How to get the Thai girl in 5 steps

How to pick up almost any Thai girl

You probably found this post by searching for ‘Thai girl’ in Google. From that search I will assume that you are interested in meeting and dating a Thai girl.

Well. This is your lucky day! ūüėÄ

Today I will tell you how you can get¬†almost any Thai girl who you fancy in 5 steps. ¬†I’ve been dating¬†a lot of Thai women the last years so I have a few words to tell about this topic!

I will also cover some basic mistakes foreigners do when they are dating girls and stuff you should watch out for if you want to get into a long lasting relationship.

I hope you will enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. ūüôā

Some of the steps¬†will require¬†more work than others, but if you want to be a player like me who can seduce a lot of girls and smash a ton of pussy – without turning to hookers – it’s totally worth the time and effort to educate yourself a little bit.

In this post I will help you with that. ūüôā

How to get the Thai girl in 5 steps

Step 1: Dress sharp, get a haircut and take a damn shower. 

Lets start with the basic.

I feel this one should be unnecessary to mention, but I see so many guys out there who dress like bums and smell like sewage.¬†Just because you are a white guy with money in¬†a developing¬†country doesn’t mean no one care about what you look like.

In fact. In Thailand your appearance is very important, maybe even more important than in the Western world as Thailand is a class society. How you dress can influence how much pussy you get greatly.

Making a good first impression is just as important in Thailand as anywhere else.

Go inside any shopping mall in Thailand and notice how people dress. Everyone dress casual and/or conservative. Girls go in cute dresses that don’t reveal too much while the men go in jeans and shirts.

What clothes should you not wear? 

  1. Tanktops. singlets, old t-shirts, fotball t-shirts, Singha t-shirts, ‘I Love Bangkok’ t-shirts etc..
  2. Shorts in general, swimming-shorts,¬†sweatpants,¬†elephant pants¬†etc…
  3. Clothes that are worn out, dirty or that have spots.
  4. Provocative clothes. Like “Good boys go to heaven, bad boys go to Pattaya”.

Sure you can wear these clothes, but it wont attract the good type of girls that you want to meet if you are looking for a long lasting relationship.

What clothes should you wear?

  1. Polo shirts, shirts,¬†sweaters, blazers etc…
  2. Jeans or casual shorts…
  3. Anything that look like you know what you’re doing!

Basically you don’t want to look like this:

Optimally you want to dress as casual / normal as possible, maybe even slightly formal. Yes, I know Thailand is a hot place. But what’s the most important? Feel cool at all times,¬†or get all the pussy that you¬†dreamed about when you was a little kid? ūüėÄ

Priorities… priorities my friends.

If you dress like a typical tourist who walk around in a Singha singlet and Bermuda shorts. Thai girls will think you are a normal tourist who are in town just for a couple of days.

If you dress casual however, girls will think: “Oohh, why does he dress like that here? He looks important. Maybe he lives here? I want to know him!”.

Thai girls are in fact really generous giving men compliments on their appearance. If a Thai girl give you a compliment that is almost always an invitation to ask her out. Why not make it easy for her to compliment you?

You can buy shirts all over Thailand that are custom-tailored for a fraction of the price of back home. I usually pay 1000 Р1500 baht for a good quality shirt if I buy 4-5 of them. This is a great investment because they are of high quality, they last long and they fit you perfectly as they are tailored to fit you.

Nothing looks better on a man than a well fitted shirt.

Also, you want to avoid controversial and provocative clothing styles in Thailand. Dressing up like a ghost like those emos and goths snowflakes back home won’t win any hearts down here. This is a very conservative country so they will think you are crazy.

You want to stand out from the crowd.

Always look your best. 

Step 2: Exercise

Exercising helps on everything in life. Not only will your posture and body look better. You will also feel better. That get noticed by the ladies.

If you are feeling good they are feeling good. It’s as simple as that.

Not to forget all the health benefits exercising has, but that is a topic for another time.

If you approach a girl while feeling good and high on life. The girl will pick up that vibe immediately and she will want to be a part of it.

Just think about it. Of all the people you know. Who do you want to hang out with? The friend who is always stressed out and in a bad mood, or the people who are happy and easy-going?

A good vibe is contagious and everyone wants to be around people like that.

Step 3: Stand out!

There are so many men who come to Thailand just to treat the local girls like subhumans. These men think they are better or ‘above’ an average Thai girl. Just think about it. The majority of men coming to Thailand to find Thai ladies¬†go straight to Pattaya – and they stay there until they go home.

