Freelance hookers in Phnom Penh

Freelance hookers in Phnom Penh

There might come a night where you want the company of a lady without going through the hassles of dating, or even the hassles of lady drinks and bar-fines in the beer bars in Phnom Penh.

Getting a freelancer in Phnom Penh is a quick and cheap way to find sex. No barfines, no lady drinks and no dicktease-girls wasting your time and money!

You simply pick up the girl you want, bring her back to your room, bang her and say goodbye. The concept is easy!

The only problem is that the freelance hookers in Phnom Penh is not up in your face, you have to know where they are to find them. Well, that’s what I’m here for. šŸ˜€

Prices of freelance hookers in Phnom Penh

Most freelancers in Phnom Penh that’s out on the street will ask for 20 dollars from foreigners but you can easily talk them down to 15 dollars, even 10 dollars. Making it some of the cheapest sex in Southeast-Asia.

The freelancers in the nightclubs will usually start on 30 dollars, but it’s really up to your talking skills how well you get along.

Ok. So where do you find the freelance hookers in Phnom Penh?

Wat Phnom

After 9 pm the area around Wat Phnom roundabout starts to fill up with ladies in skimpy mini skirts. Not all of these ladies is what I would call sexy, but there are some hidden gems around there so it’s definitely possible to find a hot little snapper there for a night of fun!

I was driving around on my motorbike here around midnight and I saw several cute hookers that I would gladly bring back to my room if it wasn’t for the girl I already had on the back of my motorbike who I picked up from Asian Dating.

Street 94

Street 94 is a dark little creepy street between the river promenade and Wat Phnom roundabout.

There’s no street lights there so you’ll have to get really close to the girls to see how they look like. I don’t know why they decided to hang around in the darkest street in the area to sell themselves, seems like a bad business move in my mind. But who am I to judge..? They probably don’t want anyone they know find out that they sell sex. Totally understandable…

Anyways. Around midnight I always saw around 10 – 15 freelance hookers hanging out in street 94. Some girls will just sit around doing nothing while others will catcall you and yell “BOOM BOOM ?!?!”.

The River promenadeĀ 

Some girls will be hanging out or siting on the benches between Street 94 andĀ Preah Ket Mealea Hospital on the river promenade. This is a dark and creepy area of town just like street 94 so keep your wits with you. I don’t think getting robbed is very likely but if it were to happen it would be in a place like this.

Okay… So these areas span over a quite big area so you should rent a motorbike so you can drive around there to have a look at the buffet. Most girls will be downright ugly so you’ll have to drive around for a while before you find something worth paying for.

Nightclubs with freelancers

Pontoon nightclub
Pontoon nightclub

There are mainly two nightclubs in Phnom Penh that fills up with freelance hookers after midnight. Those places are:

  • Pontoon Lounge
  • Heart of Darkness

Both places are just next to each other so if one place suck you can quickly jump over the other one. In the weekends both nightclubs have a cover fee on 7 dollars. Kind of overpriced if you ask me but this is the best Phonh Penh can offer of nightclubs so they can probably get away with it.

When the beer bars close at around 2-3 there will be another wave of girls hitting the these clubs.

Map of Freelance Hookers in Phnon Penh

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