How to be happy in Thailand with one word

How to stay happy in Thailand

What’s up guys? 😀

Another philosophical post here at Goodbye Boring Life. I realized that I had been a little bit too negative in my last posts, so I need to turn the tide and start being positive again.

First I was whining about stuff I don’t like about Thai girls, then I had an outburst against Chinese tourists and then I even made post about general stuff I don’t like about Thailand.

I have also been writing about the scams and the insane noise pollution earlier.

And yes, it’s true that life down here is not perfect. And I don’t want to write only positive stuff about southeast-Asia. Because then you’ll get a complete wrong picture of the reality down here. It’s not free pussy and palm trees every day unfortunately. 🙁

At the same time I don’t want to sound like those old bitter guys in the water holes in Pattaya and Bangkok. Whining all day about poor exchange rates for their government benefits back home, that all Thai girls are about money and that everything was better in the old days.

Life is too short to be a whining cunt, it’s important to stay positive 😀

So with that, I will tell you about the one trait you’ll need to stay happy down here. Held on tight.



Yeah. It’s really that simple, and at the same time, for some people, so fucking hard. Acceptance is everything if you want to stay sane here.

You need to accept that some stuff here is different, and that there is very little you can do to change that.

If you can’t do that, you will never be happy down here. Let me give you a bunch of examples…



Whenever I’m with some Thai chick, and we start to make out before we have sex. She will at some point say something like: “Oohh sooooooolly. I’m soo dirty, have to shower. Give me five minutes naaaaa kaaaa”.

You wait five minutes, but she’s still not out of the shower, you wait 10 more minutes, still showering, you wait another 15 minutes and she turn off the water finally. But then she stays inside the bathroom for another 20 minutes with the shower off. What the fuck is going on..??

You start to wonder if she had a heart attack, or if she don’t want to have sex with you so she just hide in the bathroom until you pass out from boredom.

You knock on the door and ask if everything is okay…

When she finally get out, you ask her why she spent almost 40 minutes in the shower.

She will quickly answer: “oohh. Solly, I was doing finger nail and I folgot about time”. She will say it like nothing happened. Like she was gone for just 3 minutes. Smiling and being happy like usual.

These people are totally in the moment, and they almost never think about time. For them those 40 minutes in the shower went by in a blink, but for you it was like an eternity.

If you don’t have the patience or have a hard time to accept this behavior, you will never be happy down here. You will just constantly be annoyed about 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there…


Thailand is like this, messy.
Thailand is like this pattern. Messy!

If you are in a taxi, and you ask the driver how far it is to your destination. He will answer 5 minutes.

10 minutes later you ask him again how far it is. Again he will answer 5 minutes. 10 minutes later you….. You get my point.

Don’t be so concerned about time in Thailand. Stuff happens when it happens. You arrive when you arrive. You really need to adopt to that mindset or you will go nuts here…


When you eat in the restaurants stuff works a little bit different too. Especially the ones out in the smaller cities or in rural areas.

Most businesses employ family and friends. If they are service minded or not is totally irrelevant… They can be 95% retarded, and still get the job.

When I was staying in Sukhothai long-term some years ago, I usually ate my dinner at one of the local restaurants. It was not unusual that the staff was sleeping mid-day when I came for dinner.

I literally had to wake them up to make my order, when I got the food, they just continued sleeping while I ate… Imagine that in Europe or the US, you would get fired on the spot!

Other times the shop was open, but the entire staff had left for some unknown reason. It could also be closed for no reason at all. Sometimes they opened early, other times they opened late. Despite their opening sign declaring that they open 10.00 am all week.

Sometimes when I ordered food, the food never came, when I asked the girl that served me where the food was. The girl who took my order just said: “oohhh solly. I folgot to tell cook”.. I’m just thinking: “Hooow the fuck is that possible I’m the only one here?!.?”…

The point is, this shit happens all the time all over Thailand, and it’s probably worse in Cambodia and Vietnam from what I’ve read. If you walk around getting pissed for stuff like this you will be pissed a lot…

Some time ago I was eating next to an American dude in Chiang Mai. This was a small local Thai restaurant. I don’t know what he ordered, but it was some basic stuff with meat, vegetables and rice.

He ordered chicken, but he ended up getting pork..! Oh nooo!

He made a big fucking scene out of this, and he demanded that they made him a new dish with chicken. For the next 20 minutes while he was waiting for the correct dish he just sat there acting angry and frustrated. He even tried to haggle on the price. The original prize was like 40 baht or something… What an idiot..

When he left the shop he said: “I will never eat here again!! You are hopeless!! GOODBYE..!”..

I mean, what’s the point?? Why can’t you just accept it that they fucked up your order, and gave you the wrong type of meat? Will you have a heart attack if you eat pork, and not chicken? Will something bad happen at all? No, it wont… You will be totally fine.

How would this guy react if he had been waiting for his Thai girl in the shower for 40 minutes, just after the taxi he took to his girl friend was stuck in a jam for 30 minutes, just after he had spent an entire night back at his hotel without power and AC from an unexpected power cut?? He would probably go mental on her….

The point is. This is not your home. Stuff works different here. You need to accept that. If you can’t, you will eventually go bananas. That pink vacation haze will pass some day, and suddenly you realize that you live here, so now you have to deal with all this…

Thailand is after all a developing country, and even tho they have some fancy shopping malls and 5 stars hotel. Most of the people you will meet are still from rural areas with the “no problem” mentality living strong within them.

If you want to live a life where everything runs smoothly and nothing goes wrong you should probably move to Germany…. And I’m not coming with you!! 😛

You need to stay cool, be patient, don’t take stuff to serious, accept that not everything goes according to the plan, be flexible and enjoy the ride. Because that’s what Thailand is, it’s a ride!  😀

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