Sure, it’s nothing wrong with that approach – and I see nothing wrong with paying a lady for a night of great sex. But it’s shallow and in the long run it wont make you happy.

The best way to attract Thai girls is to stand out from all the hungry fools. Treat the girl like a human being. Be funny, be a gentleman, listen to her, touch her gently and compliment her. Chances are high that she have never met a guy who have treated her in that way. She will fall in love with you immediately.

If you have any unique talents, now is the time to show off. These talents can be:

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Being funny
  • Being romantic
  • Ear for languages

Anything you can do to stand out from the typical tourist will go a long way. Girls will throw themselves after you.

Be clear in your intent

I’ve been with so many Thai girls just to say something like this:

Me: Listen. I really like you. I think you are a beautiful and funny girl. I really want to continue this night with you.
Her: *blushes* Do you really mean that?”
Me: Yes *take her hand and start walking towards my place* let’s go to my place
Her: If you say so. I like you too.

What I really love about dating in Thailand is how straight forward it is. No need to be a cocky douchebag with an inflated ego and fake self-esteem.

Just be yourself, smile and lead.

Actually. Just do everything the opposite of what you’d do in the West.

Be nice, be polite, be cordial and tell the girls your real feelings.

Step 4: Learn Thai

Being able to speak Thai with Thai girls is a game changer. And when I say game changer I mean it.

My game went through the roof after I learned some basic Thai. The response you get from the girls are frankly amazing. I think there is no other place on earth you can get that kind of response just because you know some of the local language.

If you know some basic Thai you go straight out of the tourist box, and you become one of them. You are on their team now.

Another great thing with speaking Thai is that you can communicate with a a big part of Thailand that can not speak English  Рand there is a lot of them!

Let me tell you a fun story about just this.

My brother was an exchange student in Thailand some years ago. When he went to school here he learned to speak Thai fluent throughout the year. He can have conversations, he can write and he can read.

This summer he came to Thailand to go to the Full Moon party. I was there too. He got sick from some bacteria from the buckets and had to go to the hospital. First he talked English with them, and the hospital quickly said that this was a private hospital (First Western Hospital at Koh Pha Ngan) and that he had to pay full price.

Then he started to talk Thai with them. The entire¬†staff started to jump around in the emergency room like maniacs. “Whaat, you speak Thai?? Oh my god, why do you speak Thai? Who teach you?.!? Woow. You REALLY speak Thai!!!!”.

Even the doctor in his 60’s was like: “Your brother speak very good Thai” while he was clapping his hands and joking with the nurses in the background. All of them went¬†nuts..

Fast forward 2 hours. My brother went out of that hospital paying nothing. They had tested him for infection, they had done blood samples, checked the blood pressure, urine test and a lot of other stuff.

If he didn’t talk Thai he would probably have to pay 2000 – 3000 baht for all those tests..

So as you can see. If you can get a free check at hospital by speaking Thai. You can probably get some free pussy too!

And you don’t have speak fluent. Just learn something more than “Sawatde krap” and “sabaidee mai krap”.

Step 5: Have fun

Dating is supposed to be fun! Both for you and the girl.

In Thailand this is even more important than in the West. Having fun while you do anything in Thailand is important. Fun in Thai is “Sanuuk” and could just as well be their national slogan.

Most Thai people have the attitude that ‘if something isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing’.

If you can express to whatever girl that you want to date that you want to have fun. You will win her heart right away.

Go take her ice-skating in one of the shopping-malls, bring her to the movies, take her to a good restaurant or go drinking if she’s up for that.

Prepare to have a lot of ‘sanook’!

What are the biggest mistakes foreigners do when dating Thai girls in Thailand? 

Progress to quickly with a Thai girl

This is probably the biggest mistake a foreigner do when he fall in love with a Thai girl. Your girl have been sleeping over at your place or you slept over at her place. You had a night of great sex and the girl is already referring to you as her boyfriend.

Maybe you never had any success with girls back home and are intrigued to finally have a girlfriend. The feeling is overwhelming!

You start to post pictures on Facebook with her and people back home are happy for you and congratulates you. Life seems perfect and you are already committed.

You are in paradise with a hot feminine girl you could never pull back home, you eat delicious food every night for a fraction of the price back home and chill at the beach promenade every evening watching the sunset with your new love!

You are already talking about moving in together or to marry her so you can take her back home to the West!

What could go wrong?? 

As time passes the girl becomes more and more jealous, she tries to control you and she constantly throw shit tests on you to see how you deal with them and if she can control you.

