Freelance hookers in Sihanoukville

Freelance hookers in Sihanoukville

This will be a quick post because there is not much to tell about freelancers in Sihanoukville. They’re all at one place in town at the same time every day.

Freelancers can be a great way to get a quick release has you don’t have to deal with the regular hassles of dating a ‘real’ women, or even with the hassles or lady drinks and bar fines in Sihanoukville’s beer bars. I totally get it that you don’t want to sit in a bar for hours while the bill just get higher and higher.

Prices for freelance hookers in Sihanoukville

A freelancers will usually ask for anything between 20 and 30 dollars in Sihanoukville, but you can easily talk them down 5 or 10 dollars depending on how good your negotiating skills are.

Where to find freelancers in Sihanoukville? 

They all down by the Ochheuteal Beach promenade after midnight in one of the bars. Usually most bars will close down after midnight as there isn’t enough tourists to feed them all, but a few bars will stay open.

When you come to the promenade just look around until you see a bar that’s full of people. When you get inside the bar you will discover girls in all ages in skimpy mini skirts that leave very little to your imagination. 😀

They’re all hookers and will be dancing and shaking their ass on the dance floor. Some will give you dirty little smiles to make you come over to them.

I’ve met som fun girls down there at the beach so it’s defiantly worth a look. After 2-3 am when most of the beer bar close down for the night there will come a new wave with hookers to the beach looking for a late night flirt.

Map of freelance hookers in Sihanoukville

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