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Siam Reap Angkor Wat

What’s up guys? 😀

Today I will tell you about Siem Reap, and with that Location Report, I’m up in two countries here at Goodbye Boring Life. World domination is right around the corner. 😀

Outside Ankor Wat
Outside Ankor Wat

As you probably know. Siam Reap is where you will find famous ruins of Angkor Wat.

I don’t care how many temples you have seen in Asia. Angkor Wat is just something you have to experience and see before you die. Pictures of this place doesn’t give it justice!

The next 6 days I spent on drinking, exploring and checking out what this town had to offer for a guy that want to say goodbye to his boring life.

This trip was my first trip ever to Cambodia. I have to be honest, it was very different from what I expected it to be.

I expected it to be much more like Thailand, but I felt that I was in some African country next to Congo, and not on the doorstep to Thailand.

People here seemed much more poorer, there was red-ish dust and gravel everywhere on the roads just like in Kenya, the hospitals looked like something out of a horror movie, people where missing body parts all over the place and people sprayed exhaust in the streets to kill the mosquitoes.

Siam Reap

When that is said. The local people here that I met was very friendly. The tuktuk driver we had when we were visiting Angkor Wat was the greatest guy I ever met.

Another thing that struck me was how much more slow-life Cambodia was compared to Thailand, especially Bangkok. I had not been out of Bangkok for almost 4 weeks when I visited Siem Reap. It was nice because everything was so green and the air was a million times fresher.

Traffic was chill as fuck and everyone was driving super slow. Not like in Thailand where everyone is driving like they have a Godzilla on meth hunting them.


Available girls (2/5)

Normal girls (non hookers)

I met a really cute girl at the hotel I stayed at. Unfortunately I could not hit on her because I had a Thai girl with me already.

If you like dark-skinned girls Cambodia would be paradise for you. Most people here are very dark-skinned compared to Thailand. I also think that the Khmer girls were slightly more chubby than Thai girls. They have rounder face, bigger lips, bigger tits etc.

One thing that was very positive with the Khmer girls was that they spoke very good English. I think that is so strange. You have Thailand that is fairly developed with a big tourist industry, but at the same time they suck in English on average.

Go to Cambodia and 5-year-old street kids talk English like they have bachelor degree in the language. I met 5-year-old kids here that spoke better English than doctors in Thailand. I don’t get it.



The monger scene in Siem Reap was quite sad. If you come to Siem Reap from Pattaya, Phuket or Bangkok you are going to have nasty surprise.

There are some freelancers in the area around pub street, but its really bad. The hookers are not hot at all, and I would never put my dick in most of them. They did not seem to enjoy their work or trying to make you happy at all.

I met one girl who was decent looking, and I ended up bringing her back to my hotel. This was my last night in Siem Reap and I could not leave the country without trying a local girl.. 😀 Need to plant my flag everywhere I go you know.. 😛

She was a little chubby but I gave her a good session. At the end she finished me off with a decent blowjob. I ended up cumming all over her face. 😛 Poor little thing.


Party situation (3/5)


Yes, thank you!
Yes, thank you!

I would say that the party situation here was decent. It’s not the high energy that you will find in Phuket, Pattaya or any other major tourist destination in Thailand. But I had fun.

Bub street had a lot of interesting and funny bar concepts. The street had a good but slow life vibe, and it had people from all over the world here. Backpackers, expats, mongers, couples mixed with street food and freelancers. Everyone having a good time.

One bar that I noticed was “Angkor What?”. Really interesting bar with an awesome design and vibe. I actually met an American girl here in her 20’s that WORKED there as a bartender. I did not expect that!

She said that she had just come here on vacation, and she liked it so much here that she never went home again. She never told me how she got the job, or how she got the visa that allows here to work in Cambodia. Maybe she was full of bullshit, I have no idea.

From what I’ve heard it’s much easier to get visa’s in Cambodia than in Thailand. It’s possible to buy a one year business visa here. You don’t need a business. You just buy it online, and you can stay for a year! That is awesome!


Stuff to do (2/5)

Okay. Time to talk about why everyone goes to Siem Reap.

Angkor Wat

This temple was amazing. Even if you have seen enough temples for a lifetime this is still something I would recommend everyone to see. Angkor Wat is on the scale of the pyramids in Egypt. It’s enormous. Not only are the temples impressing, but they also build a dam around this fucking thing. How the fuck did some village people 3000 years ago dig out all that dirt??

Perfect lines and details.
Perfect lines and details.

The second day I was in the Angkor I had been smoking a good amount of weed and I became really philosophical about all of it. How the fuck did they build it?

When you are walking inside the temples, you will come across spots that haven’t been sabotaged by robbers, warriors and weather throughout the ages.

The stones are perfectly made. You could not get a needle between the stones and the details are almost creepy perfect. How did they do it..?

Good luck getting a hair between those stones
Good luck getting a hair between those stones

On the outside the temples look kind of simple, but as soon as you get inside, where wind and rain could not erode the stones, it’s a different game. It fuck with your head and makes you think about human history.

