never had this much freedom in your entire life!

After you have read this guide you’ll also have a lot of knowledge about game dynamics in Thailand, so you will rarely sleep alone anyways. Huhu. 🙂


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