How to get notifications from your favorite blogs

What’s going on guys? 

Just a quick tip on how you can get simple and discreet notifications from your favorite blogs directly to your internet browser.

I’m using Google Chrome, so this tip will be for people out there who use that platform, but I’m sure there are similar solutions for Firefox and Opera users.

I’m using something called RSS Feed Reader. You can download that extension to Chrome here from Google’s app store.

When you have installed the extension it will end up in the upper-right corner of Google Chrome. Click it and push the button with the plus symbol.

The program will ask you to add a feed link. What is a feed link?

It’s simply the domain with /feed at the end, so for Goodbye Boring Life it would be:

This format work for every blog out there who use WordPress as platform (99% of them :P). So you simply write:

When you have added your favorite blogs, and they come out with a new post, you will see a small discreet number on the extension icon in the upper-right corner. This number represent how many new blog posts since last time you clicked the icon. 🙂

You will never miss a blog post again from your favorite blogs, and you don’t have to check all your blogs for updates every single day. 🙂


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