How to find a Pinay girlfriend online

How to find Pinay girlfriend online

There is no secret that Pinay girls are really popular among foreigners all over the world. Every day airplanes land all over the Philippines with guys looking for Pinay girlfriends and love.

What more can you really ask for in a girl? They are sexy, feminine, talk very good English, know how to cook and they have dreamy eyes.

Having a Pinay girlfriend can be very addictive, but that is a topic for another time.

If you want to meet Pinay girls. With that I mean Filipino girls who want to hang out with you without you paying for it, then online dating is your best strategy. Especially if you’re coming over for a shorter vacation.

Dating apps are truly powerful methods to meet a ton of beautiful Pinay girls. Pinay girls are also much better in English than lets say Thai girls. So talking and meeting girls online is really simple.

If you sign up today you can talk with thousands of girls online instantly.

Another fantastic feature of online dating is that you can start to talk with girls before you go. That way you can have many girls ready to meet you on arrival. Your own personal harem.

Filipino Cupid and Pina Love is the biggest dating sites out there for the Philippines with a total of 4.3 million members

In my opinion it doesn’t matter what site you sign up for. They are equal good. However I did a comparison here if you are unsure what is the best dating site for you.

Links under to sign up

Filipino Cupid

Pina Love

Click here

What types of girls are at online dating site? 

I would say that most of the girls you’ll find on Filipino Cupid and Pina Love is just regular girls looking for love and friends. Sure there will always be some gold diggers and hookers looking for easy money but you can just block them.

How easy is it to hook up? 

It’s so easy that if I told you you would not believe it. Here is a screenshot if my Filipino Cupid after I had not been online for 4-5 days. I had over 100 messages waiting in the inbox. That’s nuts!

Filipino Cupid
99+ Messages

Sure. All of those girls was not exactly the hottest out there but it doesn’t really matter. You can just ignore the ugly ones and keep talking with the hot ones who approach you. Also. If you find a hot girl you want to talk with and you have to say hello first there is a 99% change that she will answer you back.

Get her on Line or Facebook, and you can start to have video chats!

By the way. I did a comparison between Pinay girls and Thai girls here if you are interested.

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