How I made my first dollars online

What’s going on guys? 😀

This will be the first post on how I make money online. No bullshit or selling of ‘magical e-books’ that will promise you x amount of money within x amount of time.

In early 2014 I started to experience with making money online. Searching for “how to make money online” on Google was hopeless because it will give you 90% spam, 5% offers that requires skills you don’t have and the last 5% disappears in all the non-sense.. So Google won’t help you much on this.

In fact, one popular way to make money online is to make complete non-sense e-books on how to make money online. And wait for idiots to fall for the trick… Sad, but true.

Truth is, there is no fast way to make a lot of money. You have to start slow, and with time, you will figure out more and more ways to make the money.

Anyways. Here is how I made my first dollars online.

You can sign up for now, and you can start to make money within days. I will tell you exactly what I did to make money, because I don’t use Fiverr anymore. I went up the ranks, so I’m not concerned about competition… 🙂

On fiver you do ‘gigs’. You get 5$ per gig, and you decide yourself how much you want to do for those 5 bucks.

Yes, the competition is high and it pays shit but that’s not the point. What you want to do on Fiverr is shitty jobs and wait for a company or a private person to offer you work outside Fiverr. Then you can start to make som serious money.

Fiverr takes 25% of all you make, and the competition is hard from third world countries that will do anything for next to nothing. You have to do a good job, for little money, until you get a offer from someone to start work outside Fiverr.

Here is what I did on Fiverr. I made around 4.000 dollar in 1 year on these jobs. I never used these money, and today they are some of my buffer money down here in Thailand. 🙂

Gig nr 1: Translation from English to my native language.
Gig nr 2: Remove backgrounds from pictures.
Gig nr 3: Install WordPress for idiots.

That’s all I did, and I made 4.000 dollar in one year by doing it. Most of it I made with gig nr 1 (low competition), but I also made some money with gig nr 2 and nr 3.

Then a company asked me to do translation jobs outside Fiverr for a much better payment. I continued to do Fiverr for a while, but then I started to focus on other stuff instead. I’m still experimenting and learning to this day. But at least I have enough to get by in a cheap country as Thailand. 🙂


Some tips for Fiverr

Go through Fiverr’s categories and see what you can do there. They have a million different categories so there has to be something you can do.  When you have found something, you make a gig to offer your service.

Now the problem is that it’s hard to get jobs because you don’t have any positive reviews. Most people will find a gig that already have good reviews, and not a new user that don’t have anything on their history.

I have one trick that can solve this for you, and I did it for my gig where I removed backgrounds from pictures.


Cheat the system

I made three other fake accounts on Fiverr. I then purchased a ton of gigs for my real account. Within couple of days I had 50 perfect reviews and the real gigs started to come.

Yes, you could say this is cheating, but why do you care? You want to make money, and as long as you do a good job when you get the real deal. Why should anyone care? You are technically not fooling anyone except the review system. 🙂

You will lose 1$ per gig you buy for yourself, that is because Fiverr takes 25% of the income. But trust me, you will make those money back fast, so don’t worry about that.


Be cheaper than other people

You should also look at what other people take for the same service as you want to offer. Lets say the majority with a lot of good reviews will remove backgrounds from 10 pictures per gig. Then you offer 20! Do this until you have a lot of positive reviews, then you can do less for more.

Then you just continue to do this until you move up the food chain and can start to do stuff for people outside Fiverr.

I’m not saying this is the best way to make money, as there is a million ways to make money online! But this is how I started out, and it gave me the motivation I needed to continue grinding online and find new ways to make money.

You can visit Fiverr on this link. That is not a partner link and I make nothing from it. 🙂

I will make more posts about how I make money online, but it takes time to write content, and I have other stuff to do too! So see you next time!

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