Top 4 ways on how to meet Pinay girls

If you’ve been to Thailand and you liked the local girls there. Wait until you have been to the Philippines and tried the Pinay girls! Holy balony you’re in for a treat!

I’m no expert on Pinay girls, but I’ve been here at a couple of VISA runs and I’m planning to stay here for a longer period very soon.

I will always love Thai women, but coming over to the Philippines where the girls talk English, and not Tinglish. A place where you can actually have a conversation with the girls, was a fresh breath of air!

The Philippines are starting to become more and more popular for single men in all ages looking for easy sex, relationships and wives.

Here are the four best methods on finding sexy Pinay girls all over The Philippines.

1: Online dating

I’ve always been a big believer in online dating in Asia. If you have read anything on this site you already know that! Almost every girl in Southeast-Asia seems to have an online dating profile somewhere.

Filipino Cupid is the biggest dating site in The Philippines with 3.5 million users!

The first time I went to The Philippines I signed up for Filipino Cupid. When I logged on next morning I had over 100 mails. That’s crazy!

I will admit that not every girl on that message list was of the hot type, but who the hell cares? 100+ messages in under 24 hours is nuts!

Filipino Cupid
99+ Messages

Sure. I’m not 60 years old and I don’t drink 5 liter of beer daily. But when that is said I’m no Brad Pit either. I’m just a regular dude with an average look who did everything he could to optimize his profile.

Don’t miss the online dating train in the Philippines. It’s nuts! You can sign up before you go and have a harem of girls ready to meet you when you arrive.

Check out the three best dating sites for the Philippines.

2: In everyday life

Meeting girls in everyday life in the Philippines is as easy as drinking a glass of water. In other Southeast-Asian countries like Thailand or Vietnam there are often a big language barrier. In the Philippines you don’t need to think about that as everyone here talk English. Hell, they talk better English than me!

If you are walking around at shopping malls in Cebu or Manila don’t be surprised if girls approach you first. That would never happen in Thailand unless you where deep inside Walking Street in Pattaya where you have to pay for sex.

Pinay girls are much less shy than Thai girls so day game sessions around in The Philippines are both fun and easy!

3: Nightlife, bars and nightclubs

Meeting Pinay girls in bars and nightclubs are easy and fun. Both in touristy areas and in more local waterholes in smaller cities. Sometimes it can be hard to sort out the freelancers from the girls who just want to have fun.

Girls in the Philippines dress much more slutty and provocative than in Thailand. They all look like sluts, even the good girls! Don’t get confused!

4: Hookers

Going with hookers is always a possibility when visiting countries in Southeast-Asia. It doesn’t matter what city you go to in The Philippines you will find hookers everywhere. The cities with the biggest selection are Angeles, Manila, Cebu and Subic Bay.

But you will also find girls in smaller cities such as Dumaguete or Tacloban.

Your biggest problem will not be if you find girls to have sex with, but which one to bring home!

Depending on how hot the girl is, your skills to negotiate, how you look yourself and where the girl work will influence the price. Expect to pay from 1000 to 2000 Pesos for a freelancer or up to 3000 Pesio for a bar girl. There are some upscale bars and KTV here and there that are more expensive but don’t go there!

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