Clean and cheap food at Sukhumvit Rd Asok

cheap food at Asok Sukhumvit

What’s going on guys? šŸ˜€

Just a quick tip on where you can find really cheap (and clean) food at Asok in Bangkok. An area that is usually a lot more expensive than other parts of Bangkok.

Most of the dishes here will set you back anything from 30 to 80 baht. Water costs 15 baht and soda water 20 baht if I remember correct. You can get the same dishes in Terminal 21 or Central World, but there it will be 4-5 times more expensive.

You can also get these dishes in the street kitchens, but I don’t like to eat there too much. It’s noisy, dusty and hot.

Anyways. The place I’m talking about is called Tops Marked & food court. It’s a grocery store and a food court combined. It’s kind of hard to explain where this place is, so I made a video to show how to get there together with some shots of what kind of food you can get there.

It’s basically Thai food, Vietnamese food, Chinese food and Isaan food. The food is made in a clean environment and you can enjoy AC while you eat.

In fact. These food courts can be found all over Bangkok if you just know how they look. Look for the Tops Marked logo, and there will probably be a Tops Marked food court nearby too. :=)

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