BDSM and fetish sex in Bangkok

BDSM and fetish sex in Bangkok

Here are some places in Bangkok where you can do different things with the girls. Do you like BDSM or do you have a fetish that you want to live out? BDSM and fetish sex in Bangkok is a big business.

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BDSM and fetish sex in Bangkok


Threesomes are probably the most common fantasy among men, so it’s not really that weird or kinky at all! ūüėÄ

If you want to bang a girl while you are spanking another one on the ass, or have two girls that are really into each other while you just enjoy watching, I totally understand you! I’ve had threesome two times in Thailand. One was really good, another one was not. I’ll tell you why in this post.

The Devil’s Den

If you want to have a threesome without doing any work for it you can go to this bar. It’s called ‘The Devil’s Den‘ and is located at Sukhumvit soi 7/1 just under Nana BTS station. At this bar you can take a minimum of two girls.

Rumors have it that the girl at this place is not exactly stunning 10’s. But I’ve been in the bar next door, and I have seen some really cute girls sitting outside The Devil’s Den.

Threesomes with some pre-work

Go to the popular nightclubs around Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, and look for freelancers that are partying together. Chances are that both of them will go with you! If they are good friends they will probably be really into each other too! Jackpot!

Threesomes in the beer bars and Go-go bars

This one is tricky.

You can go inside a Go-go bar, talk with a girl, and ask her if she has a ‘good’ friend in the bar that she would like to go with. I did this one time¬†but¬†it was not a good experience. When I got them back to my hotel I banged¬†one girl while the other one was sitting on the toilet texting with her friends. When I was done with the first girl, they simply swapped¬†places. They never interacted! Boring ūüôĀ

Escort girls

My second threesome was with escort girls.

I can just tell you right away. If you want an awesome threesome with some passion and sweat.¬†Go for the escort ladies..! They will give you a full lesbian show, and when you are happy with just watching you can join the action! They will suck your dick on turns, and you can fuck one in doggy while she is eating the second girl’s pussy. It’s no limits!

These girls are high class and no bullshit. They have all shaved pussies and they will treat you like a celebrity.

When you are ready to shoot the money shot, they will take it like champions and make out with your cum everywhere. You will feel like a porn star!

BDSM / Bondage

Here are some ideas on where you can find more extreme role plays, BDSM shows, BDSM sex and bondage.

The barbar

I went to this place in June 2016. It was actually a really fun place. The girls here really seems to enjoy being spanked and they did a great role play! You can¬†rent private rooms were you can bring any of the girls for private shows, sex and role games. You can¬†be the master or the slave. It’s up to you!

It costs 900 baht for entrance, but for that you get one welcome drink and a show. The show was in the public room. ‘My’ show was one girl getting tied up in doggy style while she was whipped pretty hard by two other girls.

You can join the shows in the public room, and if you want to get tied up and whipped yourself they will gladly do it!

In the public room there is a wall full of equipment (whips, canes, blindfolds, ropes, mouth gags and everything else you could think of!).

If you go with a girl up to the private rooms you will have to agree to a safe word, if anyone says this you’ll have to stop whatever you are doing.

I asked for the price for one private room with one girl and equipment. The rate was 3600 baht. I did not go with a girl, but I asked to see the rooms. The rooms were fully equipped with bed, wall mounts, tables, chairs etc. Just like you see it in the porn movies. The room was very dimmed and all the lights were red to set the mood.

You can also rent rooms here if you want to bring a girlfriend or someone with this fetish.

Demonia Fetish and BDSM Club Sukhumvit 33

This establishment is just like The BarBar. I can’t really say anything about it because I have not tested it out yet. See map for location.

Uniform / Role games 

If you want to do role games with a girl in a costume, like a school girl or a nurse. I would recommend the escort services. These girls really know what they are doing and you could get them to play along with whatever fantasy or role game that you want to play. Their English skills are usually very good so there will not be any misunderstandings.

If you want to do any role game that includes play-coercion you would probably have to agree on a safe word. Because “stop” or “no” would be a part of the role play.

Map of BDSM and Fetish avenues in Bangkok

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