Guest-post: All About Lasting Longer In Bed

My name is David Finer, I’m the founder of Vibrating Love and my goal is to help men from all over the world take their sexuality to the next level and become multi-orgasmic men.

I would like to take advantage of the stage that was given to me here and share with you some of my best advice on how to last longer in bed and stop fearing premature ejaculation once and for all.

If you wonder if you have premature ejaculation or not, just ask yourself how happy you are with your control over your ejaculation when you have sex with a real woman?

If you are not that happy with you control over your ejaculation, you have some level of premature ejaculation and by the time you finish reading this amazing post you’ll have all the tools you need to overcome this challenge and develop a much better sexual stamina.

So here are my best tips and trick that already helped thousands of men from all over the world control their ejaculation and last much longer in bed…


What To Do Before You Have Sex?

Most men don’t know that when they have sex with a full bladder, their penis is more sensitive to arousal. So if you feel that you have a lot of accumulated pee,  just go and pee and you will instantly be able to last longer in bed (compared to having sex with a full bladder).

Another thing that can lower your arousal is ejaculating before sex, this will allow you to be less aroused during the sex and to last much longer. I recommend ejaculating once during the foreplay and let the lady know that after you ejaculate once “the party only begins” so she won’t get disappointed.


Breathing Right During Sex

I’ve made this really short and nice video that explains everything:

It’s one of the simplest and most effective ways to control your arousal during sex, and I use it all the time till this day!

And it works because the body is affected by how we breathe, when we breathe slowly and deeply our body relaxes and the pulse drops and our arousal levels drop as well.  On the other hand, if we breathe rapidly our pulse rises and our arousal level rises as well!

You must understand that breathing faster is the natural reaction to increased arousal (so it’s a loop), but if you will learn to control your breathing during sex, controlling your arousal will be super easy!

Tip – If you get really aroused during sex then just exhale all the air from your lungs and hold yours breathe for as long as you can, you will see the rapid reduction of arousal levels.


Masturbation – The Good And The Bad

This section is about masturbation but I’ll first talk about porn and how it promotes premature ejaculation.

If you want to become really good in bed you need to stop abusing porn, today porn is so available thanks to the internet, but it’s dangerous for your sex life and for your relationship.

Many men think they will learn how to have great sex if they will watch porn (I once thought so), but the truth is far from that, porn will only damage your sex performance and let me explain why…

First of all, porn will give you the wrong idea of what gives a woman pleasure because porn is made to arouse you and not to educate you.

Second, porn makes it hard to get aroused from normal sex and you can experience erection problems when you have “normal sex” with your partner because of porn abuse.

Third, when you masturbate to porn and you ejaculate fast, it promotes the development of premature ejaculation for many reasons that I won’t get into in this post (just trust me on that).

There are many other reasons to why porn is bad for you but we won’t go into it now because I want to keep this post short, for now, all you need to do is quit the bad habit of watching porn and be aware of the damage it probably already caused to your sexuality as a man.

And if you are addicted to porn and can’t stop, try not to masturbate in front of it. Instead, try to masturbate for at least 20 minutes without watching porn, try to feel your arousal levels and play with the breathing technique that I’ve shared with you here.

If you find it hard to masturbate without porn you can use a toy such as the Fleshlight STU to enjoy it more and make up for the lack of visual arousal. So just start masturbating the right way and look at it as training, masturbate for as long as you can without ejaculating and you will achieve great results!

Masturbation is a good thing and you should enjoy it for long periods of time. And usually, you will find that you no longer want to ejaculate because the long period of pleasure that you have experienced calmed you down, and that is all that you needed from the beginning.

If you want to learn more, you are more than welcomed to visit my site and learn more about how to take your sexuality to the next level.


David Finer

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