How to find a Cambodian girlfriend online

How to find a Cambodian girlfriend online

Recently I spent some time in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. A good portion of the week I’ve been trying to hit on Cambodian girls all over the city. I even tried to hit on a girl that sat on the back of her friend’s motorbike while I was driving my own motorbike. Fun stuff!

Except from that fun little episode on the motorbike it’s been a brutal dating experience coming from Bangkok.

The girls in Phnom Penh have given me the worst stone face possible. I’m not sure if they got so shocked by my handsome Aryan looks that they didn’t know how to react or if they fantasized about chopping of my face with a rusty machete.

Either way it’s been a brutal week. I had some luck the last days by giving girls my Line ID on a white paper discretely. Low key seems to be the answer!

Finding a Cambodian girlfriend online

Eventually I had to sign up for Asian Dating to find some local talent. The selection was nowhere near the same as in Bangkok where you have thousands of girls online at any time of the day.

I searched for girls age 20 to 25 in Phnom Penh that had been online the last 24 hours. I got 230 profiles.

Ok… Not much to work with when you are used to Bangkok but certainly enough for a couple of weeks. ๐Ÿ˜€ Need to stay positive folks!

Asian Dating isย currently the biggest dating site for Cambodia.

By the way. Asian Dating is owned by Cupid Media, the same guys who own Thai Cupid. It’s a dating site with girls from all countries in Asia. Cambodia doesn’t have a dedicated dating site yet so Asian Dating is your best option.

Asian Dating is also a good dating site if you are traveling around to many countries in Southeast-Asia. No need to buy several membership for Thai Cupid, Vietnam Cupid etc when you can just buy Asian Dating and get a little bit from each country.

Dating Cambodian women

Cambodian women are very beautiful in my opinion. They have slightly more curves than the Thai / Viet girls, bigger lips and boobs, have a healthy looking round face and very dark skinned.

Some of the Khmer girls can be a little bit rough around the edges, but this is simply because Cambodia is a very poor country.

I love the dark skinned girls. They look so much more wilder and exotic than the light skinned girls who can’t even be out in the sun for 10 minutes with sunblock lvl 9000 because they can get a tan. It’s ridiculous.

Give me a dark skinned girl with smooth skin and nice curves and I would be all over her in no-time..! ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s just one problem.

The Cambodian girls are very conservative. You can’t just pop into Phnom Penh thinking you will smash a new pussy every night from the malls / markets and hotels. If you have sex with a regular Cambodian girl marriage is expected, at least if her family finds out.

Several of the girls I met had to be home by dark! The only way to have them ‘all night’ is to marry them so they can move in with you instead. Pretty insane if you ask me!

Anyways… There are some open minded girls online on Asian Dating that is up for some ‘unconditional’ love.

Just follow the guide for how to make an online dating profile. It’s written for Thailand but same rules apply in Cambodia.

I saw a lot of older men, some even in their sixties driving around with Cambodian girlfriends that looked like they were 20. So if you’re an old pervert looking for some fresh Asian pussy straight from the farm there are definitely opportunities but you wont get them on a silver plate like you do in Pattaya or Phuket. You have to go looking in person or get lucky on Asian Dating.

One guy a saw in Kampot at one of the restaurants was so old is face was almost falling off, but his Cambodian girlfriend was a 20 year old stunner. I would be all over that girl. Absolutely gorgeous.

Anyways. I will be making more posts about dating in Cambodia as soon as I’ve gotten more notches under my belt. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m in Sihanoukville at the moment and I’m planing to stay here a while.

Stay tuned!

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