How to deal with “The Thailand Fever” (post-homecoming)

What’s going on guys? 🙂

Let’s talk about the hardest part of a Thailand vacation; Going home. 🙁

In my country we have our own expression for this condition. In Norwegian it’s called “Thailand syken” and can be best translated as “The Thailand Fever”.

It basically means that you had the greatest three weeks of your entire life, but now it’s over.

You are back in your boring hometown where nothing ever happens. Thinking back on what you just experienced.

You lived like a rock star, you drilled more pussy in three weeks then you did in your entire life back home, girls jumped on your dick from all corners, you ate the most amazing and tasty Thai food for almost free, explored the most amazing beaches and experienced the friendliness of the Thai people.

It was always something fun to do or to explore every day. Always something happening, or something new to experience.


You had the ride of you life, but now you are back in this street:


Thinking back to this shit:



There is nothing to do. The weather is cold and windy. The people are miserable. The women are not smiling, and they suddenly became much more masculine after your first Thailand trip. In fact, you don’t even find them slightly attractive anymore…

The food is boring and overpriced. It’s hard to get places. It’s too much regulations.

There’s nothing to do.

Then you realize it.

You have no opportunity to go back to Thailand until one full year have passed. You have to stay in your shitty little hometown an entire year before you can go back to paradise. Your only income is your shitty job that you have started to hate, and you’re full of dept.

Double fuck…

Congratulations, the depression and feeling of hopelessness is real.

Welcome to “The Thailand Fever” club. 🙂

The next year you will constantly think about Thailand. It will always be on your mind. From now on, everything that you do, you will compare to Thailand.

Your friends will think you are crazy because you talk about Thailand nonstop.

You try to tell your friends how good it was, but they don’t really understand or believe it, because the only way to understand is to experience it.

You will look for cheap flight tickets everyday before you go to sleep.

You will start to hang out on Thai forums and Thai groups on Facebook.


How to deal with The Thailand Fever

To be honest with you. I have no fucking clue on how to deal with it 100%. I was depressed almost 24/7 between my Thailand vacations. That’s why I did something about my situation and moved to Thailand.

My best advice is to just be strong, but I know that is a terrible advice lol…

One day you will be back in paradise. Keep in touch with people that you met on your trip. Join Facebook groups about Thailand, where you can talk with like-minded that understand your longing.

Find out where you can get Thai food in your city, and where all the Thai massage shops are.

If your situation becomes unbearable, you can always get some relieve in a Thai massage shop, or eat some Thai food while you hear the employees talk Thai in the background. Close your eyes and pretend that you are on a beach in Thailand.

I used to eat Thai food at a restaurant in Oslo, in the next building there was a Thai massage place that did happy endings. The girls there would suck me off after 1 hour massage. It was not optimal, but it sure took the edge of when I missed Thailand the most.

I also came in contact with a young Thai girl (20 years old) at one of these massage spots in Oslo. We ended up being fuckfriends for almost 8 months. That helped A LOT!!!!

Go to YouTube and look for fun videos from Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket. A lot of people upload new videos almost daily. There are also a million blogs out there, like this one, that writes about life in Thailand.

Sign up for Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. Here you can contact and get to know a million different Thai girls that you can talk with at Skype or Line when the winter kick in. That always helps!

Just remember that one day you will be back in Paradise, and you will be living like a rockstar again, drilling tight Asian pussy from every corner all day long! 😀 😀

In fact, I think that living this lifestyle 24/7, like I’ve been doing the last year, is not really healthy. I don’t even flinch when I see three naked girls dancing on a pole anymore. It’s become so normal for me.

I don’t even notice the freelancers at Sukhumvit anymore when they offer sex, I walk past them like they don’t even exist… Is that healthy??? I don’t know…

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