Guest friendly hotels at Sukhumvit, Bangkok

The dream hotel Sukhumvit

You may not know it, but not all hotels are guest friendly. Not even at Sukhumvit in Bangkok. An area occupied with hookers, freelancers, coyote dancers, cheap booze and ladyboys.

If you’ve planned the sex vacation of a lifetime, just to book the wrong hotel, then get rejected in the reception at your hotel, with a big boner and a hot girl. Well. Fuck.. I feel sorry for you.

Here are some hotels I’ve stayed at in Bangkok over the years, that I know are 100% guest friendly.

And just to make it clear, with guest friendly I mean hooker friendly. 🙂

I will start with the cheaper ones, and I’ll work my way up.

Just to make it clear. The prices in this post is relative. The actual price really depends on season, how many rooms they have left and how early you book it. Look at the price as average price.


Unico Express @ Sukhumvit 3

Price: 800 baht
Breakfast: Not good, minor selection
Staff: Awesome!

Room – Very noisy AC. Rooms are very basic.

Position relative to Nana / Soi Cowboy:

Not good. The problem with Sukhumvit Soi 3 is that it’s a one way street. It’s easy to get to Nana / Soi Cowboy with a motorbike or taxi. But when you go back the driver has to take a BIG detour.

My opinion

This is the cheapest hotel I’ve stayed on at Sukhumvit. You’ll find it at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 3. I guess you get what you pay for. In Bangkok at Sukhumvit, 800 baht will give you just the basics on an awkward location. A simple room, a simple breakfast, with the cheapest type of AC.

When that is said. Staff was very friendly. If you decide to stay here. Say hello to Nicky for me. That is the guy that will carry your luggage to the room. Very nice guy. 🙂

The hotel also had a swimming pool, but it was nothing to brag about like most hotel pools in Bangkok.

Check out the hotel at Agoda here.


The Stable Lodge @ Sukhumvit 8

The stable logde Sukhumvit

Price: 1500 baht
Breakfast: Decent
Staff: Big-mouthed, but friendly

Room – Very basic stuff. The style of the rooms are like some old hotel in Europe in the 90’s. AC very loud. I slept with earplugs here, lol. But I hate that AC sound. Just can’t get used to it.

Position relative to Nana / Soi Cowboy: 

Smack in the middle. 5 – 10 minutes walk to either of them. This hotel is in my favorite street at Sukhumvit. Sukhumvit 8 is a nice and calm street, bit plenty of massage shops that will give you happy ending.

There is also many small local Thai restaurant here with cheap and good Thai food.

My opinion

This hotel is a Scandinavian hotel. Most people who live here are from Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Germany. You can also get Norwegian and Swedish food here if you need a break from rice. 😛

I don’t know I stayed at this hotel. I guess I just had to try it out as it was a Scandinavian hotel.

Check out the hotel at Agoda here.


Dream Hotel @ Sukhumvit 15

The dream hotel Sukhumvit

Price: 2000 baht
Breakfast: Heaven
Staff: I dated one of them 😀

Room – The rooms at Dream Hotel are just that. A dream. All rooms have blue led-lights under the beds that sets the mood. Really awesome to bang hot gogo-dancers in that room. 🙂

Position relative to Nana / Soi Cowboy: 

Dream hotel is in walking distance to Soi Cowboy. You can also walk to Nana, but it’s a little bit further. All the girls I’ve pulled from Soi Cowboy have walked back to the hotel with me. That way you save some bucks on taxi.

My opinion

I love this hotel. I stay on it whenever I can. Been here many times. The staff is awesome, I even dated one of them for a long time. But I’m not going to tell you her name. She still works there 😛

The restaurant / bar have an awesome design. Good place to bring back ‘real’ girls from Thai Cupid for a quick drink before you lure her back to your room. 😀

Also. My favorite tailor is in that street. So if you want some cheap custom-made shirts. You should check him out.

Check out the hotel at Agoda here.


Galleria 12 @ Sukhumvit 12

Price: 2000 baht
Breakfast: Very good.
Staff: Very friendly

Room Best room I ever had. Very fresh and comfy soft bed.

Position relative to Nana / Soi Cowboy

The hotel have a free bus service that will drive you the 300 m to Sukhumvit Rd. From there Soi Cowboy and Nana is just a 5 – 10 min walk.

My Opinion

This hotel opened in late 2015. If you want a hotel room that feels fresh, you should stay here. I spent 1 week at this hotel with a fuckfriend last year. It was good times.

The bathroom and bedroom are separated with a glass wall. The shower at this hotel was awesome too as it had a rainfall shower head. I could stand in that shower for an eternity.

The pool area was fresh too, but because of the plants out there the place was full of mosquitoes. Especially at night.

Check out the hotel at Agoda here.


Majestic Grande @ Sukhumvit 2

Majestic Grande Sukhumvit

Price: 2500 baht
Breakfast: Epic
Staff: Very friendly

Room – Very good. Silent AC, and the rooms come with a gigantic king-size bed. 🙂

Position relative to Nana / Soi Cowboy

This hotel is just 1 minute away from Nana. Really good location if you just want to relax in the hotel, go out, find a gogo-stunner, and take her back to the room for quick fun.

My opinion

The hotel is really good. I love the pool area that you will find in 15th floor. It’s silent and easy to relax. The breakfast at the hotel is awesome, and you can enjoy it by the pool. The hotel also have a fitness center, and it’s really close to the sky-train system.

Check out the hotel at Agoda here.


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