How I quit using tobacco

What’s going on guys? 😀

Some weeks ago I decided to stop using tobacco. 6 weeks have passed and I haven’t touched it since. No tobacco, no nicotine-gum, no nicotine-plaster, no e-cigarette, no-nothing.

I’ve inhaled zero nicotine. Have I been clear enough? 😀

In this post I will tell you how I did it. Lets start!


How I quit smoking

What was my motivation to quit smoking? 

I felt like a fucking bitch to the cigarette. I was tired of the addiction. I was tired of sucking on that cancer-stick 10-15 times a day. For no good reason other than a temporary good feeling.

I hated the fact that every time I was out flying, I stressed with getting one last cigarette before I entered the airport. When I was in the air, I was eager to land fast so I could smoke another cigarette. Long-distance flights was hell.

The cigarettes had me by the balls, and I was sick of that.


Preparations – None. I didn’t even set a date to quit. The reason was that I didn’t want to make any tension or anxiety the days before the ‘quit-date’.

What I did instead was to just decided that I would quit on a random day in the near future, and I would do it on a day I felt it was right to quit.


Quit-day – I woke up. I started my day with my regular coffee and tobacco. This day the tobacco didn’t taste as good as usual. I don’t know why.

It continued like this the rest of the day, so I decided that when I woke up the next day. I was done with this nonsense for good.


The three first days – These days were the worst. It was a mix of a lot of different feelings, combined with bodily reactions like sweating, freezing, dizziness, head-aches, feeling of emptiness +++.

The first three days I did nothing. I was in my bed all day, just going outside to 7/11 when I needed something to eat. It was a absolute nightmare. I also did have some episodes of rage, so I didn’t want to be with other human beings. I just lay in my bed all day long doing nothing, lol. 😛

The nicotine cravings was absolute savage at times.


The first 3 weeks – After the first three days, some of the bodily symptoms started to settle. The nicotine cravings became less and less common, and they were not as strong.

I had a really hard time concentrated in this period, that’s why I did not update this webpage for an eternity. Sorry guys. 🙁

After the first three weeks the bodily reactions was mostly gone. The cravings continued, but they were manageable.


Today – To be honest. I don’t think much about that habit anymore. It’s crazy. The first weeks were hard and uphill, but as soon I got at the top of that uphill, it was actually no problem at all.

I still have some cravings after I eat dinner, or if I start to stress, but I can deal with them, and they only last for a couple of minutes anyways.

Other tactics that I used

Change brand

Some weeks before I quit, I changed brand to something I didn’t like.


Quit cold turkey

I think cold turkey is the only way to do it. Think about it. You want to get rid of your nicotine addiction. How can you get rid of that if you continue to use some sort of nicotine, like gum or plasters? You are only teasing yourself.

I rather feel like really shit for some weeks, then be over it, than to cut down regularly feeling constantly hungry for nicotine for an eternity. But that is just me. You have to find out what’s right for you.


Be prepared to feel like shit

There is no way around it. If you want to quit nicotine. You will feel like shit for some time. It’s been two months for me now, and I still have cravings. However, they are not as strong as they were before, and they come around less and less.


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