Hottest places to find sex in Bangkok

Best ways to find sex in Bangkok

Bangkok is a mecca for guys looking for sex with young beautiful women. Bangkok turned my dating life on the head several years ago. It’s never going to be the same again.

Whatever thirst you have regarding women, you can trample it with sex in Bangkok.

Besides, Bangkok is the most visited city on the planet so you will find women from literally every corner of the world, not only Thai ladies.

It’s safe to say that Bangkok is the capital of pussy.

Here are top 4 ways to find sex in Bangkok.

Online Dating

With a city of almost 10 million people your choices are practically limitless. Bangkok is really the online dating capital of the world. It’s nothing like back home (US, UK, EU etc) as almost everyone have an account somewhere in Thailand (Tinder, Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly).

The two biggest dating sites with over 1 million member each, Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly, are great ways to find partners to have sex with.

Set up a profile with 10 to 15 smashing photos of yourself and you will drown in attention. If you are white and under 35 expect anything from 5 to 20 requests daily.

Another great thing with online dating is that you can start hitting up women before you travel to Bangkok. That way you have several girls ready for date on arrival.

Click here if you want to learn more about online dating in Thailand.

Day Game

Online dating might be effective, but nothing can beat the rush of hitting up beautiful women in daytime.

Bangkok have several great day game areas. Siam with 5+ shopping malls in walking distance of the sky train station is probably the best spot in town. Thousands of hot ladies ready to be approached everywhere.

Make sure you have Line installed on your phone so you can contact the girls later.

Siam Bangkok

Other great places to hit up girls in Bangkok are Silom and Sukhumvit as most girls here do speak English.

Victory Monument is another great spot if you like girls in school uniforms. Be there around 4.30 pm.

Night game

Bangkok have a myriad of different nightlife avenues that are full of girls every single night.

You have nightclubs such as Route66 and Onyx with mostly regular people going out for fun. Then you have clubs like Levels, Insomnia and Climax that are 90% hookers.

If you for some reason want to hit up white chicks in Bangkok get over to Khao San Rd. Khao San Rd also have many Thai girls, hookers and not, roaming around at night time looking for foreigners.

JJ Green
JJ Green

Red light districts

The four biggest red light districts in Bangkok are Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Huai Khwang.

Nana Plaza
Nana Plaza

Here you will be expected to pay obliviously. Shoring is a possibility, but I don’t see a reason to do that in a city with millions of available girls who don’t expect any money for sex.

Soi Cowboy and Nana are just next to each other, while Patpong and Huai Khwang is a couple of kilometers away from Sukhumvit, the main area for male tourists looking for women. I’ve made a separate post for the different redlight districts in Bangkok.

Prices in 2018

Expect to pay 600 – 1000 baht for bar fine in most gogo-bars. You also have to pay the girl for having sex with you.

Short-time: 2000 – 3000 baht
Long-time: 4000+ baht

A lot of go-go dancers don’t go long-time with customers in Bangkok anymore. The reason is that the demand for girls is so high in Bangkok that most girls who look decent can do several short-times in one night.

Thermae Bar

Thermae Bar Review in Bangkok
Thermae Bar in Bangkok

This is probably the best place to pay for sex in Bangkok at the moment. Check out my review of this place.


Baccara Go-go
Baccara Go-go bar


Baccara is probably the best go-go bar in Bangkok. It’s full of girls every night. It’s not the cheapest venue in Bangkok but if you come here with a regular tourist budget that should not be any problem.

Where is the best area to stay to get laid? 

Most people will tell you that the best place to stay in Bangkok is between Nana and Ekkemai. In the middle of the action.

And yes, those places are awesome if you want to party, hit on girls in nightclubs or go with hookers.

However, if you are in Bangkok to hit on good girls staying in those areas can work against you.

Why? The good girls will think you are a sex tourist.

Huai Khwang district
Huai Khwang district

In addition. I’ve been with Thai girls who simply refuse to walk around with me in the Nana / Asoke area because people might think that she’s a prostitute.

I suggest staying close to Victory Monument as this area is much more calm. You also have a couple of universities close by with thousands of students in school uniforms.

If you have a place to stay close by you can pull a lot of girls in that area, bring them to a restaurant and take them back to your hotel later on.

I used to do that for days. Good times. 😀

Who can get laid in Bangkok? 


While in the Western world women look for the perfect man who only exist in fairy tales, Thai women look for decent men that exist in the real world. Their demands are much more down to earth.

You don’t need to look like Brad Pit or have a fake boosted cocky confidence.

Just be yourself, make sure you are dressed nice and be polite. If you are white and under 35 you will the time of your life in this city. If you over 35 you’ll still have fun, but you have to work for it a little bit more. 🙂

Remember condom

I know so many guys who just simply refuse to use a condom.

That’s so stupid because if you actually manage to contract HIV, you are fucked. Not only can you never fuck without a condom again, but HIV medicine is not free from side effects.

Always practice safe sex with every new partner you have, hooker or not. If you are going to keep a girl around, get her tested for HIV on a clinic. On the red cross clinic close to Silom you only pay 200 baht for a test. You also get the answer the same day.

So. There you have it. My top 4 ways to find sex in Bangkok. Comment in the comment section and tell me what you think. Where is your favorite place to find sex in Bangkok?

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