Chapter 2.2: Travel Style

Game Dynamics in Thailand

What do you mean by travel style?


Several things.

Should you travel slow of fast? Should to travel light or heavy? What kind of accommodation should you book? Should you pre-book or take everything as it comes? What kind of budget should you have?

A lot of this questions are really up to yourself. However I will give you some basic tips on what I prefer before I let you go on your way.

Should you travel slow of fast?

When I used to travel to Thailand as a tourist I always booked three nights in Bangkok on arrival. These three days used to cure my jet-lag, eat a ton of cheap delicious street food and maybe had a few beers at night time if the jet-lag was not to bad.

Everything else after those three days I improvised.

Sure, I always had some vague ideas about where I wanted to go, but I never committed to anything until I actually was about to go there.


What if I booked a hotel at Koh Chang on day 4 in Thailand 3 months in advance, but then I meet a smoking hot girl in Bangkok on day 3 that I want to hang out with more?
Less planning = more possibilities

Sure, you can always book hotels with cancellation cover etc, but these fees usually add up in my experience. Much better to just take everything as it comes.

When I traveled in Thailand as a tourist I usually booked one night in advance or sometimes even the same day.

Should you travel light or heavy?

When I traveled to Thailand as a tourist I usually had a slogan that I said every time I packed my bag;
Just remember passport and credit card. Everything else can be bought.

Thailand is such a cheap country that there is no need to carry along a ton of clothes and stuff. Just carry clothes for three-four of days. Clean the clothes you don’t use in a sink every second day then dry it while you sleep. This routine takes you 10 minutes every day on average so you don’t have to travel around with 20 kg.

If you want to bring cameras, laptop and other equipment is totally up to you.

Budget and accommodation

This also is totally up to you.

I will also add. In my experience (except some high maintenance Thai ladies in Bangkok that you don’t want to be near anyway) Thai girl’s dont care about what budget you are on.
You ability to catch girls ≠ the higher your budget is.


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