Chapter 2.5: What is pipelining?

Game Dynamics in Thailand

What is pipelining?

“Pipelining” is a practice primarily employed by travelers wanting to meet potential sexual partners in a future destination. Meetings are typically arranged online through social networking and dating sites. The objective is to have potential mates already ‘in the pipeline’ prior to arrival in a certain location, thus vastly increasing the chances of a sexual encounter with a local. The terms ‘Pipelining’ and ‘online game’ can be used interchangeably.”
– Naughty Nomad

As you can see. Pipelining is an extremely powerful technique to use before you go travel as it can increase your odds of banging a local girl dramatically.

I will talk more about online dating and pipelining in chapter 3 of this e-book.

There are basically two big online dating sites out there for Thailand. Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly. They are equal good, but I did a comparison here if you are interested. More on this later in chapter 4.


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