Living in Bangkok for 900$ a month – What do you get? A breakdown!

Staying in Thailand for under 900 dollar?

I’ve lived in Bangkok more or less permanently since september 2015. Last month (July 2017) I spent most of my time inside Bangkok except a weekend trip to Koh Larn outside Pattaya and a short trip to Ayutthaya where I spent one night. I love the nightlife in Ayutthaya!

Anyways. I July I decided to not spend more than 30.000 baht (roughly 900$) for the entire month. I figured this was a good month to make a budget report as I didn’t live too crazy or too boring.

Here’s how that went!


Right now I’m staying in my friends apartment close to Thailand Cultural Center. His out of Thailand for 4 months so I told him I could stay in the apartment so he don’t lose his deposit (you have to rent for a year to get your depositum back at most places). This apartment actually cost 12000 baht to rent but I get a discount for helping him out.

It’s a studio apartment in a modern condominium right next to the MRT. I can’t put out a picture of his condo, but I found a very similar studio apartment on Google with very similar interior. This might actually be the same condominium.

Same same but different

I like this area of Bangkok as it’s very close to several big nightlife avenues in Bangkok. You have RCA one MRT stop away, Asoke with Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Soi 11 three stops away and Si Lom six stops away.

Not to forget Rot Fai Market next door that have several popular bars that caters to Thai people. I’ve met a ton of Thai ladies at this place. I also bring many of my first dates here as it’s close to my apartment. Rod Fai is a 5 minute walk away from my condo.

If I take the metro one stop the other direction to Huai Kwang (or 10 minute walk) I have access to the Huai Khwang market where you can eat a ton of cheap and delicious Thai food in the local Thai restaurants. This is also where all the soapy massages in Bangkok are located.

Rent: 8000 baht (240$)

So. After I’ve paid rent I have 660$ dollars left to use on everything else. What do you get in Bangkok for 660 dollar a month, or 22 dollar per day?

Lets break it down!


I eat breakfast every morning in my apartment as I’m eating oatmeal mixed with milk. This has always been my morning routine. I don’t see any reason to change it as it’s working fine and is very healthy. A kilo oatmeal cost 50 baht at the supermarket and will last for 2 weeks.

For lunch and dinner I ate in the local Thai restaurants in the week days. In the weekends I spent a little bit more on food as I ate quality Western food, like Bangkoks many delicious burgers!

What does a 100 baht (3$) meal look like in Bangkok at a local Thai restaurant? All the meals under costs between 10 and 100 baht per plate.

For lunch and dinner I spent on average 200 baht per day in the week days and around 600 baht in the weekends.

If you want AC while you eat food every shopping mall in Bangkok have food courts where you get cheap dishes for 50-80 baht! These places are very clean and comfortable.

That’s a total of 8800 baht for all the meals in one month.

I also spent a few thousand baht on fruit, soda, oatmeal, yogurt, gum, toiletries etc etc. So to round up:

Food: 8800 baht
Accessories: 2200 baht


Alcohol, drugs, hookers, ice skating, tickets, shows, midget throwing, massage etc etc.

In July I was out drinking three times. One time in Bangkok, one time in Ayutthaya and one time at Koh Larn. I didn’t go with any hookers this month (actually I did but I didn’t pay for it as we are good friends).

I spent between 1000 to 2000 baht every time I was out so lets just say I spent a total of 4500 baht in July on entertainment.

What do you get for 1500 baht a night?

That really depends on where you go. You can go to Levels in Bangkok and pay 400 baht for a beer.

Or you can stay in a regular bar like you’ll find at Rod Fai Market where you pay 60 baht for a beer and can get a tasty Thai dish for 90 baht while listening to live music. If you go to places like that you can have a lot of fun for 1500 baht.

All the places I was at in July was regular bars that doesn’t charge a premium.

Ice skating at Siam and Rod Fai

I also went ice skating at Siam with a girl I met at Thai Cupid. I paid 500 baht for tickets and renting of blades. Later that week we also went to see the movies where we spent almost 1000 baht on tickets and candy!

Good times good times! 😀

Entertainment: 6000 baht (180 USD)

Hotels and transport

Koh Larn

Transport: 400 baht
Bungalow: 800 baht
Motorbike: 300 baht

Koh Larn trip


Transport: 80 baht
Hotel: 600 baht
Motorbike: 200 baht

The ruins in Ayutthaya

I also spent around 1000 baht in taxies, MRT, BTS etc etc inside Bangkok. But honestly I didn’t travel around so much as I really like the area around Thailand Cultural Center.

Total: 2380 baht (70 USD)


As you can see you can have a lot of fun in Bangkok for only 900$ dollar per month. With that money you can cover all the basic needs, stay in a decent apartment at a good location and have some nights of fun!

It’s not hard to make 900$ per month online. If you own real estate back home you can rent it out for a small profit that will get you a long way in Thailand.

When you are in Bangkok you will meet a ton of like minded people who want to succeed with making money online (and some are already very successful) that you can partner up with or use as mentor.

Every dollar you add after those 900$ can solely be spent on fun like more parties, girls, motorcycles, nicer apartments, travelling etc etc.

By the way. I didn’t include travel insurance and VISA run costs in this guide.

The reason is that travel insurance prices are very different from country to country. You also have a ton of different types that cover very different things.

The same with VISA run costs as you can make them as cheap or expensive as you want. You can go to Laos to do a quick border run while you wait for your new 3 months tourist VISA for Thailand, or you could go on a shopping spree in Singapore with some Thai chick you picked up along the way. It’s really up to you.

I’ve spent anything from 5000 baht to 50.000 baht on VISA runs depending on where I go and how long I stay outside.

Rent: 8000 baht (240$)
Food: 11000 baht (330$)
Entertainment: 6000 baht (180$)
Hotel and Transportation: 3380 baht (100$)

Total: 28380 baht (850$)

I don’t know where you are from, but I’m from Scandinavia. That place is fucking expensive. If I want to live the lifestyle I do down here in SEA for 800$ to 2000$ per month I would have to be a millionaire.

Down here in Asia I spend and consume as much, if not more, than I did back home. Not because I make so much money, but because the money here go so much more further. I would almost be under the poverty line with the money I make online back home, but here I can live very comfortable.

It wouldn’t even be possible to live this lifestyle as there are just to many laws and regulations. I would just sit at home everyday watching boring TV. Forget about renting motorbikes (illegal), chill in a outdoor bar at nighttime (too cold) or bring a hot 20 year old snapper back to your room (also illegal).

Everything back home is designed to lock you down and trap you in debt, contracts and laws.

So there you have it guys. If you can pull off 1000$ – 1500$ per month you can live a very comfortable life down here in Asia with much more freedom!

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