Dating Thai girls VS Pinay girls!

Thai girls vs Pinay girls

Today we will compare what imo are the two best countries in Southeast-Asian when it comes to finding hot and available women.

Thailand and the Philippines!

I’ve been mostly in Thailand the last two years, but I’ve been on a couple of VISA runs to both Manila and Cebu, so I’m no stranger with Pinay girls either.

Here we go!


I have lost count on how many dates I’ve been on with Thai girls in their twenties who knows 10 words of Tinglish. It was fun in the beginning dating girls who don’t talk the same language as you but as time have passed it has become as fun as jumping out of a burning building.

In the Philippines however pretty much every girl I’ve ever met talked English. If a girl don’t speak English in the Philippines she is either mute, brain-damaged or 6 years old.

Another cool thing with Pinay girls is that most of them love the same series and movies that we watch in the West. Every Pinay girl knows about Friends, Simpsons and Family Guy. Hell I’ve even met girls here who watch South park.

In Thailand however every girl watch the same stupid Thai drama series with stupid cartoon sound effects or they watch some stupid cartoon dubbed into Thai. They have no clue about Western entertainment except a few blockbusters from Hollywood that reach the cinemas each year.

Sure I love sex and I really love to be with feminine Thai girls. But as I start to get older I really start to appreciate to be with a girl that I can understand and talk with too as I’m not horny 24/7 anymore.

If you want to really know a Thai girl. I think that you have to learn Thai unless she talk very good English.

Pinay: 1
Thai: 0


This is a hard one! I really love the look of both Thai girls and Pinay girls.

I Googled ‘hot Thai girls‘ and ‘hot Pinay girls‘ for you. Thank me later!

Thai girls are usually more petite and many of them have similar looks as Chinese girls with those typical Asian eyes and petite bodies. Especially the ‘whiter version’ of Thai people who you’ll find in Bangkok and Chang Mai / Chiang Rai.

Pinay girls on the other hand have more curves (but not too much), bigger boobs and is the only Asian country in Southeast-Asia where the girls don’t have those typical Asian eyes, but more roundish dark eyes like those you’ll find in South America.

That might not come as a surprise as the Philippines was colonized by the Spanish for over 300 years. You can clearly see some Latino traits in many Pinay girls. I think this Asian / Latino is very very attractive.

Imo you’ll find more average to hot girls in Thailand, but in the Philippines you have more stunners who are just out of this world hot!

Filipino women have won the Miss Universe World contest several times in the past (i.e. 2015 and 2013) so that confirm my observation that there are more stunners in this country.

I will give both places a point on this one!

Pinay: 2
Thai: 1

Personality and charm

Both countries have a ton of charming girls. I think Thai girls are the most charming ones and have the most humor. However when you have dated one Thai girl you have in many ways dated all of them as they can feel somewhat programmed in how they act and behave.

Pinay girls however have a much broader span of personalities, but are slightly less feminine and have a slightly less “no problem” attitude. They also talk more which can be both a hit and miss.

Pinay girls are much less shy than the average Thai girl. Being approached by Pinay girls in malls around in the Philippines happened to me many times. If that happens in Thailand with a Thai girl she is either on drugs or a hooker.

Thai girls however are more gentle and feminine in my opinion. You also hear Thai girls say “up to you” and “no problem” much more than the average Pinay girl. Most Thai girls are happy if you are happy. That is not always a certainty with Pinay girls who are much more direct with what they want.

Both countries are jealous out of this world, but I’ve heard some crazy stories from the Philippines so I think they are a little bit more paranoid.

Because of that I will give Thai girls a point on this one.

Pinay: 2
Thai: 2


Pinay girls are much less shy about sex than Thai girls. Not only are they less shy but also much wilder too. If you like girls who are involved in the sex you should choose Pinay girls.

Thai girls can be very shy about both sex and their body for a long time into your relationship. I’ve been with Thai girls who are shy for over 6 months before they start to let down their guard. I’m talking about hot girls here with perfect bodies.

Sure Thai girls will do whatever you want ‘to make you happy’ but you will have to be the initiator.

Pinay girls however are usually much more comfortable with their bodies from day 1 and will more often than not come with suggestions and sexual desires that they want to realize with you.


HIV in Thailand is currently at 1.3%. In the Philippines however it’s under 0.1%. This is a huge relief. You can bang good girls around in the Philippines without any real fear of HIV. In Thailand I would be much more careful. In fact, when I’m with a new girl in Thailand I always bring her to a HIV clinic before I throw away the condom.

Pinay: 3
Thai: 2


Thai girls.  Not only do they know how to cook, but they also cook Thai food which is some of the best food on the entire planet. God I love Thai food.

The food in the Philippines however is boring and doesn’t really taste that good. There is one dish in the Philippines that I really love who is called ‘adobo‘.  It’s chicken or pork mixed with garlic, vinegar, oil and soy sauce. If you put some fish sauce in that dish it pretty much taste the same as a Thai dish called ‘moo gratiam‘.

Good stuff good stuff.

I will let the Thai girl win this won as they cook Thai food.

Pinay: 3
Thai: 3

Online dating in Thailand and Philippines

Both Thailand and the Philippines are meccas when it comes to online dating. The Philippines are beating Thailand a little bit as Pinay girls are much better in English therefore easier to talk to. There is also 3.5 million members on Filipino Cupid while Thai Cupid ‘only’ have around 1 million.

Every person who don’t sign up for an online dating site before they go to these countries are missing out on a ton of potensial fun.


As you can see the countries break out even, and that makes totally sense! Thai girls and Pinay girls are very different in many areas, but none of them are better or worse.

What really matters is what you are looking for.

If you just want to have fun debauchery style with as many girls as possible then the Philippines might be good for you as the girls here are less shy about sex, more direct and wilder in bed and there is much less HIV around. They also talk much better English.

However if you are looking for something long-term, maybe even start a family I think Thai girls have a slightly edge as they let you be more in control and are known to be very faithful towards their family and husband.

But then again, it totally depends on what kind of girl you end up meeting. Everyone is different and no list like this can apply to every girl out there.

What do you think? What country have the best girls? Let me know under in the comment section!

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