Chapter 2.7: Optimize your look and clothes

Game Dynamics in Thailand

How you look and appear can greatly affect how good game you have with Thai girls. Looking your best will make sure you give the best first impression possible when you meet a new girl. A first impression is hard to change, so make sure that you leave a good one.

How should you look and appear in Thailand?

Clothes and accessories

In my experience a casual look is the most effective style to get compliments from Thai girls. You might also add some accessories like watches, hats and some really nice shoes to spice it up.

Shorts are acceptable but I would prefer full pants like jeans or some other fabric that breath in the heat. Short pants are seen as childish by many Thai people.

I really love the Daniel Wellington brand for watches. Thai girls seem so love this brand too.
I’ve also bought custom made leather shoes in Bangkok. These are the best shoes I’ve hever had and they look totally bad ass. They sat me back almost 8.000 baht. I’ve had them for four years, and they still look new. Perfect shoes for when you hit the night clubs or when you are on the first date.

If you look good you will feel good. If you feel good girls will pick up that vibe.


Grooming is really up to you. Thai girls are quite open minded about different types of grooming styles. Some girls say they don’t like beards, but honestly I think it’s more that it’s unfamiliar for them as Thai men don’t have much facial hair. You are probably the first person she ever dates who have a beard.

Most girls I’ve been with have said to me in the beginning that they don’t like my beard, or that it look weird. After some time they have changed their mind and they can’t stop touching it.
Yes, I have a full grown beard Roosh V style (just chestnut colored).


Thai girls is probably the most hygienic girls in the world. Some girls I’ve dated have shower up to 3-4 times per day. I get it that it’s hot and humid in Thailand, but I think 2 times per day is more than enough.

Most girls have prefered that I shower 1-2 times per day in the beginning. In time you can get away with 1 time per day. Many girls also want to take a shower both before and after sex.


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