Chapter 2.4: Prepare your social media accounts

Game Dynamics in Thailand

The main reason you want to prepare your social media accounts is because of Thai jealousy. But also because Thai girls are masters on sneaking around on your profile looking for clues and hints.

‘Fun’ story
When I moved to Thailand in 2015 I realized after some time that girls who worked in receptions sneaked around on my Facebook after I had given them my passport for check-in. I had no idea why they did it but I didn’t like it. I changed all my privacy settings (more on that later) to maximum settings. Within 3 hours 5 different girls had contacted me asking why I had blocked them from seeing my friend list and writing on my wall.

Jealousy in Thailand

Thai jealousy is a broad topic that is outside the scope of this book, but I’ve written a bit about it in ‘chapter 3.3: What to watch out for’.

Here’s the deal. Thai girls are extremely jealous and many girls will put in a lot of effort to find out if you have other girls than her.

Make it as hard as possible for the girl to find out who’s your family and friends. Why? Because if she finds out that you are dating other girl too, there are no limits on what she’ll try to do to fuck up your life. The police in Thailand is not really that helpful either as they usually take the Thai side in a Thai / foreigner settlement. You’re on your own.

These girls can be really vindictive so take precautions.

The best thing you can do is to avoid adding Thai girls you’re dating on Facebook. However, this can sort on problems because the girl would ask why you’re not adding her on Facebook.

‘Do you have something do hide?’ she would ask you with an angry face!

So, here is the next best thing you can do.

Put people in two categories on Facebook. Close friends/acquaintances and ‘everyone else’. Close friends/acquaintances are people who you want to stay in touch with and have public dialog with through your wall and picture comments etc etc. ‘Everyone else’ will be put in the restricted mode who can’t see anything but an empty wall and a profile picture.

To put people in restricted mode you go to their wall. Then you click the “Friends tab” on the right site of their cover photo.

Privacy Settings

Put all the privacy settings on max settings. That means:

  • Only friends can write on your wall (people in restricted mode will be blocked).
  • No one can see who your friends are (important)
  • No one can re-share your posts
  • People who are not friends with you can’t see anything except a name and cover photo.
  • Make yourself unsearchable
  • Make your profile picture “Only me”. Everyone can still see the picture, but no one can comment or like the picture. If some girl have written on your profile picture like: “You’re sooo cute”. Then you forget about that comment and in a few days you meet a new girl again. You’re screwed!


Don’t use your full name in your Facebook profile.

I experienced many times when I checked in at hotels that girls would check me up on Facebook after I gave them my passport for the check-in process. Some even sent me private messages and friend requests. That type of attention might be fun the 3 first times, but after that it just start to be creepy.

You never know what the receptionist is looking for. Maybe she look for other girls you are dating telling them something you did in the hotel, like bringing a girl late at night the night before? It doesn’t even have to be true, maybe she just say it to fuck up your current relationship so she can start to date you instead?

Maybe the receptionist write something on your wall unintentional, making another girl who you are dating jealous?

Both scenarios over happened to me several times. I have changed my family name on Facebook so it doesn’t match with my passport name. Impossible to search me up, and I’m unsearchable also.
Don’t make it harder than it need to be.

Facebook Vigilante Groups

Just like guys write books and create forums on how to get as many girls in bed as possible, girls makes secret groups on Facebook sharing information about foreigners they have dated. Usually this information is just innocent gossip, but in some cases it can be a warning / shootout if some dude have done something bad or he just met a crazy woman.

If you’re running an open Facebook profile while you get targeted by such groups you’re going to have a bad time. This is very unlikely but if it happens you can be hit hard. They will find your best friends, parents, uncles and girlfriend then tell everyone what you’ve done. If they have pictures or massage logs to back it up they will share that too.

If they have your full name they will probably post your name, picture and whatever you did wrong on blogs so when people search your full name on Google, that shit will pop up on first page. Good luck explaining that on your next job interview.

Drama and gossip

When you arrive Thailand just take a good look at what people are doing on their phones. Almost everyone are sneaking around on Facebook to look for gossip and information about who is hanging out with who, who is banging who etc etc.

Keeping a low profile is alpha omega for ‘surviving’ Thailand as a player. Try to keep it to Line. It’s 100% anonymous as people you talk with can only see a small profile where you choose what you want to share. There is no wall and there is no friend list others can see. It work just like how that old program MSN Messenger worked. You don’t use your real name, but a nickname.

I make Thailand sound like a pure death trap now. It’s not. It’s just when you are dating several girls at the same time it’s best to just keep everything clean. You will most likely never have any issues.
The only time you should give a Thai girl your full personals is if you are seriously considering marrying her and start a family. If not, what’s the point?


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