Location Report | Thailand – Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is absolutely my favorite city after Bangkok and Phuket. There is just something special about this town. I have said it many times earlier on this website, but the city just have an amazing vibe that is very hard to explain with words. You have to go there yourself to experience it.

People here are super friendly and if you want to experience the best Thailand has to offer, you should go here. It has everything that Bangkok has, just on a smaller scale and in a more comfortable and greener environment.

The city is super-green and alive and you feel that you are more in a big town, than in a city.


Available girls (5/5)

Chiang Mai is a big city with almost 200.000 residents, not only that, it has one of Thailands best universities with several thousand students living all over town. I’ve had super success with Thai Cupid in Chiang Mai. Sometimes I ‘ve met a new girl daily here for an entire week.

I have never met any women any where in the world that is more friendly and pleasant to be with than in Chiang mai.

Good girls

The girls here are white skinned and slim in figure. If you want a beautiful girl you should absolutely go to this city. They are very polite and pleasant to be with. I’ve had so many good experiences with girls from Chiang Mai.

I really like to just find one girl, take her on a road trip around town and take her up in the mountains to visit Doi Suthep or the tribe people around in the mountain area.

One of my best memories from Chiang Mai are those road trips around in the city area and up in the mountains.

There is a university in Chiang Mai that is on the size of a little city in itself. The consequence of this is that there are girls in school uniforms all over town, and they make me absolute crazy.

Chiang Mai was the first city  I had sex with a girl in school uniform. We was out on our second date just after she was done school. After some hours we strolled back to my hotel ‘to watch movie’, and the rest is history.

I met her at Thai Cupid, and she came meeting me right after she was done with her last class. If you are in Chiang Mai, and have not signed up for Thai Cupid. You are doing a BIG mistake. I promise you. These girls are eager after meting farang guys.


The city has its redlight areas, but it is nothing like you find in the bigger cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. If you are a hard core whore monger, I think you would run out of hot women pretty fast here. If you find any hot women at all.

The beer bars close very early these days (around midnight), and it’s not much redlight activities going on after that. You have a couple of night clubs that still will be open until early morning, where you can score with some freelance hooker. Except from that, it’s not much going on here.

The redlight scene was much more alive 3-4 years ago, but something have happened in Chiang Mai. I don’t know why or what.


Party situation (4/5)

If you want to party, there are plenty of places to explore in Chiang Mai. I will not go more into the partying in this post, because I am about to make a big nightlife guide for Chiang Mai about where you can find all the good stuff. I will link to it here as soon as it’s done.


Stuff to do (5/5)

IMG_8415Chiang Mai have a lot of stuff going on. If you like the outdoors and want to do some exploring Chiang Mai and the surrounding areas are perfect for you.



Chiang Mai have some of the most beautiful temples of Thailand, not only are they beautiful, but they are everywhere. There is not a single street in Chiang Mai where you can’t see some type of temple or a shrine. They are everywhere.

Then you also have a temple up in the mountain, called Doi Suthep, that has an amazing view of Chiang Mai. Just check the picture in top of this post.



If you want to venture out in the jungle you have a ton of options too. Want to fly in a zip line between 60 meters high trees? That is possible in Chiang Mai. Check out these links for more information about what kind of adventures you can do in Chiang Mai.

Safety (5/5)

Chiang Mai is a safe city to stay in. I have been out at all times of the clock and I have never had any trouble what so ever.

Street dogs

Just like any other place in Thailand. Chiang Mai have a lot of street dogs, usually they are no problem, but some of them can turn aggression at night. Especially in the smaller streets where not much is going on.


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