Cultural conflicts arises but you are not sure what is craziness and what is just different thinking, because you didn’t bother to learn about the culture and their way of thinking.

The problem is that you have already invested so much time (and more often money) on the girl that you don’t want to break free from her. So you just deal with the bullshit and push it under the rug hoping it will pass!

You justify the her bad sides with the good moments you have once in a while, besides, the sex is so good! How can you dump her?

But it only gets worse. She continue to be jealous, she play with your feelings and make a scene whenever you go out with a buddy to play pool. The cute girl that have blinded you with love turns out to be nothing but a controlling bitch no man should ever get close to.

But you ignore it because you are just happy that you have a girlfriend, besides, the few moments you have when everything is perfect is like being in heaven!

You can probably figure out the outcome of such a relationship yourself, it doesn’t end well.

My advise is to go slow the girls you meet down here, and meet a lot of girls! Don’t take the first and best option. Too many guys do that mistake down here! You could really meet a dream girl down here if you just take your time.

Thailand have a surplus of women and as a foreigner you are already high up in the dating hierarchy. No need to hurry.

They don’t vet the Thai girl enough

Just because your Thai girl have the biggest and warmest smile in the universe doesn’t mean she’s an angel. She could just as well be a devil in disguise.

She have her own reasons, ulterior motives and agendas too. What are they? Just money, a passport to the West or making her friends envious because she found a white guy?

If you meet a girl from a poor family she will gladly put up with a clueless Western man for a few years so she can get a permanent residence permit in a Western country. It happens all the time.

If she could get to the West she can send money back to her family (which is hammered into Thai girls at early age as something she HAVE to do or she’s not worthy) AND she can save up money for her own future / business. For her it’s like winning the lottery coming from a poor district in Thailand.

Vetting the girl is important early on. You need to find out what she’s made out of, what is her story and most importantly, what is her motive with you?

A few things that can be wise to find out early on:

  1. Is she jealous?
  2. How is she dealing with problems?
  3. Can she only think in black and white? Are there any nuances when you have an argument?
  4. Do she have a good education?
  5. Does she¬†acknowledge your culture and try to understand, or does everything have to be done ‘the Thai way’?
  6. Does she have contact with her family, if not, why?
  7. How is her relationship with her family?
  8. How does she treat money?

If the answer is negative in many of these questions you probably found a bad egg in the basket and you should move on. Even if the sex is great and she smiles a lot. I know this entire site has a strong “think with your dick’ vibe but when it comes to relationships you should NOT think with your dick.

They date bar girls

I’ve already talked a lot about this in my ‘Thailand Sex Guide for beginners’. Just don’t do it! It rarely end well for the guy.

They don’t learn about Thai culture

Especially how Thai people look at dating and relationships.

Expectations in a relationship in the West is very different from the expectations in Thailand. Especially when it comes to your role in her family.

It’s already hundreds of sites out there, even books that will teach you about dating culture and relationship expectations in Thailand.

Do your research.


Listen. No ladyboys will ever trick you into thinking that it’s a girl. Guys who tell stories like that are either making it up or they secretly want to try a ladyboy.

99% of ladyboys in Thailand can be revealed from a mile away, and the 1% you can’t are either celebrities or hanging out in social circles you as a foreigner wont have access to anyways.

The best way to meet beautiful Thai girls

The most effective way to meet beautiful Thai girls is to find them online. Another great thing with with online dating sites is that you can start to hit up girls before you come to Thailand. That way you can have several girls ready to meet you when you arrive, you can already start to vet them before you have entered Thailand. This will save you a lot of time and bad experiences.

I always used online dating when I went on holidays to Thailand. It’s a goldmine, especially for shorter vacations. I still use Thai Cupid but I can’t be on there every day as I need to get work done too. I can’t be dating girls every day from those sites.

Thai Cupid is the biggest dating site for Thailand with over 1 million members.


If you follow these steps I guarantee you that you will get more female attention than you can ever handle in Thailand. I know that’s a bold statement but believe that to be true.

I’m not saying this to brag, but I’m in that situation right now. It’s pure freedom. I don’t have to worry about getting laid and I can focus on my work and business instead. When I was living in the West I had several dry periods with no girls available. It was a sad¬†life…

But now… If¬†I want to have fun, have sex, or just company to watch a movie. I just make a quick phone call and I will have some of my girls in my apartment within a couple of hours.

Always try to look your best, exercise regularly to feel fresh and sharp. When you feel sharp girls will notice you. It’s also easier to pick up signs and body language from the girls when you when you feel on the top.

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