Maybe there was another civilization long time ago that are not in our history books? Maybe it was aliens? Trust me, you will have those thoughts when you wander inside Angkor Wat.

I have a hard time believing this was made with copper tools and sheer manpower, which is the official theory the guides will tell you. It’s to massive and perfect made.


Smoking weed

If you like to smoke weed Cambodia is probably your country in southeast-Asia. As I understood it smoking weed here is practically legal. I talked with a lot of tuktuk drivers about it. Some said it was no problem at all, some said you should be a little careful because some police officers could stop you and extort money from you.

According to Wikipedia marijuana is still illegal in Cambodia, but it is decriminalized. Meaning you should not have any trouble walking around with some pot on you.

Everyone was selling it quite openly, and you could ask any tuktuk driver or bartender. There was several restaurants in Siem Reap that sold ‘happy pizza’ with pot baked into it. 😀 People were smoking in bars, streets and in the temples. I could smell marijuana everywhere.

By the way, last time I ate marijuana (in Amsterdam) I ended up puking all night in the hotel while I was tripping balls for 8 hours. I kept it to smoking this time, no ‘happy pizza’ for me.. 😛

Noon Night Marked

20160705_211113Next to pub street was a big area with a night marked. This place sold everything from food to art.

I even saw a couple of foreigners here selling their art to tourists.

Kind of strange to see white people working in markets like this because I’m so used to Thailand were foreigner can’t work jobs like that. If you sat up a street booth in Thailand at a marked you would be arrested within an hour. 😛


Other stuff to do
Locals watching TV
Locals watching TV

This is were Siem Reap is loosing me. There seems to be nothing to do here. It’s fun to come here for some days to check out the temples and hanging out in pub street. But except from that it’s not much to do here.

As soon as you go outside Siem Reap there is nothing there. Just endless fields of rice fields and farmers. Siem Reap is a small city and after staying here for some days you have really rounded the city.

Everything in Siem Reap seems to evolve around Angkor Wat. Without Angkor Wat Siem Reap would just be an unknown dot on the map.

I could never live here for that reason. I would become claustrophobic and get bored to death.


Cost of Living (3/5)

I would say that the prices in Siem Reap was about the same as Chiang Mai in Thailand. The difference is that everything is much more worn out in Siem Reap. The infrastructure sucks, some roads don’t even have asphalt, sometimes the water stops working and the power cuts off. That’s why this place gets a worse score then Chiang Mai. You get less for your money here.

Owning a motorbike here most be a living hell because it would shut down much faster from all the dust and gravel.

View from hotel room
View from hotel room

I stayed at a 5 star hotel when I was here. The hotel was awesome. Had big rooms, good bathroom, had steam shower, bath tub, swimming pools and a lot of tasty food.

I choose this hotel because I got it extremely cheap on Agoda. You can find the hotel here. The name is Angkor Paradise Hotel.

Food was good and cheap. Local food was about the same price as local food in Thailand. 1-2 dollars for a dish with some meat, rice and vegetables.





Safety (4/5)

I felt that this was a pretty safe city to stay in. One thing that I really noticed here was how calm the traffic was compared to Thailand. People drove super slow all over the place. Can’t be much accidents on the roads here compared to some other countries in the region.


Motorbike tourist scam

First I wanted to rent motorbikes to use in Angkor What. Since I had no idea how renting motorbikes works in Cambodia I had to ask a tuktuk driver for a good place to rent.

The driver took us there for free, and guess what. He drove us right into an overpriced tourist scam.

The shop that rented the bikes wanted 1000 baht!!! per day. That is like 5 times more expensive than the average renting price in Thailand. The bikes also looked like complete shit and I would not trust driving it for a second.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that scam shop because my phone was out of battery. The shop looked professional and the people working there even had uniforms. Looked like a serious tourist shop that sold tours and also rented out bikes.

The shop had like blue signs all over the place, all the people who worked there had blue uniforms. So watch out for that shop! Probably the only shop in Siem Reap that had so much blue on it. Should be easy to spot. 😛

Anyways, we ended up not renting bikes at all, and we rented a tuktuk driver instead for the two days we were in Angkor Wat. He wanted 1300 baht for the job (both days), but we ended up giving him 2000 because he was awesome!


Getting sick in Siem Reap

Try to avoid it. I walked past some of the clinics in this city and it looked like something from a horror movie. If you get sick in this city I would try to get back to Bangkok as fast as possible.

Here is a picture of one of the best clinic I found:

No thanks, send me to Bangkok
No thanks, send me to Bangkok



So, what can I make out of Siem Reap???

I had an awesome time the 10 days I was here, but I think I could never live there or even stay long-term. The city is so confined up there north in Cambodia, there is nothing around the city, it’s inland far away from any beaches and the city is quite small.

Still, I recommend everyone to visit the city for some days! Angkor Wat is really a must-see, even for people who don’t give a damn about temples.



Total Score

Available girls: 2/5
Party situation: 3/5
Stuff to do: 2/5
Cost of living: 3/5
Safety: 4/5

Goodbye Boring Life Score: 

       14 / 20


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