Finding a stunner in Bangkok

How to find Bangkok Stunner

What’s going on guys? 😀

I see that some people who end up at my site, use search terms such as “Bangkok stunner”, “how to find a stunner in Bangkok”, “find perfect women in Bangkok” etc…

That is not a bad topic at all. I will try to give you some tips on how you can end up in bed with some of the hottest girls on this planet. 😀

There are two different ways to find a stunner in Bangkok. You can pay for it or you can work for it.

Pay for it

If you are in Bangkok on a limited time and don’t have time to chase girls, this is probably the best way to go for it. Success rate is 100%.

The hottest girls in Bangkok are found in the go-go bars and in the soapy massage parlous in my opinion. There are also some escort services that have really hot women.

Check out Smooci. It’s an Escort website that let you book an Escort girl within the next 4 hours. Make sure to have a look regularly as new girls pop up all the time.

Another Escort site that have a few hot girls are Escort-Bangkok.

If you want to check out the go-go bars I’ve already written about what I think are the best go-go bars in Bangkok. You can find that post here.

Work for it

If you’re not into the professionals and you want to hunt girls. You have a lot of options in Bangkok.

Online dating

This is probably the best way to do it. Especially if you are coming to Bangkok on a limited time. You can start to talk up girls before you come here. If you have a boring job you can spend some of your time at work chatting up girls online.

Start 1-2 months before you arrive Bangkok.

I’ve already written a lot about online dating on this site. Here I explain why online dating works so well in Thailand and here I explain how you can make a profile that will make you get noticed.

You should also check out this post on how you can improve your game with Thai girls for real life approaching and dates from online sites.

Good luck, and have fun! 😀

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