Chapter 2.3: Prepare your smart phone

Game Dynamics in Thailand

Coming to Thailand with a shitty phone is no good idea in 2017. You really need a smart phone so you can talk with girls in an effective way. Especially if you travel without a laptop.

Not only do you need a smart phone to talk with the girls. You can also use the smart phone to meet new girls through different apps and websites. More on that later.

You can also use the phone to take notes to keep a record of all the girls you’re dating. When you’re dating several girls each day remembering names can quickly become confusing – and especially foreign Thai names that you are not familiar with.

A smart phone comes in handy as you can save every contact with a picture. That way your phone helps you remember names.

Dont think of your phone as a fasion or show of product, but as a tool!

Apps for your phone

Here are some apps that you should have ready before you travel to Thailand. That way you don’t have to waste time on it in Thailand when the internet speed is not the best.

Google Maps – A no-brainer really. You need this app more than you think. Luckily it’s 100% free so you can just download and install.

Also, Google Maps have a offline function. You can download a region of the world. That way you have all the information in the map in that area so you can use the map without internet.

Google Translate – A no-brainer also. No need to explain further. Google Translate also have an offline function. Make sure to download both English and Thai so you can use them when you have no wifi or 4G.

Line – This is the most popular chatting app in Thailand – even more so than Facebook Messenger – personally I think it’s better as you can keep your anonymity much more. In Line there is no big public profile about you that everyone can see. Girls can’t see who else you are friend with.

XE Currency Calculator – A good app to get current exchange rates between your valuta and Thai baht. Can be smart to take a look at that before you exchange money so you know if you get a good deal or not.

Momondo – To find cheap hotels and plane tickets.

Bitcoin wallet app – I like to use the bitcoin wallet Coinbase, but what you want to use is really up to you.

Why use bitcoin at all? More and more shops, restaurants and even hotels are starting to accept payments with bitcoin. It’s effective, 100% safe and the fees are very low.
I paid a burger in Vang Vieng in bitcoin. The 50 year old lady just pulled up her smart phone with the QR code. I scanned the QR code with the Coinbase app.

Voila! Deal done!

Online Dating

There are only two apps you’ll need for online dating in Thailand.

Tinder – Tinder works great in Bangkok. In smaller cities around Thailand it doesn’t work well. In more touristy places like Phuket and Koh Samui you have to shuffle through so much fat white girls you loose your motivation.

Thai Friendly – A dating site with over 1 million Thai girls. They also have an app you can download in Play Store or Apple Store.

Privacy apps for your smart phone

When you start dating Thai girls they will sooner than later ask to play with your phone. That means to look at your pictures, your messages and everything else they can find of interest.

If you are a player like me that can mean trouble if she find something she doesn’t like. Like the girl you banged last night.

Do not despair. There is an app for everything these days. 🙂

Keepsafe – Keepsafe is a very simple but powerful free app that import pictures and videos into the app. The only way to access the media again is to enter a 6-digit pin code.

As soon as you have imported the files from your regular phone album to the Keepsafe album the pictures will disappear from the regular phone album. You can also export pictures from the app back to their original position when you want to upload the pictures to your laptop etc.

You can also take pictures and video directly from the app so you don’t have to spend time importing it later, or worse, forgetting about it on a hot night.

The app is very discreet. If I saw this app on a strangers phone, but I didn’t know what is was. I would think it was something about the phones system settings or something similar. I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

Private Notepad – As I talked about earlier regarding taking notes on the girl. This app lets you take notes on the girls behind a password protected wall. No need to worry about getting busted if you are a big player. The only con about this app is that you can’t put a picture in the note, so you’ll have to remember the girls names. More on this later in chapter 5.

Story telling and memories

Most Thai girls have never traveled abroad before. If you have awesome pictures from a trip, maybe a skiing trip in the alps or when you went to see the pyramids in Egypt. Find 10 – 15 of the best pictures from those trips and put them in an album in you phone.

Many girls would love to travel abroad but they don’t have the money to do it, but they would still love to see your pictures and hear the stories behind them.

Just don’t go totally over the top with this so it sounds like you are just bragging. That is a turn-off for every girl.

Optimally you want to girl to find the pictures herself when she play around with your phone. This should be no issue as you have locked down all your naughty content (if you have any). When you see that she is exited about the pictures you can go close to her while you tell the stories behind them.


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